The Last Jar Greg and Sabrina-Rough

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Greg grabbed Sabrina’s arm and quickly led her down the hall. He squeezed it, hard. His touch was brusque, almost rude. To her, it seemed that he was rushing, wanting to get to the bedroom as soon as possible. She followed willingly, but had trouble keeping up with his purposeful strides.

Sabrina is 5’3, mixed Asian and Hispanic heritage. The blend created a woman who turned heads around the world. Brunette hair, dark brown almond shaped eyes, flawless olive complexion, and a perfectly proportioned figure. She was spending time with her lover after her husband committed suicide earlier in the week. But in truth, she felt no grief—her husband, Rick Davis, had been a power mad bully, whom she was happy to be rid of.

Sabrina cheated on him constantly through the last five years of their marriage. She met Greg Turner on her last fling, and he captured her heart.

Greg was a self-made billionaire with a rocky past. Six two, body sculpted like a boxer, piercing blue eyes and sandy hair, he made his money in high finance. He was one of the few people who bet against the mortgage industry—and made himself fabulously wealthy in the process.

There had been a prison term some years back, but he was framed—by Sabrina’s now-dead husband. He saw her capture as fitting revenge.

But now, he was angry about a bogus news story that suggested he was responsible for Rick’s death. He would get to the bottom of it, but first, felt he needed to take out his anger on his newly captured beauty.

“Why…what are you doing?” she asked, panting as they reached the master bedroom door.

“Shut up!” he snapped, pushing her into the bedroom. He stripped off his shirt, popping two buttons as he revealed his broad, heavily muscled chest. “Strip! Now!” he demanded.

Sabrina was speechless. Where was the gentle, caring, man she fell in love with? This person was a raving beast, snorting, barking orders at her. She nearly challenged him, but something in his gaze stopped her short—his eyes were cold, ruthless, and raked her body like a laser.

Perhaps it was the news story that set him off. But whatever had done it, he was an animal now.

She shivered under his glance, quickly pulling off her blouse and shorts. She was still wet from their encounter at the table. His fingers had drawn her into an orgasm almost against her will, at dinner!

“Come here and suck me—now!” he barked, dropping his pants. His erection bounced crazily in front of him, a drop of precum glistening on the purple tip.

She hesitated, not knowing what to do next.

He pulled her wrists, grabbed her by the neck, shoved her head down on his cock, and commanded, “Suck, you bitch! Suck!”

“Don’t you call ME a bitch! Who the hell do you think you are?!!!” she snapped, livid with rage.

“I’m Greg Turner, and you’re my bitch! Now SUCK!!!”

He yanked on her ponytail and pushed his cock deep into her mouth. “That’s right, suck it! You know how!”

Powerless, she opened her jaws wider to take as much of him as she could. He was assaulting her mouth! What had possessed him? Where did this illegal bahis angry being, full of disdain and rage, humiliating her, come from?

She had forgotten his prison time, the rage he displayed which nearly had him sentenced to life for a stabbing while he was inside. As it happened, he was cleared because it was ruled self-defense—still, he harbored the anger as an undercurrent to his life.

It was something that had driven him to excel in the investment business. And as he observed the wild recklessness gripping the real estate markets in the mid-2000s, that same rage, that same disdain for convention, that same anger against Wall Street, pushed him to bet against the system with his credit default swaps.

A move which made him unimaginably wealthy.

Sabrina had forgotten that part of his past, seeing only the fruits of his labor in the opulent lifestyle he now enjoyed. And in truth, she never made the connection between his rage and his investment success. She thought the two were unrelated, when in truth, their interaction defined him.

Now, however, she was being forced to suck his cock as his strong grip kept her neck in a vise. He grabbed the back of her neck to prevent her from pulling back, making her gag. She was suffering, her eyes fluttering with panic as she looked in his face and received only his ice cold stare, his blue eyes penetrating through her as if she didn’t have a soul.

But it seemed to stir an elemental need deep within her. Almost against her will, she became excited by Greg’s domination. And as she got used to him thrusting into her mouth, she became aroused. She felt her pussy begin to throb, and her clit twitched in response to his actions.

She showed her desire by reaching around his waist and pulling him even closer, taking all of him down her throat. She stopped briefly, looked into his eyes, and said, “Give it all to me, cum in my mouth, lover!”

He continued to piston in and out of her mouth, faster and faster, until she was sure she would choke. Suddenly his whole body stiffened, and she felt his cock pulse inside her. The first spurt of jism hit the back of her throat. “Mmmmphh….aghhahahhha…!!!!” she gulped, trying to swallow it all. He seemed to come forever, spurt after spurt landing in her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s right, take it all…..!!!” he yelled, still pumping into her mouth.

Sabrina held onto his legs tightly, nearly losing her balance as he continued to punish her mouth. Her womb was throbbing in time with Greg’s pulses, while her nectar flowed down her inner thighs like a river. Almost by surprise, she found herself in the throes of an orgasm.

“Arrrrgrh…” she gurgled, slurping on his cock and rubbing her thighs together. She trapped her clit between her legs, increasing the friction since her hands were busy on his ass. The orgasm made her suck him even harder.

After what seemed like forever, he pulled out, letting her breathe.

“Damn, that was great!” he said, still hard. “Get on the bed!!”

She gasped, choked on his cum, but found her voice.

“Only if you fuck illegal bahis siteleri my pussy like you fucked my mouth!” she retorted.

“Get on your stomach—I’ll show you how I fuck you!!” He flipped her onto her stomach like she was a rag doll. She had never seen him as agitated, as powerful, as he was acting.

