The Neighborhood Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Mark Gets a Job

(Author’s note: If you haven’t already, please give the prior story a read, especially if you caught it right when it came out. Being a newbie I screwed up and only released the first chapter. That’s been corrected. Also, to those who found the POV confusing, hopefully I’ve fixed it this go round.)

Nineteen year old Mark Jordan slowly came up from the relaxing embrace of sleep and became aware of a warm, wet suction on his cock. Still fuzzy-headed from sleep, it took him a moment to process the sensation, but then he relaxed.

He reached underneath the sheets, caressing the hollowed out cheeks sucking on his thick 10 inches. He traced the fullness of the lips stretched taut around his girth and reached past to feel the swing of the short bobbed hair against the back of his hand.

“Good morning Mom,” he said as he flung back the sheet to reveal Vivian Jordan, his own 38 year old mother, without a stitch of clothing on, laying between his legs with half of his cock shoved in her mouth.

His mom’s sparkling green eyes crinkled up as she attempted to smile around the mouth stretching thickness of his cock.

“Goo morfn, Mak,” she mumbled, then slid his length out of her mouth with a wet plop. She cleared her throat. “Excuse me. Good morning Mark!”

Mark smiled and tucked her short brown hair behind her ear.

“No excuses necessary Mom. I could get used to waking up like this every morning,” he said as she slurped noisily on the head of his cock. Focusing past the image of his mother’s lips caressing his prick, he could see the deep slash of cleavage between his mother’s 38DD tits pressed between her arms as she lay between his legs. Over the past week, since they had become intimate (see previous story), he had become very familiar with those natural beauties.

He leaned up slightly and reached down to caress the full jugs from the side with his hands. His mother accommodated him without losing grip on his hard cock. She raised herself up on all fours; her right hand wrapped around the bottom half of the stalk, while her mouth slid rapidly up and down the top half. This allowed him to cup and squeeze the firm mounds and tease the erect nipples that poked out a half inch from the surface. He rolled the hard nubs between his finger tips and was rewarded by a low moan and an increased amount of suction from his mother’s mouth.

Vivian was enjoying herself as well. Since the inception of their physical relationship, she had awakened her son each morning by sucking his cock, either to completion, by riding it to climax or, as now, until she slid it between her fat jugs for a nasty tit fuck.

The horny mother raised her mouth off her son’s cock and pressed his log between her dangling boobs. Steadying herself on her outstretched arms, she regarded her son’s lust twisted face.

“Go ahead. Fuck my tits Mark.”

Mark smiled broadly and wrapped the soft, warm flesh tightly around his rigid pipe. The feeling was indescribably pleasurable and as always, it was all he could do not to spurt his load immediately after sandwiching it between his mom’s plump tits. He reveled in the feeling for a moment and then began to pump his hips slowly, pushing and pulling his fat cock between the big boobs. He was, by now, steadily leaking precum from his cock and this served to lubricate the long journey. A wet squish emanated from the junction of the son’s cock and his mother’s tits, heightening their pleasure from the forbidden act.

After 19 years under the same roof, recent circumstances had transpired to bring the mother and son together with little build up or preamble. Once the ice had been broken, however, they had used every opportunity over the past week to satisfy their appetites. With his kid sister Kim living in the house as well, these were mostly quick, stolen moments, despite the fact that Mark was also fucking his sister and with his mother’s full knowledge, but hesitant approval.

This was why they looked forward to mornings together. Kim normally did not get up until close to noon, so Mark and his mom could take their time together after Vivian had slipped in and locked the door behind her. Dear old Dad was a distant, uncomfortable memory, so there was nothing to prevent the a.m. titty fuck session. This morning, however, one detail had been overlooked…the door.

As Mark’s fuck strokes between his mother’s tits sped up, setting off a ripple of flesh between his squeezing hands, the door to his bedroom slowly slid open and revealed the top of a blonde head.

“Mark? Mark?! Are you awake?”

With lightning speed, Vivian slid her son’s cock from between her glistening tits and yanked the covers over her head, hiding herself just as her daughter Kim’s face appeared in the crack of the door. There was no chance to hide the fact that she was under the covers and had just been in the process of pleasuring her son, but a weird sense of decency motivated her and had prevented any direct mention of what was obviously going on in the house, except thru Mark.

“Hey, escort kartal you think we could…oh, fuck!” Kim had caught sight of her mother underneath the covers. “Shit! My bad. I didn’t think we needed to take a number or schedule a session beforehand!”

