The Jessica Meetings Ch. 2

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I came into your apartment and there you were, standing with only a towel wrapped around you as you had just gotten out of the shower. I placed my hands on your hips while my tongue began to search your hot, wet, velvety mouth, and I pushed you backward toward your bedroom.

When we got there, I lifted you up on the bed and I stripped out of my clothes, then I yanked the towel off of you and I lay down on the bed next to you. I then whispered in your ear what I wanted you to do while I was kissing and nibbling on your neck and shoulders. You responded by moving yourself on top of me, then turning so you were facing away from me in a doggy style position, then you backed yourself up so your slit was over my face. I leaned up into you, my hands caressing your thighs, and then your ass as my tongue slurped along the length of your slit, making the lips puffy with excitement and moist from my tongue. I then slid a finger inside you and began pumping it around inside you, then began stroking your clit slowly until it began poking out from your slit.

I then leaned up even more and took your clit into illegal bahis my mouth sucking on it and running my lips back and forth along while my tongue probed and flicked at it. You began moving your hips, mashing your hot, wet pussy against my face, but I didn’t care, I continued to finger your pussy, making my fingers go in even deeper, making you even wetter by the moment as you moaned and gasped in ecstasy.

As I felt your pussy tense on my fingers, my hands slid to your ass and I pushed you up off my face, then I rolled you to the side and I slid my hands between your thighs. I pried them open ever so gently and began stroking you again before I ran my cock up and down along your slit, occasionally stopping with the head of it to play with your clit, making you moan until you were begging me to fuck you with it. I kept my hand on it and slowly guided it into you, sliding the fat head inside you a couple inches, then slowly working it inside you in circles until I got to the hilt of my shaft. Then I slowly pulled it out, taking a good couple of minutes to finally get it out of you, then I illegal bahis siteleri entered you again even more slowly, taking five minutes to get it back inside you fully. I then grabbed your wrists and pinned your hands down while I lowered my mouth over your right breast and began sucking on the nipple, rolling around my tongue on it until it became hard as rock, then I pulled my mouth off it and went to your left nipple.

Meanwhile I began thrusting hard into you, pulling out of you and bringing my cock to the top of your slit, then as I went back in I drove it along to the bottom of your slit. Then after I pulled out I drove it back in again, to the top of you again, working it up and down inside you as I thrust in and out, each thrust penetrating deeper into you as it goes. I hear you cry out YES! I keep your hands pinned down while my mouth works your breasts over and my cock works your insides over. I felt myself building up already, but I pushed it back and held off from cumming until you began screaming my name and yelling for me to cum in you. I finally let loose but I stayed hard, canlı bahis siteleri and you arched your back with pleasure as you were satisfied only a few moments later.

I then let go of your wrists and grasped you under the hips and rolled you on top of me, and my hands found your ass and began grasping it hard enough to leave handprints. I then began pulling you down into me almost painfully as you began to ride me, arching your back slowly as you rocked back and forth, going farther and farther back each time. Finally, after a little bit, you were rocking all the way up to kiss me momentarily and then back all the way so your head touched the bed. You continued to thrash wildly on my shaft, keeping it deep inside you, biting your lip as both you and I felt your insides grow warm with excitement and your pussy tighten on my cock, making it almost hurt as you rode me harder and harder with each second. My hands finally came off your ass and moved to your breasts, pinching your nipples lightly as you rode me, using them to pull you down onto me as you came forward and down.

I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and I came again inside you, but that wasn’t until after you came. When you felt me cum you fell forward and collapsed onto me, and I wrapped my arms around you and we lay there for some time, just kissing and holding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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