The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 17

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 17

Lisa’s Tales — Part 2

Lisa was taking a much-needed afternoon off. She had just finished up two weeks straight at the salon, with only Sundays off, and was feeling the drain. Her feet ached from standing for up to ten hours a day on the hard tile floor. Her fingers ached from working with shampoos and conditioners and coloring chemicals. Her entire body ached from head to toe. Lisa needed to take some time off, and she’d finally been able to clear up her schedule to take back-to-back days off. They were Tuesday and Wednesday, the middle of the week, but they were still days for herself.

Lisa had hoped to spend much of the time relaxing, either down at the beach and on the boardwalk, or maybe take a drive up into the mountains. Instead, she had awakened that Tuesday morning to rain. And not just a standard shower that would blow in from time to time in Regal Bay, but an all-day drenching that served to drain a lot of energy out of her. So it was that Lisa ended up lying in bed much of that first day off. She had a couple of the popular paperback romance novels in her nightstand, and she enjoyed the peace and quiet while drifting off to far-away France, and the arms of Fabio.

When she had finished the first of the tawdry novels, Lisa headed for the kitchen and made herself a salad. She sat at the counter and ate, and then turned her attention to the laundry, which had been starting to pile up. Her son, Randy, was little help these days, she knew. He was in school, had a part-time evening job, and had begun to spend more nights at one or another of his friends from college who had apartments of their own. They had talked about Randy getting his own place, and even though it really wasn’t necessary, Lisa had emphasized over and over, not with them living just a ten-minute walk from campus. Still, Randy was growing up, and at 20 he was ready to get out on his own.

Lisa had not paid much attention to the time all afternoon, so it was a surprise to her when Randy showed up. In fact, it was after four, and he had finished his classes for the day. Moreover, Randy was accompanied by his friend, Johnny Walker. Both boys were handsome young men and Lisa found herself attracted from time to time to her son’s friends. In the weeks following the fateful afternoon in the bathroom, when Lisa gave herself to her son, and subsequently discovered that Randy and Alyssa, his younger sister, were also secretly enjoying an incestuous relationship, Lisa had found herself wanting even more. She and Randy had become occasional lovers since then, though only when Alyssa was not home. Nor did she bring up the question with Randy about his affair with his own sister. For the time being, Lisa was content to enjoy what her son was providing her, even if it was a short-lived affair.

At the time Randy and Johnny arrived, Lisa had been ironing one of her many sun dresses. She was in the small room that attached to her own bedroom, where much of her and her children’s clothes were stored. Their house, a bungalow-style home, had little closet space and this cubby served the entire family in that purpose.

“Shitty weather,” Randy observed as he and Johnny stepped into the room. “I’d planned on hanging out down at the boardwalk,” he added, directing his comment at both his friend as well as his mother.

“It’s the way it is, here in the Pacific Northwest, honey,” Lisa smiled in reply. “I hadn’t planned on spending my day off in the house either.”

“Where’s Alyssa?” Randy asked her.

“I think she had to work after school,” Lisa replied. Her daughter, a senior in high school, worked part-time at the Glorious Gowns and Nobel Tuxedo Shop downtown, a few blocks down from the beauty salon where Lisa worked. Alyssa was now eighteen and was becoming more independent, and she rarely let her mother know what she was doing or where she was going to be anymore. At times, it made Lisa feel quite lonely.

“That’s too bad,” Randy said. “Johnny and I were thinking about hitting a movie and hoped she and a friend wanted to hang out or something.”

“Maybe you two can just go alone,” she suggested.

“Yea, like that would be gay!” Randy laughed. “I don’t date guys, Mom. You should know that by now.”

“I wasn’t suggesting anything of the kind,” she replied.

Randy laughed again, giving Johnny a playful punch as he did. “I was just fucking with you, Mom,” he laughed. And then he gave her a look, as if an idea had just popped into his head. Along with it, Randy was grinning, and in his deep blue eyes Lisa could only imagine what he was thinking. It was probably the same thought that had suddenly popped into her mind.

“Not that you aren’t always fucking…um…with me, right Randy?” Lisa said after a moment’s pause. She gave her son a side-line grin.

Randy caught his mother’s chain of thought, and asked, “So, when was the last time I fucked…ah…with you anyway, Mom? I can’t remember.”

Lisa set the hot iron aside and gave her son a pouty-lipped look. “You can’t tell me you’ve already illegal bahis forgotten about Saturday night, Randy. What you did at dinner really embarrassed me.” Lisa looked to Johnny, who seemed unaware of where the conversation was headed. She informed her son’s friend, “We went to dinner at Pizza Hut, and Randy, being a child, fired a spit-ball at me.”