Mark raised himself up on his elbows and regarded his kid sister with a cocky grin as she pushed the door open fully and unselfconsciously posed naked in the doorway with one hand perched on her hip.

Kim was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school and was looking forward to the fall when she would be taking a cheerleading scholarship out of state. She stood just 5’2″, but there was a whole smorgasbord packed into those 62 inches!

Her blonde hair was slightly curly and mid-length, just brushing her shoulders. Bright blue eyes peered out from under long, thick eyelashes and as she studied her brother’s lean frame and defined abs, her full bee stung lips curled into a lustful smile revealing her straight white teeth.

“Room under there for me mom?”

Mark and Kim both heard the muttered curse from their mother just before she flung the sheet back and wrapped it around her curvy figure as she rose from the bed.

“I’ve suddenly lost the mood,” she spat as she brushed past Kim before stopping in the doorway. Without turning, she spoke, “Enjoy you two. It’s probably going to be the last time.”

Mark and Kim both laughed and Kim made a playful grab at the sheer sheet covering her mother’s lush naked body. Vivian’s classically beautiful face twisted with disapproval as she spun away from her daughter.

“I’m serious you two! We should have never given in to our lusts in the first place! What if it got out that we are all sleeping together?!”

Mark rose from the bed and walked towards his mother, his lean, 6 foot, 180lb frame flushed with passion as his still turgid 10″ cock bobbed in front of him.

“Come on Mom! Who are we going to tell? We’re just having a little fun and doing what comes natural,” he said as he causally draped his left arm across his sister’s shoulders, an innocent show of affection until his right hand came up to cup her shaved pussy mound, trace over her flat stomach and latch onto one of her firm, natural 36Ds. Kim seemed to melt at his touch, pressing herself against his body and reaching down with her left hand to stroke his lengthening shaft.

Vivian swiftly averted her eyes from her offspring’s blatant groping and snorted with dismissal.

“Mark, you seem to have forgotten about Nancy! And what about the Reynolds?!”

This was true. Mark had momentarily forgotten that Kim’s best friend, Nancy Taylor was a frequent and willing sex partner to himself and Kim. Also, the details of all 3 Jordan’s trysts with their next door neighbors Bob, Kay and Spencer Reynolds had come out during their post-coital pillow talks over the past week or so. The circle of sex was not wide, but one slip of the tongue could explode it and expose the incestuous goings on to a less than understanding community. Vivian had done everything she could think of to keep it under wraps: forbidding Mark to visit next door lest he fall prey again to that cougar Kay Reynolds, forcibly pushing Mark’s best friend Spencer out the window when he’d tried to sneak in to see her and snapping the shades shut whenever the leering patriarch Bob tried to peer in.

But Mama Hen couldn’t guard the hen house every second of every day! Almost every night, Nancy climbed through either Kim or Mark’s window for a pony ride, to taste Kim’s sweet nectar or join the sexy siblings for a hot three way. And Kay Reynolds, the hot MILF next door, had stopped by to borrow a cup of cream from Vivian when she knew she was out of the house. She left with her cup empty, but with the hot box between her legs overflowing with a sample of Mark’s homemade cream! Bob had swallowed his pride and gone next door to apologize to Kim (see previous yarn) when Vivian and Mark were out and ended up swallowing a mouthful of her bountiful boobs while she rode his hard cock by the pool.

Vivian struggled to maintain her stern visage and focused on the doorframe while out of the corner of her eye her daughter was lustily whipping her fist up and down the thick stalk of her brother’s cock. Kim spied a pearly drop of fluid bubble at the tip of Mark’s stake and swiped her thumb across it. With nary a thought of appearances, she brought her thumb to her mouth and suckled like a newborn, barely suppressing her groan of desire. Kim was sure that her brother’s cum was the tastiest she had ever gobbled and she had years of experience to compare to. Despite the presence of her mother and her disapproval of the brother-sister fuck fest, Kim slipped to her knees before Mark and began to eagerly tongue his pulsing cock head. Vivian gasped in shock and horror.

“Oh my God, Kim! I’m right here! Don’t you have any common decency?!”

As Kim slid her brother’s prick between her full red lips and began to draw deeply on it, her only response was the wet smacks and gulps from her mouth and throat. With maltepe escort a huff, Vivian flashed her angry green eyes at Mark and slammed the door behind her. Mark barely noticed her exit as he brought his hands up to cradle both sides of his sisters head and began to guide her mouth to and fro over his aching hard on.

