The Night The Blizzard Hit

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This is the first story that I have written for Literotica that is true. This incident occurred 20+ years ago. I have no idea where Cindi is but I hope all has worked out well for her. I know that some of it did.


I was on the road for 21 years and during this time I was totally faithful to my wonderful wife, that is except for one time.

It was February in Ohio and I had traveled to the Toledo area for my work. In those days I always stayed at the Holiday Inn French Quarter at Perrysburg. This particular Tuesday I checked in at about 4 as the snow was starting to come down a little harder. It hadn’t been snowing hard previously but it was one of those afternoons that just looked cold, I call it the Siberia look. After settling in and getting a hot shower I called home to make sure all was OK there and then decided to go to the motel restaurant rather than venture out.

The restaurant was pleasant and offered a nice varied menu. It was about 5:30 and I noted that there was one guy at the bar who proceeded to leave as I entered the restaurant and one lady sitting alone at a table reading her menu.

I ordered and then proceeded to check out the one lady in the restaurant. Now as I indicated, I had always been faithful but that didn’t mean that I didn’t look. She was a very pretty woman, maybe 30 with short length dark hair which is my favorite. She was wearing a loose top but it appeared that she also had some killer breasts. About this time she stood to go to the salad bar and I saw that she was also very pregnant.

I might as well be honest, to this very day, I really get off on pregnant women. I’m not sure why but I can get a hard-on from just seeing an attractive pregnant woman. My wife at this time had given birth to two children and during both pregnancies she was horny as hell. I had been in heaven in those days.

I think I looked a bit too much as she looked at me as if she were aware that I had been checking her out.

About this time the bartender related to the two of us that the local weather personnel were calling for a worsening of the storm which was probably going to turn into a small blizzard. None of that was too surprising for this northern Ohio area but it sure didn’t appeal to me though I remembered the fact that I had a comfortable room in a nice motel that was being paid for by my company.

My meal arrived and I set about consuming it and watching the local news channel which had been turned on by the bartender. I glanced once at the lovely lady only to observe that she was looking at me. I should say that I was much thinner, much younger and much better looking in those days. I continued my meal and when done walked toward the register to pay my tab. My journey took me about 10 ft. to the rear of my “preggy” and I looked to see if she was wearing a wedding ring and sure enough she was so the lady was obviously married, not that I was seriously thinking about doing anything but now it would be a little more difficult to fantasize during a masturbation session.

I paid my bill and walked back toward the exit, once more passing within about 10 ft. of her. As I neared her she turned toward me, smiled a beautiful smile and said “hi, looks like we’re just about the extent of the business tonight.”

I stopped at her table and though not still an inexperienced teenager was a little unsure of just what to reply.

“Yes, I guess so,” I said, “I looked out a while ago and there weren’t more than a half dozen cars out there and I believe that included the employees.”

Just then the lights flickered.

She grabbed my arm and held on like her life depended on it then looked embarrassed, removing her hand quickly and saying, “Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to grab you but the thought of the lights going out just petrifies me.”

“It’s okay ma’am, I understand,” I said to her.

“Look, I’m not trying to start anything but this place sure is quiet tonight. How about sitting down and having a cup of coffee with me?”

“Well,” I replied, “I really don’t drink coffee but I tell you what, a small glass of wine sounds pretty good, how about I get us each one?”

“Hmmm, well I just don’t know if I should, I mean, maybe you haven’t noticed but I’m very pregnant,” she said with a laugh.

“Yes ma’am, I noticed, “I replied, “but I think just one small glass of wine wouldn’t be harmful.”

She paused, smiled, and said, “maybe you’re right.”

I stood and headed for the bar, wondering if she had ideas other than just a glass of wine. I then decided that I was getting carried away. There was a snow emergency, flickering lights, and almost no one else in the motel which I think also made her apprehensive.

“Here we go,” I said, “I got us a red and I might as well tell you I do not like a dry wine so I hope that’s OK with you.”

“I don’t know how you did it, that is just exactly what I like,” she said with a smile.

I sat down at her small table and we each quietly sipped our wine.

“I’m sorry I haven’t even been polite enough canlı bahis şirketaleri to introduce myself, I’m Cindi “she said extending her hand to me with a dazzling smile.

