The Man across The Bar Pt. 01

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We were out, one Friday evening, for dinner and drinks. As is our regular date night routine, we’re chatting, flirting and having a good time. Suddenly, I notice a man at the bar. I don’t mean to be staring, but he’s definitely eyeing you up…the man next to him looks oddly familiar. Unperterbed, I return to our evening together, though keeping an eye on the man.

I leave to use the restroom, and the attractive stranger approaches you, engaging you in chit chat. I take some time to primp, and when I come back out, I see, in a flash of shock and excitement, that the man has pulled you close. Your face has gone slightly pink. Finally, and most excitingly of all, the stranger is whispering into your ear, and moving his hand slowly…slowly upwards.

Intrigued, I duck casually behind a pillar to continue to watch events unfold. As he whispers to you his face betrays no emotion. You, however, are growing visibly aroused as his hand continues its tenuous march up your leg. I am nearly as shocked as you are when he actually touches your already stiff cock under the table. He begins to rub you slightly, and I see you stifle a moan. I decide this is a good time to return to the table; I can’t wait to see you attempt to play it cool after that.

As I approach, I distinctly hear him say, “Follow my lead. Let me ask her,” in a low, forceful tone. bakırköy escort I try to keep the grin off my face as I approach.

“Oh hello!” I say brightly. I turn to you. “Who’s your new friend?”

“I’m Ethan,” he says, confidently offering me his hand. “And you?”

“Marie,” I say, suddenly feeling shy as his gaze comes to rest on me. He’s looking me up and down rather hungrily…I shift closer to you and put my arm around you. “How do you know Rich?” I ask, nervously.

You begin to splutter inarticulately, your face still quite pink when he takes pity on you and cuts you off.

“Oh, I don’t really. He just caught eye, and when I pointed him out to my friend, he told me a very interesting story about the two of you,” he says, conversationally, “A very interesting story indeed…so I knew I had to come over and meet you.”

“Really?” I ask, slightly agog. I mostly stay at home and watch Netflix. I lead a pretty damn inoffensive life, for the most part. I wrack my brain, trying to figure out what he could be talking about.

He looks me dead in the eyes, and I just register their lovely green color before he smiles and says, “I heard you sometimes like to fuck two men at the same time.”

For a while I am absolutely speechless. It’s only your reaction next başakşehir escort to me that keeps me from slapping him in the face. Your hand grasps mine under the table and gives it a reassuring squeeze, as your face breaks into a nervous grin. I take a sip of water, and try to recover myself as best I can.

“And where did you hear that, precisely?” I ask rather more sharply than I intend to.

His grin does not falter. In fact, as he takes in my clear shock, it widens wolfishly. When I turn to look at you, I am rather annoyed to see that your grin has taken on the same predatory note. “An old friend of yours: David.” He points toward the bar and man he came in with.

Recognition dawns for me suddenly. “Aaahhh…” I breath, relaxing. “He looks different with a beard. How is he these days?”

“He’s found an open-minded girl of his own. They’re looking for a third themselves, but I’ve got a bit of a history with his lady love, so…he recommended you as soon as he saw you come in tonight.”

I arch my eyebrow at this. “What exactly did you have in mind?” You put your hand on my knee and squeeze excitedly.

He smirks and leans in close to whisper to me this time. I feel his hand on my other knee, and as he speaks, I can feel him begin to raise it with maddening slowness bayrampaşa escort up my leg. After a moment, your hand begins to move too, mirroring his, and he murmurs, “I’d like to fuck the two of you tonight. I think we can make a real evening of it, since I happen to like both pussy and cock.”

Instantly, I feel the wetness gush into my panties, and begin to squirm a bit on my bar stool. “What a coincidence,” I gasp after a moment, squirming out from under the teasing hands. “So do we.”

“I would like to propose that you both let me take charge tonight. I promise it will be an evening to remember,” he offers casually.

We glance at one another, hesitant. Although we’ve discussed this possibility, we didn’t think this would be happening with a stranger. Spotting our hesitation, he continues, “We’ll go nice and slow to ensure you stay comfortable. Anything you don’t want, let me know and I’ll end it immediately. Besides,” he says, his smile widening. “I have some decidedly entertaining get-to-know-you activities planned.”

I bite my lip and turn to look at you. “Do you want to?” I ask, trying not to show quite how turned on I am by this offer. In answer, you pull my hand to your throbbing cock beneath the table, and ask, “Does this answer your question?” I feel my own face break into a grin to match both of yours, and lean in to give you a long, slow kiss.

“Ok,” you say as we both turn back to you. “Ok…give us some time to go home and get ready. But we want to do this.”

He slides a card with his cell phone number on it across the table and says, “Take as much time as you need. But be ready to follow orders when I get there,” and winks before walking away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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