Vivian stomped down the hall to her room and was further stung to hear from Mark, “God yes, suck me beautiful!” She entered her bedroom and plopped down on her bed, the bed sheet fluttering down at her feet. The frustrated mother gazed dejectedly down at the carpet for a moment before her eyes rose to stare back at herself in the full length mirror across the room. Slowly she stood and walked towards the mirror, her fat 38DDs jiggling provocatively in the reflection. Her eyes traced the delicate curve of her neck, past the twin mounds that had only moments before cradled her own son’s fuck stick, continued past her still flat tummy, before focusing between her thighs at the moist pussy barely hidden by the neatly trimmed fur.

A fire had been awoken in her by her own son and it was not going to be easy to put out. With a mother’s instinct she knew that it must be extinguished though, for the safety and longevity of her family. With new resolve she turned and headed for the shower, mulling over ways to return her home to some normalcy.

Barely had Mark uttered the request to his kid sister to suck him, than she began to slurp and suck his length with even more gusto. He entwined his hands in her blonde hair and hung on as Kim reached up to cradle his sack with one hand and twist the exposed portion of his shaft with the other.

Mark’s fluids steadily dripped onto her lashing tongue, setting off little pin pricks of pleasure in his sister. She tossed her mouth back and forth repeatedly, smacking with pleasure at the tip. Before long, Mark felt his balls began to draw back against his body in preparation for his orgasm. As he felt this, he reluctantly pulled his sister’s hot mouth off his prick with a smack and grasped her by her slim shoulders, lifting her to a standing position, and then turning her towards his desk in the corner. He pressed his body against her back and steered her towards the desk while clutching and squeezing her full jugs. Once they reached the furniture, he pressed his hand against her upper back, signaling his intention. Kim’s mouth curled up in a smile as she bent at the waist and placed her hands upon the smooth desk top, her swaying breasts bobbling beneath her.

Mark pulled back slightly and reached between their bodies, grasping his penis and angling it up towards the hot slot now exposed between her legs. He drug the tip through her moist, puffy pussy lips, wetting it for entry. He lined up his tool and pressed forward, lodging the fat head in her gash. A gasp of pleasure escaped Kim’s lips as she felt the huge, hot intruder push into her, but it went no further. She whined and craned her head back at her brother lover.

“Come on Mark, fuck me! I need it so bad! I’m so hot for your big dick!”

Mark smirked and chuckled. He knew what he was doing to his horny sister, but couldn’t help teasing her just a bit, flexing his bone causing it to buck and throb between her cunt lips.

“Fuck me yourself, slut!” he said, giving her right hip a smart smack with his hand. The transformation of the shy, unassuming brother was astounding, considering his personality and attitude barely a week before.

With a moan of lust, Kim began to push herself back on the unyielding stalk splitting her sex. The fat head opened her passage for the intruding shaft to follow until all ten inches were snuggled up tightly between her legs. Both of the horny siblings groaned and ground themselves back against each other, their hips twisting and bucking with pleasure. Mark placed his hands on his sister’s hips and began to push her off his cock. Once half of his shaft was exposed, he exploded forward, burying his root rapidly. Kim squealed with delight and began to toss her hips back and forth as her brother braced his legs and began to piston his hips. The slap of their thighs was joined by the smack of Kim’s big tits knocking together as they swung wildly from the brutal fucking her brother was administering.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Kim grunted as her tight little cheerleader’s frame was repeatedly jarred by her big brother’s lusty fuck strokes. “That’s it Mark! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Kim’s words trailed off into an incomprehensible jumble of curses, punctuated with groans of pleasure. Her brother’s fat cock was hitting all the right spots, spiraling her passion higher and higher. When Mark’s right hand stole around and insinuated itself between her thighs, her orgasm exploded as he thumbed her rigid clitoris. Kim began to buck and bounce crazily on her brother’s shaft, her clutching cunt walls gripping and pulling at the rampaging invader. She screamed in sheer pleasure, tears of ecstasy running down her cheeks.

In spite of the staying power and stamina he now possessed, the pull of his sister’s pendik escort bayan sucking pussy, the sight of her writhing body and the view of her swaying breasts from behind added up to an overload of pleasure for the horny boy. With a guttural cry he lunged back and hauled his lumber from his sister’s wet gash and began to furiously stroke his stiffness.

