The Order Part 2

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Rachel leads me to the theater, through a confusing maze of corridors. We’re wearing matching outfits, a blue-green floral bikini with a wrap-around pareo of the same material. She says the party has a Polynesian theme, since the new members are from Hawaii.

Rachel took me to the dining room earlier, and I got to know several of the girls in The Order. Talking to them feels a little awkward at first, because I know several of them had their hands all over me last night, and their fingers in my pussy and ass. But now they seem just like normal girls, laughing and giggling as we eat. They talk a lot about sex, more than most kids, even, and there’s a frankness about their conversation that takes a little getting used to. Out of the mouths of babes. I get the feeling that several of them are lesbian or bisexual, but that others just play whatever role they’re asked to play. One of them, a dark-haired girl named Moira, asked me how I had come to be there, and I told her I thought I was joining a convent. This revelation sent them all into gales of laughter. “Yeah, some fucking convent THIS is,’ Moira said.

“Well, I was misinformed,” I said, laughing too, stealing a line from a movie I saw once.

Turns out I’m probably the only one here who just walked up do the door one day and asked to be allowed in. Some of them, like Rachel, were brought here by their parents. Others were employees of one of the members of The Order. Many of them were “recruited” against their will, and simply worn down and broken by endless fucking. Moira was one of these. She said she was drugged on a date and brought here by the assistant manager of the burger joint she worked at. He was an 18-year-old kid who just happened to be the son of one of the members, the owner of a chain of restaurants. Anyway, she emerged from her drug-induced haze to find herself being gang-fucked in front of a big crowd of people. By the end of the night, she was begging for more cock. Moira was quite cheerful about it, having long since accepted her fate and learned to love it. “After all,” she said, matter-of-factly, “what’s not to like about fucking?”

Outside the theater, there’s a large room that has been decorated in the same theme, with a lot of thatch and fake palm trees. It’s like a big luau. A lot of the girls are there, including Moira, all dressed like Rachel and I, and quite a few men, all in Hawaiian shirts of different colors, and shorts. They greet me with smiles and welcome me to The Order. Someone hands me a mai tai, and there are trays of hors d’oeuvres everywhere I look.

It’s really like any other adult party, except that all the participants are very free with each other. The girls casually rub the men’s cocks through their shorts as they talk. Equally casually, the men fondle the girls’ titties, their asses, whatever they can conveniently get their hands on. I talk to one man for a few minutes, and he reaches up during the conversation and slides a finger inside my bikini top, nudging my nipple as if he owns it. I guess he likes what he feels, since he leans down and whispers that I should come find him later in the theater. I look around for the new members, but I don’t see anyone who looks even remotely Hawaiian.

After an hour or so, an announcement is made that the members should all go into the theater, because the show is about to begin. The men file into the adjacent room and take their seats in the theater. The seats are in tiers, rising steeply toward the back. The seats are large and plush, with room for two people, you know, like love seats, and lots of space in between rows. There are railings on the back of each row, and little trays for drinks. Everything is carpeted. The men scatter themselves in the room, leaving many empty seats.

There’s a sort of a stage in front of them, separated from the seats by a huge glass window. Rachel told me that it was one-way, soundproof glass, that we could see and hear people “onstage” but they couldn’t see or hear the people seated in the theater. There is also a row of TV monitors located in various parts of the audience, suspended from the ceiling.

Rachel has clued me in on my duties for the evening, since they’re exactly the same as hers. We are to stand around the perimeter of the theater, and the members pick and choose from the girls, inviting them to sit with them, suck their cocks, or whatever. Meanwhile, the night’s entertainment is going on behind the glass. I have no idea what that will consist of, but Rachel has assured me that whatever it is, it will involve fucking. That, after all, is The Order’s reason for existence.

