The Perfect Workout

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Oh god I didn’t know he would be here, I think to myself. What a random time for him to be working out – I go to the base gym only when I don’t think it will be crowded. Never mind, I will just do what I need to do then say hi on my way out. I start with my leg workout, then move onto my glutes. I can see him looking at me in the mirror, and smile a little. Don’t encourage this – you already want to rip his clothes off…don’t encourage him to want to do the same or you will be screwed. But that’s what I want. Stop being juvenile, Veronica. And stop noticing how his skin is glistening with sweat.

I am lying down with my feet in the air pushing up hard on the plate and lifting my butt a little to make this newer, more challenging weight. Jeff walks over and says, “That looks tough – watch your form. It’s slipping a little.” I force myself to finish the set to spite him and his supercilious tone. “Thanks…but I think my form is fine.”

He says, “I was just thinking the same thing” and smiles a devilish grin. That cocky comment makes me laugh right out loud. A few of the other guys look up and notice how my ass looks in the running pants I am wearing. “Ok, help me up – my legs are jelly.” Jeff reaches out his hand to mine and I realize my mistake at once.

Our fingers latch as he hoists me up – they fit so well together that for a second I am speechless…and that never happens. He holds on a second too long, squeezes my hand, then lets go. I immediately want him to touch me again. Luckily, just then a perky Yeoman walks up to ask if she can use the machine. As I’m wiping down the machine for her, she comments, “Hell, if all it takes is a few reps on this machine to have an ass like yours, sign me up. Am I right, Master Chief?” I look up abruptly – what on earth did she just ask him? Something about my butt? She is standing there, bold and challenging me to act embarrassed. She has the wrong girl for that and will be very disappointed. “Looks like you are doing ok in that department but yeah – I agree Chief Zimmer’s wife is pretty hot.” Pretty hot? Oh come on! Now he is just trying to impress this chick.

“Do you think you could spot me?” she asks sweetly. “Who?” Jeff asks. “Well, I would prefer both of you but I can choose my favorite if I have to. I’m probably more comfortable with a girl.” Oh, I bet she is. I just laugh and say,”I’m happy to help you out. Jeff, not sure we need you anymore over here.” He looks dumbfounded by this cute thing hijacking his seduction…but maybe this could be even more fun. “Ok, you two go at it…I’ll just watch from over here.” Lord, this is a weird morning, I think. I’m filled with thoughts of his body his face his brain but now this cutie with the big boobs is getting me more horny than I would have thought possible in this situation. I like that he is watching us with a smirk – and we are playing it up. Boobs Malone is grunting with effort, winking at me as she moans through her lift. A few guys are looking over – this is unusual for the base gym at 10 in the morning. The more they watch, the more fun it becomes. I’m holding her calves as she presses up, and lightly caress them as she is relaxing in between sets. I like how her breasts have fallen to the side a bit while she is on her back. Real tits, obviously. Her nipples are hard from the cool air of the AC as she warms up from the exercise. “Damn, you look good. Do you come here often?” We laugh at the obvious pickup line and I help her up just as he did a few minutes before to me. As she is bent over to wipe down the machine I stand closely behind her and smile coyly at Jeff. You are getting restless. It is time to go. I say goodbye to my new friend after making another date to workout on Wednesday.

We walk out together. Jeffrey illegal bahis says, “I need a drink. Come to the store with me, ok?” It sound more like a demand than a request. He is acting pissy but I’m not sure why. We buy drinks, and the cashier is just fucking staring at Jeff. “Like what you see?” She quickly rings us up, flustered. I say in a loud voice, “Not sure who that YN was flirting with more – you or me?” He gives me an odd stare and says, “Ready?” Again it sounds more like a demand but this one I can honestly say,”Yeah. I’m totally ready to go.”

We walk out to his truck and he lets me in. That slows me down. He has an automatic door opener…why is he opening the door for me? “I’m going to drive you somewhere I like.” I go along with it – I truly don’t know what to think. I’m so pumped from the workout, the hot girl, the unexpected jealousy I felt from the cashier staring at him, and then the sweet gesture of opening the door.

