The Mother I Never Knew Ch. 03

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Thanks to Steve 150177 (erroneously credited as PF) for his wonderful editing.

*Take what you can hold; hold onto what you have taken*

(Where we left off chapter 2)

Heidi wanted some serious anal sex to punish or reward her; she couldn’t decide but I had other plans for her anyway. This was going to be a long night for her and I was keeping the initiative.

“You need to put your clothes up first,” I demanded. Heidi is disappointed initially then the tears started again. “Get to it,” I hurried her along. “I’ll be watching.” She slid off of me but kept her eyes locked with mine even after she was off the bed. She picked up the first bag and scanned the room before catching me pointing toward the main dresser with the vanity. Hell, Heidi could sleep on the damn thing.

I had packed my grandmother’s stuff and moved it into storage this afternoon thinking it would take up all her belongings and then some – silly me. It must be a girl-thing to make sure that all nine drawers (3×3) were empty before unpacking. She was so happy that she missed both the tearing of the condom wrapper and me (plus Uncle Sam’s training) sneaking up on her.

She started slightly when my hand presses down on her middle back as she was unpacking into a bottom drawer. My cock slid into her pussy with the aide of my pushing and her butt-wiggle. She tried to keep putting clothes away so I grabbed the back of her neck, gripped her left hip and pounded roughly away at her pussy.

“Eeep,” she squeaked as she dropped a group of stockings.

“Are you having a problem doing the simple task of putting your clothes in your drawer in your room in your house?” I teased her as I kept giving her savage jolts.

“Mine – mine – mine,” she panted then giggled, “but that’s not my butthole,” she exulted. She got a smack on the butt for that comment!

“You mean this?” I growled at her powerfully. I pulled my cock out, with my cock in my left hand and my right keeping her bent over by holding the back of her neck. My slick, rubberized penis pressed against her sphincter. Heidi showed a masterful control of her anal muscles and welcomed my rod in. I was not tender, but I was not out to rip her up either. I pressed in driving hard and relentlessly.

“Oh – oh please – yes,” Heidi pushed against me and bubbled over with happiness. I gave her five good strokes then abruptly pulled out. “No,” she pleaded.

“Turn around and clean me up,” I commanded. Heidi scurried to obey. As she was cleaning me up, I brushed her hair over each ear. “I’m not going to shove that back into your pussy dirty. You wanted it up your ass so I decided to show you what your bad behavior has cost you.”

She looked up at me with a terribly pathetic pleading and clearly wanted to say something. When I thought she’d done a good job blowing me, I pulled out of her mouth I tapped the bottom of her chin.

“Speak,” I said.

“I’m sorry I disappointed you Joshua. I’ll try harder if you’ll let me, but I will understand if you send me away.”

“I’m in love with you, you nut,” I scowled at her, “and I almost never use that word. When you disappoint me Heidi, you hurt me inside and I don’t let people in that close because if that. I’m angry because I trusted you and you abused that trust. I…” is all I got out before Heidi flung herself on my hip and thighs and began sobbing how ‘sorry’ she was and I think she really meant it.

I was not my Dad and I knew it then. Mom – I was not too sure about because there were a lot of woman there and no one had loved her in a long, long time the way she wanted to be appreciated. I don’t understand what about his Mom he is getting at.

“Heidi, I told you to get unpacked because I’m still angry and I know your mouth and pussy aren’t going to be enough tonight,” I chastised her.

Heidi perked right up so fast I was starting to think bi-polar and we go back to unpacking while I was packing her cunt hard and fast. I was getting close by the time we got to the closet and Heidi’s cunt juice had trickled down to her ankles she’s been shivering hard. When I went for her ass a second time the muscles clamped down on me like a vice but I refused to surrender.

She was making tiny puddles under her ankles and soles or feet as I hoisted her up on her toes with her arms braced on the closet door jams. Her head rocked back but her teeth were clenched in climax. She whispered something to me.

“What was that?” I taunted her.

“I said ‘your mother has a sweet ass too and I know she wants you to plunder it tonight if you can’.” She related. “Her anus is soooo sensitive,” she finished with a tease. Fuck it all, I shot so forcefully I was afraid I’d break the condom.

“Bitch,” I seethed as my fluids kept churning.

“If I was bad, Master can…” she started to whimper.

“No, not Master – I’m Joshua and I don’t need any title for you to know you are mine, understood?” I interrupted sternly.