On the stage, the show is beginning, and I’m glad I get a chance to watch, at least for awhile. The stage is furnished with a couch and a day bed, with a red bedspread. A man and woman walk out onto the stage, holding hands. The man, very tan, is dressed in the same sort of Hawaiian shirt and tan shorts. The woman, who is obviously Polynesian, with long, silky black hair, is wearing a floral, spaghetti-strap sundress. They sit down on the couch, facing the audience, with the day bed in front of them.

The monitors have come on, and I soon conclude that there must be cameras hidden in various places onstage, because I can see different views of the stage, some of them close-ups, on the different monitors.

Now two young girls appear, dressed in what have to be two of the skimpiest matching string bikini’s ever made. They’re about 14, I think, slim, with smallish breasts and long black hair, in ponytails. It’s clear at a glance that they are identical twins. As they climb up on the bed and face each other on their knees, it’s as if one of them is the mirror image of the other. The illusion is enhanced by their movements, like in those pantomimes you see sometimes. They lean forward and kiss each other softly on the lips, and then, as their kiss deepens, they reach behind each others’ backs and slowly pull on the strings that hold their bikini tops in place, first the one in back, then behind their necks. As their tops fall away, I see their budding breasts, with perky brown nipples. One of the cameras zooms in on them, and I can see them on a nearby monitor, stiffening as they rub them together. The man on the couch, meanwhile, has unzipped his shorts, and they’re down around his ankles, while the woman has reached over and is casually stroking his rigid cock. Both of them are watching the girls on the bed.

The girls, including me, are positioned around the theater, and one by one the men signal for us to join them. There are more than enough girls to go around, and some of the men appear content to wait for awhile. Rachel, however, appears to be in demand, and she immediately moves along the top row and kneels down between a members’ parted legs. He says something to her I can’t hear, but she immediately helps him out of his shorts, and then leans forward and begins licking his big, rigid cock with slow sweeps of her tongue, sometimes moving lower to trace around his freshly-shaved balls. I watch her for a few moments, until my attention is drawn back to the stage.

One of the girls has bent down and taken the other girl’s nipple into her mouth, and is sucking it gently, rolling the other nipple with her fingertips. I can hear the other girl’s gasp as her sister licks and sucks on her sensitive nipple. Then she returns the favor, mimicking her sister’s movements almost exactly. Both of their nipples are sticking out now, clearly visible from where I stand, rubbing gently against each other as they again kiss lightly, playing visibly with each other’s tongues. Their hands slide down to their bikini bottoms now, and they again tug gently on the strings at each other’s hips, slowly undoing the bows. Their bottoms come loose, and their naked, shaved pussies come into view. Their hands are lightly caressing each other between their tawny legs, and I feel my own pussy becoming wet as I watch them.

I turn now to scan the audience, and I notice that bursa escort another member is gesturing at me, probably because I’m the new girl. With some nervousness, I thread my way along the row and bend forward. “What can I do for you?” I ask.

“Just sit with me and stroke my dick, sweetheart,”, he says. His shorts are already down around his ankles, and his big cock is erect. “I want to concentrate on the show for awhile.” I sit down next to him, grateful that he’s not going to make any truly outrageous demands on me, at least not yet, and that I can keep watching the action onstage. I reach over and close my fingers around the fat shaft of his cock and slowly begin to move the loose outer skin up and down. It’s big, like every other cock in the room, and I make a mental note to ask Rachel about that phenomenon after the party. That reminds me of something – Rachel had given me a little bottle of massage oil that she said was nice for this sort of thing, so I take it from my bag and unsnap the lid, squirting some of it on his cock and spreading it with my fingers. He sighs with pleasure as my fingers begin to glide lightly up and down the shaft, not exerting much pressure, just caressing it.

“Ohhh, yeah, just like that,” he says softly. “You like my big cock, baby?”

I know his type, having encountered many like him in strip joints. They love to talk dirty to girls, and they love it when girls talk dirty back. I’ve made guys cum that way lots of times during lap dances. I snuggle against him, pressing my breast against his arm, stroking him happily and purring. “Mmmmmm, yeah, baby, your dick is soooo big, I can’t wait to feel it deep inside my pussy, fucking me.”

