The Naturist Hotel

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This is the continued story of Kate and my adventures. My first story, ‘Down on the Farm’, explains how Kate and I were exposed to naturism and a ‘special’ event when our friends, Steve & Tina, converted their farm into a naturist resort.

This story moves on from ‘Down on the Farm’ and references to our friends and their naturist resort can be taken in isolation, but for best effect, you should read ‘The Farm’.

As per ‘Down on the Farm’, my words are a mixture of fact and some writer’s prerogative to embellish some of the quieter parts of the story.

Enjoy and feel free to feedback on this, and my previous, story.


It was a little over a week before Kate and I paid a visit to Steve & Tina’s place. The poly-tunnel was erected and the contractors were laying the under floor heating ready for tiling. It was much bigger than I expected and I could see how it would be a huge bonus for ‘The Farm’s’ visitors during the colder weather.

Steve had advertised in several naturist magazines and already he had a number of paying guests as interest in the new resort spread rapidly. On the camping field there were several tents and caravans with about twenty naturists enjoying the facilities, even though there was some building work on-going with the construction and completion of the poly-tunnel.

“I did tell them that the work was happening, but they insisted on coming along anyway, so, hey-ho, here they are,” Steve told me as we took a walk around the poly-tunnel.

“Kate and I really enjoyed the weekend and we’re definitely going to spend a lot of time here with you guys.”

“Nice one Dave,” Steve thanked me for my compliments and the support I offered in helping with the site.

“Kate fancies a hotel break next weekend; if you’re interested in coming along and joining us?”

“Can’t;” responded Steve, “too much on here.”

“Yeah I thought that’d be the case.”

We finished our site inspections and met up with the girls in the farmhouse. Tina and Kate were sipping tea. By the way, they (Steve and Tina) were fully clothed as there were too many workmen around. Steve had fenced the worksite from the camping field and top barn for the benefit of their naturist guests.

After an hour or so, we said our goodbyes and reiterated our offer for the hotel respite next weekend. Once again, Steve repeated his apologies and we all nodded in agreement — he had a new business to nurture.

Kate and I were really looking forward to our weekend break. We chose the hotel carefully after some research on the internet. Yes, it was a naturist hotel and following the previous week’s fun, we wanted to see what naturism was really like without the influence of people we knew — a bit of a contradiction if Steve and Tina had joined us, but Kate and I knew it was highly unlikely they would so our original plan remained intact.

The week dragged on and eventually Friday dawned. Kate worked part-time but never worked Fridays and weekends; me though, I had to wrangle with workmates to cover me for the Friday afternoon shift I was due to work.

We set off late morning and arrived at the hotel by 2pm. We were welcomed by a beautiful receptionist who was very apologetic once we told her our name on check-in.

“I’m so sorry, we tried to contact you this morning. We’ve had a bit of a problem and we double booked for tomorrow night, and unfortunately because you were the last couple to book in, I’m afraid we have to cancel your booking. But the manager has told me to tell you that tonight’s accommodation, dinner and wine is on the house.”

Kate looked at me in silent disappointment. “Is there another hotel in the area?”

“There are a lot of hotels Mrs Thomas, but none are like ours,” the receptionist informed us.

“As a gesture of good will, the manager has given you a free weekend for you and another couple, all inclusive, free of charge.”

“Ok,” I eventually rescued the receptionist, her nametag introducing her as Katie, “I can’t say we’re not disappointed and perhaps you need to review your reservation procedure, but we’ll accept your manager’s offer. Where is the manager by the way?”

Katie told us he was away on a holiday and Katie had to call him the night before when she discovered the faux pas.

“Well let’s just check in and enjoy our single night’s stay, on the house, and we’ll consult our diary and arrange another weekend break, on the house, and perhaps Steve and Tina might like to join us.” Both Kate and Katie nodded slowly.

Katie quickly checked us in, took us through the hotel’s facilities and then showed us to our room.

“Don’t worry, it’s quiet at the moment, but by early evening we’ll be full — most of our weekend guests don’t arrive until early evening; I guess people have to work right?” Katie commented.

Kate thanked Katie as she left us to unpack our bags and settle in.

On the coffee table, there was a hotel information booklet. It explained the layout of the hotel and house rules. Clothes were optional but a strong advisory that bakırköy escort the majority of hotel guests chose the ‘natural option’.

“That’s it then, no need for any clothes. No need to unpack our bags,” I joked. Kate slapped my arm playfully and opened the travel case and proceeded to hang up her blouses, dresses and sundries.

