the new dark lord, update

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the new dark lord
it had finally happened. after years of abuse at the hands of his relatives and the constant stress of being threatened by a dark wizard every year had finally caused harry potter to go dark himself. as with all dark wizards, he felt the power course through him. almost unbidden, new spells and ideas filled his mind. seventh year would be eventful indeed…

the daily prophet headline the next day was astounding and caused widespread uproar
the dark wizard lord voldemort was found crucified in front of the ministry headquarters
the most feared wizard of our age reportedly begged for death and was gibbering in fear before finally succumbing to his quite extensive injuries. mediwitches are mystified as to the marks as no known curses, jinxes or hexes….
harry read the headlines and his face was cracked by a decidedly evil smile. “soon it will be my turn. but first, i have some business to take care of concerning a few girls i know.” the intervening months flew by, and before he quite knew it, harry was back at hogwarts for his final year. after checking his courses, and finding them laughably easy, he went up to the gryffindor common room and relaxed. ron came up and they made small talk, harry laughing and carrying on much as he normally would. before long the sun went down and students went filing out to their rooms. fairly soon the only ones left were harry and hermione. standing up quietly, harry walked around and stood behind hermione. raising his wand, he spoke aloud one of his incantations. “ablsoluta uentri!” hermione shrieked with shock as the spell waved over her. her eyes filled with horror as she realized that her body, mind and soul now belonged to the dark young man.
“h- harry, wh- what have you done? what is this?” her heart was starting to race, but she was unable to scream. “quite simple my beautiful servant, i have utterly and completely taken possession of one, hermione granger. to put it bluntly, you belong to me now. now strip. we are going to make it official.” numbly, and quite against her will, hermione’s hands went to the buttons of her blouse, undoing them one by one, slowly revealing the firm, bra-clad mounds beneath. after undoing the final button, she shrugged her shoulders, letting the blouse fall to the floor. she shucked off her shoes and socks, then undid her belt, unsnapped her jeans and wiggled out of them. kicking them off, she reached behind her and undid the snaps to her bra, before letting it fall to the floor. finally, she hooked the waistband of her cotton schoolgirl panties, and slowly peeled them off. with a shock, she noticed her pussy was starting to drip. she stood, goosebumps sweeping over her skin, and watched harry’s eyes inspect every inch of her nakedness.
harry’s dick immediately lengthened and hardened at the sight of his longtime crush, finally naked before him. his eyes traveled the length of her body, from her tearfilled, scared doe eyes, down to her graceful neck, down to her full, ripe, c cup breasts, milky white, capped with two ruby red nipples, which, harry was amused to note, were currently hard and pebbled. his eyes continued down past her flat tummy, her flared hips, down to her shapely legs, tight calves, then up to the junction of her legs, where her tightlipped pussy was protected by a thick, neatly trimmed bush. “turn around, i wish to see the rest of you.” trembling, she obeyed her new master. harry’s breath went out with a rush as he caught sight of her firm, glorious ass. shucking his own clothes, harry walked up to his new property. taking out his wand, he imagined a suitable symbol to mark her as his, then he uttered another of his new spells, “scripto indelibile!” instantly a tattoo was branded onto hermione’s otherwise flawless lower back. it was an HP symbol surrounded by lightning bolts. hermione sobbed from the pain of the mark, but bore it silently. “turn around and get on your knees, but close your eyes,” said harry. as she did so, he silently fisted his 10 inch thick, 2 inch wide monster. “open your eyes, then open your mouth.” hermione gasped in shock and a little fear “h-harry i had no idea… glrmph!” the monstrous organ had been unceremoniously shoved past her lips. she lost herself to the immense fucklust that suddenly gripped her, swirling her tongue around the massive head, sucking and licking the mammoth meatspike. unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, who can tell?, for her, her ministrations only served to make harry harder and bigger.