“Yes Joshua,” Heidi kept whimpering but her body betrayed a strong illegal bahis affection toward me. “Joshua, if I was bad maybe you should punish me again – up my butt. It is very sore and would hurt more this time – I promise.”

“No, that’s like throwing gasoline on a fire,” I frowned. “I have a project to complete in the next 48 hours and I didn’t get anything done today. Heidi you are going down and sucking all ten of Mom’s toes. You can’t penetrate her and she can only penetrate you with toes; finish hanging your dresses then scoot!”

(Early Morning)

I was safe and exhaustedly asleep when there was this insistent tapping on my forehead. I looked round with bleary eyes to see Mom looking my way. At least in the dim light she looked amused, not pissed off. Heidi had snuggled tightly to my side, somehow she’d slipped my left arm around her. I must have been out of it when they came back upstairs. I still wished Mom would use her own bed – in her own room.

“Toes?” Mom teased me quietly. I shrugged slightly so as not to wake Heidi. “It was very clever; just enough humiliation to get the point driven home you are the only one in charge but fun enough to make her skip upstairs when we were done,” Mom gave me her seal of approval.

“I made that up from scratch,” I smiled because suddenly basking in Mom’s praise meant something. “I want her to trust me and I’m not going to do it by forcing her to do things she’s afraid of doing, but stuff she doesn’t want to do but will do for me.” “Thanks,” I nodded, causing Heidi to stir.

“But you need to go farther, Joshua, and not be such a pansy,” Mom look grew hard – even deadly. “Make your mark on her so she never doubts your authority. That is how she feels safe – knowing that you are strong and unyielding no matter what. Kill that doubt in her – kill it, don’t coddle it to death.”

That was unexpected but it I knew it was true too. I couldn’t be the nice guy making everyone happy. That was a failing lifestyle for me.

“I know what to do,” I said with grim determination. It was brutal and decisive but Heidi had come to me, as Mom had come to me, and I was going to keep them and keep them safe.

“Are you talking about me?” Heidi yawned.

“I’m talking about my number one girl; is that you?” I replied. She studied me.

“Is Sienna going to be angry with me,” she flashed a careful look to the strong, well-built woman nestled against her back.

“I say who is who in this family from here on out, Heidi,” I explained. “I take care of this household, which includes you. You will do what I say – there is no discussion.”

“Yes Joshua,” Heidi kissed my nipple. Sienna closed in from the other side, coaxing aside the strands of hair covering Heidi’s face.

“Joshua is going to take care of your needs,” Sienna whispered into Heidi’s ear. Heidi began purring like a kitten and I finally drifted off back to sleep.

(Still later that morning)

I put the last of the spare gas can from the jeep over the big pile of Heidi’s clothes. I hadn’t explained myself and even Mom looked at me suspiciously. I flipped a long match from by the fireplace to set all of Heidi’s possession, baring her purse and the ‘outside’ clothes I had tricked her into wearing.

I held the burning match toward the pile; Heidi could intervene if she wanted to be free of me instead but I refused to solicit her opinion. That wasn’t how things worked between any of us anymore. I stabbed the match in and the huge bundle whooshed up in flames. Soon enough the blaze was going fine and I was thankful that in this neighborhood most people were pretending to be at work so wouldn’t report the fire.

“Heidi, is that what you are planning to wear today?” I glanced her way; her nod was heartrending. “I don’t like it,” I said and she was quickly starting to strip off her shirt. “What are you doing?”

“You don’t like my clothes,” she mumbled. I reach into my pocket and pull out a Platinum Card and four $50’s.

“What I am saying to you is that you need to get some new clothes so you and Sienna are going shopping all day long,” I informed Mom and Heidi. “Heidi, you know where to get things I am going to like seeing you and Sienna in – and pick out a thing or two for Natalie as well. Natalie is coming over tonight – we rescheduled so you could have the entire day.”

Heidi nearly flung herself into my arm, reining her enthusiasm back at the last second. Her eyes had a pleading look to them. I peeled off the dollars and handed them to Mom – who stuffed them into her bra – jeesh. I then hand the card to Heidi, still holding on to half of it.

“I trust you to make me happy Heidi, and not just for me but for my Mother and Sister too,” I stressed. “You can do this for me?”

“You’ll see M – Joshua,” she beamed. “I’ll make you proud of me.”