“Damn, you’re a bad girl, aren’t you?” he says.

“Ooooh, that’s right, I’m such a nasty girl. Do you like fucking nasty sluts like me, and making them cum really hard on your cock?” I croon, giving his cock a squeeze.

“Yeah, I like to bend them over and fuck it hard into their tight little cunts,” he says, his eyes fixed on the two young girls on the bed.

“Mmmmmm, that sounds hot!” I say, still lightly stroking his fat cock. As if to return the favor, he reaches over and unties my pareo, and soon his fingers are inside my bikini bottoms, stroking my already-wet pussy with them.

“Who are those girls?” I say, as his fingers slip inside my vagina. “They’re so young!”

“They’re fourteen. The guy on the couch…they’re his twin daughters. That’s his wife beside him. She and the two daughters are kind of his entrance fee.”

“Mmmmm, your fingers feel so nice in my pussy,” I whisper. “Can you feel how wet I am?”

“You love to fuck, don’t you…” he says, sliding his fingers into my vagina.

“Uhhhh, yes, I never get enough cock. I love having a nice big hard one in my pussy, or in my ass, or my mouth. Or all three.”

He moans, and I know by his reaction that I’ve found the key to this particular member’s heart. Or maybe to his cock. Anyway, our attention returns to the action on the stage now. I glanced up at Rachel and she’s still obediently slurping on her member’s member. Ha, ha.

The girls on the bed now have their bikini’s completely off, and they’ve moved into a sixty-nine position and are happily licking each other’s baby-smooth pussies. It seems like they’re trying to position themselves such that their parents can watch their tongues in action, but the cameras give the audience a nice view, too. They’re certainly enjoying themselves, anyway, enthusiastically lapping at each other’s clits, sometimes sucking on them too.

Pretty soon, I hear their moans gradually rising in pitch, and then they both squeal, clutching each other’s little asses, and I can tell that they’ve brought each other to a simultaneous climax. They tremble in each other’s arms like that for a minute or two, while their mother continues to patiently stroke their father’s big dick. I find myself wondering if he’s ever fucked his daughters…and if his wife helped him do it.

Now, two men appear, completely naked, with the expected huge cocks. The father speaks to his daughters, but I can’t tell what he’s saying. Whatever it is, they immediately disentangle themselves and arrange themselves on the day bed, on their hands and knees, facing each other. They kiss each other, once again extending their tongues and twining them together lightly, playfully. The men, meanwhile, move up behind the two girls, and bring the heads of their cocks up to their dripping-wet clefts, rubbing them slowly up and down between their labia. Then, slowly, they thrust forward, sinking their big cocks into the two tiny girls, inch by inch. Soon they are buried deep inside them, and they begin to slowly fuck their cocks in and out in unison, glistening in the bright lights with the girls’ wetness. The two girls break their kiss for a moment and beg in high-pitched, girlish voices for the men to fuck them harder. Their bodies are jolted by each of the men’s forward thrusts, their small breasts and firm asses jiggling a little each time.

Their mother, after watching the ravishing of her daughters for a few minutes, turns her attention to her husband’s cock, bending over and taking it into her mouth. She begins to bob her head, sucking him in a slow rhythm, as he casually watches the obscene fucking of his daughters by these two strangers. As I continue my light stroking of the cock in my hand, I wonder what the father is thinking. What kind of man would sell his wife and two young daughters into sex slavery, and then watch them being fucked like he was watching a Disney movie? While his wife sucks his cock. Different strokes, eh?

The man next to me apparently wants to take it to the next level. “Baby, how about a nice lap dance, so you can still watch them.”

I smile up at him. This is something I’m sort of an expert at, having made a living doing it in strip clubs for awhile. “Sure, daddy. You want me to leave my bikini on?”

“No, that might chafe a little,” he says.