“Hey, what about mine?” I complained.

“Well, you’re not needing anything you said, so leave it in the case,” she giggled.

Clearly, Kate’s inhibitions were well behind her after our adventures with our friends the previous weekend. The hotel break, no-one would know us, meant that she could relax — no pressures, no worries, a total chill-out weekend.

Outside, the sun struggled to shine through a thick layer of cloud. Rain wasn’t forecast but neither were sunny intervals.

“Drink?” I asked.

“The mini-bar or the bar downstairs?” Kate questioned.

“The bar downstairs of course.”

Now undressed, we pulled the door closed behind us, I tied the door key to my wrist using the Velcro wristband and we headed down to the bar.

We had a choice of seating. There were a couple of chaps sat at the bar talking about something that neither Kate nor I found interesting to eavesdrop. We took a sofa seat in the corner of the bar so as to have a good view should others come in.

The receptionist came through and took our order. Clearly the small business had a limited number of employees who mutli-tasked. Although fully clothed, the receptionist, who’s name we found out a little later was Katie, wore a short black skirt, flat shoes and black sheer tights — we confirmed tights over stockings when she bent over allowing us a view that almost showed off her underwear. On top, Katie wore a white blouse that was unbuttoned to reveal a deep cleavage.

“Do you ever join in with losing the clothes?” I asked as she returned with our drinks.

“Not allowed when we’re working,” Katie whispered. She smiled at us and turned to the bar to check if the two chaps needed a top-up on their beers.

Once again, we found ourselves in a surreal scene. Sitting on a leather sofa, in a bar, in a hotel, totally naked!!! Only this time, Kate was looking forward to it rather than holding reservations she had the previous weekend.

All week during our lovemaking, I had been winding her up, talking dirty, seeding filthy thoughts. It was working as she’d cum hard and on several occasions warned me that I’d pay for me winding her up.

We were on our second round of G&Ts when more guests strolled into the bar. Two couples in their 50’s were deep in conversation and laughing at their own jokes. They introduced themselves to the two chaps at the bar and then once served they took a sofa opposite us on the far side of the room. They were a little rowdy and the two men at the bar raised their voices a little to hear themselves talk. After a while they decided to relocate, putting some distance between the two couples and themselves.

Tom and Adrian introduced themselves to us and asked if they could join us. I nodded and palmed the sofa adjacent to us. At first I thought the two were a couple but after some chit-chat Tom explained he’d lost his wife to cancer two years ago and Adrian was celebrating the first anniversary of his divorce. Both were life-long naturists and even after their losses, they still practiced the lifestyle.

The clock on the wall told us that we’d been enjoying our new company for nearly two hours, and without realising, a number of new arrivals were enjoying the bar’s ambience.

“Another round?” Tom offered.

“Does the Pope wear a pointy hat?” Adrian replied. We laughed out of courtesy at the worn-out joke and nodded that another round of drinks were welcome.

“Shall we take these out to the hot tub?” Tom asked as he returned with a tray of drinks.

“Sounds good,” Adrian said and stood before Kate and I could either agree or disagree with the idea.

Minutes later, Kate and I were enjoying the hot water jets on our bodies.

“Mmm this feels so good,” Kate whispered as she lay back resting her head on the side of the tub. Her breasts floated to the surface and her nipples stood proud above the water.

I caught Adrian and Tom staring at my wife’s nipples as bubbles of water burst on them. I felt a stirring in my loins and found myself imagining a group session with Kate, the two guys and myself. I shook my head back to reality ‘this is a proper naturist place, not a swingers club’ I told myself; ‘there’s no chance of anything like that going to happen here, and Kate wouldn’t have any of it either.’

Adrian stood to get another round of drinks. Clearly the sight of Kate’s breasts floating on the water had made an impact on him. His penis was significantly larger, although still flaccid, than when he first got into the tub. Kate noticed this too and I felt her hand tap my thigh to make sure I had noticed as well. Tom must have seen us looking.

“You have to forgive Adrian başakşehir escort he gets excited too easily. That’s why he’s a divorcee.” Tom chuckled.

Kate shook her head, “No worries, I’ve seen a lot bigger,” she referred to Pete ‘the Dick’ Evans with his monster prize-winning cock. We both laughed and Tom looked vacant not understanding our private joke. I began to explain and by the time Adrian returned Tom had the full story.

