The New Deal Ch. 05

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All characters engaged in sexual activity are over the age of eighteen.


Steve watched as the canoe cleared the low hanging branches as they veered into a side channel. Trout swam by the canoe, disturbed by its sudden intrusion.

“Look over there,” Steph called.

Steve Deforest looked back where his wife was pointing to see a raised platform and the large nest made of thick branches with the distinct head of an osprey looking out at them or more likely the trout.

Sure enough as they continued on around the bend the majestic osprey remained fixated on the water behind them.

Soon the bend opened up into a wide branch to the waterway between lakes. They stopped paddling and let the canoe glide slowly over the smooth water.

Steve felt some jostling then a sharp tip followed by a loud splash near him. He turned to see the empty canoe seat behind me with a pile of clothes near where Stephanie was sitting a moment ago.

He turned his head to stare at the circular ripples in the water. A large pink form appeared under the water. Steph broke free of the water up to her bare shoulders. She flung her wet, long blonde hair back laughing.

“Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Steve laughed and pulled his shirt off.

As he stood Stephanie laughed again, “Take it off baby!”

Steve pulled his shorts and underwear down and jumped over the edge of the canoe in a dive, cutting the water evenly.

He broke water close to where Stephanie was, but no longer. He looked around to find her smoothly swimming through the water several yards away from him.

She slowed to look back, smiling at him with a huge grin. “You want me; you’re going to have to catch me, stud.”

She shrieked and swam hard away as Steve dove fast.

After a couple powerful strokes his hand caught hold of her flaying ankle. He gripped it and pulled her struggling back to him.

Finally, he had a hand on her bare shoulder.

She laughed and spun around wrapping her arms around his neck and shoulders. She let him clutch her ass and shift them until she felt herself sink down on his stiff flesh.

Steve lightly tread water while his wife used her hold on his shoulders to drive herself up and down on his hard length.

They held together face to face in the middle of the stream.

“Ooooooo, I’m so glad the water’s warm,” Steph purred as she thrust herself on him.

“Me too,” Steve laughed.

Steve held her ass tight and pushed his hips the best he could while kicking with his feet to keep them even afloat.

Steph’s face flushed and she grew more frantic in her motions. She swooped down and locked her wet lips on her husband’s drinking deep from his mouth as her release rushed over her.

She rested holding on to him as he gently kicked his feet.

Slowly she pulled away from him and leaned back in the water, first her nipples then her firm breasts broke the surface of the smooth water as she floated arms spread, legs kicking lightly.

Steve smoothly swam next to his smiling wife.

She sat up quickly and pointed up where Steve saw the osprey flying past with a wiggling fish clasped in its talons.

Steph beamed at her husband. “I love living in the Adirondacks with you.”

Steve smiled and shifted to float on his back and relax to enjoy the day, especially when Steph’s hand reached over to clutch his penis just under the water.


Cindy leaned against her car and watched as a small two door car pulled up next to hers.

After watching the driver get out and give a slight wave Cindy spoke.

“James?” Cindy asked staring at the familiar person in a white dress and blue shirt open to a black tank top beneath.

Jesse ducked her head, “Hi Cindy. After you called and told me I had the job I thought about things. I moved here to get a fresh start and be who I’m comfortable being which is definitely not James. I would much rather be ‘Jesse’ if that’s alright with you. I should have been upfront about that yesterday in the interview. I’m still kind of nervous.”

Cindy smiled and walked over to the nervous girl, “It’s not up to me at all but what makes you feel comfortable. Can Jesse make drinks as good as James?”

Jesse smiled and nodded her head.

Cindy beamed and gave the surprised woman a hug, “Perfect. Welcome aboard, Jesse. Good thing you told me now before I ordered name tags!”

Cindy gave a small smile as she watched the tense Jesse relax a bit.

“I can’t tell you how many times I dressed and undressed this morning. I almost canceled on you.”

“I’m so glad you didn’t. You’ll be great. You go ahead on in and look around the café to get familiar with it. As soon as Heather gets here, we’ll be over and get started. As far as she, me or anyone else is concerned you are Jesse.”

Jesse smiled, “Sounds great.”

It wasn’t long before Heather pulled in and parked and the three were in the café together.

“Heather, this is Jesse. Jesse, Heather. And the three of us make up the café.”

Heather looked at Cindy, illegal bahis “Just three of us? Will that be enough?”