“I love you,” I said softly. Heidi had taken three steps away when she heard those words; she doubled back and flung herself at me, wrapping my arms around my neck and kissing me between multiple illegal bahis siteleri ‘I love you’s’. I kissed her back, spun her around and spanked her inviting ass. She yelped; smiled even wider and skipped away.

“I love you, Sienna,” I told Mom. She stepped up and tried to kiss my cheek. I pretended to hug her but I my real goal was accomplished by snagging her red hair on the back of her head. I pressed a kiss on her lips and she opened her mouth in a second. Our tongues touched then played for several seconds.

“Woot!” Heidi howled excitedly our way upon seeing my lustful gesture.

“I love you Mom,” I repeated.

“I love you too Joshua,” Mom licked her lips.

“You know you tattoo your stable on the back of their necks if you plan to keep them,” she winked with steely intention.

“I’ll keep that in mind – maybe the Beverly Coat of Arms?” I tested Mom.

“It would be a vast improvement over what it used to represent Joshua. Make it your own,” she didn’t back down. Now I was going to mark my women? On second thought, why not?

“We are out of here,” Mom turned to leave. “We’ll see you before dinner.” I swatted her magnificent backside before she could take that second step. She looked over her shoulder and the light in her eyes was anything but what a traditional Disneyesque Mother gives her Son.

It took about forty minutes to make sure all Heidi’s clothes from her old life were burned, doused with water, bagged and put out with the rubbish. I cleaned up and tried to put my mind back into work mode. I found Heidi’s last pair of panties lay on the armrest of my chair, still slightly damp – a gift from her for what she knew was would be a stressful day for me.

I picked them up and took a deep whiff before taking my seat. They were a wonderful morale booster but also a reminder I needed to polish off a project by four o’clock New York time. I opened up the architectural log-jam that was waiting for me and got nowhere. Ten minutes into the headache I found my hands running over the thin fabric of Heidi’s panties.

I thought about the panties – they were sensual and inspirational – and they led my mind to wander outside my normal pathways of thinking and that was when it came to me. It wasn’t a panacea; in fact it was a lot of reworking figures and diagrams on my part but I was on fire and the work flew by. I called Shanghai at two and every ten minutes for the next hour trying to get through to my project head.

While I waited, the gym equipment Mom had ordered on-line arrived and I showed the two guys who were going to set it up downstairs, got them some Manhattan Lagers and went back to work. At 3:45 I talked to my project manager finally. He looked over my solution to their problem and said he would call me back.

Right at four he did call, the client was ecstatic and the project was going to make the deadline. Better yet, he wanted me to take on a project in the Philippines that had just crossed his desk. It was a lot of money – my largest contract to date and all because of a pair of panties. Heidi was going to flip.

Before midtown traffic turned the city into a park lot, Mom and Heidi made it back through the door – and back and back before they finally had the taxi unloaded. Mom almost came striding into the house but something was holding her (figuratively) back. I walked to my office doorway to see what the problem was.

Heidi was vibrating off the floor she was so happy, but she was clearly waiting on me. Mom had a faint smile but was doing her level best to keep the same pose. I forced my own smile off my face and walked Heidi’s way, looking her up and down in her new outfit.

Heidi had on a black leotard that shimmered with the shapes of harps in the light and a tight white leather skirt that unzipped from both hips. Her legs were wrapped in black lace stockings with Monarch Butterfly designs on them. Her white half-boots and bolero jacket were pretty sexy too. She waited patiently for my approval as if I had an ounce of fashion sense.

I decided not to wait to make my assessment of Mom’s clothes because Heidi had certainly picked those out as well. Mom had an orange blouse of a pretty standard sort but a green bustier visible underneath that really pressed her boobs out there. Her collar was silver thick linked chain…almost like a dog choker chain. She had a thick green belt, an emerald skirt that went past the knees and unzipped from the back. She had black leggings on under that – and black tennis shoes. Heidi couldn’t win every fight it seemed.

“They’re chaps,” Mom winked at me.

“What?” I choked.

“They aren’t pants, leggings or tights I’m wearing – they’re chaps,” Mom clarified. I had to check. I knelt down, pulled up her skirt and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. She wasn’t wearing panties either but the realization that she’d been waxed struck me. Mom’s cunt wasn’t sopping wet – she was hardly damp at all, but stroking her labia top to bottom and pawing her ass cheeks got her damp canlı bahis siteleri soon enough. Mom’s breasts were starting to heave with excitement.

I stood up and licked my fingers.