“You took your time getting the drinks Adrian,” Tom observed.

“Yes, the bar’s really busy — looks like the hotel is full and everyone’s in the bar.”

“I’m surprised there are not more guests in here then,” Tom replied.

As if on cue a couple came through the patio doors and asked if they could join us in the tub. No objections and they slipped into the hot water alongside Tom and Adrian. The new couple introduced themselves as Jack and Sue. They were about the same age as us, mid-40s, and were very talkative. We were blessed with their life-story and by the time we’d finished our drinks, we were old friends.

“I’m getting a bit wrinkly,” Kate observed. “I think I’ll get out and spend a few minutes in the sauna.”

She stood, her butt right in front of my face — I wanted to bury my tongue into her ass but fought the urge.

“I’ll stay here for a few more minutes,” I told Kate as she climbed out of the tub giving Adrian and Tom a clear view of her clean shaven pussy.

“You have a beautiful wife,” Adrian observed.

“Thanks, I have,” I acknowledged the compliment. Tom nodded in agreement.

Jack smiled, “You used to look like that Sue,” he teased his wife.

“That’s a bit out of order Jack,” Tom defended Sue’s dignity.

“Oh don’t encourage him,” Sue responded, “He’s always messing around and cracking funnies at my expense.”

A few minutes passed before Adrian spoke, “I think I’ll have a few minutes in the sauna too.” He stood, his cock back to its former length I noticed. I continued to enjoy the massage I was receiving from the power jets on the small of my back.

“Don’t leave them alone too long in there or he’ll be trying to get into your wife’s panties,” Tom laughed as he pointed to the sauna door close behind Adrian.

“He’ll have a shock if he tries it on,” I responded.

“He’s got the gift of the gab has Adrian,” Tom continued, “how do you think he’s been divorced thrice?”

“Three wives? Greedy git,” Jack joked.

I raised an eyebrow; Tom nodded to support his warning. I stayed put giving Adrian a chance to talk to Kate — I’d get the feedback later from her. Perhaps his attempt to woo her might make for an interesting session later.

I got a round of drinks and handed them out, then I entered the sauna with their drinks. The heat smacked me in the face — I wasn’t too keen on saunas, I found that the heat got to me too quickly and could never enjoy more than about ten minutes in the wooden box. Kate loved them and could spend an hour in the heat box without an issue.

As I entered Kate was laying on a towel on the top bench, her legs drawn up at the knees and open slightly to allow her pussy to breath. Adrian was sat at her feet and he had a clear view of her pussy. Kate was teasing him and it was having the desired effect. Adrian tried to cover his swollen member with his hand, but as I approached him with his drink he was clearly embarrassed by his predicament. I simply smiled and he gave me an apologetic grin.

“Stop teasing the poor man,” I told Kate.

“What?” she replied. “I’m just chilling out here.”

“Look what you’re doing to the poor guy,” I pointed to Adrian’s cock.

Kate raised her head off the wooden pillow to look, “Sorry Adrian,” she apologised.

“Hey, listen, if Dave wasn’t with you here, I’d be jumping on your bones,” Adrian told Kate as he turned to me and shrugged his shoulders.

“Enjoy your G&T,” I simply replied as I sat on the lower bench in front of my wife. Kate placed her hand on my shoulder and gently squeezed.

The ice melted and I gulped down the drink before it started to warm up.

“I’m outa here,” I said to the sauna and left Adrian and Kate to the heat.

The cold shower was a shock and I gasped and the needles of shower water tried to pierce me. I quickly jumped back into the hot tub with Jack and Sue. Tom had disappeared not telling Jack where he was going. There were another couple in the tub now too, in their late 30s perhaps and very attractive. We introduced ourselves and made small talk.

The sauna door clicked open and Kate emerged and headed straight for the cold shower. I could see that her nipples were erect so made a mental note to find out what Adrian had done to arouse my wife. Kate was back in the tub by the time Adrian emerged from the sauna, hiding his cock from us, trying to be discrete but not succeeding. The cold shower put pay to his excitement and by the time he emerged, his cock was back to its ‘normal’ posture once again.

I’d had enough of the hot bayrampaşa escort tub and decided to dry off and head up to the room for a short break. Kate joined me.

“So, spill the beans… what went on in the sauna with Adrian?”

“Huh,” Kate chuckled, “he’s a right sex maniac.”

“Yeah Tom warned me.”

“He wants to fuck me.”