He drives down the greenway and stops at one of the prettiest pull outs. He rolls down the windows and turns on his favorite song. I start to talk but Jeff simply leans over and places his lips on mine to shut me up. I love his scent – in fact I know the minute he touches me I need more. A moan slips out of me – “Are you ok? Do you want me to stop?” He is confused. Jeff thinks I am telling him to stop when from somewhere inside of me an intense need just escaped over my lips. “I have no idea where that came from – I don’t usually do that.” He smiles and says, “Let’s see if it happens again.” This time there is no softness, nothing gentle. He pushes his tongue into my mouth and all I can do is take it all in. I am grabbing at his sweaty shirt when he says gruffly, “Get in the back. Now.”

“Ok, you can’t boss me around. I’m not that junior enlisted girl with the hot bod you just saw at the gym.”

“Please get in the back so I can ask you how much you wanted to fuck that hot bod. Oh, and I will be taking your clothes off while I do it. I said please, right?”

I look at him under my lashes – damn, I want this man. I climb in back and strip off my sweaty top so all I’m wearing is my jog bra and running pants. I still feel overdressed. I tear off Jeff’s shirt and look him straight in the eye. “Tell me why you were pissed at the gym.”

“I’ll tell you why. There will be a time and a place for you to fuck another woman while I watch. Today is not that day. Today is the day I lick your neck and you lick my chest and we smell each other’s sweat and desire in every crevice of our body. Today is the day I lick your pussy and you suck on every possible part of my body till I’m ready to explode inside of you. Today is the day this truck becomes ours instead of mine. Do you have a problem with that? Still want to fuck that girl?”

“Yes, and I most certainly will fuck her after I have ridden you, tasted you, been suffocated by you, and woken up from a nice dream where I think I’m floating but I wake up to you eating my wet, warm pussy. Now take off those shorts and let me lick your salty skin until you are no longer thinking or seeing straight. When all you know is my mouth. When my breath is so in synch with yours we come hard while you press your mouth to mine and I moan through the most amazing kiss and orgasm I ever had. When you pull back just before you explode in me to see if it’s ok and I tell you if you don’t keep doing that amazing thing I will kill you. I need you in me – ever inch, every thrust, every bit of your sweet cum. Do YOU have a problem with that?”

Jeff looks at me. He wants to just reach out with both hands, grab my pants, and in one fast motion pull them off. He wants to throw me to the floor of the back seat as he drops his shorts and shoves himself inside illegal bahis siteleri me. He wants to wrap his arms around me, pinning my arms below his, and grab two hands full of hair, holding me still with his elbows. Jeff wants to look me in the eyes and fuck me enough to make up for all the days he has been dying to have me. With his legs between mine, and the rest of his body in this position there is not a whole lot I can do but be there as he fucks and fucks and fucks. There are no words, just grunts coming out of him and moans coming out of me as Jeff thrusts himself into me, then pulls his dick back out and thrusts it into me again. I can tell what is happening because his pace picks up a lot. Jeffrey is relentless, going hard for the release; with one last incredible thrust and shout he spills inside of me. I can feel his dick throb inside my pussy as he cums. Jeff gives a last few pulses, calming down and starting to let me move again. I didn’t realize how hard he was holding me until he lets me go. He bends down to kiss me as we start to come out of this experience.

But…that is not what Jeffrey does.

He gets a shocked look on his face and says to me, “You kiss your momma with that mouth?” and jumps on top of me, pushing me down on the seat and kissing me deeply. His right hand is running up and down my hot body, going all sorts of places it should not be going in public, and definitely not with the young, big-boobed yeoman staring at us through the window.

“Holy shit!” We look up and Jeff opens the door, pulling me upright as she says a cheery hello.

“Hi! Do you mind if I watch from in here?” she says as she climbs in. Jeff and I just sit there – stunned – until I smile and say, “OK!” It’s going to get really steamy back here with three of us – the rest of my clothes are history.

Jeff is not going to argue about having another woman in the truck while we play – the earlier argument is long forgotten now – and he grabs my pants, sliding them off my body. He hands our friend my right foot, “Here, hold this.” He takes my left foot and spreads my legs wide. I feel a little anxious – my first time with Jeff AND with another woman, all in the same zesty session? All concern fades into anticipation as Jeff starts kissing his way up my leg.

Holy shit, he knows what he’s doing. He takes my pearl and sucks on it, gently at first but as I start to cry out with pleasure he tugs harder, teasing my orgasm out of me. I’m not ready to cum yet – I like the buildup. As we are enjoying ourselves there seems to be a lot of movement coming from the girl’s side of the truck. We both look – the girl is nearly nude, and has the most perfect tits we have ever seen. I look at Jeff and giggle. He is so busy watching what is being unwrapped for his viewing pleasure that he has forgotten the tasty morsel he already has. I slap the back of his head and say, “Get back to work!”

