The Masquerade

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The sounds of music filled the air joined with loud laughs and talking. It was masquerade night in Venice. Tania stood on the balcony of the hotel suite watching the people below. Her brown long cascading hair flowing about her lovely face down to her back, her wide green eyes glittering in the dusk light, her long beautiful wine colored dress hugging her body sexily, and last but not least her mask in her hand. Soon she would join the people below, this was her first vacation in her 26 years of age and she wanted to enjoy it.

He stood there in the dark alley mesmerized by the beauty of the woman standing on the balcony, he could not believe such a beauty was standing before him, in Antonio’s 35 years of age he had never seen such a sight. This was not his first masquerade and would not be his last, he lived here in Venice. “Ah, what a beauty” he whispered. Noticing that she was wearing a gown, he would wait for her to descend into the streets and whisk her away later. She was indeed a creature made for loving.

Unaware of what awaited Tania as she stepped into the street, her mask concealing her eyes and portions of her face. She slipped into the passing crowd, dancing happily. From arms to arms she was swayed. Men, women all were dancing and cheering. The beauty of this night engulfing her.

Antonio had been watching far too long now, it was time to step in before she was taken away by someone else. He danced his way through, holding masked ladies, and passing men, till suddenly she was delivered into his arms by a masked pirate.

She was smiling and laughing. Her eyes glittering in the faint light, her body even more exquisite in his arms, he held her waist tighter as they danced.

She felt something different about this new partner and then suddenly she looked upon the stranger. She was shocked. His eyes the color of the deep blue sea, perfect lips and a perfect form. She could tell that beyond his mask this man was extremely handsome. His black jet hair smoothed back, and his dark colored skin gave her the impression that he was not a foreigner. She felt his arms tighten at her waist and her heart leapt.

Antonio leant into her ear and whispered, “Good evening, beautiful, may I have the honor of escorting you through the night?”

Well she did need an escort and his voice was so low and charming and she was extremely curious about her masked partner, she replied “yes u may, Mr.?”

“Antonio, at your service, Miss?”

“Tania” she giggled

“What a beautiful name, for my sweet masked princess” he said

Tania’s heart was now racing like wild horses, his voice was sending tremors through her body and flows of sensation through her. “Oh my god” she thought

She could only manage a simply reply “thank you, kind sir”

They twirled, danced and laughed. Through the night their moves had become more sensual, his arms wrapped more about her, his fingers played through her thin dress. Her moves had become bolder; she would mold herself to him only to retreat back teasingly.

His occasional whispers of her beauty driving her mad, his fingers lightly touching her cheek, her hair and little butterfly kisses on her shoulders and cheeks. Tania was aching for a stranger, and yet he seemed not strange, he fitted perfectly to her form.

As the crowd started to lessen, couples moving away silently through the night, they grew quieter. Sitting at a small fountain, Antonio to her left, she suddenly felt his arms caressing her shoulders and she was slightly turned and pulled back against his broad chest. illegal bahis His lips against the base of her neck while his hands now caressed her long hands gently. She felt goose bumps rush through her as his lips rose to her ear and whispered, “Tania, my beautiful princess, I beg of you let me make love to you tonight”

Slowly she turned her face to him, capturing his lips kissing him lightly, she whispered “yes, Antonio, make love to me tonight”

Suddenly she was turned in his arms, her fingers in his hair as his lips descended once again on hers possessively, her chest melting into his, his hands caressing her back, sending heat waves through her.

“She tastes wonderful!” Antonio’s mind was screaming with desire. He wanted her badly now and if he did not break the kiss now he would take her into a darkened alley and have her. But no he wanted her all, to taste her, feel her and take her gently.

He then broke the kiss and spoke hoarsely “Tania, where do you wish to go, I fear I cannot hold back no longer from ravishing you here”

“My hotel room, I stay at the Hilton” she managed to say

Of course he already knew that, he then took her hand and slowly whisked her away into the path leading to her hotel.

