The Island

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Big Dicks

Men have sex with men. Women have sex with women. No farm animals were injured (or used) in writing this story. Nobody in this story is under the age of eighteen. None of the fictional characters have never had any sort of sexual thought until they reach the age of eighteen, at which time sex becomes an epiphany. Thus, I comply with the moral guardians of this site.

I’m Jim, 45 years old, married to Susan. Everybody wants the picture, so here. We’re both runners and swimmers with that long, lean build. Susan 5’10” brown and brown, almost a B cup. Me, 6’3″ brown and brown, oh, and 7 maybe 8 inches, cut with a nice big ‘soldiers helmet’ head. One more thing, both Susan and I shave our bodies, not a hair below our eyelashes. This is a sex story, after all.

I’m an Architect. I have my own boutique firm, specializing in athletic facilities. My daughter, Lucy— she and her brother Luke are twenty-five-year-old twins— graduated from an architecture program, and she has joined the firm as a junior partner. Actually, we are the firm. I have a team of drawing people, but Lucy and I are the only principals.

Lucy and Luke, no surprise, are younger versions of us. Tall, lean, muscular. Lucy, 5’10” and small-breasted like her mom, brown hair and green eyes. Luke 6’2″ Brown and brown, also very athletic and has an internship to become a lawyer, sadly. Just kidding, it’s what he wants, and he will do well. Besides, the firm gets free legal advice.

That’s enough for now. I’ll fill in more as I go. I want to get to the story.

Lucy and I are headed to a meeting at a local hotel. Not uncommon, our clients are from all over the world, and sometimes we go to them, and sometimes they come to us. The client is requesting a multi-use athletic/social building. We don’t know anything else, just that the projected budget is within our expected range. Luke got us the referral from his internship.

“So, dad. They didn’t tell you where this is going to be, what it is going to be part of, who’s paying for it, or anything? You don’t operate like this.”

“No, Luce, I don’t, but your brother got us the referral, and something about this intrigued me. The meeting was local, and if I’m wrong and they are a bunch of nuts, you get some experience, and we have a story to tell.”

Lucy laughed, “Sounds good, pops. You buying lunch after?”


Our first surprise was when a male standing outside the door to the room requested any electronics we were carrying. The table next to him had a cell phone on it. We took ours out and put them next to it. The young man produced a wand and quickly scanned us. The next was the NDA. It was short and to the point and not unusual. Lucy and I signed, the young man witnessed.

“Thank you. Go on in.”

The woman was not tall,l five feet even, blond and blue, trim and curvy, and all business around my age. A strong handshake.

“I’m Grace Simpkins, general manager of Sand Haven Resort.”

“Good Morning, Ms. Simpkins, I’m Jim Spencer, and this is Lucy Spencer. We are the partners in the firm.”

We sat, and Lucy and I got out our pads with our questions. Our host started right in.

“You won’t need to make notes. This meeting will be short. Yours is the tenth architecture firm we have contacted. This is not a reflection of your reputation. Yours is one of many highly regarded firms on our list. The challenge is in our facility and our demands.

“Sand Haven is a clothing-free hedonistic resort on a small tropical island. Why not just go to Hedo II? Because these people require privacy, and we provide it. Our members are all wealthy, and we have several recognizable members, either from being celebrities or public figures in business or politics. We have standards, so the members are all in good physical condition, perhaps not beautiful, but no overweight lumps in poor health. We sell an experience. They come here for guaranteed privacy and discretion, and fun. We have NDA’s that we enforce by any means, and I mean ANY. The young man out front is part of that. They are not bound by any law or moral code and are well paid.

“No electronics are allowed on our premises. This meeting is not being recorded because of our NDA’s. I’ll be very blunt. We have people that will make your life hell if you disclose anything from this meeting. We will ruin your reputation.”

Lucy and I shared a startled look.

“You will be required to stay at the site for at least one week. You are our guests and are free to stay longer, but one week is the minimum. Yes, you will be required to be naked. You will observe people having sex in a wide variety of situations. Watching is an accepted part of the Sand Haven experience. However, both of you will wear a blue elastic bracelet on your ankle that identifies you as ‘non-participating guests.’ You can play tennis and volleyball, use the track and the gym, but sex with members is not permitted. Oh, you can masturbate anywhere. It’s not uncommon, but no contact with members.”

