The Nasty Wife Pt. 03

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“Turn here?” the tires had already shuffled through the gravel in that direction, but my wife was hesitant to put her foot to the gas pedal. “Are you sure? There isn’t even a sign.”

“Why would there be a sign?” Katy retorted bitchily, both women frustrated as they stared ahead at the back road illuminated by our vehicle’s bright, white headlights, sitting in the passenger’s seat to help with directions. “It’s a place where people go to fuck, so it’s not like ‘turn here to get your nut’ with a big arrow would—”

“Fine, but if we get lost—”

“We’re not lost. I know exactly where we are. I told you, I’ve been here before.”

Without saying anything, Miranda drove forward, and with some more turning of the wheel, we were traveling up at a slight incline. Dark trees loomed above from both sides, and it was an unsettling sight, but it was to be expected. After a few minutes of driving the straight path, the road led to a dead end, a round clearing large enough to turn around. The only place we could go from there would be back from whence we came, unless we, for whatever reason, wanted to go into the surrounding woods.

“We’re here,” my sister announced.

“Yeah, finally,” my beloved grumbled. “And now it’s late as hell, too, so tomorrow is going to be fun.”

“Let’s just focus on why we’re here and get it over with,” Katy bit her lip in anticipation.

Unhooking her seatbelt, the wife said, “Stay in the front, Katy, since there will be more room for us in the backseat.”

With that, she awkwardly climbed back to me, and I’d to help her do so. She was soon sitting in my lap, and I could see my wife’s eyes glisten with the reflection of the faintest light before she reached overhead and provided more for us to see with. Then, she leaned briefly into the driver’s seat, turned the key before plucking it from the ignition, and the headlights went out. Outside the vehicle was suddenly an all-encompassing abyss of blackness. However, we could all see each other with perfect clarity, my sibling eyeing us two with a bit of jealousy, as the brunette was practically mounted upon my crotch.

“I think I am going to enjoy this,” Miranda noted as she laid kisses up and down my neck.

“Babe,” I cooed.

“Mm, yes…?”

“You know there’s another person here, right?” I looked to the blonde who frequently blinked and tried fruitlessly to divert her eyes.

“What, are you still hot for Sis? But I thought it was my turn,” she pretended to pout.

“But she’s watching us.”

“Yeah, and?” she grated her pelvis into mine, and I was hardening from the sensation, even if it was between our clothes. “So I can watch you with another woman, but another woman can’t watch us?”

“If the point was just so you two could fuck,” Katy joined in, “why couldn’t you have just waited until you got home? What’s the use of me being here if I’m not doing anything?”

“I thought we agreed that we’d switch?” Miranda retorted. “Granted, it took nearly a thirty minute detour, but it’s still what we agreed upon.”

“I’m not horny anymore,” my sister informed us, “so I’m not getting anything from this.”

“You already got yours,” the wife stopped dry humping me. “I’ve been going-out-of-my-mind-horny for the last four days. He’s my husband, and I physically need to get off right now.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

“You admitted before that you tried touching yourself to us having sex. So… touch yourself.”

“I can’t, I’m not wet enough.”

Miranda turned around and started undoing her pants, commanding, “Come here.”

“What?” Katy nervously laughed, flashing me a look of confusion.

“If you’re not going to shut the fuck up,” she pulled the garment from under her socked feet, having kicked her shoes off, and was now bottomless, save for her thong, “then I’m going to put your mouth to use.”

“But I don’t…” my sister was so intimidated, shifting her weight in her seat, “go that way.”

“I ate you out, so why can’t you repay the favor? What, it’s gay to give but not to receive?”


“I said come here, you fucking bitch,” the brunette seized the blonde by the back of the head and tried forcing her face near her crotch as she pulled her panties to the side, revealing herself to the other female.

“Holy fuck, Miranda,” I grabbed her arm, “what are you doing? What’s gotten into you?”

“Hun,” she smiled at me, my sibling clutching both the passenger and driver’s seats in order to resist being brought to the cunt on display for her, “your sister has been running her mouth, so I am showing her where it belongs.”

“You’re a crazy bitch!” the flustered girl grunted, trying to pull away. “Let go of me, you psycho…!”

“I’ll tell your mother if you don’t eat me out,” the wife threatened.

“What?” my sibling and I asked in unison.

“I’ve got your panties with a creamy stain inside them still crusting as we speak. You left with them on, now they’re drenched in cum, but not just any cum, your brother’s. How do you think that looks, kartal escort bayan huh, sweetheart? It looks like you’re an incest-whore brother-fucker, so if you don’t tongue my fuck-hole, I’m telling Mommy.”

