The Peep Hole

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It was Saturday night and I was stroking my dick slowly and deliberately as my eyes feasted on my mother’s naked body. She was sitting in her warm bath attentively washing her arms, her shoulders, her lovely, milky-white saggy breasts, unaware that just a few paces away from her, her son was ogling her through a peep hole in the bathroom wall. Weeks earlier I had drilled the small hole through the wall of my closet which ran parallel to the bathroom.

For several weeks now I had been enjoying these jack-off sessions at my unsuspecting mother’s expense. Lust had been burning in me since puberty and now at age 20, I was completely possessed of my desires. I was masturbating 4, 5, even 6 times a day to satiate my young yearnings. Since I was very young, my mother had been the primary focus of my admiration, my lust and my desire. To me she was the ultimate woman; stately, lovely, and sexy. Mom was a full figured woman, not what you would call fat, but big framed. With full curvy hips and a wide ass, long and shapely legs with meaty thighs and round calves, broad, straight shoulders and ample D-sized tits, she was everything I thought a woman should be. Even her tummy rolls and love-handles were sexy to me. In her youth, she was a striking beauty with lovely European features; high round cheek bones, shapely, curled lips, a sharp, squared jaw line, and a full-sized hourglass figure. Although age had taken some of the luster from her looks, she still turned heads – especially mine.

I was a change of life baby. My mother was 44 years old when I was born. She was 64 now, 30 pounds overweight and sagging. Her ass had flattened out somewhat, her hips a little broader, her arms more fleshy, her tits heavy, hanging and pendulous, but that did not diminish my love and desire for her. Mom was a strong-willed woman, a “ball-buster” you could call her. My dad was a verbally abusive alcoholic but she didn’t take any shit from him and she saved my ass from a serious beating many times. Eventually, she threw him out of the house and out of our lives. I hadn’t seen him in years. It was just me and mom, and maybe because it was just the two of us for so long, I began to see her not only as my mother but as an attractive, desirable woman. I had dated several girls and had fucked a few, but none of the relationships lasted very long. None of the girls I dated was willing to put up with the sexual pressure I put on them for very long. I couldn’t blame them, I guess, because it seemed that I was never satisfied and always wanted more and wanted it more often.

Mom was finishing her bath as I continued to stroke my hot swollen dick, my eye plastered to the peep hole in the wall. She stood up and started using the shower spray to rinse off her body. The peep hole was about waist high, so I had pretty good view of her milky-white, wide ass, her heavy, flopping, saggy titties which hung nearly to her navel, and her round, tufted pussy mound as she rinsed herself all over. Her pendulous tit-flesh was swaying wildly as she worked the spray over her body from stem to stern. The rhythm of my jacking increased as I fixated on those dancing titties. They looked so soft and heavy and lovely as they bounced to her every movement. I wanted so desperately to hold them, to feel their weight and their softness. I wanted to suck her small pink pointed nipples into my mouth and run my tongue over their pert stiffness.

Opening her thighs, she reached down and spread her pussy lips with her fingers, letting the shower spray wash up into her cunt. The sight of her standing there, washing her cunt was all it took to get my orgasm rocking. I had taken one of her bras from the laundry hamper and was holding it up against the tip of my cock as I violently stroked my young meat. I was barely able to stifle a moan as I shot jet after long jet of boy cum into the cups of her big, lacy brassiere. Suddenly, everything became quiet. I wondered if my mother had heard my cry of ecstasy, so I peered through the peep hole to see if she had any reaction. I could see that she was standing still and although I couldn’t see her face, I could tell she was trying to discern what had made the mournful sound she must have heard. As quietly as I could, I struggled to my feet, feeling totally exhausted from my mind-blowing orgasm. At the same time, I heard my mother step from the tub. I knew she’d be coming out of the bathroom soon, so I wiped my dick off in her bra, dropped it on my closet floor, went into my bedroom, and slipped on a pair of pajama bottoms.

I could hear my mom softly humming as she finished her toilet. I didn’t ataşehir escort want her to know I was anywhere near the bathroom while she was bathing so I quietly made my way to the living room, turned on the TV and tried to look as natural as possible. We lived in a fairly small apartment, so I could easily hear my mother moving about. She had put on a bathrobe and was walking back and forth between her bedroom and the bathroom. After a few minutes I lost track of her as I became interested in the TV program I was watching.

A few minutes later, mom came storming into the living room red-faced and furious and I had the feeling that all hell was about to break loose. She was still wearing her bath robe and in her hand dangled a lacy white bra; the same lacy white bra I had just planted my seed into. My mother’s face was beet red, her eyes were narrow, angry slits, and her furrowed eyebrows gave her a demonic look.

“What the hell do you call this?” she screamed at me, “What have you been doing with my bra?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. She walked up to me and hit me in the face with the wet bra. “You filthy little bastard!” she yelled, “You jacked yourself into my bra?! How could anyone do anything so filthy?”

I was speechless. My mother stood in front of me slapping me with her free hand while she continued whipping me with the cum-soaked bra. I tried to defend myself but she came at me fast and furious, slapping me and cursing me all at once.