Grace bostancı escort stood.

“We’re done here. This is not meant to try and change your mind, but we have many powerful, wealthy people on our member list, and a good project will result in more work for you in a more conventional format. I’m sorry to be abrupt, but in my experience, there is no point in further discussion unless you agree to our terms. If you agree, we will proceed with design details and cost projections. It has been a pleasure meeting you, and please let me know your decision within a week.”

She left the room. The young man came in and placed our phones on the table, and left. Lucy and just stood there. She smiled.

“Well, THAT was not what I ever would have expected.”

I shook my head, “Boy, you got that right.”

A tense silence ensued. I took the lead.

“Okay, Luce. Unless this is an outright no for you, we need to say no more about this and just ponder it to ourselves for a day. I will tell mom because that’s our relationship. You know enough about the firm that we don’t need this job. It would be nice. Certainly unique, and the possibility of networking is tempting. You must make your decision based on your feelings only. Can you do that?”

Lucy looked straight into my eyes, “Yes, dad, I can. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“One week naked at a hedo resort full of hot movie actresses having sex in public?” Susan howled with laughter, “You’ll be out on your ass in two days. You can’t keep your hands off me for 24 hours.”

“I’ve never heard you complain.”

“No, baby, I love it. But a week is a long time. I’ll have Betty and Phil if you don’t mind, but you’re stuck on boner island with our daughter. Oh shit. Wait a minute, she’ll be naked too.”

“Uh, yeah, that has already occurred to me, thank you very much.”

“Shit. I’m sorry, babe. This is going to be tough. I never thought our little game was ever going to be real, but now…”

A little background. Betty and Phil are our closest and deepest friends. We met in college, and in that wild college way, we ended up all having sex. Well, we never stopped. We’re not swingers, in that go to clubs or online stuff. It’s just the four of us, that’s enough. So, if I’m away, Susan has them to keep her satisfied.

So, the other thing. I was drunk one night and admitted to Susan that I thought Lucy was hot. We got naked, and she pretended to be Lucy. It was more exciting than either of us thought it would be, and now it’s part of our sex play. I’ve never tried anything, no stealing panties, peeking, nothing. But she is a very attractive woman. We thought it was a harmless game. Now I’ll be a week with my fantasy naked. I have no idea how I will react. I know I won’t be stupid. What I worry about is, will I be hard around her all the time, and will she figure out her father and boss is a pervert creep.

“Susan, baby, this is so off-the-scale. I’m afraid my reaction will tip Lucy off to our game. Maybe it’s best if I say no.”

My wife was sitting on the bed. I stood in front of her. She reached out and caressed my hardening cock through my pants. She unhooked my belt and dropped my pants. She kissed my erection through my briefs.

“No, baby. Don’t say no. Do it. Take a chance. You do great work, and I’ll bet you get some great work from this.”

She pulled down my briefs and took my hard cock in her hand.

“As for Lucy, I don’t know. She may say no, then it’s over. But if she says yes, it means she’s okay being naked around daddy.”

Susan wrapped her warm wet mouth around my cock and sucked me for a few seconds before releasing me.

“You never know.”

She sucked my cock a few strokes and paused, “Daddy, did you see that movie actor getting fucked by the pool? I got so horny. Can you help me, daddy?”

Rational thought on the topic ended there, and nasty sex with my wife took over.

The next morning, Lucy stopped by. I had a plan.

“Okay, I have six cards. Yes is written on three, no on the others. We each have a pair. Shuffle them up in your hand a few times so we can’t tell which is which and then put one, face down, on the table. One no kills the project.”

“Why not just say it?” Susan asked.

“Because the no voter will feel responsible and blamed. This way, nobody ever knows. Even you and I keep this secret.”

Susan nodded assent. I handed out cards, and we shuffled them around in our hands. We each put one on the table. I picked them up and shuffled them around and, one by one flipped them. Three yeses.

“Well, Lucy, looks like we have a vacation ahead.”

Susan jumped in, “Two days.”

