The Martin’s Family Sire Ch. 03

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Sept 1st (Nancy is now 9 months pregnant. Rachel is 2 months pregnant)

“On your mark, get set, GO!” Nancy yelled out.

On the far side of the pool Sam and the twins pushed off the wall and began racing towards her. Nancy noted how the girls quickly dove under water while Sam churned away at the surface. His muscular legs granted him an early lead but by the halfway mark the twins broke out to the surface and it was quickly evident he was outmatched. The proud mother watched intently how her girls’ athletic bodies cut through the water cleanly while Sam on the other hand, bulldozed his way through, leaving a large wake. Tiffany was the first to touch the finish wall followed closely by Ali. Sam brought up the rear looking a little bewildered.

“Oh! That was so close you guys,” Nancy said excitedly as she clapped to congratulate them.

“Sam, what happened to showing your sisters what “real speed” was?”

“Can’t be good at everything I guess,” Sam said as he wiped water off his face.

He knew his sisters played collegiate level soccer almost everyday and that they were probably in better shape than him. Still, he couldn’t believe he had lost so handedly.

“You guys want a rematch?” Tiffany asked full of confidence.

Ali immediately took her up on the offer.

On the soccer field, Ali was known to be faster but out in the water she seemed she had finally been outmatched.

Sam on the other hand graciously declined the offer, not wanting to be embarrassed again.

“Nah, I’m good. I’ll countdown for you guys instead.”

As he waited for the girls to get in position, Sam turned to see his mother as she walked back to her lounge chair. Her fat bottom swayed from side to side and called out to him as she bent over to fix her towel.

Nancy was only a few days away from her due date and her big belly was more pronounced than ever. She was wearing a yellow 2 piece suit and she had to hold her belly as she rolled on to the chair. The flesh of her swollen breasts spilled out of the top and sides of her bikini. Sam couldn’t help but drool in her direction.

“Sam… Sam… Sam!!”

Rachel’s voice pulled Sam out of his trance.

“They are ready for you to count down,” his older sister said laughing while nodding over to the far side of the pool.

Rachel was wearing a blue 2 piece bikini and was also relaxing on a lounge chair like her mother. Her complexion was a lighter than her mother’s but their bodies shared similar curves and proportions. The major difference now was their pregnant bellies. Unlike the swollen belly his mother now carried, Sam could barely make out the new growing seed he had recently planted inside his sister.

“Oh, right right…” Sam said as he looked back towards Ali and Tiffany.

Sam knew she had caught him perving out on their mother and he couldn’t help laugh at himself at hopeless he was to his mother’s charm. Nancy smirked underneath her sunglasses having surmised what had happened.

“Ready! On your markI Get set! GO!” Sam shouted.

The twins pushed off the wall and dove into the water again.

“Sam, why don’t you ever look at me the way you look at mom?” Rachel asked catching Sam off guard.

“Hah! You kidding? I look at you like that all the time. You’ve just never caught me.”

“Yeah… suuure,” Rachel said sarcastically.

“Ah well the truth is Rae, you aren’t 9 months pregnant like mom is,” Sam finally admitted while rubbing the back of his head.

“I don’t know why, but seeing mom pregnant in a bikini drives me nuts.”

Nancy couldn’t help but blush at the compliment. Lately she felt so fat it was nice to hear her young lover of a son still found her irresistible.

“Hell, even you guys can’t stop looking at her,” he added.

Rachel was mulling over what her brother had said when Nancy spoke up.

“Speaking of being 9 months pregnant. My boobs are killing me guys,”

Sam’s cock twitched as he saw his mother massage her breasts with both hands. He was about to fall under her spell again but the splashing sound of the twins behind him made him turn his attention to them. Once again Tiffany touched the wall first. Ali came in close behind her.

“Damn no wonder I lost. You guys more dolphin than human,” Sam told them.

Tiffany beamed with pride and Ali sulked having lost again.

They were still catching their breath when Rachel broke the silence.

“Mom, maybe they hurt because your top is on too tight. Have you tried loosening it?”

Sam turned around and noticed once again how Nancy’s swollen breasts squeezed out the sides of her top. The matter was made worse when Nancy tried adjusting them. More of her matronly flesh spilled out from the undersized garment.

“What’s wrong mom?” Tiffany asked.

“Oh nothing baby, it’s just these last few days my breasts have been hurting a little. I think it’s because my due date is getting close.”

By this time Rachel had gotten up from her chair and was checking on Nancy’s top.

