The Last White Hope(Chapter 6)

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Fuck Hard

This a fictional story about becoming President of our country. It sort of parallels our present history and time line.

Chapter Six is about Tina with me at the White House

She was kind of toying with her dish of applesauce. I figured she had some questions about what happened to her this evening.

“What would have happened to me if you did not have those agents rescued me from those men?” She asked me.

“Are you really sure that you what to know, or should we leave well enough alone?” I responded back to her.

“I have to know, please tell me?” She asked me in a soft voice.

“You’re sure?” I asked her. She just nodded her head yes.

“Well there are 3-4 possible scenarios and maybe a couple more. The possible scenarios which could happen to you, all of them are bad. They all will involve you getting raped multiple times by different guys.” I told her

“Just how explicit do you want me to be?” I asked her with a serious look on my face.

She just sat there stirring her applesauce, with her head down, then she looked up at me with those soft brown eyes. ”I want to hear just what would have happened to me, tell it all anyway you want to.” She replied back to me.

“First is that they would take you to a safe house. There each man in the group, and we know there was at least five in the group. They are going to rape you as many times as they want to.” I told her. “They will fuck both your pussy and your anal hole. When done they will make you lick their cock’s clean.” I started out with the most likely scenario.

“After they get tired out from fucking you, they will let you rest, while they recharge their batteries. You will need the rest as both your ass and pussy will be very sore. The next day, round two with you will begin. This will keep up until they get tired of you as a fuck toy.” I told her. “They may even invite a few friends, both male and female, to participate in the fun.”

“After they are done with you, they may let you go. I doubt that would happen. Or they may take you to a dark alley and kill you. Again I think that is highly unlikely.” I informed her of those two possible side options.

“The second option would be to get you high on some type of drug, probably heroin. Once you are addictive to the drug, then they have you in their clutches.” I informed her.

“With your good looks, blonde hair, great body, they would most likely turn you into a prostitute.” You would turn tricks, in order to get your heroin fix. How long you will last as a junkie and hooker, I have no idea.” I said to her.

“The third option, is that the leader would keep you as a sex slave.” I said to her.

“What is a sex slave and what does a sex slave do?” She asked me with a puzzled look.

“Well first he would place you in a dark room like a basement. Then he will strip you naked and either put you in a cage, or put a collar around your neck and chain you to a post. Either way you will have a collar around your neck.” I told her.

“What is the collar for?” She asked me wide eyed.

“It is to show everyone that you are his bitch, or sex slave, and he will usually hook a leash to the collar to walk you. Also the collar could be used for electric shock, if so equipped. Or in punishment mode, it will have a chain hooked to it, to keep you chain to a certain place.” I answered her.

“When you address him, you will call him master. You will only speak, when you are spoken to. You will be punished for any rules that you violate. He will either beat you, or shock you through the collar that you will be wearing.” I explained all of this to her.

“Getting back to breaking you, it might be a few weeks or a few months, depending on how you reacted. The only contact that you would have with him, would be when he brought you some food and water. Or if he took you to the bathroom.” I said to Tina.

“When you finally break, you will have become his sex slave. He will then have sex with you for the first time. You will desire to please him, for he is now your master. You will do anything that he tells you to do. Most of it will involve some type of sex act.” I told her.

“You will always be naked in his house. You will clean the house, cook his dinners, and any other chores what he tells you to do. You will suck his cock anytime he tells you. If he tells you to suck the cock of one of his male friends. You will do it to please your master. After all you don’t want to disappoint your master.” I informed her.

“He may dress you up and take you tuzla escort to a sex slave party. There you may interact with other sex slaves, and be involved in various sexual acts. Anything that your master asks of you, you will always do. If you disappoint your master in any form, you will be punished.” I said as I paused to take a drink of water. “This would be something like the Stockholm Syndrome, where you fall in love with your captor’s”.

“There is one last option that they might do. I really don’t think it is very viable, mainly because of your age. But you are blonde and have a very nice body, with nice size breast. They would hook up with a middle man and sell you to him. He would whisk you off to New York, where they would put you on a jet and fly you to one of the Arab counties. There you would be bought by either a Sheik or Prince. The buyer would put you into their harem. You would be used as their sex slave, or to be used by one of their guest.” I said.

“All in all any of these options will end the way of life as you know it. You will probably never be in contact with any of your family or friends again.” I finished up telling her.

After I paused from telling her about the possible options, and all that could have happened to her. She had been staring down at her applesauce. She looked up at me, she seemed alittle pale and shell shock, and her eyes were moist. I could see her tongue licking her dry lips.

“Are you ok?” I asked her, and she just nodded her head yes in reply.

Finally she smiled at me and said, ”I think I will go take a shower and wash this day off me.”

“That is a great idea, you go take a shower and I will clean up the dishes. When you get done join me in the living room where I will be watching some TV.” I said to her with some enthusiasm in my voice.

“Do you want me to help you with the dishes?” She asked me.