Lucy looked at her, “Huh?”

I laughed, “Your mother was being funny. We enjoy a rather regular sex life, and she’s saying I’ll assault some movie actress out of frustration after two days of watching other people have sex.”

“You’re a riot mom. You two are blessed. If dad’s gonna get booted ümraniye escort bayan in two days, I’ll be lucky to make one. It’s been almost a year for me.”

Mom smiled, “Oh, I was just kidding. You two will be fine. It’ll be a challenge, but you’ll survive. Besides, Lucy, you might meet a nice guy there.”

Lucy laughed, “Oh, that would be rich. Try telling that to your kids.”

We talked about what sort of building would be appropriate and climate and all, but lingering under it all was my apprehension about being naked. During pauses in the conversation, I saw Lucy’s gaze drifting off and assumed that she, too, was concerned. Susan caught on.

“You two are nervous about this. I can see it. I have a suggestion. Why don’t we all get naked for the day? I know I’m not involved, but I want to support you both, and since both of you have seen me naked, it’s no big deal.”

We all sat there and looked at each other. I didn’t want to go first and put Lucy on the spot. Once again, Susan took the lead. She got up and flipped off her tank top, revealing her firm breasts in a small tan bra. Her small hands made short work of that and, without comment, she unsnapped her shorts and let them drop. Taking a brief break, she picked up the shirt, bra, and shorts and tossed them in a corner. My wife stood before us in a tang-string. The thin fabric clutched her sex, and I thought she looked damp. Susan slipped the tiny thong down and stepped out, tossing it on top of the rest of her clothes. She did a quick spin.

“You haven’t seen mom naked in a while Lucy, how’s the old girl holding up?”

Lucy closed her gaping mouth, “Umm. Wow, no hair at all. You look great, mom. I hope I look that good when I’m your age.”

“Who’s next?” Susan said.

I had a boner. Hardly a surprise. Anytime Susan strips for me, we have sex. She loves sex. I could see her nipples were rigid, and I was sure I could smell her pussy. She liked getting naked. But I didn’t want to have Lucy see me hard and get the wrong idea. My wife bailed me out again.

“Lucy, your father has an erection. I’m sure you’ve seen men excited, but this is different. It’s my fault, really. We enjoy a very active and vigorous sex life…”

Lucy smiled, “Ohhhh, I KNOW that. I’ve heard you two so many times.”

I blushed, and I think Susan did too.

“Well, that was not intended, and I’m glad you survived. Anyway, my spontaneous stripping has got him excited. Just as well since I think he will be in that state on the island, too, so we all might as well get used to it. Jim?”

There are very few people who have seen me with an erection. Susan, Betty, Phil, my English professor’s wife, and my best friend’s mother relieved me of my virginity a long time ago. I stood up and tossed off my polo shirt. My cock made a fat bulge in my shorts, and I resisted the urge to sit back down to conceal my excitement. As my two women watched, I unsnapped my shorts and let them drop, stepping out. Susan and Lucy sat there, staring at my rigid penis, hidden behind white cotton. I slipped my fingers in the waistband and shoved my briefs down, pulling them out to free my erection. I bent over, picked up my clothes, and tossed them on top of Susan’s. My wife smiled.

“I’ll bet he calms down after a while. Lucy, what do you think?”

My daughter, the only clothed person in the room, went bright red, “Ummm,ahhh, uhhh, well, I think dad’s a handsome man.”

Susan patted her daughter on the knee, “Good answer and the right attitude.”

I sat down, my cock still hard, and I brushed off the pre-cum when nobody was looking.

Lucy stood, shifting from foot to foot, “Guess that leaves me. I’ve done some pretty interesting things, ya know? But, this is really new and a bit weird.”

I spoke up, “Lucy if you’re uncomfortable, say so. We’ll call the whole thing off. Nothing is more important than family.”

Lucy shook her head, “It’s tough to explain. I’m incredibly nervous, but I have a sense of adventure. I don’t mind being naked. But these circumstances are not like anything I’ve ever done. Ah, fuck it, let’s go.”

