The Journey: Pressed to Enlightenme

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Thank you to all of my many friends at ERWA who have given your precious time and energy to edit and help me make this a better story.

The Journey: Pressed to Enlightenment

Gymnos wakes up and rubs his eyes. He can hear rain beating against the windows. Fumbling in the dark, he finds the remote. The button responds with a faint click and the heavy brocade drapes creep open with a slight whirring noise. The rain streams down the windows as the gray light enters the room. What the hell! The weather lady had promised a sunny 85-degree day. He can feel his hard penis pressing against the smooth satin sheets. Running his fingers through the golden curls around the shaft, he thinks of yanking off a quick one. Looking at the clock, he sees it is already 9 a.m. “Shit.”

He slides off the golden colored bedding. Standing, he stretches before walking to the window. He gazes at the rain pelting down, the rivers of water streaming down the driveway into the flooded street. Suddenly a loud crack accompanies a bright blue bolt of lightning. A large branch from the huge Acacia is sheared off. The limb hits the grass with a loud thud and splash. Jumping back a foot he almost falls over. “Damn fuckers. God must hate me.” He turns from the window and looks at himself in the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door. Raising both arms over his head, he takes in his beautiful, toned body. The curly blonde hair that fills his pits glows like sunlit wheat. Unabashed, he gazes at the waves of amber that cascade over his muscled chest and continue to the thickly forested bush. His cock is hanging at a forty-five degree angle. He reaches down and strokes it with one hand sliding the other over his stomach. God may hate me, but I love me.

“Gym, your breakfast is ready.”

His mother always gets up early and prepares his breakfast. It doesn’t matter that she works the late shift at the factory. She always manages to break out of bed to take care of her family.

Gymnos digs through the pile of clothes on the chair and pulls out a pair of saffron colored silk shorts. Holding them to his nose, he sniffs to see if they are wearable. He catches a glimpse of his ass while bending over to put the shorts on. They drop as he straightens, gazing at his perfectly round bubble butt.

“Gym, it’s getting cold. Hurry up.”

Gymnos picks the shorts off the floor and puts them on, pushing his semi-erect dick down one leg and arranging his ball sack. Walking to the door, he takes one last longing glance at his body as he passes the dresser mirror.

He knows he’s handsome. So hot to be bad, is his take

He hops down the stairs and hurries to the kitchen. His mother is standing at the stove stirring something in the fry pan.

“Morning, Mom,” he intones as he walks up next to her. Pushing her raven curls back, he plants a kiss on her cheek. She is wearing a sheer pink robe over her baby-doll pajamas. He knows she is very sexy for her age.

“You’re going to be late if you don’t hurry.”

The storm obscures the view from the window over the sink. “Fuck school. I’m not going out in that rain.”

“Seriously? You have the big game with Stanford tonight! So the captain of the team doesn’t show up because he can’t go out in the rain? You got that scholarship for one reason: you’re damned good. You’re definitely going to school today.” His mother lifts the pan from the stove. She turns to the center island and scoops out fried onions and peppers with tomatoes. She gently slides the mixture on to the scrambled eggs. Opening the refrigerator, she removes a bag of grated cheese and tops his breakfast.

Gymnos sits down sullenly in front of the plate. “Some naked lady came by looking for dad last night.”

His mom turns to him, eyes wide. They then turn to a squint. “Naked lady? You’re so full of shit sometimes Gym, I never know when you’re pulling my leg.”

“Honest. The doorbell rang and there was this beautiful naked lady standing there. In the street was a bright red Escalade and a man in a black uniform standing with the door open.”

“Are you doing drugs again, Gym? Honestly, nobody walks up to the door naked, especially not a lady.”

“Mom, honest, it’s the truth. She asked if Kasos lived here. I told her yes, but that he was still at work. She gave me this card and told me to have him call her.”

“Where’s the card?”

Gymnos leaves his seat and goes to the front hallway, returning empty handed. “It’s gone. I left it on the table in the entry. Dad must have found it. I think her name was Sotiria.”

Mom runs out of the kitchen, down the hallway and throws open the basement door. She runs down the stairs.