finally pushed her away, grabbed her by the neck and threw her onto a couch. kicking her legs apart, he positioned himself against the entrance to her sopping wet flower. slowly, the monstrous head of harry’s dick started to spread her lips open. slowly, one inch went in, then, with no small amount of surprise, he encountered a barrier. “you are still a virgin?” “yes! i was s-saving it for m-marriage, p-please, it hurts, take it out?” “hmm, if you behave yourself, i might make you my wife. one of them anyway, hahahah.” and with the look of abject terror in her eyes, harry thrust forward, bursa escort tearing the hyman away, and sinking balls deep inside the tight pussy. hermione’s screams would have shaken the rafters, were it not for the imperturbable charm harry had cast earlier in the evening. holding himself inside her, harry cast yet another of his new charms, “virgo scutum” the maidens’ shield. a warm blanket of energy washed over hermione, and she wondered at what the spell would do. her musings were then interrupted by harry’s cock withdrawing from her, the raw nerve endings screaming with the pain, before it slammed home again.
each time he thrust into her, harry could feel her cunt muscles pulse and contract around him, straining to accept the massive invader. and with every withdrawal, her pussy created a vacuum around him, sucking him back in. soon they had a rythm going, their pelvises rising to meet each other, their slim bodies softly clapping together, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. she looked away from him in shame as he raped her to an orgasm, her nails leaving deep scratches on his back. half an hour, and several orgasms, later, harry grunted, a primal savage sound, and unloaded shot after shot after shot of spunk into hermione’s ravaged pussy. any hope of her ordeal being over was dashed when after 2 minutes he was hard again. he flipped her over, doggy style, and proceeded to absolutely dominate her formerly virgin pussy. half an hour later, she had two thick loads deposited directly in her womb. when harry pulled out and set the tip of his once again hard cock at hermione’s crinkled asshole, she was too hoarse to scream, she merely accepted the painful invasion, her tight, hot ass milking his dick for every drop.
when he finally collapsed on top of her, she had three loads in her pussy, two in her ass, and she had swallowed another. almost gingerly, harry picked up his slave in his arms, and holding her close, whispered in her ear, “hermione… you are mine now… you will break off whatever you had with ron, no one will ever touch you again, besides me.” and with a sadly contented sigh, and a sniffle, she said, “yes master”. “good girl. now rest, sleep well, over the rest of the school year, you will help me ‘recruit’ new girls. i think luna will do nicely, dont you?” and with an airy smile, she agreed. after putting her in her bed, he went back to the common room, and with a flick of his wand, tidied up the room. he then went to bed and slept like a lord.
chapter 2
hermione had her face buried in a cushion, stifling the screams and moans that escaped her as yet another orgasm was ripped from her body. over the month since harry had made her utterly his, in more ways than one, she had been stretched out and fucked in nearly every room in hogwarts. on several occasions, they had very nearly been caught only to escape notice by the skin of their teeth. with a final shuddering climax from hermione, harry emptied his balls deep inside her womb. hermione collapsed onto the bed as harry lay down next to her. softly, harry called his newest servant to him. “come to me my pet… i have a task for you. hermione, close your eyes.” fearfully, the young witch squinched her eyes shut as the small reptile slithered into the room. “masssssster….” the young basilisk hissed, “i sssserve….” “yes deadeyes, i have a job for you. if you complete it, you may feast. i want you to find all those who bear the dark mark, and i want you to get rid of them. you may eat them when you have, if you so wish, but mark my words, you are not to harm anyone else.” and looking into the serpents eyes, harry bid the monster go. “yesssss masssster… i obey”
once again harry was glad of the research he had done before he created the fine male specimen that was now slithering out the school pipes. as a parcelmouth, he could command the creature, and as its creator, it could not kill him. his revenge against the death eaters now set in motion, he turned his mind to more lascivious pursuits. “hermione,” harry breathed, his voice husky with his thoughts, husky in that way that made her instantly wet and mad with desire, “i have a job for you as well. i am may be dark, but i still care for my possessions. i sense that if you continue taking the fuckings i give you, you will soon not be able to take anymore at all.” “b-but harry, m-master, i… i-i need it… i love the way you f.. they way you take me.” softly, almost gently, harry whispers in her ear, “i know, my lovely one, my slave, i know. but like i said, i am still concerned with your welfare, to that end, here’s what i want you to do…” a naughty grin splits her face as his plan takes form in her minds eye. “yes master, i will.”
