The Morning After

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I wake and stretch, looking over at your sleeping form with a smile. I toy momentarily with the idea of waking you, but dismiss it–remembering the activities of the night before. You must be tired! I roll out of bed slowly so as not to jostle you and make my way to the bathroom. I brush my teeth while I wait for the water in the shower to heat up, smiling in reflection of the previous evening. I step into the steamy shower and sigh as hot water cascades down my body soothing away the kinks of the night.

I reach for the soap and begin lathering my body with the fragrant, creamy soap. As my hands glide over my breasts, I feel my nipples harden under my touch and close my eyes, enjoying the sensation. I lightly squeeze the soapy globes beneath the palms of my hands and moan softly, wishing now that I had awoken you a few moments before. The water running down my body reminds me of the caressing touch of your fingers last night and my breath quickens. The growing moistness between my legs is no longer due just to the shower and I lower one hand to touch my increasingly tingly pussy. My middle finger slips between my smoothly shaven lips and I gasp at the tenderness of my clit as my finger brushes over it. I lean back against the shower wall and abandon myself to the pleasure of my own touch–my left hand pinching and rolling my nipples, as my right hand increases its circular motion on my clit. I pause for a moment to insert my middle and ring fingers inside my now aching hole and pump, wishing stronger now for your presence.

“Oh God,” I gasp involuntarily as I feel my knees weakening with my growing arousal. My fingers canlı bahis şirketaleri move back to firmly rub my hard, swollen clit and a wave of pleasure washes over me arching my back and leaving me breathless shaking, and weak from the intensity of it. I begin to recover and open my eyes. You are standing at the side of the tub, shower curtain pushed aside. The evidence of your arousal is clearly visible.

“I see you started without me, ” you say. “But, we’ll finish together.”

You step into the tub and take me into your arms, lowering your mouth for a slow, deep, tongue-twirling kiss that takes my breath away. Your hands trail lightly up and down my back, caressing my ass, dancing up and down my spine. Your swollen, rock hard member is caught between our bodies. I reach for the soap and begin lathering your back, my hands kneading your muscles, massaging the tension from them. Our lips still locked, I then reach for your cock and take it into my small, soapy hand. I stroke it between my hand and belly slowly, loving the hard, smooth feel of it and torn between my desires to have it in my mouth and to have you filling me. I break the kiss, stepping back a little to allow the water to wash the soap residue from your body and locking eyes with you, slowly lower myself to my knees. You smile in anticipation of your favorite wake-up call as I take your cock into my mouth in one hungry swallow. Your hands caress my cheeks—brushing the water off of my face—as I greedily suck you deep into my throat, while my nails lightly trace over your balls-feeling their taut heavy fuzziness. My velvety soft tongue strokes your canlı kaçak iddaa cock and my cheeks move in and out, sucking you hard. My hands move on your ass to hold you steady, since I feel your body rocking as the sensations of my warm wet mouth and soft caressing tongue overtake you. As I taste the precum oozing from the head of your cock, I start sucking you more softly and slowly, easing off so that you won’t come just yet. After one last firm lick of your shaft, I stand.

I pull your head down to mine with one hand as I move back against the wall. My other hand is on the small of your back, guiding you with me. My back against the wall, I pull your body to mine, my breasts crushed against your chest, our tongues dancing a sensuous waltz. Your hand works in between us grasping a nipple between your fingers and pinching it lightly. I moan into your mouth while your other hand slides into the wet, hot slit between my legs. I open my thighs and grind lightly against your hand as our kiss becomes an urgent effort to devour each other. I raise my right leg and wrap it around your waist, and your hand moves from my cunt to grasp your cock. You begin stroking it lightly along my sopping silken slit.

“Oh God, fuck me NOW,” I urge, begging you to fill my aching void.

“Not yet,” you murmur, and continue stroking me, teasing me while I squirm beneath you trying to guide you into me. At last you begin to enter me slowly, holding my hips firmly against the wall, stilling my efforts to force you in faster. With agonizing slowness, your cock enters me an inch at a time, until I feel your balls touch my skin. You rest canlı kaçak bahis within me, luxuriating in the creamy heat surrounding your cock. As always, I marvel at the perfection of our fit. You begin kissing my eyes, forehead, cheeks and neck—oblivious to the water streaming between us.

“Please……” I manage to gasp, squirming between your restraining body and the wall. You begin pumping almost all the way out slowly and then ramming your cock back into me quickly. I gently suck on your neck, moving down to kiss your chest, lightly biting your nipples. I can feel the quickening of your heart and your ragged breathing as you begin fucking me faster. I am pushed against the wall, held still by your hands, overcome with the pleasure of your huge pounding cock gliding smoothly in and out of me. At last your hands release my hips, moving to cup my breasts, and I arch my hips toward you more, urging you deeper inside me. I grab your ass, digging my nails into you as I pull you in tightly.

“I am soooo close, don’t stop now,” I beg, knowing you, too, are close. You begin thrusting furiously into me, fucking me hard enough to slam me into the wall, but I am too far-gone to feel anything but pleasure. My leg tightens around your waist as my orgasm begins. The waves of pleasure make my pussy contract and swell, squeezing your cock like a hot, wet fist.

“Oh Damn,…Oh God” you moan and I feel the spasms of your cock exploding inside me as you thrust as deeply as possible shooting your massive load. I feel the hot liquid dripping from my cunt, running down my legs, while you slowly pull out of me. I lower my leg, and you place your head on my shoulder and we rest against each other for a moment.

Feeling mellow and oh so satisfied, I pick up the soap and slowly begin lathering you, washing away the residue of our lovemaking–knowing you will return the favor once I am finished.

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