“I’m going to loosen it a little,” she announced.

Nancy illegal bahis held the front of her bathing suit as her daughter redid the strings behind her. Meanwhile, Sam, Tiffany and Ali looked on curiously. Sam tried to hold his composure but try is he might he felt his cock stiffen as more of his mother’s flesh came into view.

“Aw shit… sorry mom,” Rachel said all of a sudden.

“Oh no, did it rip?” Nancy asked while trying to look behind her.

“Yeah, I didn’t even pull it very hard,” Rachel said while holding out the broken bikini string in front of her.

“Well, don’t worry about it. It was old anyway,” Nancy assured.

Nancy than unexpectedly and nonchalantly pulled her top completely off and over her head. Causing her luscious breasts to spill out wonderfully in front of Sam. Her nipples stood out noticeably and Sam practically drooled over himself.

Sam heard the twins gasp in unison behind him.


“Yes?” Nancy said unbothered by her nudity as she fixed the towel underneath her.

“Uh hello? Your boobs are showing and Sam is right here?” Ali said incredulously pointing towards Sam.

“Yeah mom what the heck?” Tiffany added.

Nancy tilted her head feigning confusion.

“Girls, Sam has been taking me to my prenatal visits for the last few weeks. Trust me when I tell you that Sam has gotten to know my body a little closer than even you girls have.”

The twins furrowed eyebrows still incredulous at their mother’s sudden and dramatic action.

“Besides, I think we can all agree we are all adults here. If we can’t be comfortable being a little naked around each other then I didn’t raise you girls right.”

Sam awkwardly looked away from his mother pretending not to care that his mother’s beautiful engorged pregnant breasts weren’t on full display. He could practically the pair of eyes burning the back of his head.

“I guess if you put it that way. It’s still a little weird though don’t you think?” Ali asked.

The words hung in the air heavy and Sam was thinking of a way to ease the tension when Rachel spoke up.

“I don’t think it’s weird at all. Actually I think it’s great that Sam doesn’t make a big deal about it and that mom is comfortable enough to be topless. It kinda of makes me want to do it to be honest.”

“Oh there’s an idea. You should do it honey. It feels great being outside and not having to deal with bras or even a bikini top. So much more comfortable,” Nancy added as she rubbed sunscreen over her now naked breasts.

“You know what? I think I will,” Rachel replied.

“You gotta be kidding,” Ali said as Rachel pulled off her own top.

Rachel’s breasts weren’t as big as her mother’s current 34G size. But they definitely caught Sam’s attention considering how pale her skin was. WIth the bright sunlight they practically glowed in front of him.

Nancy caught Sam gawking and considered it a good opportunity to have him run into the house to fetch them some drinks.

“Sam can you be a doll and bring your sisters and I some lemonade please?”

Sam put two and two together and excused himself to fetch the refreshments.

Once Sam was gone, Nancy again focused on her twins discomfort with nudity. She had no intention of pressuring them into taking their own bathing suits off but she did want them to be comfortable around her nudity, especially in front of Sam. Afterall, he was the father of her new unborn child, not to mention Rachel’s.

“Girls trust me, it’s no big deal. Your brother doesn’t care. He’s been around us long enough to know what boobs look like.”

“Mom I knew you were always a little bit of a hippy, but ever since Dad died you seem to have taken it to the next level,” Ali told her.

“Yeah mom, you used to get mad at us for not wearing bras around the house but lately you hardly ever where one,” Tiffany added.

“Well maybe that’s because your father, God rest his soul, was a bit overbearing and a bit of a prude to be perfectly honest,” Nancy said coldly.

“Your brother on the other hand is much more understanding and if doesn’t bother him I don’t see why you guys let it bother you.”

From the kitchen window Sam watched as the girls talked to one another. His twisted mind wondered if his mother and Rachel were trying to convince the twins to go topless too. He hoped so. He couldn’t’ help but gawk at his mother’s pregnant belly and swollen tits. The sunscreen made them even more juicy to him. He had almost finished mixing the lemonade when Rachel’s pinched her own pink nipples causing him to spill break one of his mother’s glasses. He quickly cleaned up and hurried himself in order to go back outside.

When Sam finally returned with the drinks he overheard Rachel talking.

“… no it was great and not weird at all. When everyone does it doesn’t really bother anyone,” she said.

“What are you guys talking about?” Sam asked, curiosity getting the better of him..

