The Mother-in-Law Pt. 01

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Chapter One—Cari’s Day

It is getting late; as I am getting ready for bed I catch a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror and think out loud, “Not bad for 51.” My eyes focus on my shapely legs, “Almost as good as they were 30 years ago.” I mutter. My eyes gaze past my perfectly trimmed pubic hair up to my slightly sagging breasts. I feel their weight in my open hands and admire their perkiness. I look at my face in the mirror; time has been kind to me, only a few faint wrinkles.

My mind turns to thoughts of this morning when I saw his thick, limp cock peaking out of his shorts. I wished I had seen more, but I didn’t want to get caught looking. I lay down in the center of my bed naked and let thoughts of him flood my mind. Did he do that on purpose? Did he want me to see his manhood? What could he see in me? I become increasingly aroused as I think about Wes. My soft hands start to explore my body; I allow my fingers gently brush across my silky smooth breasts, slowly tracing their way around each nipple as they become hard. I take each nipple between my fingers and thumb and lightly pull and twist them. I can’t help but let out a muffled moan of pleasure.

Chapter Two—Wes and his interrupted night time routine

Completely unaware of what is happening in my beautiful Mother-in-Laws bedroom just downstairs; I am in the shower lustfully wondering if Cari saw the limp member that I presented to her this morning. I grow painfully hard thinking about my amazing Mother-in-law sucking me off, until my tasty cum fills her open mouth and spills on to her perfect chest. I wrap my hand around my hard cock and slowly massage my dangling balls. Methodically, my hands travel the length of my dick. A slight pause and twist of my hand greets the head of my hard cock with each stroke. My breathing starts to increase and my balls tighten in my hand. Just then, the exhaust fan stops. My deep green eyes open to complete darkness. Damn circuit breaker, now I have to make my way to her bedroom, in the darkness to reset it. I struggle to find a towel in the darkened room. My hands find a small bath towel and I begin to dry off. I tightly wrap the small towel around my kartal escort bayan damp body. My hard cock strains against the towel as make my way down to the basement. I see a sliver of moonlight shines through her partially opened door. I am tempted to say something, but don’t. As I approach her door I hear a muffled moan.

Chapter Three—Cari wonders

With my thoughts focused on Wes and his impressive cock, I moan. I had always wondered about what sex would be like with him, but after seeing him this morning I didn’t want to wonder anymore; I wanted it deep inside of me. Wes was now 37 and married to my daughter Hanna, but I remember our first meeting 8 years ago, like it was yesterday. I was standing outside our suburban home wearing jeans and my favorite blouse. He approached me with a confident stride and a bright smile. His perfectly parted, short, dark hair blew in the gentle breeze, and his hazel green eyes pierced my veins. My body tingled with delight the first time he touched me. Wes was a handsome, funny guy that I could easily fall for myself. I was glad to have him as my Son-in-Law. I never thought he would be attracted to someone 14 years older.

I fondly remember when Wes and Hanna stayed with us while their house was being built. It was nice having Wes there, we spent a lot of time together, going to movies and running errands. One movie we saw had a graphic sex scene in it. I glanced over at him as he was focused on the movie, watching a pretty women getting rammed from behind. I wondered if he knew I was thinking about him fucking me from behind. I think we were both turned on.

My smooth hands flow across my body like rain running down a window. I let my fingers wander through my pubic hair, easily finding my soaking wet pussy. I gently spread my damp pussy lips allowing my fingers to slip inside. I can’t remember the last time I was this wet. I hear the wetness of my pussy as I slowly maneuver two fingers in and out. All I think about is his thick hard cock deep inside of me, filling my pussy. My fingers naturally follow my swollen lips up to my enlarged clit, and I begin to lightly rub it in a circular fashion; as escort maltepe I have done so many times before. I let out uncontrollable soft moans as my breathing becomes deeper and quicker. I hear a noise, but I can’t stop, I am to close.

Chapter Four—Wes hears more

I slowly creep closer to her cracked open door. My cock is so hard it feels like it is going to rip through the towel. I try to slow my breathing, so I can hear the soft moans of my Mother-in-Law exploring her body.

For over 8 years I have been fantasizing about having sex with Cari. She is only 14 years older than me and could easily pass for 43. She has soft smooth skin, shoulder length silky blond hair and stands about 5 foot 6. She has always had a great figure, and she is very well proportioned. I will never forget the first time I saw her, standing outside her styled hair blowing gently in the cool breeze. She had a pair of jeans and a sexy blouse. As Hanna was introducing us, I searched for her erect nipples in the blouse, but was too afraid of being caught undressing this sexy woman with my eyes. The first time we touched I trembled with delight. All I could think about was how beautiful I thought she was and what she looked like naked.

From that moment I knew I wanted her. I often thought about her while having sex with my wife. For years I could barely hug her with out cuming a little bit in my pants. While our house was being built we lived with her for about 3 months. If I ever found myself alone in the house I would often look for her freshly used panties. I would dampen them with my wet tongue just enough for her beautiful scent to flow out. I could taste her. While breathing in her scent I would send ropes of cum on her panties hoping she would wonder what happened to them.

Now I can smell the same delicious scent filling her room and coming out the small crack in the door. Unknowingly, I had shed my towel and could feel my cock throbbing in my tightly wrapped hand. With my member in hand; I can hear the wetness of her pussy as she fingers herself. I move closer, I hear her breathing deeper and quicker. In my horny stupor I bump into the door, but she pendik escort doesn’t stop. Bravely I push the door open. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness and a mere 10 feet away, lying naked, I see her moonlit body glistening with sweat. I can barely see her fingers rubbing her clit.

Just three days ago, I caught a glimpse of her tits when she bent over to pick a sock off the floor. It was in the morning, she still had her pjs on. I was standing over her hoping to see her chest. Finally, after years of waiting for the perfect moment; I was given a clear view of both of her breasts as she bent over. I could easily see how round and perfect they were. I was able to see the pinkness of her areolas and the length of each nipple. I grew hard instantly, it was then when I decided I would present my cock to her. I quickly ran upstairs and unloaded all my hot cum. My thoughts race back to the present.

Chapter Five—Cari comes to understand

I am getting close, but I want this feeling to go on. I decide to give my swollen clit a break. I easily slide my long slender fingers deep inside my wet pussy and angle them up toward my g-spot. I start to rub the soft erotic spot.

“Oh my god, I am cumming!” I moan. I shake in intense pleasure and think of Wes. My eyes roll back in my head, I smile and then slowly I open my eyes to focus on a shadowy figure standing above me. I am startled by the figure but can’t move. I am frozen with one hand cupping my breast, the other resting on my moist pubic hair; my fingers are still buried deep inside. As my eyes adjust to the moonlit room; they become fixated on the strangers’ hard cock. My trance is broken and my eyes slowly move up his body, I now see Wes.

Chapter Six—Wes gets a better view

In a trance, I move further in to her sweet smelling room. Captivated by the aroma I am not only three feet away from her. Suddenly, her fingers leave their wet perch; I hold my breath, only to see her fingers dive deeply into her wetness, searching for her g-spot. I move to the edge of the bed and stand directly over her. A louder moan and a slight squeal, a smile comes to her beautiful face, she found it.

I look down upon Cari as she trembles from her orgasm. My aching cock is dripping with pre-cum, I can’t contain myself. I see her smile and begin to focus on my cock; her eyes adjust to the darkness and begin to look up my body. In shock her mouth drops open as our eyes meet.

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