Unable to contain himself, he backed her into a little corner, and pushed her against the wall, taking her lips once more as his hands moved over her body delightfully. Her little whimpers of ache driving him wild, his hands slipped lower, lifting her gown and sliding over her long legs till it reached her mound, caressing her now moist panties.

She arched beneath his fingers as her stroked, his arousal pressing into her, her hands ravaging his hair.

She felt it, hard and pulsating against her tummy; she moved wildly against his body, his fingers sending her over the edge, his lips, his tongue all of him driving her beyond madness.

Suddenly his lips left hers, slowly tracing down her jaw, her neck, down to the hem of her bodice, he kissed and nibbled, one hand drawing it down till one full breast was revealed to him, he eyed the erect nipple hungrily then his lips covered around it, sending her into a wild bliss.

“Antonio” she whispered.

“Yes, yes Tania, I’m sorry I could not contain myself” he said.

His fingers slowly leaving her wet covered pussy and his other slowly covering her bared breast.

“I think best we hurry my dear” he said, as he tugged her gently out of the corner and began a hurried pace to the hotel.

They reached the hotel lobby and ran into the elevator, both laughing and giggling as if they were tow teenagers in love.

How the room door was opened, how the lights were turned on? No one knew. All happened in a hurry and suddenly she found herself against the closed door, lips against his, his body pressed into her again, his hands caressing her and his arousal driving her mad.

She began to help him shed his clothes as he began shedding hers. She reached for his mask and he said “no, not yet. We will leave them on for now, later we will remove them”

She accepted that for the moment, because her body was overriding her mind, but she still wanted to see this masked man.

She stood there before him, naked as he. His eyes caressing her naked body as hers were too.

He then stepped in closer and lifted her into his arms, carrying her to the bed, her hair tumbling back against his fingers and her lips slightly parted.

Laying her back against the soft bed, she could feel the could kiss of the silk upon her back, his body slowly illegal bahis siteleri joining her as he covered her lightly with his weight, his lips kissing hers once again, his hands roaming her face, her fingers in his hair, then sliding down his back upon his muscles.

“Tania, I shall love you tonight, I shall make you fly above the Venetian skies, my sweet princess” he whispered in her ear.

Slowly, his lips trailed down her jaw, her neck, and down to each rosy peaked nipple. Suckling on them lightly, his tongue caressing, his teeth nipping, his hands stroking.

He slid in-between her legs, nudging him apart as he fit himself between them rocking his body slowly against her mound.

Her fingers digging into his shoulders and back as she arched beneath him, waves of pleasure rushing through her. Whimpers and moans slipping out from her parted lips.

He traced lower shifting to her navel his tongue running around, over and in it. Tasting her slowly as if she was a rare fruit, each lick, and each kiss savored immensely.

She parted her legs more as she felt his lips reach her bare mound and down to her bare clit. As she felt his lips close upon her clit, she heard a cry “oh God! And realized it was her. her hands now one at his head stroking his hair, the other lifted behind her head grabbing the sheets and tugging as the wild pleasure swept though her entire body shaking her from the inside out.

She tasted magnificent; her scent of lavender filled his nostrils, as his lips sucked gently upon her clit. His hands holding her waist as she squirmed and bucked beneath him. grinding his arousal into the sheets, holding back the urge to dive into her, his lips swept lower to her pussy, licking her folds sucking on each one, then his tongue diving into her probing, tasting her wetness, eagerly feasting upon her.

She knew she could not hold back no longer, arching, and bucking she felt the heat run through her and flow, her climax intense, her juices flowing freely she screamed out loud tugging at his hair harder now as she came.

He sucked up every last drop of her juices, his lips not leaving her as she shuddered and came, greedily he kept his lips fastened there, licking and building up more pleasure. He slowly licked his way back up to her clit, while one hand came to join his lips caressing her wet, slick folds, stroking, and then slipping two fingers deep into her, feeling her muscles clench around them, fucking her gently with them.

“Antonio” she screamed, “yes, oh yes” time after time.