“Okay,” I say, standing up, my taut ass right in his face. “Untie me.”

He reaches out and unties the strings on my hips, and takes my bikini bottoms. I wonder if he gets to keep them. No time to worry. I move between his legs, facing the stage, and ease down on him, resting my hands on his knees, and capturing his slippery cock between the soft cheeks of my ass. Slowly, I begin to slide up and down it, and he moans quietly, looking around me at the stage. It’s kind of fun doing this naked, compared to strip clubs, when there are always clothes in the way. After rubbing his cock this way for a few minutes, I move up and let it poke up between my thighs. It’s so big, it sticks up a few inches, and it almost looks like it’s MY cock, not his. I press my thighs around it and begin to move up and down, stroking it with the smooth skin of my thighs. Then I reach down and caress the head with my fingertips, pressing the shaft into the wet folds of my pussy. I stay like that for awhile, just moving a little bit to keep him interested. Everytime his cock moves, it rubs against my clit, and I think my pussy is oozing wetness all over his shaft.

On the bed, the two girls have come again, breaking their tongue-kiss and bumping back against the mens’ cocks, crying out in their soprano voices as their bodies explode in orgasm at the same time. It’s as if their bodies are hard-wired together, so that they each feel what the other one does. I wonder if one of them can come while the other one gets fucked.

The two men are rapidly approaching their own orgasms, and suddenly, they slide their cocks out of the girls’ clinging pussies. The girls immediately get on their backs on the couch, their legs extending in opposite directions, but with their heads next to each other. They turn their heads to kiss each other as the men move to a position above them, stroking their cocks urgently. The girls, acting, as always, like one person, reach up and fondle the men’s sperm-bloated, hairless balls with their fingers. The men groan and both bursa escort bayan of them come at once, spurting rivers of hot, thick sperm all over the girl’s faces, bathing them with syrupy come. The girls lick each other’s tongues, lips and cheeks, playfully lapping up thick gobs of semen, sharing it between them, the entire sperm-fest plainly visible on one of the close-up monitors. Then men in the room burst into applause.

Almost all of the men in the audience have girls with them now. Many are having their cocks sucked, and some of them are fucking. I glance over at Rachel and she’s straddled her partner, facing him, his cock buried inside her. She’s slowly rocking on him as he grabs her cute little ass in her hands, fucking his cock in and out of her tight, juicy pussy. He’s licking and sucking on one of her nipples as she holds onto his neck. Moira, meanwhile, is with a man a couple of rows down. He’s bent her over the row in front of her, and his slowly thrusting his engorged cock in and out of her pussy, both of them watching the monitors.

I’m getting too hot to keep up the lap dance, and without even asking, I reach down and guide my member’s cock into my more-than-willing pussy. He doesn’t object, he just groans as my muscles grip his big cock, my ass giving him a playful little wiggle. “Fuck, your pussy is like an oven!” he murmurs.

“Mmmmm, it loves your cock. Fuck me, baby, nice and slow.” He pulls me back against his chest, and his hands move up my tummy to my breasts, pushing my bikini top up above them. My nipples are like pebbles against his palms as I squirm on his embedded cock.

The scene has changed onstage. The man’s wife has released his cock and risen from the couch, while the two girls have moved to the couch, on their knees. The two men have gone, but three more have arrived, all of them black, very black, and all of them naked, except that they’re each wearing a little square of cloth over their cocks, held in place by a rawhide tie around their waist, and some kind of bone necklace. There are white, painted streaks on their cheekbones, like war paint. It’s like their playing the part of jungle savages. I hear music, mostly drums and what might be a marimba. The black men are surrounding the gorgeous Polynesian woman and helping her out of her sun dress. Soon, she, too, is naked, her body truly magnificent, with high, full breasts and a round, lush ass. The men’s black hands are all over her body, running over her tits, her ass, her pussy. She writhes as they caress her body, and she’s clearly becoming very excited and aroused. They’re becoming erect too, and the little bit of cloth does nothing to conceal their gleaming cocks now.