“You both want full time, right? I’ll be working most days open until close. I’ll always have at least one of you with me. Paradise is open Tuesday through Friday from ten until six and until eight on Saturdays. We’re closed Sundays and Mondays. Not as many hours as Borders was or even Starbucks. So we’ll manage just fine I think. If it turns out to be much and we have a lot of customers than I’ll hire on more help. We’ll have to see what we get. In a pinch I can get help from the bookstore end of things.”

Heather looked around the bookstore. “I remember shopping here when it was Borders. It was busy.”

Cindy laughed, “Well, I certainly hope we’ll be busy too, but we really need to wait and see. I have a couple more good applicants I can call if it does get crazy.”

Cindy had hired Jesse and Heather because both had experience working at Starbucks. They quickly got into a rhythm working the machines and the small counter area. Both soon grew comfortable enough to offer suggestions to Cindy who was much more familiar with a full restaurant operation than a cafe.

By the end of the first shift Cindy was thrilled with her new staff.

She waved goodbye to both of them as she locked up the doors. She stared at the large glass opening to the store. In just a couple of days they would be unlocking those doors for customers. She was so excited.


Soon enough Cindy was pulling into her driveway. She looked down the street at her mother-in-laws’ house. No signs of life, probably out on a date or in bed together. She smiled, thrilled with her life and went into her own home.

Just about an hour later she looked up as Matt came into the house carrying take out from a local popular burger place. She stretched and put the book she was reading down on the couch and climbed off to follow Matt into the kitchen.

Matt smiled as he turned to his wife, “I just saw Chip and Beth at Ralph’s Diner.”

Cindy smiled, “I’m so happy he’s found somebody. I like Beth.”

Matt looked at the smiling woman in his arms, “Any plans tonight, my love?”

Cindy shook her head grinning, “No, but I can tell by the look on your face that you do.”

Matt chuckled, “remind me never to play poker against you.”

Cindy laughed, “Even strip poker?”

Matt laughed, “That would be a whole different matter.”

“So what’s in my kinky husband’s mind?”

“Well since I sneaked in those photos of you sucking me last time, I was thinking about a whole video of you sucking me from start to finish.”

“And for starring in this blowjob video my reward would be…?”

“Dinner at Mackenzies?”

“Dinner and a movie?”

“Dinner and a movie we both agree on?”

“Looks like my mouth is yours, my love.”

Matt smiled as he picked up his bacon, cheese burger for another bite.


A little earlier at Ralph’s Diner, Chip and Beth watched as Matt left with his take out order.

Beth looked at Chip as she popped a French fry into her mouth, “You have great friends and family. It must have been so nice growing up among all that love.”

Chip smiled, “When you are a part of it you don’t realize how good it is. Once Craig left I kind of realized what I had.”

Beth nodded, “You have great parents. I adore your mom. She is so much fun to work with. All of them, actually. I have never been so hugged and kissed in my entire life. It feels wonderful.”

They both looked down as Chip’s phone vibrated. Chip dug it out of his pants and looked at it.

He looked up at Beth “Speaking of, it’s my parents. Mind if I take it?”

Beth beamed a huge smile, “Please, take it.”

Chip pushed two buttons and placed the phone on the table.


“Hi Chip, my love!” his mother answered back.

“Hi mom. You’re on speaker. I’m at Ralph’s with Beth.”

Kim sounded even more excited, “Beth! Hi sweetie! How are you?”

Beth chuckled, “I’m fine, thank you.”

“I’m so sorry to interrupt. I wanted to know if you two wanted to come over for dinner, but clearly I asked too late. Are you two free tomorrow?”

Beth raised her eyebrows at Chip.

Chip spoke down at the phone, “Just for dinner?”

Both chuckled at the sound of Kim’s outburst of laughter.

“Dinner was all I had in mind unless you two have other ideas.”

Beth leaned toward the phone.

“Just dinner would be great.”

“Perfect! Say five o’clock?”

Chip answered as he smiled when Beth reached out to hold his hand, “That sounds great.”

“I’ll let you two lovebirds go. Bye Beth! Bye Chip! See you tomorrow.”

“Bye mom, I love you.”

Beth smiled as they heard the disconnect of the phone.

Chip looked as Beth rubbed her thumb over his hand that she was holding.

Beth spoke softly “What you just did is exactly what I am talking about when I tell you how wonderful you are and how lucky I am.”

Chip looked confused and pointed at his phone, illegal bahis siteleri “What? I talked to my mom.”

“Yes, but you asked me first before you took the call. Neither of my other serious boyfriends ever did that. They just answered the phone.”