“Cindy,” I replied, “I’m David and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”

We discussed travelling and how rough it was for our mates.

Cindi informed me that her husband was giving her fits now, telling her that she should not be out travelling, especially in the wintertime, that it was too dangerous.

Just then the lights flickered and Cindi surprised me by moving quickly to the chair next to mine and grabbing hold of my hand. It was a reflex action when I put my arm around her and pulled her next to me. She said: “I’m so silly, I just hate it when things like this happen.”

“No, it’s OK I replied, it’s pretty scary when mother nature really shows us who is in charge. There’s no limit to what can happen. Well, maybe I shouldn’t have said that,” I added, “didn’t mean to scare you even more.”

She looked up at me, “It’s OK, you’re so nice, I just can’t get over it,” with that she leaned up and kissed me softly but lovingly on the cheek. She hesitated there a few seconds before she broke the kiss,

“I’m sorry David,” she said with tears in her eyes, “I never should have done that, it’s just that I’m feeling so apprehensive and you’re being such a comfort.”

“It’s OK Cindy, “I replied, “these are unusual circumstances. Tell you what, I think we need to make some mutual plans. “

“What do you mean,” she inquired, pulling back and looking at me directly.”

I think she thought I was getting ready to put some moves on her.

“I think this is going to get a lot worse, these winds are supposed to increase, not decrease. I carry a bag in the trunk of my car. It has one of those emergency radios that runs off of batteries or you can even crank it and charge the batteries for it to run. It has a light on it and also has the weather station in addition to full AM & FM radio. I also have a battery powered fluorescent lantern that puts off a lot of light. In addition I put in snacks, candy bars, etc. It would tide us over for a while.

“David!! I can’t eat up your supplies,” she stated firmly, “that wouldn’t be fair. “

“Cindi, There’s enough in there for three people. There’s even a little heated cup that you can fix soup in or hot chocolate and I’ve got the supplies for that too.” Of course I guess I’d need electric for that,” I said with a chuckle.

“Wow”, must be some kind of big bag,” she laughed.

At that point the lights flickered and went off. They stayed off for a good 10 seconds and then came back on, during which time Cindy hooked her arm in mine and put her head on my chest.

“Here’s the deal,” I said quickly to Cindy, “I’ll go back to my room and get my heavy jacket and my bedside flashlight. I’ll stick something in that side door so I don’t get locked out. I’ll get the stuff and get back in here. Then we’ll go to your room and get whatever you need and you can come back and if the power goes off we’ll have light, music, food, what more could we ask for.”

“Oh I don’t know,” she said, “I’m not sure I should do something like that.”

“Look,” I said, ” you can sit in the chair or on the couch, or I can sit there and you can sit on the bed, it doesn’t matter to me but it seems like you don’t have much in the way of emergency equipment and I’ve got more than I need.”

Cindi giggled and clapped her hands, “David, you’re the one that should be the salesman, you just sold me.”

“Now I don’t know where you would feel the safest right now , your room, my room, I don’t think you’re gonna want to sit here in the dining room by yourself. “

“If it’s OK with you I’d just as soon stay in your room David. My room is at the other end of the inn and it’s not real easy to find, especially in the dark.”

“OK, I’ll take you to my room and I’ve got a little flashlight that I use when I do my building inspections, I’ll leave that with you and take the other one on my mission.”

We stood, taking the rest of our wine with us and headed for my room. I opened my door and just as I did the lights flickered and went off once more.

“Oh God, I was hoping that wouldn’t happen yet, “she said, shivering as she did so.

“Cindi, just relax, I promise I’ll be right back. That is if I can find my car now.

The door was still open and one of the desk employees walked by and stopped, shining his light into the room he said, “everything OK in here folks.

“Yea, were OK but I was just getting ready to go to the car to get a couple things.”

“Well, that’s a full scale blizzard out there now. How far away did you park, ” he Inquired.

I’m about 12 to 15 feet straight out from that side door down there,” I answered.

‘Tell you what,” he said, “this lantern is very powerful, “I’ll go with you and make sure the door doesn’t lock behind you. The lantern hopefully will light it up out there just enough to let you find your car.”

“Sounds good, canlı kaçak iddaa “I answered, “let’s go. Cindi, I’ll be right back honey.”