“Miranda,” I said firmly in an attempt to assert my dominance, “you’re not doing that. And let go already, can’t you see you’re hurting her?”

“It’s okay for her to blackmail you, but not for us to blackmail her? You have a lot of double standards, Hun.”

“There’s no ‘us’ here. I’m not consenting to what you’re doing right now.”

“You’re right,” she looked me in the eye, cruel her voice and stare, “because I’ve got dirt on you, too. I can take that other pair of soiled panties and say I caught you masturbating into them to pictures of your own mother. How would you like that, motherfucker?”

I thought about it for a moment before I inevitably took a side. “Do it, Katy.”

But Miranda released her before she could say or do anything. After an excruciating pause, she asked my sister, “Are you wet?”


“Your pussy, Katy dear, is it all nice and dripping yet?”

“I—I,” she looked absolutely ashamed of herself, blushing.

“Will you touch yourself like a good girl now? You’re all wet, so you don’t have any more excuses not to.”

“What the hell is happening right now?” I expressed my confusion.

“Come on, baby,” Miranda was suddenly maternal and sweet, “take it out for me and play with it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A humiliated Katy unbuttoned her jeans and started taking them off. They were discarded to the floorboards, and she’d her hand between her legs, cupped over her vulva to conceal herself.

“It’s alright, Katy dear, just sit in the middle there—don’t worry about the stuff in the way—and spread for us. That’s it,” the deviant cooed when the girl obeyed her commands, though she was still covering her vagina, “but show me what you’ve got there, sweetie. Ah, that’s it, that beautiful, pink, little pussy. Don’t be afraid to touch it now.”

“Katy,” I stammered, though unsure what to say afterwards, since she didn’t look at me, her hair over her face as she held her forehead and looked down in shame.

“Does it feel good to tease your clit like that, baby?”

“Yes,” she sighed, her voice wavering and breathy.

“What are you thinking about when you do it?”

She didn’t answer, so my wife inquired again.

The first time she confessed, it was inaudible, so the question was asked a third time, to be responded with by a choked, “…You.”

“What about me, huh, Katy dear?” her voice was so soft and gentle that it was malignant.

“Your—your…” her blonde head was laid against one of the seats and she started masturbating harder.

“My cunt, is that what you’re touching your sweet little pussy to?”

“…Yes,” she partially moaned and partially sniveled.

“Oh my god, Miranda,” I exclaimed, shaking.

“What?” she put her hand on my crotch, squeezing right where my shaft was. “Don’t worry, love, you’ll get your turn in a moment. Baby,” she returned her attention to my sister as she laid turning intently at the top of her flustered red vulva, “does Katy want to eat Miranda’s cunt?” Her words were so dehumanizing.

“I don’t know,” she stuttered, her voice low.

“Because I’ll let you eat it if you really want to,” she parted her pussy lips to put it on display for her.

“But it’s… gay.”

“Katy dear doesn’t want to be Miranda’s little gay girl?”

“Stop doing this to me,” the dirty blonde was rubbing at herself so hard that it had to have hurt. “It feels too good, and you’re confusing me…”

“Miranda, she said stop, now let’s just go.”

“But she likes it.”

I honestly couldn’t tell if she really did or not.

“It’s okay if my little baby-Kate is a gay girl,” my estranged spouse went on, her voice both salacious and as if she were talking to a child. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I’m about to cum,” the college coed yelped. “Stop, you’re going to make me bust.”

“Then go as hard and as fast as you can, and tell me the moment you’re about to do it.”

After not even ten seconds, the sweaty, panting thing was repeating, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming…!”

Immediately, Miranda seized her wrists, keeping her from frigging any further. Instinctively, her thighs started grinding madly together, and she spasmodically thrashed about. My sister’s body squirmed and turned, where her libido demanded she pleasure herself that last bit she needed whilst she climaxed, but she was denied the ability to.

“Oh… god…” she groaned in agony. “I came, but… but…”

But her orgasm was ruined, and the lubricity that dribbled down her thighs was weak, especially in comparison to what would’ve otherwise been.

“And you’re horny, and you still feel like you’ve got to cum, but you’re so sensitive that,” Miranda reached down and tickled Katy’s stingy vulva.

“Stop, stop! Oh fuck, no, it hurts, it hurts!”

“What escort maltepe did you just do to her?” I was afraid to know.

“I showed her the ultimate tease, and now, when she can touch herself again, it’ll feel even better.”

“Ugh, my stomach,” my sibling whined, clutching her abdomen. “Please stop now, I can’t take any more.”

