The moment when fantasizing turned to reality

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My story begins a while ago in the past, in a moment when i was exploring my bi side. I am a slim guy, 1.65, without too much body hair. I was always into exploring everything that had a sexual side, but until the age of 24 i have only been with girls. The only thing that fueled my other fantasies was masturbating and stimulating my ass in any way i could. I started slowly, with fingers and eventually got to toys or small veggies. I couldn’t keep the toys because i lived with my parents back then, so there was a risk of them finding my dark secrets. I learned slowly the basic things from doing a shower enema to how have more intense orgasms combining anal with jerking off.

Masturbating at home in the little moments of privacy i had was not enough and even if i was imagining being with another man, it was a hardly achievable goal since i lived in a region in Eastern Europe where people were too judgmental on things like that. Still, i had to raise up the game, to satisfy my lustful needs. Public places have been an arousal reason all the time so I’ve decided to try out finishing in such a place. The first time was in a forest nearby my city and it felt so intense that i had to try more, the thought of almost getting caught was driving my senses up high. And so, in an early summer night, i went to the public toilet that was in the park, close to my home building. Surprisingly, the place was very clean for a public toilet (probably because it was rarely used). There was an older guy there the was giving tickets when you entered and he had such an “i care about nothing” attitude that made me feel secure i wasn’t going to be disturbed. The first orgasm i had there was much more than the previous one in the forest, and so, my visiting of that public toilet became a pleasant guilty routine, once or twice a week, i was going there, releasing the pressure in one of the stalls, cleaning myself up with the toilet paper received at the entrance and then leaving happily satisfied towards my home.

I liked the idea of spicing things a bit more sometimes, so i either left the stall door a bit opened to feel tuzla escort a nice rush (the public toilet entrance door was making such a noise that it kept me safe in case someone was coming) or i “challenged myself in some nights to not leave the stall until i cum twice.

This fun went on for a while, until one night when i got there a lot more horny than usual. Maybe it was a drink i had earlier at fault, maybe it was the fact i had more than a week since i finished, i honestly don’t know, but i do know i was willingly to calm down my body in the best way i could. It was late, but the summer air made the night pleasant so being naked was not an issue. I was already experimenting with cross dressing, in a beginner way, wearing panties and panty hose underneath my jeans, which made things more interesting since i was into the submissive part, always fantasizing about being bottom and not the other way around. So here i was in the stall, doing my thing as usual, but I probably got carried away with pleasure and either lost track of time or made some noise without realizing, all in all, one thing being clear… The stall door was half opened, I was bent over a little bit, in a t-shirt and my panty hose, my jeans hanging on one side of the stall, my panties around my ankles and two fingers in my ass, going in and out when i noticed the light changing behind me from a shade of black. I turned and i freezed from what i saw. That man from the entrance was standing there, staring at me… I was without words, ashamed and so scared, i felt i couldn’t move. And then i heard him:

– Go on, don’t stop now or let me interrupt you…

– “I’m sorry, i will leave, this is so… ” were the only words that came of my mouth before i got interrupted.

– Listen, i know what you’ve been doing, it is not the first time i have noticed this, so let’s keep this over here between us. But for that to happen, you will have to go on… Or i could let you leave and share your secret with everyone i know.

Adrenaline was rushing through my body, but at the same time, arousal was catching up. Being seen was new to me, so i tuzla escort bayan swallowed my fear the best i could and started to slowly finger myself. The more i did it, the more i liked it and i was accelerating the pace.

After a few moments, i felt his hands on me and heard his voice again:

– Let me help you, put your hands on that wall to support yourself and stay like that, I’m going to show you the rest.

I did obey without a word, this was a bit scary, but also very enjoyable. He put his fingers in my mouth, moving them with a back and forth motion… I was imagining that was his dick and started licking them like there was no tommorow.

– You’re enjoying this you little bitch, don’t you?

My cock was pulsating in anticipation of what would come after his words and got rock hard when he took those fingers out of my mouth and started to slid them in my asshole. He was slowly stretching me, without hurrying, telling me he would put two fingers, then three and that i can easily take them.

I did feel three fingers trying to enter, but then, he took them out and i felt something stretching my ass. In my stupidity, drunk with pleasure, i thought he was trying to fist me or something…

But he was not not doing that and after a few seconds of tolerable pain, i felt his is cock burying deep inside me. I was dripping precum, my vision was getting blurry, i thought i was going to faint in extasy… Well, it seems he wasn’t going to let me do that, because after the first penetration, he started to move in and out, faster and faster, so crazily that my ass was burning. He muffled the screams i started to let out with one hand on my mouth and continued harder and harder. I lost control of myself, it was too fast and he was handling me like i was a doll. At a certain point, i guess he did not care about me screaming and he let my mouth free, but it didn’t matter… I wasn’t screaming anymore, i was panting like a bitch being fucked hard-core and involuntarily, my dick started launching spurts of pee in a random rhythm.

Here i was, peeing myself, being fucked so escort tuzla hard i only believed in movies happened, with my tongue out, panting and trying from time to time to let out a “fuck me, fuck me harder”, only to lose my words halfway and sink into that sea of pleasure.

It did not took long and i felt him grabbing my hips hard, pulling me towards him so he could get deeper than ever and with four hard thrusts, i felt the hotness of his cum filling my ass, while he remained there motionless, catching his breath. I was about to do that too, when he grabbed me by the chest and said:

– You’re not leaving until you cum too little one.

He took his cock out of me and i was so exhausted, i got out of the stall laid down on my knees and started jerking off, in a kind of a robotic way, wanting that orgasm but tired from the experience. I didn’t even care someone might see me so exposed, cum dripping out of me, with those panty hose on and my hand on my cock… An unexpected slap on the ass did woke me up a little, just to hear him afterwards say:

-Go on you little slut, faster! Faster, faster until your dick is red!

I was jerking off frantically, receiving a slap on my ass from time to time, making my hole squeeze and not letting the cum drip for a few seconds of pain… When i finally finished, shaking in pleasure, i barely smiled for a second and then he took me by the head, trying to shove his limp dick in my mouth.

– Open, open wide you slut, taste it and cum!

I opened my mouth like it was a reflex, trying to fit it all with my tongue out on those balls of his, all while i was still cumming with what was left of my orgasm.

We stood there like that for a while and then, he backed off like nothing happened, pulled his pants up and told me to get cleaned up and to (quote):

“-Get out, i got things to do. And yes, this never happened”.

I did that and left towards home, walking with my ass sore, as best as i could to not draw any attention. Needless to say that i did not even got home and my mind was already day dreaming at the scenario when i would return there, get in the stall on all fours, naked and horny, waiting like a good bitch for a second fuck that would be even better than the first one…

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