The Mall

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Your cell phone rings at just after 7 am. My name comes up on the caller ID. You temper your excitement and answer in the most neutral tone you can muster so as not to raise suspicions with your wife.

“Shhhh. Don’t talk. Northshore Mall, second floor, west end. There is a hallway that leads to the security office. Do you know it? Say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

“Yes. I-“

“Shhhh. It branches at the end. The security office is straight ahead. Just walk normally and you’ll be fine. The public restrooms are to the left. I want you to walk into the right corridor. It dead ends and is lined with lockers that no one uses. Be there at six o’clock.” The line goes dead.

You are relieved that the blush on your cheeks is obscured by your facial hair and mumble something about a late meeting, but your wife is barely paying attention so it hardly matters, anyway. Typical.

You pull into the Northshore lot at quarter to six. Distracted by what could possibly await, you nearly hit a teenager, who flips you off and yells, “Asshole!” You wave sheepishly without bothering to take your hand off the wheel. You find an empty spot a short distance from the west entrance.

Walking along the dim hallway, you pass a bank of payphones. You laugh to yourself, surprised that they even exist anymore. There’s a fluorescent light flickering overhead, and you squint your eyes as you pass under it. You stiffen as you have the distinct feeling you are being watched. You can see that the security guard manning the desk has her nose buried in a book. Then you see me looking at you by way of the large round security mirror at the end of the hall. You walk with confidence and turn the corner.

I smile at you slyly, my lips painted red. I’m wearing a short tan trench coat, buckled at the waist. A hint of the lace top of my thigh-highs is visible under the hem. “You’re right on time. Good boy, Alex. Don’t talk.”

You approach me. I take your hand and hold it for a moment before placing it on my crotch. Your eyes grow wide, feeling a noticeable bulge. You look around nervously. I run my fingers through your hair, pull your head to me and whisper, illegal bahis “I paid her off.”

Your breath quickens, excited that the young woman reading a book in the other room knew that something suspect was going on here, even if she didn’t know exactly what it was. Or did she? How much would I disclose to an outsider?

I’m pleased, and a tad surprised, that not only is your hand still at my crotch, but you have started rubbing the bulge. I look you deep in the eyes and deftly undo the belt. I let it fall to my sides. Next, I unfasten the two buttons holding the jacket closed. I take your hand and you whimper slightly as you are being guided away from me. I slide your hand inside my jacket. You inhale with pleasure as your hand runs across the fine silk camisole. I let the jacket fall open. Sky blue with just a touch of lace at the top. I can tell that you want to look down, but you are well trained and wait for my permission.

I plant your hands on my sides and slowly guide them down. There is a swath of skin between the camisole and matching panties and your heart leaps as your fingers reach it, cool to the touch. I let you linger long enough to feel the straps under the silk. I nod.

You look down, eagerly. There between us, is a fairly large dildo, very realistic and matching my skin tone almost exactly. Black double straps hold it on. The sky blue panties are holding it in place against my lower stomach. “Go ahead,” I whisper, “You can touch it.”

You rest your hand on the head, then move your fingers down, feeling the veiny, skin-like protuberance. You slide your fingers between the silk and the straps and look up at me, hopefully. I nod and you remove my panties. I step out of them and that’s the first time you notice the four-inch heels gracing my feet. You knew they were there, of course, me standing slightly taller than you. I snap my fingers and you hand me the panties. I push them to your face and you breathe in my scent, almost swoon. I smile and place them into your coat pocket. A gift.

I take a half-step toward you and the now-outright cock presses against your own. You groan with longing. I place illegal bahis siteleri my hands on your shoulders and push you gently down to your knees. I wag the cock with one hand, slap your face with it playfully before taking the back of your head with my empty hand and pulling your mouth onto it. You look up at me adoringly, sucking happily. I reach into my pocket and press the button on the remote, starting a low vibration. Your eyes get huge. In an evening of surprises, this is one of the biggest. I press the button again and the vibrations intensify. My knees buckle slightly and you catch my legs to steady me. I let out a low moan. I pull your head closer, taking in more of the seven-inch cock. You choke when only half of it is in, but it’s enough for a first try. I stroke your head reassuringly and you make one more push, taking another inch. The head touches the back of your throat.

“That’s enough for tonight, love,” I say and you whimper sadly in response. “Come up.”

You stand in front of me and I kiss you hard. The vibrator is still going and without your mouth to muffle the sound, it echoes slightly in the corridor. You look around to see if it’s drawing any attention. You wonder why I haven’t turned it off.

I back you up against the lockers on the opposite side of the hallway. I squat down in front of you, balancing on the toes of my heels. A draft brings a chill to my wet pussy. I undo your pants, relishing the sound as I unzip you. I pull them down to your knees. You’re beyond caring if anyone is taking notice. I reach behind you, grabbing your ass to balance myself as I take your hard cock into my mouth. With a little effort, I soon have the whole thing in my mouth, extending down my throat. There’s a purr coming from my throat and it feels wonderful as you fuck my mouth. There’s a steady metallic clang as you move against the lockers at your back. You press against the wall in an effort to quiet it.

Several times I pull my head back, letting my lips graze your cock from base to head. You taste amazing. Still, there is more to do and not much time left to do it. I stand up and kiss you. You can canlı bahis siteleri taste your precum on my lips and I press my tongue into your mouth. “Reach into my left pocket and take out what you find there.”

Eagerly, you fumble with the flap on the jacket pocket. You pull out a pink pillow packet of Sliquid Sassy anal lube. “May I?” you ask. I nod and you tear open the package, careful not to spill any. You squeeze half the contents on the length of your cock. I turn around and grab the eye-level locks on two of the lockers. I inhale sharply as you lift the bottom of my jacket and put the rest on my hole. I gasp as I feel the head of your cock penetrate my asshole.

You force yourself to hold still for a moment, to let me get used to your cock inside of me. “Go ahead,” I urge. I push in. Soon you understand why I didn’t turn the vibrator off. There is a second vibe element inside of my pussy. You can feel it buzzing on your cock through the walls of my pussy and rectum. You groan and for a moment I’m not sure what you are going to do. Slow and steady, you start to fuck my ass. Thrusting and releasing, thrusting and releasing. The combined pressure from your cock and the vibe are driving me crazy. I can feel the harness rubbing against my clit.

An announcement comes over the mall’s public address system. The mall will be closing in fifteen minutes, you lean into me, “Fuck.” “Keep going,” I respond.

Our breathing is in sync. Our bodies moving in perfect harmony. I reach into my pocket and hit the remote button, sending the vibe into high gear. You grab my hands and do everything in your power to be quiet, but a moan you are sure the security guard hears escapes from deep within you. I feel a final thrust as your cum shoots, hot and thick, into my ass. I feel my own ejaculate run down my inner thighs. You pull out and I turn to face you. We take each other’s faces in our hands and kiss passionately.

We hear laughter approaching from down the hall. I pull my jacket down, covering the lace tops of my nylons, and button up. Instead of fiddling with the belt buckle, I tie it sloppily around my waist. You quickly pull up your pants. We head to the restrooms to make ourselves presentable, the security guard glancing up and smiling as we pass the office. A few minutes later we emerge and you walk me to my car. It’s snowing. A perfect end to a perfect night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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