“But baby-Kate, this is when the real fun begins.”


“Yes, come on, you know you want it.”

“Stop… I need it,” her tone was of humiliation and self-denial.

“What does my Katy dear need, sweetheart?”

“I don’t even know,” she swooned and groaned, her hands at her crimson face.

“Do you want Miranda to decide for you?” my wife was petting the inert coed’s leg.

“Stop, you’re giving me bad thoughts… Ugh, please, do it, tell me what I need. I have to know.”

“You want to sink your lips and tongue into a nice, hot, wet cunt.”

“But I can’t,” she tossed and writhed.

“You can, sweetie. Why can’t you? What’s stopping you, huh?”

“It’s gay, Miranda, and I don’t want to be gay…!”


I’d gone to intervene, but the debauchee gripped tight my prick and started rubbing it through the material of my pants, not taking her attention from my sibling. “But baby-Kate is Miranda’s little gay girl, remember? Come on, say it.”

“Oh god, no… No, I’m not—I’m not… I’m your little gay girl, ugh. Why is this happening to me?”

“Say it right, sweetheart. Come on, you can do it. You know you want to.”

“I’m—I… Baby-Kate is Miranda’s little gay girl…”

“And what does Miranda’s little gay girl want?”

“Miranda’s little gay girl wants to eat Miranda’s cunt… Please, let your Katie dear do it. You’re driving me mad! …And I think I’m dying, I think you’re killing me.”

“Come here and do it, then.”

The reluctant female slowly approached.

“Katy, you don’t have to do this,” I said to her, naively hoping it’d put an end to everything.

My sibling looked up at my spouse with pleading eyes, but advanced further yet. She put her face between her thighs, inches from her vagina, and stared at it, terrified and perplexed. I could see that her eyes were watering.

“Just smell it first,” the woman on my lap suggested, “and if you don’t want to eat it after that, then you don’t have to.”

After an audible sniff, Katy swooned and rested her head against Miranda’s inner thigh. Her eyelids were fluttering and her entire body went lifeless. I swore that I even saw a bit of drool dribble from her open mouth.

“That’s the stink of four days of abstinence, four nights of playing with my husband’s dick without even so much as getting to touch myself, and sweating at the mall all afternoon with your mom. Oh, yeah, and watching you get your sweet snatch fucked in a seedy hotel by your own brother like the familial slut you are. So, what do you think, does my little lesbo want to give it a taste?”

There was no response.

“Katy?” Miranda grabbed the girl’s face, and we both saw that her eyes were closed. “Hey,” she shook her, “stop pretending, this isn’t going to get you out of what you know is going to happen.”

I shoved my wife over into the seat next to me, took my motionless sibling by the shoulders, and started to shake her body, hard enough to bring her back to life but not enough to potentially injure her. “Katy,” I said as I did this, “hey, wake up! Please, open your eyes. You’re starting to scare me here, don’t do this.”

A groan came from her lips, then her eyelids weakly unclosed and she looked up at me. “I’m sorry,” she groggily apologized, “I think I might’ve just fainted.”

“You scared the hell of me, Sis…”

“My brain hurts, and I think I may have…” she blushed, covering her face with her hand. “I think I wet myself.”

Investigating between her legs, I saw an ivory cream running down her thighs, seeping from her cunny. Since I could see some white specks and dark spots on the carpet below, I realized she hadn’t just came, she squirted. When my glance was again upon Katy, I could see that she was dizzy.

“Wow,” Miranda gasped, having just come to the same conclusion I did, “you just creamed everywhere from smelling my cunt. And,” she guffawed, “you either liked what you smelled a little too much, or you came so hard that you passed out.”

“Can we please leave now?” my sibling closed her legs, sat back in the floor, and hugged her knees.

“We leave when I finally get my nut,” was the wife’s response.

Frustrated, I asked her, “Don’t you think it’s been enough?”

“Maybe,” she responded, “but I’m not done yet.”

“What’s it going to take?” I wanted this to be behind us already.

“I would’ve settled with nutting all over your sister’s face, but it looks like I’m too much for her to handle.”

“Let’s just go home,” Katy suggested, shivering.

“Not yet. I still haven’t got mine.”

“Then I’m walking.”

Miranda swiped her jeans from the blonde’s reach and sat on them. “Go ahead, pendik escort then, but you’re doing it without pants.”

I saw that she, at least for a moment, considered it, weighing her options. “If I let you,” my sibling shuddered, her voice cracking, “you know… all over my face, then you’ll take me home?”

“I’ll take you to goddamn never-ever-land if that’s what you want.”