Randy took up the story. “She was playing with her phone, ignoring me as usual, so I wanted to get her attention.”

“He fired it right down the front of my blouse!” Lisa laughed.

“Well, the neck-line was hanging so low, it made for a perfect basket!”

“It wasn’t nice.”

“Hell, the blouse was open down between her tits! She had the top two buttons undone. I swear she was flirting with the waiter, giving him a tit-show for free, even!”

“Not that I’ve got much to show,” Lisa moaned. She looked down at her chest and reached up to cup her 38 d-cup breasts, which were unencumbered by a bra that afternoon. Johnny’s eyes, of course, went right to them.

“See!” Randy laughed and pointed at his mother. “Now you’re flirting with Johnny!” Randy laughed again and added, “Hell, Mom, why don’t you just pull them out and give him a full-on view?”

Lisa responded to her son’s challenge with a smirk, and then said, “Well maybe I should.” With that, she reached inside the top of her sun-dress and lifted her breasts free. Johnny’s eyes grew wide as he took in her large tits and pale nipples, now fully exposed. Randy had told Johnny of his mother’s body, describing it for his friend at times when the subject came up. Johnny, as with many of Randy’s friends, was quite aware that Randy had been having sex with his mother. Johnny liked Randy’s mom and had been hoping to one day nail her. Randy was aware of his friend’s lust for his mother, and with a few of his friends already having shared their moms with him, Randy felt it might be time he shared his with one, or more, of his friends. A rainy Tuesday afternoon seemed the right time to him.

Lisa had dropped her breasts back into cover after just a few seconds, but it was more than enough for her to realize that she had over-stepped a boundary. Lisa didn’t know about Johnny, or if he was as interested in older women as Randy admitted to. She did, however, recognize in him the potential as a young lover. He obviously liked her, if only by the way his eyes were always on her when he was around. And Lisa, for her part, wondered if he would be as good a lover as her son was. Johnny was her son’s age and would probably have similar tastes and stamina. The thought made her suddenly feel very warm in the panties.

As her mind wondered, Lisa was aware that both Randy and Johnny were looking at her with lust in their eyes. Randy came around to her side of the ironing board and brushed his mother’s long blonde hair from her shoulder. She’d had it pulled back into a ponytail and combined with the black and blue floral sundress she wore; she looked very young in his eyes. Randy whispered to his mom then, “I want you, now.”

Lisa giggled and turned her face to his. “What about Johnny?” she asked softly.

Randy grinned. “I think he wants you, also,” he replied, and then kissed his mother briefly on the mouth. Lisa turned to look at Johnny, who was watching her. She leaned across the ironing board and asked him, in a soft, husky, voice, “Do you want me, Johnny?” Even as she asked, Randy was stroking up and down her back with one hand, while planting light kisses to her should. She realized that she was getting very horny, very quickly.

Lisa turned to look at Randy. “Are you setting me up? Are you planning something?”

“Maybe,” Randy grinned back at his mom.

“Johnny knows about us, doesn’t he?” It wasn’t a question she had asked of her son.

Randy smiled and winked. “Are you upset?”

Lisa shook her head. “No, I’m not.” She then kissed her son full on the mouth. As she did, she felt Johnny reach over and stroke her arm. His touch made her tingle. Her tongue pushed into her son’s mouth and they danced for a brief moment. Lisa broke away from her son then and turned her attention back to Johnny.

“I suppose, then, that Randy has told you all about me?” As she asked this, Randy slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around his mother’s slim torso. Her son’s hands cupped her breasts as he began to nuzzle her neck. She tingled from scalp to toes.

Johnny nodded. “Yes, Ma’am, he has.” Johnny reached for her and stroked her arms as Randy continued to squeeze her tits playfully.

“I thought as much,” Lisa replied. “Kiss me, Johnny,” she then told him, and Johnny leaned across the ironing to kiss her. His mouth went lower then, to her neck and shoulders, planting light kisses along her exposed flesh. Lisa turned her face upward and sighed, “What the hell is happening to me?”

Behind her, Randy was kissing her shoulder, but his hands had moved down to her thighs, and a moment later he started to pull his mother’s sun-dress upward. Lisa pushed Johnny away and turned to face her son. “Maybe illegal bahis siteleri we should go somewhere else, where we can relax better,” she said. “How about we take this to your bedroom, Randy?” she suggested.