“I telling the girls about how I used to go skinny dipping all the time when I used to go to summer camp. illegal bahis siteleri They are to chickenshit to try it with you here,” Rachel informed him.

Sam set the drinks down and looked towards his sisters sitting on the edge of the pool. They both looked at him with an odd sense of apprehension. He decided to grab the bull by the horns and take matters into his own hands.

“Well, if you guys don’t mind I’m willing to try it,” Sam said mischievously.

Nancy lowered her glasses and looked at him questionably wondering what he was up to.

“Of course YOU are!” Ali accused him.

She was about to follow up and accuse him of being a pervert but she was caught off guard as Sam yanked off his swim trunks and leapt into the pool.

Although he jumped into the pool almost immediately, all four women caught his sizeable manhood jutting all over the place as he ran to the edge lept into the water.

The last thing Sam heard was Tiffany voice saying,

“Oh my God.”

Sam swam to the far side of the pool giving the girls a great view of his butt.

When he came up he had a huge grin on his face.

“I swear I think I swim faster naked. I’m not even kidding,” He told them excitedly.

“Unbelievable,” Ali said shaking her head.

Nancy having seen Sam naked decided it was time to jump in the pool.

“You know what guys? I’m going to join you.”

“Rachel honey, can you help me down the steps?”

Nancy and Rachel both walked towards the steps. Sam swam over to offer his support as Nancy walked down reached the edge.

The twins openly gawked at Sam’s as he came out of the water. He dutifully helped his mother down into the pool while his penis dripped water from it’s tip. They had both been with boys before and had even fooled around with them but they had never seen one as thick and manly looking as Sam’s. Their previous concerns were utterly replaced by pure fascination as Sam played the roll of exhibtionist.

Nancy sat on the second step and let the water cool her. Her belly was three quarters of the way under water. She watched the twins intently as Sam swam away from them. They hadn’t moved from their spot, most likely frozen in fear of Sam boldness and perhaps shocked by what they had seen.

“Girls come here,” she beckoned them.

They slowly made their way over to her and sad beside her. She decided to see where their heads were at.

“Was that your first time seeing a boy naked?”

“Uh no, not really…” Ali admitted shyly.

Nancy knew Ali was the most adventurous of the two. She didn’t know if she was still a virgin but she knew she had been with enough boys to know what a dick looked like.

“But I’ve never really seen one that looked like Sam’s,” she finally conceded.

All three women sat quietly watching Rachel and Sam across the pool as they shared something between them and laughed out loud.

Tiffany broke the silence.

“I’ve may have played around with Justin in High School but I never really saw him up close or in the light,” she said blushing.

“Well it’s nothing to be ashamed of girls. It’s just another part of our bodies,” she said in her motherly voice.

They sat idly keeping their thoughts to themselves until Ali finally spoke again.

“Mom, is it normal for boys to get that big? Like Sam I mean?”

“Ah, well… of course some boys are bigger than others, Sam just happens to be a little bigger than most,” Nancy answered carefully trying to hide her pride.

Nancy felt a little ashamed as she spoke to her daughters about Sam’s sizeable cock but she couldn’t help herself after having experienced it first hand. She was very well versed in it’s size, strength and endurance. She had shared it with Rachel, her oldest daughter, and now she felt compelled to share a little bit of experience with her twin daughters.

The girls were still sitting idly on the steps when they heard Sam across the pool.

“Mom look! I’m a submarine!”

Sam swam towards them on his back. Most of his body was under water except for the front of his face and his fat lenghty cock that stuck out of the water like a periscope.

“Samuel Martin!” she shouted in utter disbelief.

She wasn’t really mad at him but she really was surprised to see how blatant he was being. The girls beside her squirmed not knowing what to do as Sam approached them. It was only after he was 2 feet from them that he flipped around stood in front of them. The water covered him from the waistline down.

“Mom did you see my submarine trick?” He asked sheepishly.

“Sam, you can’t be doing that. Especially in front of your sisters,” She said sternly.

“Aww jeez mom, I was just messing around,” he said playfully.

He sat on the opposite side of his mother and kicked his feet energetically causing water to churn.

Having his mother’s breasts in full display outdoors made him a little excited to say the least, seeing his sisters in their tight bikini’s wasn’t helping either. Sam was still kicking his feet when he felt canlı bahis siteleri his mother place a hand on his leg.

“So what do you girls think? Are you guys more comfortable with idea of your mother being topless?”

The twins collected themselves after having witnessed their younger brother’s hardon only a few feet from them.