“No No No you go take your shower these few dishes won’t take me long.” I replied back to her.

She got up and walked away as I watched her go. God she has a sexy body. What a great walk she has, with a nice sway to her hips. I put the dishes on a tray, and carried them into the kitchen. I washed and dried them and put them away. I walked back into the living room and turned on the TV. I started to watch CNN for a half hour, till 10:00 p.m., then turn the channel over to the local Fox news which was just starting.

Tina walked in just as the news was starting. She was wearing some type of silver silk robe over her nightie. She was showing a lot of leg, as she settled down on the couch next to me. I was sitting in my easy chair.

The news broadcast started with a report about an attempted kidnaping of an anonymous diplomat, which was broken up by the Secret Service. The kidnapers were arrested, and the unnamed diplomat was safely escorted away.

I looked over to Tina, and she had tears in her eyes.

“Come here baby, sit on my lap, and let me comfort you.” I said to her with some passion in my voice.

She got up and sat on my lap, and put her arms around my neck, and nestled her head onto my shoulder. Within a few seconds I could feel her body start to shake, and tears flowed from her sad brown eyes, as my shirt started to get wet. All the excitement and emotions of the day, finally got to her and she broke down and cried.

I held her tight and started to stroke her hair. I cooed softly to her, “there there baby it is ok, you’re safe now. It is all over and the bad guys have been caught.”

She lifted her head off my shoulder and looked at me with her tear stained face. Suddenly her lips hungrily pressed into my lips with a passionate kiss. I returned the kiss, and felt her tongue slowly enter into my mouth. Our tongues softly caressed together, as our passionate kiss increased in pressure. My hand slowly massaged the bottom of her perfect breast. She was squirming on my lap, causing my cock to get hard.

I broke the kiss and said to her, “it is past 10 o’clock, are you ready to go to bed?”

She smiled at me and said, “yes.” Then she giggled and said, “I think something is poking me in the butt.” I laughed when she said that.

She got off me and I got up, and turned off the TV and the lights. We walked hand in hand into my bedroom.

“I will be right back. I need to go to the bathroom.” I said to her with a kiss on her lips.

She smiled at me as I walked to the bathroom. There is a big mirror above the sink, which lets you look back into the bedroom. I could see her take her robe off, and drop her nightie, tuzla escort bayan and panties. It was mostly a silhouette view, but I could see her big boobs hang down. It made my mouth water. I quickly took a piss, and walked back into the bedroom and stripped off my clothes, and climbed into bed with her. She flowed into my arms, and locked her lips with mine in an affectional kiss.

“Thank you master.” She whispered in my ear.

“What is this master stuff?” I asked her puzzled sound in my voice.

“I want to be your sex slave for the night.” She replied back to me

“Are sure?” I asked her

“Yes master I am.” She responded.

“You will do everything that I ask of you, no matter what it is?” I further asked her.

“Yes master I am yours for the night, till tomorrow morning, to do with me as you please.” She replied back to me.

“OK come here slave.” I commanded.

We held each other tightly, kissing softly then with more passion, our tongues were dancing together in our mouths. I was gently playing with her boobs and nipples. I could feel the bumps on her areolas, as I increased the pressure on her nipples. Her breathing became a little more laborious, as her excitement between her legs increased.

I worked my head down her neck with kisses and soft bites, till I got to her boobs. I started to lick her nipples and then I licked the little bumps on her areolas. I took her nipples in my mouth, and softly bit them.

“Oh master, that feels so good, do that harder, bite them harder,” She purred at me in delight.

I took my teeth and lightly raked her nipples. I gave each of them some nice love bits, as I sucked them harder. Her breasts are so nice and soft, and I massage them gently, pushing her nipples deeper into my mouth, and I continued to inhale on her rock hard nipples, trying to deep throat them. I could hear her breath coming in gasping pants.

As I was sucking on her nipples, my hand was busy rubbing the lips of her cunt. I rubbed just inside of her outer lips. Moving my finger back and forth, getting my finger well coated with her love juices. I then rubbed her star hole coating it with her juices. When it was really wet, I then penetrated her lubricated star hole up to my first knuckle of my index finger, I kept pushing till I buried my finger deep inside of her anal hole.

“Yes master push your finger in deeper.” She moaned at me.

I worked her star hole with my finger, and I could feel her arousal, as her breathing got deeper. I invaded her wet pussy with my thumb, as I rubbed both holes, I could feel my thumb and index finger between that thin wall of flesh that separated her two holes.

I could hear her breath catch, as her excitement built toward an orgasm.

She gave a sharp gasp, “Oh master I think I’m going to cum,” as she gave a soft scream.

I removed my thumb, and inserted two fingers into her love canal, rotating them around and around as fast as I could inside of her. I could feel her thrust her pelvic up into my fingers. I reached up with my index finger and hit her sensitive G-spot on her vagina, causing her flinch and raise her hips up.

“OOO God master that is the spot, please rub that spot harder,” She begged to me as she exhaled deeply.

