The Londoner

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May 12, 2018

Journal Entry

What an interesting, fascinating week, full of wonderfully unexpected and uplifting things!

I met Terri a couple of weeks ago at Limbo, a new hole in the wall bar a block away. She’s my age, a single career woman. We connected on Facebook, and she took me to Mexican food on Tuesday. After, we went to Tuesday night burlesque at Limbo. We had so much fun!

After the show, she left, and I stayed. I quite by accident found myself up at the bar, standing between two young men from London, here doing a documentary. Of all places, Louisville, Kentucky. Life is so so interesting! Serendipitous!

We talked at length about the differences between England and the States, healthcare, politics, prejudice, race relations, and so on. The Limbo closed down around 2, so we Ubered to The Back Door, open until 4.

Algernon, the older of the two, is a newlywed in his early 30s. Earnest, 28, is single. Quite a successful young man, the social media manager for a very large international corporation. I envy him. Not only his youth, but his early career success. I can’t help but illegal bahis wish I were there, back there, with my career unfolding before me, and the only thing up ahead sure success. I’m so happy for him. Happy to have met this young man, so carefree, so lovely, so open, so vibrant and so full of possibility and future. I smiled so much and so hard. I felt young. The young gift me back my youth.

After close, we Ubered back to my building. I sent Algernon back to his hotel. He was by far the drunkest, having fallen asleep at the bar. But I pretty much forced poor Earnest to come up to my apartment. He was drunk so his defenses were down, he let me lead him about with only a little protest. I promised him my intentions were honorable. I promised him over and over I would do nothing, I would not take advantage. All I wanted was a bit more time with him. More time to soak up the essence of him. He was captivating, enchanting.

We talked some more. I knew Earnest had to leave soon, go back to the hotel, and then be off to work, so I urged him to take off his clothes and lay down. I told him to make room for me, illegal bahis siteleri that I’d lay next to him, clothes on. I sat at my desk and we continued to talk as he sat on the edge of the bed in his boxers, the sheet pulled over his lap. I remember looking at that and thinking, “The poor guy thinks I’m going to attack him!”

After a while, in his heavy accent clouded with alcohol so I could barely make it out, he asked, “Why don’t you show me?”

“Show you what?”

“Show me,” he said again, gesturing towards his lap.

“Show you head?”


“Are you sure?”


“Are you really really sure?”


I walked over to the bed. I told him to move over and take off his shorts. I laid cross ways and took him in my mouth. His cock was beautiful, uncut and smooth. I pulled him back to reveal a perfect tip. He tasted delicious, clean and young and fresh and young. I’m not real practiced with the sheath, but I must have been doing pretty well from his response.

“Do you want to have sex?” I asked.


“Are you really sure?”


I canlı bahis siteleri reached into the secret drawer and pulled out two condoms. My idea was to give him options. Things seems so logical when you’ve had a bit to drink. “I only need one!” he said. We laughed.

I went to the other room and changed into my nightgown. I came back and laid down, moved under and drew him to me. The pleasure of his going in was exquisite. I made noise, it felt so good, so good. Normally, I would have heard myself and quieted down. But this time, with this beautiful young man, I didn’t hold in. I pushed my palms on the wall behind my head as he moved in and out, hard, fast. It felt better than I can say. Exquisite and more, much more.

I put my vibrator between us. I had an orgasm immediately, followed immediately by a second. He was working hard; he’d had a lot to drink. I asked him if he wanted my back and he said yes. I turned over and we took up again. It was intense, vigorous, intense, wonderful.

After, I wanted him to stay the hour we had left, but he said he should go. I tried to change his mind.

“I should go. I should go,” he said.

I knew he was right. He wasn’t running out, he had obligations. “Yes… yes,” I said, and stepped back to let him dress. He hugged me goodbye, then Ubered back to his wonderful life and his wonderful career.

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