Mark’s vision blurred at the edges and time seemed to stand still as he saw his angry red cockhead mushroom and spit forth rope after thick rope of scalding hot cum onto his sister’s lurching back. The first few copious blasts stretched to her shoulders and she flinched and squealed as they fell against her. As his climax waned, the tracers of cum tracked back to the small of her back and he squeezed out the last dregs in the crack of her ass. Even in the haze of his pleasure, he thought about how good it had felt to cram his thick fucker into the winking rear entrance his empty sack was rubbing against as he dry humped his moaning sister. Perhaps next time, for despite his mother’s earlier protestations, Mark had no intention of giving up his physical relationship with Kim. You can’t unscramble eggs, he thought. Besides, this recipe was too good and the chefs too dedicated.

“Hold still Kim,” Mark said and stooped to retrieve a discarded T-shirt from the floor. “It looks like someone tried to whitewash your back,” he laughed as he sopped up the messy globs of cum. Once he was finished, he wadded up and dropped the cum rag as his sister straightened up and turned to face him. Kim raised her arms and encircled her brother’s neck, pulling him down towards her. Their lips met and their tongues danced together passionately as she drug her stiff nipples back and forth over his hard torso.

“Wow! That was incredible as always,” Kim said pulling back. “I swear I don’t know where all that goo comes from! You must have shot a quart on Nancy and me last night alone!” This was true. After a fiery double-team blowjob from the lusty pair of teens, Mark had used their faces for target practice not 8 hours before.

“What can I say sis? You bring out the best in me,” Mark admitted. “I just wish Mom would relax! I’d love to fuck you both at the same time!”

Kim nodded in agreement and noticed how the very mention of fucking her and their mother at the same time caused her brother’s limp, but still formidable, pipe to twitch and buck.

“You’re right, that would be so hot, but I don’t think mom is going to go for any group stuff. You’ll be lucky if she doesn’t cut you off or even worse, figure out a way to keep us apart!”

Mark dropped back onto his bed and began to stroke his stiffening cock. It was nearly impossible anymore to spend anytime around his oh so fuckable sister and not get excited! The fact that she was nude at the moment sealed the deal. Mark’s eyes drank in the glorious figure Kim cut. From her beautiful face, to her big, firm tits, her curvy hips and smooth, toned legs, she was no longer just his cute little sister. Mark couldn’t look at her anymore and not think about violating her in some way!

Kim watched her brother polish his prodigious pole and briefly thought about simply straddling him and fucking her brains out again, but stopped herself, her mother’s scolding cutting through her lust.

“Nope. Not again. You’re hornier than a two-dicked goat!” Mark guffawed at her colloquialism. He feigned a grab for her and Kim ran squealing from his room. “Take a cold shower!”

Well, you couldn’t blame him for trying Mark thought, and headed for his shower.

Thirty minutes later Mark was showered and shaved. He pulled his T-shirt over his head as he went downstairs and contemplated what he was going to say to his mother in order to convince her not to cut off the steady supply of pussy from his family he had gotten used to receiving. For despite his swordsmanship skills, Mark had still not scored with anyone outside his close circle of family and neighbors. Nancy didn’t count, she was practically a sister and the fact that he was comfortable fucking her in every way known didn’t seem odd. Both high school and college were sexual deserts for the teenaged boy. He had not had any sexual contact except jerking off until the dam broke a week ago. He couldn’t imagine trying to talk to or seduce a “real” girl, he was too intimidated. So when he strolled into the kitchen, the goal of keeping his harem intact was paramount in his mind.

Mark’s mother stood at the counter pouring a cup of coffee.

“Mom? Listen, about what happened…”

Vivian whirled from the counter, her eyes wide and abruptly spoke.

“Mark! You remember my friend Monica, don’t you?”

He stared at his mother for a moment, before the realization that they were not alone sunk in. He turned his head to see his mother’s friend Monica Cipriano smiling at him over the rim of her coffee cup as she sat at the breakfast nook. He instantly regretted wearing the blue athletic compression shorts he’d picked out when her liquid black eyes flicked down to the fat cocktube highlighted against his thigh before swinging back to his face. When he turned to his mother, he could see the blush of embarrassment on her face as she noticed his display as well. In an effort to conceal himself, he quickly walked to the table and sat in a seat opposite his mother’s friend.

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