As we walked down the hallway toward to door I began to think that maybe I shouldn’t have called her honey. It was really just something I said, not necessarily meaning anything by it.

“OK man,” the motel clerk said, “I’ll stay here and keep this light pointed at you and hopefully it’ll light your way.”

“Thanks buddy,” I said, “I appreciate it.”

I launched myself into the storm and couldn’t believe how hard it was blowing. This wasn’t my first blizzard, I grew up in Ohio, and on a farm at that. We had them every once in a while, but this one was really rough.

I found my car but by this time there was no light coming through this stuff from the guy’s lantern. I felt my way along the side of the car to the trunk, hoping that the trunk lock wasn’t frozen over. I had to take one glove off to feel for it and it didn’t take long for my fingers to stiffen. I found it, inserted the key and held my breath and turned the key. It opened! I felt for my bag, found it, lifted it out and slammed the trunk shut. I turned around and could not see the motel. I walked in the reverse direction from which I had come and in a few steps faintly saw the light. In no time I was back in the motel and the door was shut and locked.

“Man I really appreciate that,” I said to the clerk, “no way I could have done that without you.”

“No problem,” he replied, “glad to do it.”

I went down the hallway, found my room and went inside. It occurred to me at the time I could have at least tipped him. I would have to remember that tomorrow.

“Oh God, you’re back,” Cindi gushed, “I was scared to death.”

“No worry,” I said, “now we’re all set.”

I turned on two tubes of the lantern which did a nice job of lighting up the room, pulled out the other flashlight and set the bag down.

“Next thing we have to do though is get whatever you need from your room Cindi,” I said.

“Ok,” she responded struggling to get up, “let’s go.

I lit our way as we headed for her room which really was a pretty good walk.

We entered her room and she proceeded to grab a few things that she would need.

“I’m not sure how I’m going to get this down to your room David. I don’t think I can carry the stuff without dropping it.”

“Why don’t you just dump everything out of that small bag onto the bed and then put back in whatever you want to take,” I said.

She looked at me for a few seconds and then shook her head.

“God, why didn’t I think of that?”

We both laughed and she proceeded to pick things out and deposit them in the small bag.

We left her room, locking the door, walking back to my own room. When we arrived we entered, I turned on the radio trying to find some music or something and she put her bag on the floor.

“Umm, David, there’s one thing, I didn’t have time for my bath I was going to do that when I got back from dinner, do you think that while we still have hot water I could take it here, I really hate to ask, maybe you planned to shower or something.”

“It’s fine Cindi,” I answered, “I took my shower just before I went to dinner so no problem. I do hope that you will, you know, be careful. Last thing you need to do is fall.”

“Oh well, I think I’ll be OK,” she answered, I use the bathtub at home and I don’t think this one is much different.”

She got up, picked up her bag and started for the bathroom.

“Whoa,” she said, “how am I gonna see?”

“I wondered when that was going to dawn on you,” I said with a laugh, “you take the lantern with you, I’ve got the flashlight here. Wait, I’ll take the lantern in there for you.

I took the lantern into the bathroom, placed it on the countertop next to the sink and left, lighting my way with the flashlight. I stopped and turned toward her.

“Cindi, I want you to understand, I don’t have any ulterior motive or anything but I hope you will leave the door unlocked. God forbid you would actually fall or something, you might need some help.”

She smiled sweetly at me and gave me a thumbs up as she closed the door. I could tell that she had not locked it.

After a few minutes I heard the water running and started tuning the radio to local FM stations to see what was available. One station was continuously broadcasting about the storm and saying that it was much worse than had been forecast. I figured I knew enough about the storm first hand so continued tuning and found the local PBS station which was broadcasting what I would call romantic music. Hope Cindi wouldn’t think that I was trying to set a mood. I relaxed, listening to the music and the storm and nearly fell asleep.

Just then, from the bathroom I heard, “David, can you help me?”

I hurried to the bathroom door, fearful that she had fallen.

“Cindi,” I shouted, “are you OK?”

I heard her start to laugh and opened the door only a couple of inches.

“Are you canlı kaçak bahis OK, Cindi?” I asked.

“Yes David, I’m OK,” and laughing said, “I can’t get up out of this damn tub. I guess I’m like a beached whale,” and at this began to laugh.