He laughs and hops on top of me. I had not realized his shorts were off until he enters my mouth and pussy at the same time. Pleasure fills every inch of my body.

The girl is getting hot watching us fuck. We try to pay attention to each other but it is so distracting to have this young, tight, sexy girl with her legs spread wide, fingering herself right there next to us. We try not to watch too much but we both give in at the same time, and just stare at her while we fuck each other. My leg is on her shoulder and she looks me in the eyes as she slowly puts her leg on my shoulder and takes her hand off herself, sliding her body closer to us. Jeff whispers, “I think she needs some help” in my ear and then bites hard on my earlobe. Oh, I’m happy to help.

Jeff is sucking my neck. I take my hand off his ass and slide it up her leg. canlı bahis siteleri God damn, I like the difference between his skin and hers, especially as I feel my way between her legs. I almost stop to lick my fingers until I feel how wet she is – my finger slides right into her without any resistance. I’ve never done this on another girl but it is working for both of us. My new friend moans loudly. She is staring at me with a huge smile on her face as she mouths, “Fuck meeeeeeee.” I finish what Jeff started, my orgasm hitting hard and fast

Jeff starts at the top of my foot and moves to the back of my leg so he can kiss me behind the knee, breathing in my very soft sensitive skin. How does he know my body so well already? I open my thighs to allow his rough face to lightly scrape here, and there – not painfully, just enough to stimulate the whole area. I start to moan as Jeff moves to kiss me softly between my legs but the girl, who we have both forgotten about, makes a orgasmic shuttering moan. I look over to see she has one hand gripping my leg and the other hand pinching a nipple through her top, leaning forward, rocking and grinding herself on the car seat. I am eager to watch but as his tongue opens me up, slides down and enters my warm waiting cunt, my eyes slam shut and I arch up, forgetting again anyone else is there.

Between my whimpering, her moaning, Jeff’s grunting and Hozier’s “Someone New” playing, it is getting noisy in here now.

Apparently she is just as bendy as I am because she leans over and slides her tongue into my mouth. I can feel how much it excites Jeff; his pace and intensity quickens inside me. Her hands start to roam over Jeff’s body and he now has four hands clawing at his strong tan body. She catches my eye, and we both laugh when he whispers “what a hoot” to under his breath.

Her tongue is amazing but so different from Jeff’s. The sensations of her tongue, his cock, all the skin on mine – I start to climax and she wants to come along for the ride. As we moan into each other’s mouth, Jeff is being scratched and rubbed and pulled into our kiss. All three tongues are rolling around in all three mouths until I can’t take it and back off, leaving Jeff and the girl to kiss for just a minute. When she cannot take any more, she falls back on the seat and Jeff jumps back to kissing me as I finish another orgasm with him on my mouth.

Our friend thinks we are done – but Jeff is still standing at the ready and I’m anxious to taste her sweet juices. I give her a gentle kiss on the lips and whisper “Spread your legs, baby” while Jeff comes around behind me. He pushes his tip in, daring me to pay more attention to his dick than to this sweet goodness in front of me. I take a quick second to whisper something else in her ear, and she starts talking to Jeff. “Do you want that pussy on your cock? Go ahead, give it to her. Every time you shove it in she fucks me harder with her dirty little mouth. I need her to fuck me with her tongue. Do it! Do it! Eat me out, bitch.”

I glance back over my shoulder and wink – damn, she is good at this – with that look, I can feel Jeff changing rhythm. Oh, he’s going to cum really hard in a few thrusts. All of his energy is focused on my hungry pussy – I want everything he has and can take whatever he gives. The girl starts screaming “Cum in her, baby, cum hard in that girl!” I feel the warmth crescendo in me – oh shit, I’m going to to cum again too – Jeff is growling as he lets loose, and I am lapping our friend to her finish. Her hands are pulling my hair, begging me to keep going; Jeff is holding my ass, begging me to keep going. I don’t want to go anywhere – this is an absolutely perfect workout.

We start to calm down, and find our breath again. I stretch deeply then crawl into Jeff’s lap, enjoying his salty musky smell. After kissing him softly, I have our friend come over and put her head on my lap. We all rest with very big smiles on our faces. “Anyone want to hit the gym same time on Wednesday?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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