On the stage, the girls have bent forward and are both busy licking their father’s cock. Once again, they move in unison, licking up and down the sides of his shaft. They meet at the top and kiss each other, their tongues swirling around the bulbous head. Their fingernails lightly caress his balls. His attention, however, is focused on his wife.

One of the black men has moved up onto the day bed, his long, thick cock resting against his flat stomach. The Polynesian woman climbs up between his legs, and lifts his cock with her fingers, guiding it to her mouth and sucking on the head. The other two watch, their cocks not fully erect, but extending in front of them like heavy-duty garden hoses, pushing the little cloth covering aside.

“God, damn, you’re cunt is like a fucking tight fist,” says the man behind me, his lips at my ear. “It’s gripping my cock and trying to suck the come out of my balls!”

“Mmmmm, your dick is soooo big, it’s stretching my pussy so nice. You want me to come all over your big prick, baby?”

His hand move down to my clit, his fingers rubbing it gently as I wriggle on his cock. “Yeah, baby, do it, come on my big dick in your pussy…let me feel it!”

I’m actually thinking of faking an orgasm, although I’ve seldom had to resort to that. I read somewhere once that if girls’ neural pathways get programmed the right way early in life, they don’t have any trouble coming. Well, that’s me. I’ve always come like crazy, even with that perverted priest the first time. Anyway, it turns out there’s no need to fake it this time, because before I know it, I’m coming all over his cock for real, my pussy spasming around his cock as he rubs my clit, waves of pleasure washing over me.

I know he hasn’t come, though. I figure he’s waiting for the grand finale onstage.

The woman on the day bed, meanwhile, is patiently sucking on the monstrous cock of the black man. Suddenly he grunts like a wild animal, and she slides his cock out of her mouth, resting the head on her extended tongue. I can see the hard, thick spurts of his come as they jet right into her open mouth, and then ooze back out over her tongue and slowly down her chin, as his cock flourishes again and again, sending still more of his sperm between her lips. Fuck that’s hot! She doesn’t swallow any of it, she just plays with it, collecting a viscous pool of it on her tongue and draping it over the head of his cock. Some of it oozes against her fingers where she grips the thick shaft at the base. Some of it dangles from her chin, suspended there until she slides his cock head down and gathers it up. It seemed like she does this for minutes on end, slurping up gobs of semen and then letting it ooze back onto his cock head so she can play with it some more. This is a woman who loves come.

Finally, she’s done, quietly licking the sperm from her fingers. The drums beat loudly. And then the first man withdraws, and the second black man approaches her. She moves up onto her hands and knees, and he mounts her, moving his cloth covering around to the side of his hip, guiding his cock to the her cleft. He moistens the head it by rubbing it up and down a few times, and then places it at the tiny pucker of her ass. Grabbing his cock in his fist, he slowly forces the flared head into her tight ass. Inch by inch, he sinks his cock into her depths, as she sucks air through her clenched teeth, her face a picture of wanton, savage lust.

On the couch, one of the girls has straddled her father, facing forward, and is slowly sinking down on his cock, as her twin guides his cock into his daughter’s hairless pussy. I guess that answers the question of whether he’s ever fucked them. Soon he’s buried in her to the hilt, and her twin bends down and begins lapping at her sister’s clit, sometimes letting her tongue drift down and caress the underside of her father’s cock.

I’m still happily wriggling on the big cock buried in my pussy, about to come again. But the scene onstage has inspired my guy.

“I want to fuck your tight, teenage ass,” he says.

“Mmmm, I thought you’d never ask,” I whisper. I move up until his cock slips out of my wet pussy, and he grabs his cock and moves it back to my asshole. I slowly sink down, feeling the bulbous head pop inside my asshole, stretching it wide and making me gasp in sudden pain. I know it won’t last long, though, and soon I’m sinking down on his shaft as it slides, inch by inch, into my ass.