I kept rubbing that G-spot hard as I could, till my finger got tired. I moved over and attacked her clitoris. It was in an engorged state, and was hanging out of her pussy lips

“Master I am sooo close to cuming, “ She cried out in a voice full of sexual passion.

She locked her legs against my hand and filled my palm full of her hot cream. I pulled my hand free, and brought it up to her face,

“Licked my hand clean of your juices.” I order her. She licked my hand clean.

I moved her sideways on the bed, as I kneeled down on the floor to have better angle to get to her pussy. She parted her legs wide for me to have better access. I started to lap up the honey dew on her outer lips. I parted her outer lips, and struck gold. Her pussy was soaking wet with her cum, and I lapped up as much as I could. I pushed her lips up to get better access to her clitoris. I licked and sucked on it, and then I flicked it a few times with my tongue, and then softly bit it with my teeth. That caused her to buck her hips, and she howled out in pleasure. I sucked and licked her pussy and clitoris, till her orgasm exploded in a blast of her honey juices, drenching my face, as I tried to drink it all down.

“Oh master I am so ready, please put it in me now,” She implored me.

“Slave escort tuzla that is not the proper way to beg to be fucked, do it the right way?” I command her.

“Sorry master, would you please fuck me now with your hard cock.” She pleaded with me.

I moved up on the bed with her. I mounted her, with her legs wide apart, and I gently rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit, causing her to squirm. I kept tormenting her with my cock, slowly inserting my mushroom head into her pussy till the head was in, and then I pulled it back and continued to rub her slit. I did this over and over, till she was begging me to fuck her.

“Master why are you teasing me, please put that big cock into my pussy and fuck me?” She seemed to command me.

I jammed my cock into her as hard and deep as I could, and left it deep inside for her to adjust to it. I had her legs over both of my shoulders, and then I split them apart, and I pounded her pussy with my rock hard missile. With each thrust I made, I could hear her grunt in pleasure. Finally I could feel my nuts start to cook.

“Master I am almost there, fuck me harder, make me cum, “ She moaned in ecstasy.

I stopped and pulled my cock out of her pussy. I flipped her over on her stomach, and started to rub my cock against her anal hole.

“Has this hole ever been fucked by a cock?” I asked her.

“Yes master I have had anal sex before, but it has been more than thirty years since I was last fucked in my butt hole.” She replied.

I started to push harder against her star hole, but she was tight and I was having some problem penetrating her. I reached over the end table and grabbed some Vaseline. I lube her anal hole and my cock.

“Just relax baby and I will slide right in.” I told her.

“I will try master.” She said back to me.

She relaxed and I gave a push, and my cock slide right into her anal hole. I paused for a few seconds for her to get used to this invasion. They I slowly start to fuck her ass. She must be enjoying it, as she met my every thrust. I started to spank her ass cheeks. I think this surprised her.

“Have you been a bad girl, do you need some more spankings?” I asked her.

“No master I have been good, but spank me anyway.” She said

I was slamming her ass hard as I continued to spank her cheeks. They were getting red with my hand prints on them. I was getting close to blowing my nuts. I pulled my cock out of her ass, and rammed it into her pussy. I was hammering her hard, when her whole body shook, as she exploded into a major orgasm. I held her tight as I fill her pussy with my hot white cream, squirt after squirt went deep into her pussy.

I flopped over on my side of the bed and said, “slave go down and lick my cock clean.”

She looked at me for a second like she was not going to do it, then she moved to the end of the bed and licked and sucked my cock clean. She moved up next to me, and snuggled into my arms.
“Thank you master.” She said in a soft voice

I closed my eyes for a second, and the next thing I know it is 6:30 a.m., and I looked over and she is still in my arms. I don’t think we moved all night long. I disengaged myself from her and went to the bathroom to take a piss.

I laid back down and next thing I know there is a strange feeling going on with my pecker. I look down and see this blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock. I laid back down, and watched her, as she continued sucking on my cock.

She had my cock in her mouth sucking away, and then she let it slide out. She started to lick the shaft of my cock, down the cum tube, right down to my sack. She gave each nut sack a nice bath with her tongue and mouth. She then licked her way back up my cum tube to my mushroom head. She started to lick the underside of my sensitive head. She then she lightly rakes her teeth over that area, causing shivers to run down my back.

She licked the head of my cock, and my eruption tube exit hole with the tip of her tongue. Then she started to take me fully in her mouth, I could hear her gag a couple of times, till I was fully imbedded in her throat, and her nose was rubbing my pubic area. She deep throated me a few times with a swallowing action.

It was not long and my nuts sent a message to my brain, that an eruption was about to occur, as my cum tube an exit hole expanded to prepare for my flow of hot cum to be released. I gave a big groan and shot my load deep into her throat. I could hear her gag for a couple of seconds, and then she sucked me dry, and cleaned my cock off.

“Good morning master, did you enjoy your blow job?” she asked as she crawled up to me, with a mischievous look in her brown eyes, and her breath smelling like my cum.

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