“Mom… I’m sorry…I…I’m sorry…,” I stammered while fending off her blows, but she continued to come at me, hot, vicious, and spitting mad.

“And when did you set up that peep hole you bastard? How long have you been spying on me? You little bastard! You god damned little bastard!” she spat at me, landing another series of slaps.

Apparently my mother had gone into my bedroom to hang up some shirts she had ironed for me and found the bra on the floor of my closet. When she bent over to pick it up, she must have seen the light from the bathroom streaming in through the peep hole. She had apparently put two and two together and was now bringing her wrath to bear on her sex-crazy son. I was finally able to stand up amidst her continued verbal and physical assault on me. I was taller than her by several inches so she had a harder time landing the blows to my face and head. Though her fury had not diminished I was now able to put up my guard, but she continued to swing at me, hitting me in the chest and arms.

“I’m your mother, you shit, not some street whore!” she continued, landing me a good clout on the ear, “I can’t believe that you did this! You disgusting shit!”

I’d seen my mother plenty mad on a number of occasions but I don’t think I’d ever seen her as angry as she was at that moment. She had dropped the bra and was now pummeling me with both hands while I continued trying to defend myself, trying not to hurt her in the process. Her angry emotions began to spill over as she suddenly started weeping while she continued her insane cursing. She was sobbing uncontrollably, cursing me through her tears, as I finally got hold of her wrists and was able to restrain her as best as I could. But even now, she was still spewing angry words at me for the grievous sin I had committed against her. The whole room was filled with tension and emotion as the two of us wrestled. My heart was pounding like crazy. She was viciously trying to knock the shit out of me, and I was trying to fend off her she-wolf attack. All the while I was trying to apologize to her, telling her how sorry I was, how much I loved her, and how I would never do it again, but she didn’t seem to hear me. Vengeance and punishment seemed to consume her. Bound up in this intense emotional storm, I began to weep along with her not from the pain of her blows but for the shame I felt and the anguish of having caused her this emotional pain. Tears were streaming down both of our faces as we grappled together in anger and emotion.

“I’m… so sorry, mom, please… I love you….,” I pleaded, “I won’t… I won’t… do it again, please…,” I begged, “I love you… I always have… more than anything… I’ve always… wanted you… Mom… I… can’t help it, mom, I… want you… so much.”

“Love me? How can you love me?” she spat, “How can you love me and be spying on me, and touching yourself… and putting… semen on my under things?! You’re a shit, just like your father… you’re a bastard pervert just like he was…”

Although I held her wrists tightly, my mother kept struggling with me but as she kadıköy escort bayan did the cord that held her robe closed became undone and fell to the floor. As she continued fighting me, her robe opened and I could see her swaying, heaving titties flopping from side to side as we struggled. My cock began to harden and strained against the front of my pajama bottoms. The intense emotion of this encounter, along with the full frontal view of her nakedness was now pouring down and funneling into my young cock. On the one hand I was ashamed of myself for having this reaction, but on the other hand, all this emotion had transformed itself into lust; lust for the woman that bore me lust for the breasts that nursed me, lust for the cunt from which I had emerged.

“Please mom,” I cried. “Please stop!” I begged. I released her wrists and took hold of her in a firm hug. I let my hands slide inside her robe clenching the smooth skin of her back as I pulled her naked flesh tightly against me. She was still struggling, weeping, and trying to hit me, but it was much more difficult for her to make contact because I held her so closely and refused to let go. My stiff cock was pressed between us. I knew that she could feel it there was no way that she could not, given our tight embrace.

A few more moments of struggling passed before we both finally began to calm down. Her heavy breathing was intermittently mixed with choked sobbing, like a child who can’t voluntarily stop crying after crying for a long time. I continued to hold her and spoke softly in her ear. “It’s OK mom. Please don’t cry. I’m sorry. I love you so much,” I said over and over and over again until she began to regain her composure.

My cock was still iron hard and sandwiched between us as I held her and slowly rocked her in my arms, her tits pressed against my chest. I could feel their incredible softness; heaving and swaying with each movement we made. My mother had just wailed the hell out me but at this moment all I could think about was her soft naked body pressed against mine. Rhythmically, I ground my swollen dick against her, dry-humping her soft fleshy tummy. She held her arms around me now as tightly as I held her; her head resting against my bare chest. We could feel each others breathing, and more, we could feel each other’s bodies. We were both exhausted from our emotional ordeal, but now we were busy soothing and trying to heal each other.

All the while, my dick throbbed with its own heartbeat as it rubbed against her soft skin. I had never felt this hard or sexually charge before, and I know my mother must have felt the intense sexual energy that was emanating from me. After what seemed like hours, but was only moments, she brought her hand down between us and rubbed the flat of her palm against the front of my pajamas, against my ridged cock. The excitement of her touch made it jerk. While she kept her face buried in my chest, she began to rub the length of my cock with the flat of her hand. With each stroke, my prick jumped and seemed to thicken and harden. I continued to hold her fast as we started swaying slowly like two lovers on a dance floor.