luna lovegood sat in the library, thinking about her favorite subject, harry potter’s cock. ever since harry had brought her to slughorns christmas party last year, she had been consumed with lustful curiosity. how big was it? how thick? how deep would he go? how would he take her? aloud she murmured to herself, “what does his come taste like?” it was then that hermione sat down next bursa escort bayan to her. “hello luna. what are you up to?” “oh hi hermione. just doing some research, ehehe, how about you?” “oh not much really, a little sore. by the way i can show you.” luna’s heart went cold. could she have heard her? she must never know her secret, after all, she was harry’s friend. “show me what, hermione?” she saw a sly grin steal across the brunette witches face, and she knew the words she was about to say. “why luna, my friend, i can show you what harry’s come tastes like.” saying that, luna watched with curiosity as hermione stuck a hand under her skirt. her eyes widened with shock as she pulled out a finger, slicked with a sticky white substance that luna assumed was the sperm she had been so curious about. “open wide…” opening her mouth, hermione slowly inserted her finger into luna’s mouth. luna savored the taste, it was salty, but sweet, she wanted more. lots more. “hermione, why do you have harry’s come in your pussy? i thought you were with ron?” “ron and i have been apart for a while now… he’s not taking it well… in any case, i belong to harry now.” “you belong to him?” “do you want to ask questions or do you want more of harry’s come?” she scooted forward, spread her legs and hiked up her skirt. “if you want it, you have to eat it out of me.”
fear and lust warred inside the diminutive blonde witch. finally, predictably, lust won out. slipping her cotton knickers down and off, she dove for the tightlipped, fuzzy pussy displayed before her. tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and swiped it from ass crack to clit, lapping up more of harry’s sperm in the process. she swallowed the come with relish and eagerly went back for more. the attention to her pussy made hermione start to become really wet as she started to tweak her nipples under her shirt. in the shadows, a pair of brilliant green eyes watched the scene unfold, a hand strokes an abnormally large penis. luna continues to swirl and flip her tongue inside hermione’s pussy, swallowing a mixture of her and harry’s mixed come with each lap of her tongue, her own pussy becoming increasingly wet. hermione squirmed with ecstacy on the talented tongue currently in her tight cunny, she could feel the orgasm rising within her. grasping lunas head hard, she came, gushing juices all over luna’s face. before she could straiten up, luna felt a hard, warm weight fall on her, she could feel the hairy balls on her ass, and the length of the thing was such that it reached all the way to her waist. harry looked down at his newest conquest, appraising the thin waist, the small tight ass cheeks, the long thin legs, currently spread wide apart. with a wave of his wand, her clothes disappeared entirely, allowing him to see the pale, almost translucent skin, the pale, a cup breasts with their hard nipples. she looked with fear and admiration at the shaft of meat resting on her upturned ass cheeks. “harry, please, i beg you, give me what i need.” “beg for it. i want you to beg for my cock inside you. i know what you want, but i want to hear you beg for it.” harry said as he positioned his head at the entrance to luna’s pussy. she tried to back onto him, but he followed it back, keeping the head at just the entrance. growling with frustration, she gave in. “please, i beg you, fuck me with your cock, stretch me out with it, hurt me with it, spray your seed in me, anything just please please please fuck me! i need it!” the normally reserved young witch had become possessed, a fierce animal, lusting for release. weaving the spells he created, he exclaimed with shock, as he realized she had already been his for a long time. thrusting forwards, he swept aside her hymen, stretching her past her limits. moaning in pain and pleasure, the diminutive witch thrust back onto harry’s massive member harder than harry would have thrust into her himself, her eyes rolled back into her head as her first male induced orgasm washed over her small frame. harry bottomed out inside his new fuck toy as she crested the waves of her orgasmic tempest. waiting until she came down again, he picked her up, flipped her around to face him, with his cock still deep inside her. throwing her legs over his arms, grabbing her ass in his hands, harry began to literally lift and slam her onto his monstrous cock, the angle mashing against her gspot with every thrust. pulling out until just the head was inside her, then slamming balls deep inside her, again and again, driving her to another orgasm. as lunas pussy pulsed around his cock another time, he grew closer and closer to his own orgasm. as dark as his heart was now, he still worried about breaking her in half, but her own barely articulate cries of “more! more! harder! deeper! please… ugh! mmmmm!” only served to inflame his passions even more, thrusting harder and deeper into her tightness. before long another mind bending orgasm rocked its way through luna’s small frame. the pulsing tightness around him, milking every inch of his cock, he couldn’t take anymore of it. he blew shot after shot of thick sticky escort bursa sperm inside her. looking over at hermione, he winked. “i think i wore her out. what do you think?” “master, that was incredibly hot. i think ill like watching almost as much as i like being fucked myself.” “she’s definately a hot little minx. i think we’ll keep her.” with that, they cleaned up and carried her out of the library.