Gymnos takes a bite of food, thinking briefly, and then turns to follow her. When he reaches the stairs, he listens but doesn’t hear anything. He takes the stairs two at a time down to the basement. His mother isn’t there. He smells something familiar, ahh, sulfur. The rotten egg smell from chem lab. “Mom? Mom? illegal bahis Where are you?” He goes through the basement but no one is there. He turns quickly and runs back upstairs. “Mom!” The only sound he hears is the wind and rain beating against the house. Running out the front door, he looks up and down the street. Suddenly, quite inexplicably, he notices that the clouds and rain are only covering a small area around his block. Blue skies are clearly visible all around the rest of the neighborhood.

He returns to the house, quickly moving from room to room he scours the house. He hears a loud clap come from the basement and returns there. Searching again, he notices at the far corner that the bookcase is ajar. A dim yellow light is shining out from behind. Walking to the bookcase he tugs, moving it slightly. He grabs the edge with both hands and gives it a strong pull. It scrapes across the carpet, creaking as it gives way.

He finds what appears to be a hallway leading underground, away from the house. “What the hell?” He peers down the dimly lit corridor. Apparently, it ends about twenty feet away. He moves gingerly down the length. At the end, it turns and goes on. Amazed, he continues to follow it. He passes the last light, moving slowly in the dark.

A door suddenly opens. An orange glow emanates from inside. The lady who had come to the house is standing there, still nude. She motions for him to come.

“Hey, where’s my mom?”

The lady says nothing. She turns and walks behind the door.

Gymnos hurries to the door and goes through. He stops abruptly as he is standing on sharp gravel. Looking around, he sees rocks and large boulders. There appear to be fires burning in several pits. The roof of the room is quite high and carved out of bedrock. He carefully inches his way over the gravel to a sandy path. “What the hell is this place?”

“You are in Thermopolis. Welcome.”


“He’s arrived. Zeus will be pleased. We must ensure his journey.”

“Gymnos is so beautiful, all golden and muscular, I might be in love.”

“Oh, Zephyrus, you’re too gentle a wind.”

“We’re here to watch, Oreithyia; it will be enjoyable at least.”


He turns to see the naked lady again. “Where’s my mom?” He notices that she is not so much a lady, but a statuesque young woman.

“She has crossed over to find your father.”

“Crossed over where?”

The young woman points to a gap in the boulders. “Beyond there. She has crossed to Galatian.”

“What is Galatian? Why is my father there?” He keeps looking around at the strange environ. Normally he would be staring at the naked woman, but he is so confused he doesn’t even think of her beauty.

“Galatian is a place of learning. Your father is there to learn the old ways and bring scholars there new learning. I’m sure your parents are sitting at Zeus’ table right now, laughing and having a joyous time.”


“Such lies, she is truly evil.”

“Hush, let’s watch.”


“Can you take me there?”

“No, you must find it on your own.”

“OK, but do I just follow this path? Will it be easy to find?” He looks at her, wondering why she won’t help.

“Yes, follow this path to the river. You must cross the river. It is very deep so you will need to wait for the boatman.” She holds her hand up, a gold coin between her fingers. “You will need to pay the boatman.”

Gymnos walks over to her. He reaches to take the coin, but she withdraws her arm.

“You must earn the coin.”

“How do I earn it?”

“You must please me.”

Gymnos grins. He looks her up and down. Yes, he can please her. His pleasure too, he imagines. “OK, what do you want me to do?”

She takes his hand and leads him behind a large boulder. There is a small pond with a temple-like structure in the middle. A small salmon-colored bridge goes from the shore to the temple.

“I am Canace. I live here with my sister Iola.” As she speaks, a woman who appears to be her twin approaches. “To please me you must make love to my sister. She will only be pleased if you also make love to me.”

Gymnos grins broadly. He follows the sisters across the bridge to the temple. The sisters lay across a large bed covered in linen and silk. Gymnos reaches down and pushes off his shorts.

“What are you doing?” asks Canace.

“I’m going to make love to you.”

“You misunderstand I think.” She pulls him closer. “We are immortal. We cannot have sex with you. You are merely here to pleasure us.” With that, she pulls him up to them.

He lies between them and starts kissing each one. The soft lips ensnare his eager tongue. He brushes his face against their soft pale skin as his hands feel their large firm breasts. He alternates between the two, kissing their necks and works his face down across their finely rounded shoulders. His mouth caresses the firm bosoms, then licking their nipples, the small ripe illegal bahis siteleri strawberries dripping ample mother’s milk on his tongue.

He moves his face down, caresses the firm soft skin on their bellies. Working to a kneeling position, he starts down to the golden triangles of their womanhood.