I glance down at Moira, who’s asshole is now also impaled on the fat cock of the man she’s with, and she turns her head to wink at me as he fucks it slowly in and out. Rachel, meanwhile, has somehow straddled the face of the member she’s with, her legs over his shoulders, and he’s licking her pussy as she bends down and takes his cock deep into her throat, her head bobbing as she sucks him off.

The black man on the stage his still sawing his monster cock in and out of the Polynesian woman’s asshole, only now he’s reached out and grabbed her long mane of black hair and jerked her head back as he impales her. She is sobbing with pleasure and begging him to fuck her ass harder, so loud that everyone in the audience can hear her.

Suddenly he grunts through his clenched teeth, and it’s obvious to everyone that he’s spewing thick spurts of come into her ass, flooding it with his semen. She collapses escort bursa on the bed and he falls on top of her, his cock still pulsing inside her asshole. The men in the audience applaud again, at least those that can see and have their hands free.

I’m still slowly moving up and down, my ass penetrated by a different rigid cock. He’s thrusting upward with his hips, driving it deep into me each time.

The black man onstage has slid his cock out of the woman on the bed, cum oozing from her defiled asshole. He moves to the side, and the third and last black man climbs up onto the bed, turning her over onto her back. He climbs between her legs as she raises them, bent at the knees. Holding himself up with his arms, and without a pause, without even touching his massive cock, it somehow finds the entrance to her beckoning cunt and he drives it inside with one hard thrust.

The daughter who has been riding her father’s big dick has now lifted herself off it, and her sister has guided it to the entrance to her ass. I can’t believe she can take his big cock there, as young as she is, but it’s soon clear that this isn’t the first time for her. She eases down, and her sister stuffs his cock into her ass with her fingers. Soon it’s buried inside her as she bites her lip.

From somewhere, her sister has produced a strap-on dildo, and has fastened it around her slim hips. She quickly moves up between her father’s legs, and slides the dildo into her sister’s pussy. I can’t believe my eyes as I watch this depraved double fucking of such a young girl, while she watches her mother being savagely fucked on the bed by the black man. Her sister thrusts the fake cock into her as her father drives his cock into her ass, sandwiching her between their deeply-embedded cocks. And then I hear her voice, as a camera zooms in on her beautiful face,

“Oooooh, god yes, FUCK me, both of you! Make me COME!!

The black man is pistoning his cock in and out of their mother’s cunt with a silent relentless fury, in time with the frenzied drumbeat, his bone neckless bouncing against his chest. The woman is screaming out climax after climax, thrusting her hips up to meet the skewering cock. Suddenly her body wrenches upward and she comes for the final time, clawing his back with her long fingernails as he snarls, drooling on her breasts as he slams his cock deep inside her. He’s coming, filling her welcoming cunt with his sperm until it backs up and oozes down her ass. Her body stays like that, arced upward, as she trembles from the fury of her orgasm…and finally collapses, sobbing as the black man continues to pump her full of his semen.

Her daughter, too, now screams as her father and sister plunge into her, her orgasm overwhelming her small, young body. “OH!! OHH!!! OH!!! UHHHHH!!!! UHHHNNNNN!!! COMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!”

This is the moment the audience has been waiting for, holding back for. The man I’m with suddenly groans and I feel his cock swelling and spurting in my ass. I wriggle on him, wanting to maximize his pleasure as he fills my ass with his pumping come.

The man fucking Moira’s ass is coming to, growling and burying his cock deep in her ass as he spews his sperm into her. And Rachel is sucking hard on her man’s prick, which is erupting in her mouth while she bathes his face with her own orgasmic nectar. She gulps down his come as he continues to flood her mouth with heavy spurts of his semen.

Everywhere I look, men are coming, as well as many of the girls. The lights have gone off on the stage, and now it’s no longer a show, just a big testosterone-fueled fuckfest.

