The Math Tutor

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My Sophomore year in college started very dismal. I had moved into my own apartment and missed the chaos of the freshman dorm. The friend that was to be my room mate had a family crisis and she wouldn’t be returning to school this year. I was alone and had scheduled more than I could handle especially in the math department. I admit, I am math dumb but in order to get my degree I had to do it and I figured the sooner the better.

Outside the calculus room a bulletin board held several numbers of math tutors. I took a number at random and called Eric that night. Eric was the what you’d expect a math wiz to be. Geeky. He was good looking under the glasses, polo shirt, and Saturdays hair cut. We were both shy at first and I was sure that he was attracted to me. To be honest I was attracted to him too. He was honest and real he wasn’t ashamed of himself nor did he try to present himself as anything but who he was. I had already grown tired of the frat boy mentality that plagued the campus. Most of them have nothing to say to you except for tired pick up lines around a keg or sporting event.

The first few weeks were strictly business although I caught Eric staring at me and occasionally his hand would graze mine in awkward attempts. Twice a week I showed up at his door for tutoring and until the third week math was the topic of conversation. The fourth week Eric and I didn’t talk about math. I knocked on his door and he opened it without saying hello or his usual shy smile, something was wrong. He explained that he meant to call and cancel our session but had spaced it out. I asked what was wrong, he shrugged and said it was a long story. He flopped on the couch and I went into the small kitchen to make coffee.

“I can’t tutor you today Lora.” Eric mumbled.

“I’m just fixing coffee. You look like you need it. Did you even go to class today? ” I said clicking the brew button.

“No, illegal bahis I just want to be alone.” Eric responded. I poured two cups and sat next to Eric curling my arm around his hunched shoulders. I noticed that the pictures of his girlfriend were now missing from the walls and his desk.

“She bailed on you, huh?” I said squeezing my arm tighter.

“How’d you know? Eric mumbled.

“I’m math dumb not dumb.” I replied.

Eric smiled and said “No, you’re not dumb at all” His eyes filled with tears.

“Leaving you here to sulk and throw a pity party alone would be dumb. I’m a pro at pity parties. The Martha Stewart of pity parties.” I said smiling.

“No guy in their right mind dumps a woman like you Lora. Have you ever been dumped?” Eric groaned. “Thanks for the compliment but what you see before you is a frequently dumped woman. It sucks and it always hurts like hell but you move on and learn from it. ”

I said taking a sip of coffee. “She was sleeping with some other guy at Texas A&M. I found out last night when I checked my email. She sent pictures and a long winded account of their weekend together and I’m hoping sent it to me by accident along with the batch of her friends.” He sobbed.

“Ouch! What were the pictures of?” I asked.

Wiping his face on the sleeve of his sweatshirt Eric croaked. “The two of them at a beach, kissing, a few of his ass and one of her wrapped around him naked from the waist up in a hotel mirror”

“So she has no idea that you know?” I asked. “Not that I know of. I wrote an email to her but didn’t send it.” He said draining his cup. Pulling him to his feet I led Eric to his computer and sat him in the chair. I leaned over his shoulder and clicked my way into his mail. I pulled up the letter he had written. It was sad, pathetic really. I hated to see him like this and I was certainly not going to let his cheating bitch of a illegal bahis siteleri girlfriend see him this way. “I’m not going to let you send this. Yes she hurt you but she was a total bitch about it and it’s obvious that she’s been lying to you for quite awhile. So we’re going to send something with a little more bite and less whining. OK?”

“I don’t hate her Lora.” He said tearing up again. “ I know sweetie.” I replied wiping his tears and kissing him lightly on the lips. He stared at me with shock but his shock was interrupted by the “bing” of incoming mail from his girlfriend. He clicked the icon and we read a sweet love filled letter that mentioned nothing of her weekend tryst nor anything to lead Eric to suspect her devotion to him. “I have to get this over with, can I call you later?”

“You can call me later but I’m staying right here so you don’t make an ass of yourself. She doesn’t deserve your tears.” I said matter of factly. “Fine, just sit over to the side so she doesn’t see you in the cam.” He said flushing with hurt. I slid my seat to the side and watched him click around and adjust the web cam. He got up and retreated to the bathroom to clean his face up and returned slightly better for it. Adjusting his glasses Eric typed and his scheming girlfriend appeared in a window smiling. I watched as he typed half hearted replies to her sweet lies and smiles. I watched as tears filled up in his eyes as she told him about her boring weekend of study groups. “Tell her you have pictures to send her” I whispered. “She can’t hear you, and what pictures?” He said without looking at me. I felt stupid and wanted to leave but I didn’t want Eric to be hurt any more than he was already. “The pictures that she sent you Eric.” I said, aloud this time. Eric looked at me with pleading eyes and I pointed at him with a black tipped finger and growled “Do it Eric or she’ll shit on you all canlı bahis siteleri year long.” He looked back towards the screen and sent the pictures and waited. Ten minutes passed and she was smiling for two of them. The camera updated and a look of horror spread across her face. “Eric let me explain” popped into the window. She wasn’t smiling now. Eric frantically typed his anger. I slowly unbuttoned my sweater and slipped it form my shoulders. I unhooked my bra and stood behind Eric. “who’s that?” popped in the window. Eric turned facing my erect nipples, his eyes froze. I leaned over him and typed,

“I’m Eric’s friend. A friend that wasn’t going to let you string him along and crush him while you lie and fuck some other guy behind his back!”

“You just lost a great guy”

I slipped my legs around the chair and kissed Eric pressing my breasts into his chest. He reached for the keyboard and I caught his hands and placed them on my breasts. He squeezed them and kissed me hard sucking my tongue into his mouth. I reached down and pulled at his jeans. I stood up and tugged them from his hips, Eric’s cock sprang forward and I wrapped my lips around the head. I sank his shaft into my throat and fondled his balls.

Eric let out a loud moan and ran his fingers through my blonde mane. I began stroking his fat cock as I swirled my tongue around the head. His hips bucked and his cock spit thick streams of cum into my waiting mouth. I wasn’t surprised at how quick he came but I the amount of cum his cock pumped into my mouth shocked me. I swallowed gulping his massive salty load down my throat. I stood up and saw that Eric’s girlfriend was still watching in horror. At some point Eric had moved the camera to show me blowing him. I smiled for the camera and licked the cum from my lips, then clicked off her window. Eric pulled me to him and kissed me I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly.

Eric still tutors me in math and we’re the best of friends. We’ve become confidants and lovers but keep it at the fuck buddies level. We’re both very satisfied. Plus he always has lots of cum for me to play with and never turns me down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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