“Sure, Mom,” Randy grinned, and led the way. Once in his bedroom, with an accompanying clap of thunder that announced the strengthening of the storm outside, Randy dropped onto the edge of his bed and faced his mother. Lisa pulled Johnny to her, wrapping his arms around her torso as she stood in front of him, facing her son.

“Well, are you just going to sit there,” she asked her son with a sly grin, “or are you going to get those clothes off?”

Randy jumped to his feet then and began to strip away his clothing. First went his belt and khakis, which he stepped out of along with his underwear. His dick was already coming to life and rose in an arch from his crotch as he reached up to strip out of his shirt. Lisa looked on as her son became fully naked in front of her and his friend, as if it was second nature. Lisa recognized that this wasn’t the first time he’d stripped down in front of other guys, then. Had other of his friends’ mothers been involved, she wondered. Had Johnny’s mother been in this very position, between Johnny and Randy? Had Randy already fucked Johnny’s mother? Was this payback? At the moment, however, Lisa didn’t care. She was getting hornier by the minute and the sight of her son’s wonderful, familiar cock just an arm’s length away had her knees trembling.

“You are such a handsome, hunky stud, Randy,” Lisa told her son, and a moment later, she was leaning to him, kissing his mouth and stroking his naked flesh with her hands. Once their kiss broke off, Lisa remembered Johnny, and turned to kiss him as well. Her dress was pulled upward by Randy and he began to kiss her naked hip as she kissed Johnny very deeply. Lisa tugged Johnny’s shirt up and off and tossed it away. Randy unbuttoned the back of her dress as she unfastened Johnny’s jeans and pushed them down. He stepped out of them, and was now just as naked as her son was. His cock, sprouting from a dark forest of hair, was growing quickly and was aimed in her direction. She reached down and gave Johnny a light, slow stroke or two that brought a moan from his chest.

As Randy pulled her dress open, Lisa turned back to her son and he immediately caught one of her naked nipples in between his lips. “Oh! That’s nice!” Lisa moaned as her son began to suck upon her nipple. She stroked his blonde hair as Johnny pulled up tight behind her. His cock pressed into her butt crack and she rolled her hips to feel him grow even harder. Randy, as he continued to suck upon her tit, took hold of her yellow panties and began to push them downward. A moment later, she stepped out of them and was now as naked as her young studs were. And just as horny.

Lisa dropped onto the bed to sit beside her son. She touched his lips with a finger and told him, “If you’ve wanted to share me with your friends, Randy, all you had to do was ask.” She kissed him then. “I’m a horny old woman these days, Randy. Surely you know that by now. I can take as much young cock as you can round up.”

Lisa stretched out on Randy’s bed then, between the two boys, and let them take in her nudity. She reached out and stroked each boy’s thighs, right up to their rigid cocks. As their hands caressed her flesh, from breast to thigh, she wrapped her hands around their meat and began to slowly jack them.

Suddenly, Randy gasped, “Suck my dick, Mom!” and he jumped to straddle her chest. His ass settled onto her breasts as his cock banged against her chin. Lisa grunted under her son’s weight, and as her mouth opened, it was filled with his big dick. His hips rammed forward and his cock-head banged against the back of her throat. She loved being taken by her son.

As Randy fed her his cock, Johnny pulled her legs apart and moved between them. As her son began to face-fuck her, his friend began to finger her slit ahead of opening her up for his tongue. She moaned happily around Randy’s cock as Johnny’s tongue went to work on her sensitive, throbbing clit.

Lisa was panting and on the verge of cumming on Johnny’s tongue when Randy suddenly backed away and pulled his spit-dripping cock from her mouth. She gasped for breath, realizing that she’d not been able to breathe very well with her son sitting on her chest and forcing his dick down her throat. She panted for air as Randy pushed Johnny away from between her thighs.

“I want to fuck her, man,” Randy gasped. “My dick’s already about to blow and I’ve got to get into her hot snatch before I do!” Johnny backed away as Randy dropped down between his mother’s splayed thighs. With a hand to guide him in, Randy thrust deep into Lisa with a single plunge, to the very root, that forced the air from her once again.

“Oh! Randy!” Lisa gasped. “Oh, god, yes! Yes, son, yes! Fuck me!” Lisa thrust her hips upward to meet her son’s downward cock ramming. His thighs slapped hers loudly as they both began to sweat. Johnny looked on, watching canlı bahis siteleri son fuck mom right beside him. He’d seen Randy do the same thing to a couple of other women, take them brutally hard. The others seemed to enjoy it as much as his mother did.