“Do you promise?” her inflection was of helplessness.

“Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Miranda spread her thighs, and the coed gravitated towards the presented vulva. She was so hesitant that my wife had to manually bring her in, yet the hesitance dissipated at once the moment their lips, as in Katy’s and then Miranda’s labia, touched. The squelching was so loud that I’d to cough and look away.

“Afraid of being gay my ass,” vocalized in absolute ecstasy the brunette. “You suck pussy like you were born to. Ah, fuck…! No, get away from my clit; I can take care of that. Wrap your lips around my fuck and tongue it. Yeah, that’s it, just like that, except do it—oh fuck, you’re a little animal. Shit, it’s like you’re trying to lick to my ovaries or something. Mm, you really are my little gay girl, aren’t you? You’re my own personal dyke-whore, you—”

A familiar ringtone disrupted the event. As I pulled my cell from my pocket, I already recognized it as the one I’d set to play for when Mom called. The caller id verified it, and I started to panic. However, Katy wouldn’t stop, and my stuporous wife ordered me to answer it. I flipped the device open and put it to my ear, my hand going nervously through my hair.

“Uh, hello…?” I choked.

“Where in god’s name are you?” my mother scolded from the other end of the phone line. “I mean, yeah, you’re both all grown up, but you could’ve called.”

“Sorry, Mom, it was a double feature.”

“Where’s Katy? Put your sister on, I want to talk to her.”

Looking at the ravenous blonde tongue-fucking my spouse until she was squirming and swooning, I said, “She’s uh… kind of busy at the moment.”

“Busy? What do you mean by ‘busy’?”

“Well, we’re on our way home right now, but she’s asleep in the backseat. Yeah, couldn’t keep her eyes open for the third act of the second movie, so she conked out like a light as soon as we were on the road.”

“Sleeping? But it’s not that late.”

“I’m looking at her right now, Mom. She’s asleep like an angel on a cloud in heaven,” I lied, even though she was actually feasting on cunt like a demon from hell.

“Then put Miranda on,” she demanded after sighing.

“But she’s driving,” my heart was racing out of my chest at the thought of my mother speaking to my wife as she struggled to contain herself, especially since it was my sibling who sent her into her erotic frenzy.

“It’ll only take a minute, Hun. Just let me talk to her.”

I struggled to swallow the lump in my throat and handed the phone over.

“Yeah, Gabrielle?” the brunette answered through a bitten lip. “Oh, sorry, right, I know you said to call you Gaby. So, uh, what’s up? Katy? Yeah, I can see her in the rearview mirror now. Not even newborns slumber as peacefully. What’s that? Oh, yeah… yeah,” her words had been normal thus far, but then she softly moaned, “mm, yeah,” before her voice returned to its inconspicuous state. “What’s that, why am I out of breath? Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Gaby, but I’m a chain smoker, so you could only imagine my lungpower. Yeah, it’s nasty alright. Ah, yeah, you’re definitely right, I can’t think of anything so filthy. I’ve been trying to quit, but it feels too good to stop. It’s like once you start, there’s no stopping it. Then it gets inside you, fills you up, and it’s the most disgusting thing in the world, but it’s addictive. Yeah, I agree with you, women who smoke are dirty, but I’ve tried the patches, they just don’t have that…” she was on the verge of groaning, but saved herself, though she faltered still, finishing her sentence with, “oomph, you know what I mean? Anyway, I should really focus on the road. We’re about to turn off the freeway and I don’t want to miss the exit. Alright, then, Gaby, see you in a few, bye-bye.”

My cell was closed and she put it into my lap before collapsing back into the seat.

“Fuck…!” Miranda practically yelled in a tone uninhibitedly lascivious. “Mm,” she was quieter now, but still vocally whorish, “I came so close to talking smutty to your mom… Sweet father of fuck, I think that would’ve been the hottest thing ever.”

I made sure the call had ended, then said, “Actually, I think you did smut-talk her a bit.”

“Shut up,” she called out, “I’m about to pop all over your sister’s face. Get ready for it, you little lesbo bitch, I’m—I’m—I… Oh my…” she melted where she lay. “I just came.”

Katy pulled her face away, and I could see she’d a mouthful of ejaculate, the rest of it leaving her saturated in glistening lubricity.

“What do I do with it?” she garbled and gargled, pointing to her mouth frantically.


After a short duration more of panic, she gulped. Then, she started leisurely wiping her dripping chin, contemplating what she’d just done. I watched and I was secretly throbbing, the adrenaline mixed with the taboo covetousness intensifying the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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