Chip shook his head, “That is so incredibly rude.”

Beth laughed, “Not to very many people. You also shared the call with me.”

Chip shook his head, “Of course I did, you are important to me.”

Beth beamed a huge smile, “See, that’s the way you are. It is soooooo wonderful and amazing. I love you so incredibly much.”

The two leaned over the table to kiss deeply. When they pulled back both felt a wet, odd sensation to look down and see that both were wearing part of their dinners on their shirts.

They looked from their own messes to each other’s and then burst out laughing.

Beth had a gleam in her eyes, “When we’re done if we go over to my place I can wash our shirts.”

Chip grinned, “But that would mean we would have to take them off.”

Beth’s grin grew as she nodded.

Chip laughed, “It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. But, I don’t have any homework to do to pass the time.”

Beth gave a deep, throaty chuckle, “Oh, I think I can find some ways to occupy your time while we wait shirtless. And pant-less. And underwear-less.”

The two gleamed at each other before devouring their slightly squished dinners in record speed.


Jenny walked next to Craig holding his hand as they went up the driveway towards his home. Jenny broke into a big smile when she saw the door open with Sue dashing out.

“Craig! Jenny!” Sue had her arms out to scoop the couple together into her arms. After the tight hug with both, Sue wrapped her arms around Jenny hugging her into her chest as she looked at her son, “You beast. You’ve been keeping me from this poor girl.”

Craig raised his hands in surrender, “Apparently. Jenny complained to me just yesterday about not seeing you in forever.”

Sue looked into Jenny’s eyes, “Remember, he gets all his bad habits from his father.”

She stuck her tongue out at her son when he snorted, to Jenny’s giggles.

Jenny snuggled against Sue, “I’ve missed you.”

“I know, what is up with that. I know college is a busy time for you two, but Damn!”

Craig blushed and ran his hand through his hair, “Yeah, well message received. I’ll check in more often. I promise.”

While still holding Jenny, Sue pointed at her son, “You see how he just ran his hand through his hair? Just like his father when he knows he’s busted.”

Jenny burst into giggles, “I know!”

Craig laughed, “Oh sure. Gang up on me. That certainly makes me feel like coming home more often.”

Both Jenny and Sue stuck their tongues out at Craig before bursting into giggles again.

Jenny and Sue arm in arm with Craig next to them walked into the house.

It was a dinner filled with laughter.

Later on Jenny was walking down the hall to use the bathroom when Cindy Lynn stuck her head out from her bedroom.

“Jenny? You got a minute?”

Jenny smiled, “Let me go to the bathroom and then I’ll be right there.”

In a few minutes Jenny was sitting on Cindy’s bed while Cindy sat at her desk.

“What’s up?”

“Can I talk to you privately?”

Jenny nodded curious where this was going.

“I have great friends, but they’re just like me. Clueless about boys. We say we know a lot but it’s all hot air. We don’t have a clue.”

Jenny laughed lightly.

“I’m sorry. I’m just relieved. I had no idea where you were going with this talk. Boys, okay. What’s up?”

“When did you…you know…do anything with a boy?”

“Honestly, I only kissed a few boys before I met your brother, and we dated for quite a while before we did anything. I come from a very, very religious, stuffy family.”

Cindy nodded, “I feel like I’m supposed to do things, but I have no idea what or if I really want to.”

Jenny reached her hands out to put them on Cindy’s knees.

“Whoa, whoa. Never, ever let anybody pressure you into doing anything that you don’t want to. When you want to do something then you will. Have you talked to your mom about any of this?”

Cindy gasped and her eyes grew bigger, “I can’t talk to her! She and my dad are crazy. They are constantly going at each other. It’s horrible.”

Jenny laughed “Horrible? What, they do things in front of you?”

Cindy shook her head, “No, but I can hear a lot through their door. They are very loud, especially my mom. She screams a lot.”

“And that’s horrible?”

“Ewwwww, they’re my parents.”

“Yeah and how did you think you and Craig got to be here? The stork?”

“Well no, but so often? And so loud?”

Jenny chuckled, “They’re in love. I hope someday somebody will complain about the same things about me and my husband.”

Cindy shook her head, “None of my friends have parents like them.”

Jenny chuckled, “I bet. I’ve heard a lot from Craig about them, but Cindy, the thing is, canlı bahis siteleri your parents are crazy in love. That’s sweet and beautiful. Honestly, I wish I had them for my parents some times.”

“I’ll trade you.”