Suddenly he is on his back, the women above him. Their arms entwine around each other. He watches as they kiss each other. Their hands are fondling each other’s breasts and fall over their full hips.

His fingers delve into their wet folds and crevices as their hips writhe above his face. He can feel the large orbs in his scrotum churning with passion. His juices spray from his hard rod and cover the golden fur on his chest and stomach.

As soon as he has erupted the two vixen dive down to suck his sweet seed into their hungry mouths. The moment his load is gone they vanish. He sits up and finds himself naked and alone on a cold stone altar. The temple and the bridge have disappeared. His soft penis flops between his thighs as he stands. Looking around, he finds his shorts have also disappeared.

He wades into the water and the cool waves clean away the sweat as he approaches the shore. Walking up on the sand, he notices that the golden triangle around his penis has turned black. His chest is likewise now covered in course black hair. He leans over and looks at his reflection in the pond. The golden locks on his head replaced with onyx curls. His smooth-shaven face has sprouted a full, thick beard. He runs his hand over his face, gazing at the mirrored image. His soft olive skin now replaced by brown leather. He opens his clenched hand and finds two copper coins instead of the golden one promised.

He feels like a common field worker, naked and ugly, a pittance earned for his troubles.


Gymnos is calculating his odds in this strange land. He must hurry to find his mother. Walking along the path, he passes between the boulders. The path curves around the cooled lava formations. He treads gingerly as the black sand is hot on his bare soles. His muscled, naked body gleams with sweat, illuminated by the orange glow from the cauldrons of Hephaestus.


“So dejected, proud Gymnos? Not used to deceit?”

“Oreithyia, be kind. Poor Gymnos, your journey has just begun. We’re marking time.”


Walking for an hour, he is thirsty and looking for a place to get a drink. There are some scrubby looking trees ahead. He walks over to them. A small hill appears with a gurgling stream flowing down the side. It sparkles with an ambient white light from a mysterious source. Wading into the stream, he bends down to take a drink.

“Are you stealing my water?” A voice asks from behind.

Gymnos turns and sees a satyr standing behind him. The beast is holding a small golden sword etched with Greek symbols.

“No, I just needed a drink. I didn’t know the stream belonged to anyone.”

“It is mine. You may not drink without paying.”

Gymnos holds out his palm, proffering the two copper coins. “I’m looking for my father and mother. Have you seen them? Kasos and Aglea.”

“Mmmm, Kasos yes. So handsome, I loved his muscles and hairy body. His curly black fur enticed me. I had him stripped and ready to fuck when the guards came and hauled him away to prison.”

“Prison? Why would they put him in prison?”

“Zeus is rounding all of them up who have strayed. I never saw your mother.”

“I need to find them, will you help me?”

“No.” The satyr grabs the coins and stuffs them into a leather satchel hanging from his hips.

Gymnos shrugs, nothing to be done then. He proceeds to drink the cool water quenching his thirst. “Who are you?”

The beast grins, “You don’t recognize me?”

“No, I’ve never been here before.” He wipes the wetness from his lips. “Are you a satyr?”

A loud laugh bellows from deep within the animal’s bowls. “You are well schooled. Do you know what I require of you?”

Gymnos shakes his head, “No.” He looks at the beast and realizes how filthy it is, twigs and greenery stuck on its legs, the hooves encrusted with mud. The horns emerging from the black hair on his head look bloody. The face is a swarthy brown with a thin black beard. The manly chest is muscular and hairless. The mahogany nipples stand pronounced and erect.

The satyr turns toward Gymnos and it is then that he sees the long penis hanging between the furry legs. It is growing quickly. Gymnos turns away and starts running. The satyr takes two bounding leaps and catches him. He smells the satyr’s rotten breath invading his nostrils as he is dragged to the ground.

“I must fuck you.”

“Why? I don’t want you to fuck me!”

“It is my nature.”

Gymnos tries squirming his way out of the animal’s grasp. He can feel his heart pounding in his chest as he watches the giant cock over his body.

The satyr loosens its grip. He looks over Gymnos’ body carefully. “You canlı bahis siteleri are enchanted.”

“What do you mean?”

“This is not your body. Who has enchanted you? Have you copulated with immortals?” The satyr leans his face down to Gymnos and smells carefully. “You have pleasured Canace, haven’t you?”

“Yes, she told me she would give me a gold coin for the boatman if I pleasured her and her sister.”

“Where is the gold coin, I want it.”

