The Park

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It was already full dark when I arrived at the park. The park where all the high priced prostitutes hung out – hoping to score big for one night so they could take some time off. The old fashioned street lamps were aglow – illuminating the area immediately around the post – leaving plenty of dark space between them. Poorly designed, the lighting left much to be desired. You could just find your way but then too, could a criminal. Yes, it was also a favorite hangout for the murderers and rapists.

Before I left for the park I had used my penis pump to make my cock quite hard – then I put on my cock ring and the ball strap – forcing it to greater hardness – maintaining my erection. Having dressed in grey sharkskin slacks and a white silk shirt – I put on a pair of cordovan loafers and left the house. Arriving at the park, I left my car in a garage across the street and walked over. It was only 7:30 – too early for the diners to venture out for their evening stroll – yet full dark and the evening was balmy. Perfect for what I had in mind.

I reached a point in the park where the little Japanese bridge crossed over the stream – not too far from the lake. Selecting a bench directly opposite another with only the 8-foot path separating them – both bathed gently by the light of one lamppost, I sat down.

All this time – this leaving the house – driving and then walking through the park – my erection was painfully obvious. Not to mention that I continuously squeezed and stroked it – causing it to maintain its firmness.

I hadn’t been on the bench long before when I saw her. Thigh high stockings – high heel shoes – short skirt – diaphanous blouse – garter belt (yes – her skirt was that short that it canlı bahis showed) – and corset – all in black. In fact, the only splashes of color were her nails, her cheeks and her lips. Her cheeks were heavily rouged to set off her white milky skin but her nails and lips were all a scarlet red – “Whore’s Scarlet” I like to call the color.

She looked so sexy and so ready to fuck. As she walked past with swaying hips, I squeezed my cock again – stroking it – keeping it hard as a rock – making sure that she saw it. Just past my bench, she turned – walked over to the other bench opposite and sat down – first with her legs demurely together – then, leaning back, she spread them ever so slightly – teasing me – showing that she wasn’t wearing panties – showing me her glistening wet pussy that the little short skirt did nothing to hide.

Seeing that I was staring, she smiled. Then, using a well-worn prostitutes ‘come-on’ – she asked if I liked what I saw. “Sure,” I said – how much?

“$50.00 for a fast fuck behind the bushes just off the path – $75.00 for one more daring on the bench in the open – or $200.00 for all night back at my place,” she replied.

Standing, I held out my hand. She rose – taking it and we started toward the bridge. I placed my arm around her wasp-like waist – sliding it down to cup her ass – squeezing her cheek – running my finger up through her crack – teasing her rosebud.

She stopped on the bridge and leaned over the railing – pretending to be looking at something. I moved behind her – leaning in against her ass – rubbing my hard cock on her ass – feeling her hands reach around and unzip me – pulling my hard cock through the opening in my slacks.

I eased her dress bahis siteleri up and slid my cock in between her ass cheeks. I just pushed in, and came to rest buried deep inside her pussy.

We stood there, with me very close behind. I would push, and nuzzle in, very close to her back. Remembering that she was a feline creature, she wriggled, and purred, as we came into exceptionally close contact.

To any casual onlooker, the front and sides of the skirt would look as perfect as ever. From a distance we would be seen as two lovers pressed tightly together in a hug, with both my hands pressing on the light swelling of her belly.

I leaned forward to nuzzle the back of her neck – that spot just at the hair line that is her “on button”. First I licked and kissed it – then gently sucked on her neck until her ass began to squirm against me. Rising up, I reinserted the two or so inches of my cock that had come out of her while kissing her neck. Moving so slowly that no one could detect any movement at all.

Then I leaned forward again, while pulling her tight against my crotch. This time I kissed and bit her neck until she began to quiver – signaling the onslaught of her first orgasm of the evening – one of what was to become several orgasms before the night was through.

The tremors of her orgasm was, in effect, causing her pussy muscles to quiver and contract around my hard cock – milking me much as she would if I were in her mouth – sucking the juices up from the depths of my ball sack.

Before I could cum I abruptly withdrew my cock from her cunt. So quick was I that a great sucking sound could be heard – and she made a loud moaning “Oh no.” She wanted my cock back inside her. I put my bahis şirketleri cock away and zipped up.

Putting my arm around her waist, I guided her on down the path – near the lake where the swans and ducks were feeding. Seeing what appeared to be prime targets for food, we were immediately surrounded by the little beggars. We waded on through them, finding a bench along the shore and sat down. When they saw they weren’t going to get any food from us, they left – leaving us to our own devices.

Looking around proved that we were pretty much alone – I unzipped and drew my hard shaft out of my slacks. Lifting her by the waist and setting her legs astride mine, I seated her on my cock – lowering her so slowly as to cause exquisite agonizing pleasure. Burying it in her to the hilt I began to stroke in and out of her – raising her body with my hands as she squirmed her ass cheeks against my crotch – striving to make me cum.

Again she began to quiver. And that low keening sound she makes when she is on the verge of a tremendous orgasm. Her pussy muscles clamping and releasing on my cock – then clamping and releasing again – sucking my juices out of me. I felt my cock swell further as my ball sack tightened and cum started its journey up and out of me and I came. Spurting my seed deep within her ravenous cunt. I reached up and nipped her neck, kissing and sucking on it again as she clamped her pussy muscles hard on my deflating cock – trying to keep me inside of her.

After resting, I put my shaft away and zipped up while she made a feeble attempt to straighten out her attire. We stood and walked hand in hand – out of the park – over to the garage to go home.

As we walked, she began to giggle – giggling at the feeling as my cum ran out of her sopping pussy – soaking the tops of her thigh high stockings. Giggling at the secret we shared between us – making other lovers stare at us like we were demented fools.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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