chapter 3
luna langoured on the bed, lost in a torpor of lust. her mind flashed back to the glorious fucking she had just received, her lord and master, the great dark harry potter, had shoved his monstrous cock into every hole she possessed, even now her voice was hoarse from how loud she had screamed when he rammed her tight little asshole for the first ever time. gingerly, she reached a finger back to her asshole and scooped some come out of it. bringing her finger to her mouth, she sucked the salty sweetness off and moaned in pleasure as she falls asleep.
in the next room, hermione is bent over a toilet, puking up her breakfast. her fears regarding a certain missed period are brought into stark reality. she loves and worships her master, but she wonders how she will tell him that he will soon be a father. she was scared to think how angry the new dark harry would be when he found out.
unbeknownst to her, harry was well aware that his lead slave was expecting. in all honesty, he couldnt be more pleased. harry was looking forward to the prospect of an heir to carry on after him, he was dark but even he knew that he was mortal. the only reason he hadnt asked her about it was that he derived a perverse pleasure from her worrying. finally he came to a decision. “hermione! come to me my beautiful slave!” hermione’s heart freezes in her chest, she wonders if she is in trouble. with a crack, she appears in front of harry, kneeling in supplication, the tattoo on the small of her back as well as the skimpy black thong she is wearing stark against her skin. “yes master?” “is there anything you want to tell me, hermione? anything you thought you had hidden from me?” she trembles in fear at harry’s words. “for instance, could you have kept the fact that you are pregnant from me?” “m-master, you knew?” she slowly looks up and starts in shock at the broad smile across his face. “this is good news! come here!” he gathers her into a tender hug. “master, i thought you would be angry…” “no, this is good, slave. you have given me a gift, greater than any other. however, we need to enlarge my harem to compensate. any ideas?” she thought for a while, then whispered in his ear. the evil smile splitting his face told her her plan was a good one.
cho chang had never been the same since she and harry had split ways. she was lost, aimless. she wandered around the school as if in a daze. that is until she went into an abandoned classroom to study and saw the sight of her life. hermione granger and luna lovegood were naked, their heads buried between each others legs. they were really going at it, their moans muffled in each others snatches. initially she was disgusted by the thought, but the wetness between her own legs betrayed her. she found she couldnt stop watching the horny sight. her hands crept under her school skirt as she began to finger her tight virgin cunt. seconds from climax, she suddenly realize that both girls are looking straight at her. or rather behind her. suddenly harry covers her mouth with one hand, while shoving a finger from his other hand into her pussy. “youre mine now, slut” he whispered in her ear. hermione and luna start undressing her as harry moves her to a desk, all the while weaving his enchantments. finally as he has the asian witch bent over a desk, he casts his slave spell. immediately, she knows she is his forever. hermione and luna go back to eating each other as harry lines his monstrous cock with the asian woman’s asshole. she screams as he painfully stretches her ass. with a gleeful smile, harry starts to ram her harder and harder. tears run down her face as he fucks her deeply. seemingly out of nowhere an orgasm rips its way through her body, and she hangs her head in shame. her tight ass clenching forces him out of her, taking harry by surprise. angrily, he forces it back in, forcing another scream out of her as her anal ring is stretched. after another few minutes of anal slamming, harry blasts off inside her, flooding her ass with spunk. as he withdraws from the sobbing asians swollen ass, he comes around and forces her to clean him off. she looks up at him with hope in her beautifully slanted eyes. he smiles evilly as he shakes his head no. “im not through with you yet slave.” with that he slams into her tight virgin pussy. she’s too hoarse to scream as the pain of her hyman tearing washes through her, followed by the waves of pleasure as she is so deliciously stretched. he plows her again and again, and as the sounds of her ass smacking his thighs fills the air, she comes again and again. her pussy pulsing around his cock drives harry to another orgasm, and he fills her to the brim. as he pulls out, the limp girl begs him, “please master, more. please?” tenderly, he kisses her as he whispers in her ear, “later, my beautiful slave. later. now we rest.”

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