“Well I think the whole hotel knows that.”

“So I told him that if he could make me come in two minutes, then I’d let him fuck me.”


“You heard. It’s all your fault anyway, winding me up all week telling me how I’m going to get shagged by anyone who chances; and you going to see how many women are going to give you blowjobs over the weekend.”



“Yeah; so what happened with Adrian?”

“I let him eat my pussy for a two minutes.”

“Bloody hell Kate; that wouldn’t have happened last week.”

“I don’t know what’s come over me. I’m telling you, you’ve wound me up a treat all week. I’ve been thinking about last week and what we did, what could have been and I decided, when I was melting in the sauna, that from now on, as long as we are together, anything goes.”

“But we weren’t together.”

“Yes we were — you were just outside the door.”

I nodded in acceptance.

Kate pointed to my cock, “Well he thinks it’s a good idea.”

I had to admit to myself, I was turned on at the thought of Kate getting a bit more promiscuous.

“So, what happened next?”

“He went down on me. Fucking hell Dave, his tongue is huge and he hit the spot straight away. He almost had me cum in the two minutes. I had to bite my lip and count in my head to make sure I didn’t show I was cumming in the two minutes.”

I shook my head as I heard my wife’s confession.

“He asked again if he could fuck me; I told him he didn’t make me cum so he didn’t get to dip his cock in me.”

“You’re cruel,” I scorned my wife.

“Hey, if I’d let him fuck me, what would you have said about that?”

“Touché” she had a point.

“I’d better keep an eye on you two this weekend,” I teased Kate.

“I’m taking a shower.”

“You’d better make it a cold one.”

The subject was dropped and Kate headed into the bathroom. I was left with a hard-on that I wanted my wife to relieve. It didn’t happen.


Fillet steak, roasted fresh vegetables, red wine, all consumed without leaving a scrap of food or a drop of vino. Compliments to the chef and to Katie for her fantastic service at the dinner table. Katie was a busy girl it seemed. Most tables in the small restaurant we laid for two with just a few set for four.

After dinner we found ourselves back in the bar. Most seats were taken but there was a vacant sofa at the far end next to where we were sitting earlier in the day. Tom and Adrian were waving to us, pointing out the two spare seats and wanting us to join them.

“How was your dinner?” Adrian asked

“Very nice,” Kate replied for us both; I simply nodded in agreement. “I especially enjoyed the roast vegetables and the red wine, I think it was Californian. I’m not a wine expert and house Rosé usually suits me fine, but the red was very nice indeed.”

“Can I get you another?” Adrian offered, “And you Dave? What are you having?”

“I’ll take a G Kate accepted the offer of a glass of Californian red.

“You know,” Tom said as Adrian headed to the bar, “all he’s talked about all evening is you,” Tom told Kate.

“All nice I hope,” Kate responded shyly.

“You better believe it,” Tom smiled. “He’s told me about your little tease and his disappointment in not winning.” Then turning to me, “How do you feel about that Dave?”

I felt that Tom was testing Kate and me, just to see if we were true swingers, or should I say: lifestylers?

“Kate and me, we love all this lifestyle, even though we are new to it all. You might say were we baptised in fire at our first exposure to it all.”

“Well I’m sure Adrian would love to hear all the details, I sure would,” replied Tom as he leaned forward a little in his chair.

“Yeah, I bet you would,” Kate chuckled.

Once again we found ourselves in another surreal situation. Both of us totally naked apart from a wristband, that strapped our room door key to me, and a watch; Kate wore her wedding rings, a necklace and a pair of matching earrings; and sat opposite were a couple of guys, also naked, one of whom definitely wanted to fuck my wife, and the other now giving off similar vibes. I really wasn’t sure how Kate would take their advances, but after her tease of Adrian in the sauna earlier, then I was guessing she might just play along with their little game — but how far would she let it go was anyone’s guess.

“There you are,” Adrian handed us our drinks.

We thanked him and took a sip, “Cheers”.

Tom brought Adrian up to speed with our conversation; “I’ve just been telling our new friends that all you’ve talked about since this afternoon was you being teased by Kate here”.

“Yeah, Kate, you’re such a tease. Dave, does she tease you too?”

“Oh yes, all the time. Hell, she’s teased me this evening, getting me all worked up over your little challenge in the sauna and then slapping my excitement down almost as quickly as you can say ‘erection’. Yep, I certainly could have done with a good hard shag this afternoon,” I responded.

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