“She didn’t give it to me. She left me those two copper coins I gave you.”

“Ha, yes, she is a trickster. You are aware she is a devil.”

“I thought she was a goddess.”

“Yes, you would.” The satyr jumps up, takes Gymnos’ hand. “Come, bathe in the stream, I can’t fuck you with Canace’s smell on you.”

“No! I don’t want you to fuck me even if I am clean.”

“You don’t have a choice. You need a coin for the boatman. I will give you the coin but I must enter you first.” He pulls Gymnos to the stream. As the satyr enters the water, he turns into a beautiful young man.

Gymnos gazes at the youth. He has long black hair, soft olive skin and a handsome muscled body. His large brown hooded penis hangs over huge hairy balls. The young man bathes Gymnos with the cool water, gliding his hands over every inch of his body. Gymnos becomes enchanted by the young stud as he makes love to his body.

“I am Mentes.” He points to a grassy area by the stream under a tree. “Lay over there with me.”

Gymnos and Mentes lie together and start kissing, their cocks becoming hard with passion. They run their hands over each other’s muscles; their sweaty bodies heaving with lust. Tongues clash and twist around each other in their longing mouths. Their hot breath feeds their urgency. Mentes slides down between Gymnos’ legs. He gently licks the balls, hard shaft, and then lifts the legs to gain entrance to the virgin hole. Mentes’ hard cock is covered in slick pre-cum as it gently glides in the tight opening. He fucks Gymnos heatedly for a long while. His ass muscles flex and bulge with each powerful stroke. The two men moan in pleasure. Gymnos can feel himself close to orgasm and he opens his eyes as he releases. He gasps as he sees the satyr taking the last few strokes in his ass and filling him with evil seed.

The satyr jumps up, opens the leather bag on his waist and pulls out a gold coin. “Here, this is for the boatman; do not lose it. You won’t get another.” He turns quickly and bounds away.


“Such powerful rutting! Delightful to watch,” Sighs Zephyrus.

“A common whore as he deserves not such a soft bed.”


Gymnos lays there. He feels violated, but also elated. Hating that he has been fucked, but loving the passion he has never before experienced. He has the coin he requires. Gymnos knows he must move on quickly, but cannot budge.


He falls into a deep sleep in the fragrant grass. Worn out from the entire journey and all of the sex. When he awakens, he is terribly hungry. He’s thinking to himself how nice it would be if there were a Burger King or Arby’s nearby. He hears someone singing in the background. Gymnos stands and stretches, wincing a bit from his sore sphincter. He turns and sees a beautiful young maiden sitting under the tree. She is clothed in a gossamer sheath, fitting tightly to her body. The fair hair, dazzling blue eyes and small, beautifully rounded breasts delight him. Her legs are toned and a pale pastel pink.

He knows he must continue, but he’s curious. “Hello, I’m Gymnos, who are you?”

“I’m Khloe. You’ve been bathing in my stream.”

“Your stream? Mentes told me it was his stream.”

“Yes, he would. He likes to steal from me.”

“Are you a goddess?”

“No, I’m a naiad.”

“What’s a naiad? I’ve never heard of that.”

“A water nymph. This is my stream.”

Gymnos walks over to her. “Yes, I’ve heard of nymphs. You’re very beautiful. You look very young.”

“Yes, I am beautiful to you because I want to be. I watched Mentes fucking you. It made me want you for myself. Your sex is very erotic.”

“You like watching men fucking? You should have joined us, it would have been much better for me that way.”

“No, I couldn’t. Satyrs hate naiads. We can make love now though, if you want to.”

Gymnos sits down next to her. “I would love to pleasure you, but I’ve had some bad experiences down here. How can I know you’ll be different?” He reaches his hand out, touching hers.

She pulls her arm back sharply. “You’re a god!” She rolls away from him, looking at him closely. “Why do you look like a human? Are you hiding?”

“Mentes said I was enchanted by Canace.”

“You made love to Canace-Iola?”

“Well, I didn’t fuck them, but I did kiss them and pleasure their bodies.”

“Their? You mean her. Canace-Iola is a two-headed demon. She must have known you would see through her disguise if your cock penetrated her vagina.”

“She told me mortals couldn’t fuck immortals. Why do you say I am a god?”

“I felt it when you touched me. Did your countenance change after your encounter with Canace-Iola?”

“Yes, when I bathed in the pond my hair turned black and my skin turned rough and brown.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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