But she loved it, in a perverse and twisted way. She liked being controlled, even though she seldom admitted it. She immediately responded to his base instincts, despite having an aching jaw and bruises on her arm and neck from his vise-like grip.

She lifted her ass high in the air, letting him see her perfect butt and thighs covered with her juice.

He moved to her rear, and slammed his still-hard cock into her from behind. It was tight, but her tunnel was more than ready for him, sucking him in like a velvet glove.

“I LOVE HOW THIS FEELS!!” she cried, pushing back against him with all her strength.

“Yeah, baby—take me, take me!!!” he yelled, grabbing her ass and pulling her backwards.

He reached around her waist, found her nipples and twisted them until they hardened like bullets but became supremely sensitive. His actions pushed her over the brink.

“Cum for me, cum NOW!!!” Greg ordered.

“Oh Greg, I’m cumming….mmmph, AIIEEEE!!!!” Sabrina’s legs began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm exploded through her body. Her lower body stiffened while her stomach contracted hard.

Nothing. She could control nothing.

She felt herself floating in a cloud of pure ecstasy, feeling nothing but the sensations of her pussy being stretched to the limit, his strong hands seemingly everywhere at once, and her climaxes, making her pant and gasp, sweat pouring down her face pooling on the bed. He pulled on her ponytail, stretching her neck backward so that he could kiss her.

“Cum again for me, NOW!!!” She couldn’t answer, just grunted. Suddenly, she lost control again as another climax swept over her.

“AIEEEEHHH, mmmphhh!!! Nghhh!! Huh! Huh! Huh!” She was quivering, gasping, panting and grunting, as she pushed back against him, his hard rod scraping her vagina. He reached around her, found her swollen clit, and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Her highly sensitive clit triggered yet another orgasm.

“Oh my GOD! I’m cumming again!!” This time, Greg felt her pussy clamp down hard on his cock—then, he could feel her strong contractions along its length as her orgasm made her feel like she was turning inside out.

“Aaahhhhhhh!!! Harder!! Fuck me HARDER!!!” she yelled, pushing back to feel him deep inside.

“Yes, baby, yes!!!” he shouted, pushing until his long dick hit her cervix. The new sensation made her whole body stiffen and wriggle—no one, throughout the whole time she cheated on her husband, had ever penetrated her that deeply.

“OH GOD OH GOD HELP ME I’M…CUMMING AGAIN!!!!” she wailed, locking her thighs together to maximize the feeling. Her vagina took on a life of its own, throbbing uncontrollably in response to his thrusts.

Greg was sweating, his chest and back slick with perspiration, canlı bahis siteleri arms taut on the bed, and he felt his final climax beginning to erupt from deep inside. “Get ready, I’m gonna cum!!” he snorted, speeding up his tempo. His cock swelled inside her, and began to pulse from the base to the tip.

“Yes lover, give it to me, give it all to me!!!” Sabrina gasped, ready to take his cum.

“AAAAAHHHHH, NOW TAKE IT, ALL, TAKE IT TAKE IT!!!!!” Greg pushed one last time deep inside her, pumping his spunk deep inside her. The feeling set her off again.

“GODDAMN IT I LOVE IT!!!!” she screamed, quivering and grunting, her eyes losing focus, sweat pouring out of every pore, her hot juice raining down her thighs. Her orgasm seemed to last for an hour, building and flowing like powerful waves over her body, relentless and indescribably intense. She clutched the sheets, balling up her fists and twisting the cotton into knots.

“Hnghhh, SHIT!! I want more…!!! Wait, Oh my GOD!!!!” she had been hit with a full body shock that made her shake like she had been the epicenter of an earthquake. Her orgasms were coming so fast she couldn’t separate them—instead, it was like one long, continuous pleasure ride, rising and falling like the ocean.

Greg could feel her vagina squeezing his cock in rhythm with her jolts. He had exhausted his semen, but his cock was still providing her pussy with enjoyable stimulation. He slowed his thrusts to let her continue with her gyrations, and he was rewarded with yet another orgasm from his sex crazed Hispanic/Oriental beauty.

“MMMMMpphhhh….ngggnghh….Aahhhh…” she whimpered, at the end of her energy. She slid forward a few inches, and heard the ‘pop’ as his cock exited her vagina. Sabrina flopped on the bed, panting, exhausted, dizzy and satisfied, her still-clenching pussy leaking their mixed juices onto the sheet.

Greg laid next to her, out of breath. “So we need new sheets, but not tonight.”

“Nnnoo…, not tonight. I like the way they smell,” she stammered. “Thank you lover, but what got into you? I’ve never seen you so…agitated before.”

“That damn news story really pissed me off. Now I have to go to New York, that hellhole, and straighten it out. Believe me, there’s a reason why I live in this time zone. Those people are animals.”

Greg hated New York and everything it stood for, even though that’s where he earned his wealth. He was particularly proud of how he made hundreds of millions betting against the system the ‘smart money’ had set up—and that most of the smart money was in NYC.

He felt particularly gratified that he was able to wrest some of that smart money into his own pocket—and got to enjoy the spoils in his own way.

She gathered the blankets around her and offered her face for a kiss. “I want to sleep now, lover, but thank you for punishing me…I think I needed it.” She yawned and stretched her arms to him.

“You did, you were acting pretty cocky thinking you had me figured out,” Greg said, returning her caress. “Need to keep you guessing, just to make sure we don’t get bored with each other.”

“Yes sir,” she replied, “I won’t make that mistake again—wait, maybe I will,” she winked.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. Sleep now, a big day tomorrow.”

“All right lover. Good night.”

“Good night.”

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