Reaching into front opening of my pajamas and took hold of my swollen dick. She began to rub it against the warm, soft skin of her belly and over her low-hanging tits. I was afraid to say anything now, too afraid that if I spoke, the bubble would burst, and the dream would end. Mom held my dick firmly and started to stroke it, jacking me with her warm hand. I reached down and let my hand run under the flabby roundness of her sagging right breast. It was incredibly soft, softer than I had imagined it would be, softer than anything I’d ever felt before. I bounced it gently in my hand, feeling the weight of her soft, silky tittie. She didn’t speak, but signed softly as I took the other fleshy breast in my other hand. I began pinching the firm little nipples between my fingers, bringing deeper sighs from my aroused mother. Her head was still buried in my chest. She was looking down, perhaps afraid to meet my gaze; afraid to acknowledge what she and her son were doing, afraid to acknowledge that she too was caught up in the passion of the moment, afraid, and perhaps ashamed, that she had given herself over to her own lust; an unspeakable lust for her own son.

Releasing her right breast, I let my hand run down the soft, smooth curves of her tummy until it found her fat, round pubic mound. Her pussy hair was thick and soft, just like the rest of her. I let my fingers intertwine with the soft, downy hair while mom stroked my cock escort maltepe slowly and rhythmically over its full length. Every few strokes she would let her fingers skim over the thick swollen head of my penis and down the length of the shaft. She would then cup my balls and massage them a moment before trailing back up to commence stroking me again. The feeling was incredible and it took all my will power to keep from spilling my load. I wanted this moment to last forever. I was holding and fondling the woman of my dreams – my own mother – while she, in turn, and willingly, caressed my erect manhood. For me it was more than a dream come true, it was something I was certain I would never attain.

Probing deeper, I found her slit. Her pussy lips were full and fleshy and protruded beyond her hairy mound, pouting between her silky thighs. I pushed my finger down between them and there at the apex of her opening was what I was looking for; her swollen clitoris. It was larger than I expected. It was already hard and felt almost as large as the tip of my small finger. When I brushed against it, mom released a loud sigh, a gasp really, so I knew immediately that her clit was very sensitive and aching for attention. Her pussy was hot. I could feel the steamy moisture emanating from her womb. I let my finger slide down even further between her thick pussy lips until I found the opening. She was very wet and my finger entered easily. Stroking upward, I extracted fingerfuls of her sticky juice and rubbed it over her tender clit. With each moment that passed, we stroked each other with more fury. My mother’s breathing became deep, fast and filled with soft moaning and sighing as I worked her hot pussy to climax. It only took a few minutes until I felt her hold her breath and, clamping her thighs tightly around my probing hand, she started cumming. All her attention was focused on her orgasm now. She continued to hold my cock in her fist and began squeezing it more tightly the closer she came to her orgasm.

Then finally, she let go, and fell off the cliff of ecstasy. “Aeeii… Uhhh… Ohhhhh….,” she moaned into my chest as the full force of her cum overtook her. Another few short moments and her breathing finally returned; ragged and shuttering. Her orgasm was rolling over her, bathing her in its satisfying comfort. She shuttered again and again until finally, I could feel her legs collapse beneath her as she began to sink to the floor from exhaustion. I held her by the armpits and pulled her back up and against my chest. Feverishly, I began to kiss her face, her eyes, her cheeks, her silky, soft neck. I was so filled with raw love and desire for her at that moment, and didn’t want it to end.

Slowly my mother regained her composure and once again resumed stroking of my stiff cock. With her free hand, she cupped my balls and gently squeezed and caressed them. She worked my cock harder now, pumping furiously on my erect meat. In another minute I felt my balls tighten and I could feel that wonderful release that only an orgasm can bring rise up through the shaft of my dick. I began spurting thick streams of sticky cum over my mother’s tits and belly. I was amazed at how much seed shot from my dick! She stroked me with her firm grip until I began to feel soft in her hand. My semen seemed to be everywhere, dripping from her tits, running down her bulging tummy and covering her hand. Almost without thinking, she brought the back of her cum-soaked hand to her lips and licked at the sticky goo that covered it. She continued to look down, not having made eye contact with me yet, and began rubbing my spent semen into her tits and into the pale soft folds of her belly while she daintily and sheepishly licked at her messy hand.

I reached out and took her once again in my arms and held her as tightly as I could. I kissed her cheek and placed my face against hers, lovingly holding her. She was clenching me as well, her cum-spattered tits pressing against my chest. Again, there in the middle on the living room, we swayed gently, like two people in love. Finally she kissed my bare chest and looked up at me with an embarrassed smile.

“I… I’m tired… I… I think I’ll head off to bed now.”

I leaned down, kissed her softly on the lips, and met her bashful gaze.

“OK, mom… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

We were red-faced, perhaps from embarrassment, perhaps from desire – it was difficult to tell which. Reaching up, she returned my kiss, like a mom kisses her son not her lover.

“Good night…,” she mumbled as she closed her robe, turned, and walked down the hall toward her bedroom. Half way down the hall she stopped and sheepishly turned to face me.

“I… this…,” she started, but she stopped, knowing that she couldn’t find the words.

“Good night…,” she said and walked slowly to her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

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