“Take your clothes to your room and come down so we can get dinner ready,” I directed Mom then, “You look really nice Mom – I mean sexy-nice.” The kiss in passing was full of passion. That left me with Heidi. After Mom had left, Heidi began to get nervous beneath my gaze.

“I love you,” I stated as concrete fact. “You never stop getting more beautiful.” She perked up happily but kept still. “Also, you made Mom into one hot, sexy desirable slut…and I didn’t want that.” Heidi seemed confused. “I wanted her to be My Hot Slut – you did too good a job and you’ll have to pay for that.” She smiled slyly.

I walked up to Heidi, spun her around rapidly and pressed her face to the wall.

“You want to be my personal whore, don’t you Heidi?” I growled.

“Yes,” she peeped.

“Take off your skirt,” I commanded. Heidi began to simultaneously undoing both zippers and wiggling her panties slowly down.

Pretending to be unhappy with her progress I smacked the exposed top of her left ass cheek. She gave a quick ‘eekk!’ and proceeded to move just as slowly earning her five more spankings before her skirt and panties fell down, though she was pushing up in her boots and rubbing her crack against my aroused phallus.

Her panties looked more like a thong with aspirations than real French-cut underwear. It was a pale beige mesh with black string along the edges and gusset. I hooked the material along the upper band above her ass then began pulling and massaging her pussy with the silky material. Before long she was whimpering and bumping her hips back against me.

I was yanking up so hard I was sure she was gasping joyously but she gave no indication it was something she couldn’t handle.

“I want to fuck you Heidi,” I growled. “Are you going to give me your pussy?” She nodded in short vigorous bursts.

“Are you wet enough?” I teased her with faux-anger. Heidi snaked her right hand down, rubbed her fingers beneath panties and presented me with three sticky-wet fingers over her shoulder for my examination. I sucked them in and licked them clean. I pulled out a condom from my pocket and handed it to Heidi.

“Put it on my cock, guide me and get me all wet, my Slut,” I rumbled hungrily in her ear.

A little bit of body repositioning followed before she placed my condom covered cockhead at the edge of her dripping lips before letting me slide in.

“Aaahhh,” she moaned. I moved from an incremental pace to some real aggression over the space of a few minutes.

“I’m fucking the best pussy in town,” I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back, “but it’s not enough. I want your ass,” I insisted as I slipped out and let my cock start riding up her butt.

“Eeep!” was Heidi’s excited exclamation. Anal sex was her favorite form of punishment and I’d snuck butt-sex up on her without her begging for it.

Heidi shifted and shimmied to get my cock inside her faster but I had one more trick to pull – I extended my legs. The more her anus was stretched by my girth and my length delved deeper, the more I stood up.

“Oh,” she gave a little gasp when I was all the way in – and I kept standing.

“Joshua,” she sobbed joyously and she repeated that when her toes lifted off the ground and I pushed her up the wall. “Oh Joshua that’s so,” she choked back several sobs, “so divine.”

“You are all mine and no one else’s, Heidi, and I want you to know it,” I whispered in her ear.

“I am yours and only yours, my Joshua,” she whispered back then hiccupped.

I pounded her for two more minutes, and then I decided to push just a little farther.

“You get turned on by doing it in the hallway, so close to the door,” I murmured. She nodded slightly.

“If someone knocks on the door are you going to get it, Heidi?” I teased. She gave another tiny little nod. “Do you want to be leaning around the door while I pound your hot little bottom?”

This time her nod was more enthusiastic.

“They will know you are getting fucked. What do you do if they reach for your tits as they bounce around? Will you give yourself to them?”

“Only…only if you want me to Joshua,” she panted.

“No, you are mine and I don’t share you with strangers,” I made clear. Heidi swelled up against me, happy and content.

“I’m yours,” she gasped, “all yours.”

“Oh damn,” I grunted. I started shooting off into my condom and she kicked her heels back and started squealing, rising into a full-blown scream before we slumped against the wall.

“You two,” Mom rolled her eyes from the stairs. “Now I’m all fucking horny.”

“I’m coming,” Heidi panted as her toes touched the ground once more.

“No you don’t,” I intervened. “Heidi, you put up your clothes up and get dinner ready. I’ll take care of Sienna.”

Sienna smiled at me but I didn’t think she understood what was in store. She had a certain sense of control her years as the Prison Bitch provided, but a truer persona was now lurking below the surface. I directed her into her second story bedroom first then shut the door behind us.

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