The Lisa Chronicles Vol. 2

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The day was hot, the two of us both trying to keep cool as best we could, you laying on the couch in front of the fan. The both of us were drinking iced tea and just making a point to stay as cool as possible. I came out of the bathroom, having just made another glass of instant tea, and as I looked you over, and I saw the slightest little bit of sweat on your body, I smiled, instantly turned on by the shape of your body, your calves and thighs propped up on the edge of the couch, and my eyes slowly worked their way up your body, over your hips, then your stomach, then over your breasts and arms, then your neck and finally your beautiful face.

I slowly made my way over to you and I knelt down next to you, and you smiled and brought your hand to my head and began playing with my hair. I leaned up and kissed you quickly, tasting the sweet sugar left over from the tea on your lips. My right hand slid up the side of you and I began stroking you slowly through your shorts, causing you to moan and arch against my hand slightly. I then brought my hand up and pulled your top up over your breasts, then I took my tea and I dribbled just a slight bit in two trails leading from your belly button to your stomach.

As you slid the rest of the way out of your top I moved up over you slightly and I ran my tongue along the trail slowly leading up your stomach to the base of your right breast. My hand slid back down between your thighs and I began stroking you again through your shorts, making you wet very slowly. You grasped my wrist and held my hand down there, even though you closed your thighs slightly around my hand.

I began running my tongue around your breast slowly, circling on your skin with the point of my tongue, and tasting your sweet saltiness as I did. I finally got to your nipple and I sucked on it gently, then I dipped my hand into my tea illegal bahis and I pulled a little bit out in my hand, and I dribbled it over your right breast, then down into the valley between your breasts and then over your left breast. I sucked it up slowly as I felt you begin playing with my hair with your free hand, tugging playfully at my hair as you gasped and moaned as my hand worked you over slowly.

Your hand around my wrist then pulled my hand up and slid my hand inside your shorts and I slid a finger inside you as my other fingers stroked your clit. I moved my head back down and ran my tongue along the trail leading from your belly button to your left breast, and I slowly circled it with my tongue as I did your right one, the point of my tongue teasing your skin as I finally made my way to your nipple, which I sucked on gently, my tongue flipping around it slowly inside my mouth. I felt your pussy tighten up on my fingers after a little while and I heard you begin to moan louder and louder, drawing your breath in ragged gasps as you tugged my hair a little harder than before.

Finally you throbbed on my fingers and I pulled out just before you came, crying out in ecstasy as you were fulfilled. I then slid myself down you, my hands making it to the waist of your shorts, and I peeled them down over your thighs, then your calves and I tossed them to the side. I then grasped your thighs and turned you sideways into me, and then I slowly knelt between your thighs. You reached back and grabbed the back of the couch as I lowered my head over you slowly, bringing your thighs up onto my shoulders. I then slowly lashed you with my tongue, running it flat from the top to the bottom of your pussy, causing you to throw your head back and moan as I work you over with my tongue. I then begin sucking on your clit gently for a moment, and then I run my tongue illegal bahis siteleri back down you slowly, causing you to tremble already. I start to try to move up on you, but you wrap your legs around the back of my neck and yell “NO! STAY!” as you grab the back of my head and pull me back down into you.

I obey and I continue to work you over with my tongue, You rock your hips up into me as I start sucking on your clit again, my tongue and my lips rolling around it slowly, side to side and top to bottom. I feel you start to tremble again and I move up on you slightly, keeping my tongue and lips on your clit, causing you to moan and cry out. I finally feel you lurch toward me and I feel you finally tremble violently as you cum. You unwrap your legs from my neck and you let me up, then you grab me and pull me back down, but this time you put my back on the couch and you decide to make me more hard than I already am, straddling my lap for a moment, your luscious ass in my direction and you slowly grind it down onto my cock, making me instantly hard. You then smile with satisfaction.

You then turn and kneel between my legs, undoing my pants and pulling them and my boxers down. You then lowered your head over my shaft and began running your tongue over the head of my cock, causing me to swell even harder than before. You then took my cock in your mouth, sucking on it gently to start, then a little harder as you begin working your mouth up and down the length of it, and I moved my hands to the back of your head and I began playing with your hair, tugging on it gently as you worked me over with your lips and tongue. It didn’t take long for me to swell so much that it hurt, my cock starting to throb in your mouth, building toward and unbelievable cum. Finally I could take it no more and I felt myself release.

After you dealt with my load, canlı bahis siteleri you brought yourself up on me, not done just yet. You straddled my lap, and you pushed my head back as you positioned yourself over my cock and you slid your still wet pussy down my cock slowly and you began rocking back and forth, first slowly, then faster and harder, grinding yourself down into me, your hands clasping on my shoulders and digging into my skin as my cock worked into you farther and farther. I slid my hands back to your ass and I grasped it tightly, pulling you down into me as you ground your hips down onto me. I leaned down and sucked on your nipples and you in turn wrapped your arms around my head and I leaned up slightly, then I kissed you deeply, our tongues rolling around each other as you began rolling your hips onto me, my cock working into you faster and faster.

You then pulled me out of you and changed positions, turning your ass to me and tilting your hips down, backing yourself onto my cock again, and you began working your hips back into me again, making me start to swell inside you, and I felt you begin to throb and tighten on my cock little by little, and finally, when neither of us could hold back, you began rocking forward and back on me, mixing pain with pleasure for me, my cock hard as rock inside you, not wanting to bend. After awhile when neither of us came, I pulled you up off of me and laid you on your back on the couch, and then I began running the head of my cock up and down over the length of your pussy, causing you to gasp and moan again, and then when I worked it into you, it didn’t take long for either of us to build toward cumming again. I worked your clit over with my fingers as I leaned over and sucked on your neck, chest, and breasts and finally you tightened around my cock violently, then both of us exploded into each other, and I collapsed onto you, you in turn wrapped your arms around me and stroked my hair gently as we laid there. I pulled out of you and we both took our time getting dressed, and then we lay together on the couch and decided to take a nap…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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