The man whose cock has just flooded my ass with cum eases me upward until he slips out of me. He thanks me, as if I just cashed a check for him or something, and starts looking around the room to see who else is available. Another man beckons to me nearby, and I crawl over and take his cock into my mouth. A third man moves up behind me and thrusts his cock into my pussy. Some other guy has pushed Moira up against the wall to the side of the theater, and is now fucking her from behind, her ass quaking with each of his thrusts. Everywhere, people are fucking and sucking with reckless abandon.

The three black men have come out into the audience, and the girls who aren’t otherwise occupied are all over them, sitting on their faces and riding their monstrous cocks.

Awhile later, after I’ve gulped down the sperm of the man I’ve been sucking on, and had my pussy flooded with another man’s ejaculate, I look around and see Rachel. On her knees before her is one of the twin sisters, the one that had the strap-on, I think. The girl is eagerly lapping the sloppy come out of Rachel’s just-fucked pussy, while behind her, another man is skewering his cock in and out of her young cunt. Rachel turns to me and smiles, her face tense, and I can tell that she’s coming.


Several hours later, in my room, Rachel and Moira and I sit on my bed, naked. We’ve all been fucked half to death, but let’s face it, we’ve had a terrific time. We had a few mai tais, the men were decent to us, we all came a bunch of times, and how often do you get to see a sex show like the one we saw? Now we’re all showered and fresh again.

“I heard those three black guys are from the Nairobi chapter,” says Moira. “They were just visiting, and they got pressed into service because that was the guy’s fantasy…to watch as his wife got fucked by three black guys. I never saw three cocks like that. Maybe we should volunteer for the exchange program.” We giggle in response.

“I’m surprised he has any unfulfilled fantasies left,” says Rachel. “Those twin girls of his are some fuck-bunnies! They’re going to fit right in around here.”

“We should go see them and make friends,” I say. “They’re probably have a few questions.”

“All taken care of,” replies Rachel with a smile. “Party in their room in a half hour.”

“That reminds me, Rachel. How come all the men have such huge dicks, anyway? They’re like the Master Race or something.”

Rachel laughs. “Yeah, I don’t think any of us will be much use in the real world when we leave The Order. All stretched out of shape by a bazillion massive cocks. Normal guys won’t want to fuck us,” she pouts.

Moira chimes in with the explanation. “I guess it’s on the application form somewhere. You have to meet certain…qualifications to be a member. And they must check, because I haven’t seen any exceptions to the rule. I’ve always wondered, like, who measures them. What a weird job THAT must be.”

“Yeah, cuz you have to get them hard to measure them,” adds Rachel. “Some guys can fool you that way. I know one guy here who looks really small, you know? So I’m sucking on him, wondering how he ever got into The Order, and all of the sudden, WHOA!! He’s like three inches soft and 12 inches hard! I’m surprised he didn’t faint from all that blood rushing to his dick.”

I’m curious about something else. “What amazes me is that they all seem to cum in buckets! I never saw so much sperm in my life!”

“Oh, that one’s easy, Mary,” says Moira. “They’re forbidden to fuck outside of The Order functions. They can’t even jerk off. I don’t know how they enforce that rule, but however they do it, there’s no denying the results. Some of these guys erupt like Mount Vesuvius.”

“I know,” giggles Rachel. “I gave this guy a hand job once in the auditorium, and he came all over a guy in the row behind him! If I’d had my mouth on it, he’d have probably given me a fucking tonsillectomy.”

Moira laughs again and turns to me. “Don’t believe her, Mary. What she didn’t tell you is that that particular hand job lasted about an hour and half! Honestly, she’s such a tease!”

Rachel suddenly peers at my little travel alarm clock. “We better go see the twins. Be prepared, because I think those two would rather eat pussy than breathe. And they brought a box full of toys that’s downright scary!”

We laugh again as we all put on our robes, and are still laughing as we run down the corridor to the twins’ room.

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