Jenny laughed louder, “Wait until you meet mine first before you go making any deals like that. Cindy, you can talk to me any time. I don’t mind at all. But remember, don’t let anyone push you or tell you what to do.”

Cindy nodded, “But how will I know?”

Jenny smiled, “That’s easy. It’s when you are so in love you can’t help but make your partner feel as wonderful as you do It’s when it’s you who is doing the pushing, not out of obligation but out of desire.”

Cindy smiled, “Thanks Jenny.”

When they both stood, Jenny reached over to hug the startled girl.

“Give me your phone,” Jenny said.

Cindy watched as Jenny programmed her number into Cindy’s phone.

“There. You call me anytime you have questions or need to talk to somebody. If I’m in class or busy with Craig, yes, because I am crazy in love with your brother and, ewwwwww, want to make him feel as wonderful as I do, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

When Jenny handed the phone back it was Cindy’s turn to hug the other woman tight.

Jenny walked out of the room, closed the door and turned to see Sue leaning against the opening into the kitchen, smiling.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” Jenny asked.

Once Jenny got up to where Sue was standing Sue reached out to hug Jenny, “I know Cindy doesn’t know what to make of her parents most of the time. I’m just glad she has somebody like you that she can talk to.”

Jenny laughed, “I’ll let you know one thing I told her. I told her that I hoped someday somebody would make the same complaints about me and my husband.”

Sue grinned wide, “You are so sweet.”

Sue kissed the surprised girl.

Jenny felt a burst in her stomach she now knew to be her butterflies.

Jenny held Sue’s hand and let the older woman guide her back into the kitchen.

“Where’s Craig?”

“With his father in the den doing manly things.”

Jenny laughed, “Great, so I can be here in the kitchen doing girly things with you?”

Sue beamed, “I would love that. Coffee?”

Sue set to brewing coffee after Jenny nodded her head.

“Honestly, I hope ‘your husband’ and Craig turn out to be the same person.”

Jenny smiled, “Me too.”

Jenny gladly took the mug of hot coffee and waited until Sue was sitting across from her.

“Can I tell you something?”


Jenny took a deep breath, “Craig and I had a long talk, and I know all about the parties and sex and stuff that went on with you and all the others before he met me.”

Sue just took a deep pull from her coffee, “I see. And how does that make you feel?”

Jenny smiled, “At first confused, bewildered and a bit upset. But I asked Craig to leave and the minute he did I felt so lost without him. I ran out and dragged him back. I love him so much, I know that for sure.”

Sue smiled, “I’m so glad to hear that, the last part especially. Based on the dinner tonight you’re not upset with me I guess.”

Jenny shook her head, “How can I be? You are so filled with joy and love. You make me smile.”

“Let me guess, Craig deliberately kept you away from us so you wouldn’t find out?”

Jenny nodded.

Sue gave a soft smile, “It’s a tough thing. It truly feels wonderful and amazing but in ‘normal’ society it is horrific and disgusting. There is no guide book for any of this. I’m happy Craig, Matt and Chip got through it okay without any damage. It’s funny, Chip just told his girlfriend about it as well this week. I’m so glad you both are okay with things. I don’t know what Craig told you but believe me once he fell for you he was done with us. I guess too done with us.”

Jenny gave a soft laugh.

“I know. I’m curious. Do you guys still get together?”

Sue laughed, “I’m surprised Cindy didn’t give you an earful about her ‘perverted parents.’ Yeah, we still do get together, even more now than in the past. We’ve just grown so close, the entire group of us.”

Jenny smiled, “I’m so glad Cindy asked me to talk to her when she was feeling uncomfortable, it makes it easier for me to talk to you. It’s funny, Cindy feels she can’t talk to you, but I feel incredibly comfortable talking to you and could never imagine talking to my own mother about any of this. She’d haul me off to church so we could both pray for my lost soul. You’re right, there is no guide book. I could use some help.”

“Anything, sweetheart.”

Craig grabbed the phone vibrating in his pants. He had a text message.

“I’m in your mom’s bedroom. Come here.”

“Excuse me dad.”

Craig wandered through the house and stopped to stare at the red bandana wrapped around the knob of the slightly ajar door to his parents’ bedroom.


“Yeah, mom. What the hell’s going on?”

“Come in and close the door.”

Craig pushed the door, stepped in and froze, his mouth dropping open in stunned silence.

He took in the sight of his nude girlfriend and equally nude mother lying next to each other on the bed, his mother resting a hand across Jenny’s bare stomach.

“Close the door,” repeated his mother.

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