I debated about what to do.

“Look Cindi,” I said, “the only thing I can do is come in and help you up, OK?”

“I’ve got a towel I can put over me so come on in.”

I entered and started to laugh. She had only been able to reach a hand towel and with her pregnant size it was covering almost nothing. She knew what I was laughing about and began to laugh herself.

“Well, I guess I need a tarp instead don’t I,” she asked.

“No, no,” I replied, “you look fine. It’s not something I’ve not seen before Cindi. Like I told you I have 2 children myself.”

“OK my big strong helper, get me out of this tub,” she giggled.

I went to the tub and could not avoid looking at her and feeling a stirring. She was really nice looking and being someone who had a real thing for pregnant ladies it was almost too much. I reached down and placed my hands under her armpits and began to lift. She pushed on the edges of the tub herself and managed to rise.

“Oh thank you, I really appreciate it,” she said.

“Well we’ve come this far so let me help you out of the tub. I’m still scared as hell that you’re going to fall or something,” I said.

“OK Sir Gallahad,” she said, let’s get out.”

With that she took my hands and I helped her out. It was impossible not to look at her breasts, definitely milk filled, beautiful big brown aureoles and nipples that were long and at least to me appeared to be somewhat stimulated. I could see her vagina and was pleased that she was not shaven as I am a bush man.

“OK kiddo,” I said, “it’s all yours now.

“Thank you kind sir,” she said with a smile, “I’m fine now. David, I really do appreciate it. You’re so nice, I just can’t get over it.”

I left with the thought in my mind that she might not think that if she knew what was circulating through my head now.

Like most ladies, Cindi spent quite some time in the bathroom, apparently adjusting her hair and makeup.

I had nearly fallen asleep listening to the dreamy music on the radio and listening to the wind, howling outside, driving the snow nearly horizontal when Cindi came out of the bathroom.

“Hey there mister, I think you were dozing off on me weren’t you,” she asked humorously, “not that I would blame you. It’s been a long day hasn’t it.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied, “I think it was just the music and lying here listening to the wind.”

I was a little surprised. Cindi had completely redone her makeup and fixed her hair. I was starting to wonder just what her plans were.

The room was starting to chill a little without the heat and I had gotten under the covers.

“Brrr, I think I’ll join you under there,” she said, “do you think I should throw my blanket on here too,” she asked.

“Not a bad idea Cindi, “I answered, “we could leave it folded down and then pull it up if we need it. If it gets that cold in here it would be better than having to get out from under these covers to get it.”

Cindi placed the blanket folded down at the foot of the bed and at this time I noticed whether it was the coolness of the room or not her nipples were really sticking out now. When she had bent over to pick up the blanket her gown had been stretched tight across her ass and it was apparent that she was also not wearing any panties. Hopefully she would not detect the partial hardon that I now had.

She crawled under the covers, pulling them up to her chin.

“Oh wow, it sure feels good under here. I’m sure I don’t have to say this but please never breathe a word of this to anyone. The idea that it would somehow get back to my husband is crazy of course, but there is no way he would ever understand me sleeping with someone else.”

“Understood,” I said, “and you are correct. We don’t know last names or where each other lives so the chances of your husband or my wife ever knowing is zero, but I’m glad you feel the same way I do.”

I almost felt ashamed that I had read her luggage tag and knew her last name and full address but I had no intention of doing anything with that information.

“And I’m already pregnant, so you can’t get me pregnant,” she said impishly, shocking me completely.

“I’m sorry David, I shouldn’t have said that, I was just joking.”

“It’s OK,” I replied, “I knew you were kidding.”

I dimmed the battery powered lantern down to just one tube which created an almost romantic feel to the room.

“That enough light for you Cindi,” I asked.

“Yes sweetie,” she said in a whisper.

At this point she turned also on her right side with her back to me. In a moment she slowly and gently began to back up toward me. As she came back I started to ease away from her, not knowing if she had to sleep in the middle of the bed or something but she just continued toward me. Finally she was just an inch or so from me. I caught the scent of her enticing perfume. I was being maneuvered into a very interesting situation. My cock was stiff as concrete now and lying straight up along my belly under my boxers which were the only things I had on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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