He lifted his eyes to gaze upon her, her face was flushed, eyes wide and lips parted. “Yes my sweet, scream for me, beg me, and tell me what you want”

“I want you, Antonio please take me, and fill me” she managed to say.

His fingers still deep in her he shifted up to her lips, kissing her fiercely as he continued fucking her with his fingers. Her hands now scratching at his back, her body trembling beneath his, she slipped one hand in-between them to hold his hard cock and began stroking. Meeting his pace with her fingers, she smiled at his length knowing he would fill her as she wished.

He moaned against her lips and knew he could not hold on much longer, he could feel himself wet from his pre cum as she stroked him, knowing he needed to be where his fingers were. Knowing she would be tight enough to wrap around his hard cock perfectly. He wanted to dive into her, wanted to loose himself in her body in her scent.

Quickly sliding his fingers out of her as she came one more time, he canlı bahis siteleri shifted so he was between her thighs one more time, she stopped stroking and knew it was time. His hands slid down beneath her bottom lifting her up posing his hard cock at her entrance; he looked her in the eyes and said “now” as he drove hard and fast into her.

She screamed and bucked her whole body trembling. Pleasures ripping through her, she felt him deep in her filling her as she had imagined. She began rocking her hips lightly, telling him that she was ready for him to continue.

“Oh lord” he groaned out loud. She was indeed tight, he held her more secure as he began thrusting into her, moving rapidly, his whole body shaking, trembling.

He felt her tighten more upon him and he could not hold himself he needed more, he began moving faster and faster, thrusting harder, the more she clenched around him. The more his need grew.

“fuck yes!” she screamed as her whole body shook to her third climax, “yes” her head shaking from side to side, her fingers wandering down to her clit, stroking it now, intensifying her pleasures more and more.

He then sat back on his heels, lifting her body up astride him, her hands wrapped about his back his hands holding her waist as he lifted and lowered her upon his hard cock. Shaking all over he could not believe how easily she had wetted him, making his thrusting more easily as he impaled her harder upon him.

Sweat beads breaking down his forehead, he took her lips kissing her then nuzzled into her neck biting her skin lightly.

Once again she climaxed and knew that it was his turn next, he then gently laid back, stretching his legs not removing himself from her, she was now riding him, her hair tumbling down her face and chest, her lips red and swollen from his kisses, he held her hand and brought it down to her clit. “Play as you cum with me Tania”

He then once again held her hips aiding her in her wild rise upon his hard cock, driving him deeper, as she tightened around him, she stroked, she screamed, he groaned, he moaned. The room filled with cries of pleasure, the heavy scent of sex filled the room.

She arched back as she prepared herself for her last climax, she felt his pace quicken and he drove faster, grinding her down upon him. His hand came up to her hair pulling her down to him, his lips finding hers as he kissed her fiercely.

She moaned into his lips as she held her release back, he came hard and fast holding her tighter to him, he felt her clench around him milking him of each drop of cum he released into her, then she pushed back and rode him, screaming out her release.

Finally she fell upon his chest panting. Not a word was said, only the sounds of deep pants filling the room.

They lay like that for a while, then he broke the silence “oh God, Tania you are incredible” he said

Managing a whisper she said “and so are you Antonio”

Slowly the shifted her spent body into his arms cradling her, he kissed her neck, whispering words of delight into her ear, till they finally both fell asleep.

She awoke in the morning to a feeling of warmth around her; she opened her eyes and gazed into the eyes of the most handsome man she had ever seen. Noticing her mask was off too she smiled.

“Good morning beautiful Tania”

“Good morning Antonio”

“My god you are beautiful” he said

“And you Antonio are extremely handsome” she replied and blushed

“Tania? How long are you in Venice for?” he asked

“Two more weeks” she replied

“Can I be your personal guide?” he asked

“I would love you to be my personal guide” she giggled and pulled him down to kiss his lips.

And so was Tania’s stay in Venice. Mostly in the hotel room, being pleasured, loved and admired.

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