Johnny wanted to bring Randy home to his own mother, but was worried she might enjoy it too much and stop treating him to her special pleasures. Johnny was more of a gentle lover in his mind, quite the opposite of Randy, who enjoyed dominating the older women they had drawn into their ever-growing circle of lovers. And now Randy’s mom, Lisa, was to be included in that group. As he watched Randy pummel his own mother Johnny couldn’t help but stroke his cock in anticipation.

“Kiss me, Johnny,” Lisa panted, and reached up to pull the other boy to her. Johnny leaned in and kissed her, tasting her hot breath in his mouth. Her hand replaced his around his cock, and she squeezed and stroked him while thrusting her tongue into his mouth in time with her son’s cock thrusting into her cunt.

A few minutes of heated passion later, Randy pulled free of his mother and told her, “Roll over, Mom!” Even as she tried to twist around, Randy was pushing her hips over and pulling her back to him.

“Lay down,” Lisa told Johnny, and he followed her lead. As Johnny settled across the head of Randy’s bed, Lisa dropped her mouth down onto his cock. She began to noisily slurp at his manhood while running her mouth up and down his rigid post. Meanwhile, Randy had produced a bottle of lube and was pouring the cool liquid into the crack of his mother’s ass. He rubbed the greasy lube into her crack and against her anus, before pushing his thumb up his mom’s ass.

“Unngghh!” Lisa gasped around Johnny’s mouth-filling dick as her son began to loosen her anal ring up. It had been a few days since she’d been first sodomized by her son, and although she still wasn’t a fan of anal sex, she relented as always to her son’s lusts. A moment later, Randy was pushing his cockhead against her winking hole, and Lisa fought to relax.

Randy popped thought her rectal ring and she pulled her mouth from Johnny’s cock long enough to grunt, “Aaauugghhh! Raannnnddddeeeee!” His cock slipped unstopping into her bowel with a painful thrust. He usually took his time with her, but this afternoon Randy was showing his friend how he dominated his mother. “Oooohhh, it huuurts!” She laid her head against Johnny’s thigh as her body trembled through spasms of pain. Still her son thrust into her guts, until he filled her completely. Mercifully, Randy held himself inside her without moving for a few long moments, and the pain quickly began to subside. Lisa realized that Randy was using a numbing lube specially designed for anal sex. Usually, he had let it work on her before penetration. This time, however, he had wanted her to feel the pain, to show Johnny how he could take his mother without her denying him. Randy was quickly becoming her master, and Lisa was well aware of the fact. Still, she enjoyed this new chapter of her life, knowing that someday randy would lose interest in her, as she grew ever older.

Lisa returned to sucking on Johnny’s twitching cock, and as she did, Randy began to move in her. His cock slipped back, nearly free of her clutching anus, and then was driven home once again into her to the very root. Time and again his piston plunged, with ever faster thrusts. Eventually, Randy had her asshole loosened to the point where he was driving into her guts with as much power and rhythm as he had pummeled her cunt. And Lisa loved every moment of it.

Lisa lost track of how long Randy had been fucking her ass. Minutes, maybe. Soon, he was grunting loudly and finally announced, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming, Mom! Aaagghhh!” Randy’s semen blasted up her ass, coating her bowels with hot seed.

Lisa mewed around Johnny’s mouthful of cock as her son’s pulsed inside her ass. His semen filled her with a deep warmth. Eventually, as Randy’s cock began to relax, her guts churned and her hole began to leak around her son’s tube. His cock slipped out of her a moment later, accompanied by a gush of spent semen. Randy hadn’t had an orgasm since the third time he’d loaded up his mother’s pussy late the Saturday night before. With Alyssa going through her “time-of-the-month” issues, Randy was giving his mother all she could handle. He’d left her saturated then, just as her bowel was now.

Lisa rolled away from Johnny and twisted around to pull her son’s cock, coated with semen, lube, and ass-juices, into her mouth. She hungrily gulped her son to the root, cleaning him as a good mother should, with her lips and tongue.

Meanwhile, Randy panted, “Fuck her, Johnny! Now’s your chance!” Johnny was already looking into Lisa’s gaping crotch. Randy’s cum was everywhere, leaking from her asshole, making a sticky mess. Her pussy lips glistened and were bright pink from excitement. Her blonde pubic hair was matted with cum, but looked delicious none the less. Johnny wanted to taste her again, but wasn’t all that keen on getting a taste of Randy’s cum along with it. Instead, he went to his knees as she rolled to one side. He took aim and pushed forward, driving his cock into Lisa’s body for the first time. His body trembled with excitement, even as hers trembled around him.

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