“Yeah I think so Mom. It’s not that weird when you really think about it. It’s actually more natural than having clothes on all the time,” Ali said.

“Good honey, I’m glad you understand,” Nancy replied as she wrapped her hand around Sam’s veiny hard cock that was still under the water. Sam slid back a until he knew his sisters couldn’t’ see him.

“What about you Tiffany? You ok with your momma showing a little bit of skin?”

“Yeah I think so mom. Actually watching you and Rachel has kinda made me want to try it,” she said surprising everyone.

“Oh really! That’s wonderful baby,” Nancy said as she squeezed Sam’s hardon.

Tiffany undid her top and soon her perky young tits were free and out in the open for everyone to see.

“Well I’m not going to be the odd one out,” Ali said out loud not wanting to be outdone once again.

Sam peeked behind his mother and watched as Ali also took her top off. He instantly fell in love with her small but perky nipples and distinct tan lines.

Nancy stroked him a little more quickly knowing fully well Sam was getting his socks off. Rachel swam over to them having noticed what was happening. She dove underwater and swam silently up to the steps to where Sam was sitting. She opened her eyes and although the water made her vision blurry she was able to make out her mother’s hand stroking Sam’s engorged cock. When she came up in front of Sam she nearly scared him half to death.

“Oh well look at who decided to come out of their shells,” she said teasingly having seen Ali’s and Tiffany’s naked breasts.

Rachel discretely placed her hand on Sam’s leg and reached up to feel her mother’s hand stroking Sam.

“Well everyone was doing it,” Ali replied defensively.

Sam couldn’t help but smile as he thought about how lucky he was to be surrounded by unabashed topless sisters and a horny mother.

After a few minutes of enjoying the water Tiffany spoke up.

“Mom how come you and Rachel are so much bigger than us?”

She said this as she nodded over to Rachel who was still facing them. Her DD breasts were wet and looked heavenly as they peeked out of the water.

“Well honey for one we are both older than you guys and second you guys do a whole lot more exercise than us,” Nancy replied as she poured water over her own luscious breasts to cool off.

Sam’s cock twitched in her hand.

“You guys are lucky you don’t have big boobs. They are kinda of a pain sometimes to be honest,” Rachel added.

Sam closed his eyes momentarily as his mother gently squeezed the top of his fat mushroom head.

“You guys don’t have to worry about your back hurting or finding a bra that won’t hurt and dig into you. It’s quite honestly a nightmare sometimes,” Rachel continued as she floated slightly in the water and palmed her juicy tits.

Sam almost croaked.

“Yeah, but still, they look kinda nice and I know boys like them,” Tiffany said wishfully.

“This is true,” Sam said under his breath but loud enough for everyone to hear him. Nancy gripped him even tighter, choking his cock.

“You shut your mouth Sam. This is girl talk right now,” Rachel said to playfully as she splashed water at him.

Rachel proceeded to made her way towards her younger sisters who were still staring at her.

“You guys want to feel them?”

Tiffany shied away at first but Rachel made her way between her legs until Tiffany had no choice but to look at her.

“Go ahead feel them.”

Tiffany shyly put one hand on her sister’s breasts and squeezed softly.

“Oh wow it’s so nice and soft,” she said in amazement.

Sam felt that his cock was boiling up the water around it. Nancy continued to stroke his cock steadily as she watched her daughters intently.

“Oh my goodness, they are kind of heavy aren’t they?” Tiffany said as she lifted her sister’s boobs in each hand.

“I told ya. And the crazy part is mom’s are even bigger so you can imagine how hard that is on her,”

Nancy took the opportunity to join in on the the conversation.

“You want to feel mine baby?” Nancy asked her daughter.

“You have to be kind of gentle though because they are kind of sensitive.”

Tiffany took her mother up on the offer without saying a word. Sam peeked over his mother’s shoulder in time to see Tiffany grab a handful of their mother’s tit. She carefully compared the weight of her sister’s breast to that of her mother’s. This was too much for Sam. Eventually his cock twitched once, twice and then three times before it began spewing ropes of cum into the water. Rachel looked at him and smiled as he winced and tried not to make a sound.

“Oh my God mom, yours feel kinda of hot and a little hard” Tiffany said in surprise.

“Yes honey. Pregnancy makes them get bigger and you see these little veins around my areola? Those weren’t there before. They are getting ready to feed your new baby brother once he gets here,” Nancy informed her.

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