She was wearing a long cotton sundress that clung to her tall, lean frame. When she arrived, I noticed that her modest breasts were not constrained, but she often went braless. My daughter kicked off her sandals, reached down, crossed her arms, grasped the hem of her dress, and in one smooth motion flipped the garment over her head, letting it flutter to the floor.

My observations of my daughter’s clothing had missed that she also wasn’t wearing panties. In one sweeping motion, my little girl got naked. She stood in front of us, shifting on her feet, waiting. Looking down, Lucy plucked at the thick bush with her fingers.

“Haven’t had a boyfriend for a while. I kinda let things go.”

If I touched my cock, it would have gone off, and I was sure my cum would rocket the three feet between us and bathe my twenty-five-year-old daughter’s hard lean body. kartal escort Lucy’s breasts were slightly bigger than Susan’s, and her nipples were a lot longer and very hard. I’d seen Lucy in bikinis, but this was different. Her ass was just as round, but now I could see every contour and as she turned the light hairs in her crevice. When she moved, her legs opened, and I was sure her pubic hair was wet. This was going to be a very long week. Susan broke the spell.

“You look, marvelous dear. What do you think, daddy?”

I glared at my wife. She batted her eyes, teasing me, “You look great, Lucy. I have no idea why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

Lucy rolled her eyes, “So far, they lack maturity and ambition. But, I keep trying.”

My boner did go away. My wife was very nice and did nothing to tease me. In fact, she ran interference. While we were around the pool, she would get in front of me when Lucy bent over so I wouldn’t see my daughter’s lush furry pussy. Lucy being ‘natural’ helped since my fantasy daughter had smaller tits and a lasered smooth pussy. By the end of the day, nudity was almost normal. I figured that we’d have our own room at the resort, and it would be all business. Walk the grounds, yeah we might see couples having sex among the jungle paths, but I could handle it. I assumed I’d be doing a lot of masturbating every night, I made a point of not thinking about what Lucy would do. We went to bed, and my wife fucked and sucked me senseless. As I was about to fall into the abyss of sleep, Susan whispered.

“Whatever happens is okay with me.”

The trip down was all business. We flew first-class and spent the flight going over ideas. The budget was ample, and the information packet gave us wide latitude in design, so Lucy and I bounced ideas, and by the time we landed, we felt we had a handle on this. We got lunch at the airport and called for a car.

It was well disguised with foliage, but there was no doubt this was a ten-foot-tall security fence with razor wire. Grace met us as we got out of the taxi. She wore a long cotton dress.

“Welcome. I’ll show you to your cabin. After me.”

Grace walked into a building that acted as the gate. Inside a tall-ceilinged room with two large fans, there were just a few chairs and a garment rack with hangers. An employee, naked, stood off to one side. Grace whisked off the dress and hung it on the rack. Her breasts were big, round, and firm. She was shaved or lasered and very comfortable being naked. Well, it was showtime. I kicked off my sandals and flipped off my polo. Being naked in my home, in front of my family, was one thing. Knowing that once I took my clothes off, I would remain naked for seven days, no matter what was another altogether. Grace watched, her face neutral, observing. I was uncomfortable. But seeing the look on Grace’s face steeled me. It was like she was waiting for me to fail. Tough shit, shorty, not happening.

Knowing where we were going, I hadn’t bothered with underwear, so I was naked once my shorts dropped. I folded up my clothes and left them on a chair. I turned to see my tall, trim, sexy daughter hanging up her dress and was very glad my wife had us naked all day yesterday. Grace headed out the door to the resort.

It was the typical tropical landscape—lots of lush undergrowth and tall palms to shade. Paths of crushed shells crisscrossed the areas. I followed Grace and Lucy, watching their firm asses shift as they walked. I could see wisps of pubic hair between my daughter’s legs. I felt my cock bouncing off my legs. The sun warmed me all over. I knew I would get used to this, but it was so unnatural, no matter what nudists say. I’m walking in a wide-open area with no clothes on, following two naked women.

We encountered an interesting structure along the way, a gazebo sort of thing, a roof on columns. Under it some kind of picnic table, but unlike any, I’d ever seen. The table was rectangular and a bit higher than usual—tropical wood, varnished and polished. On one side, two stools, polished hardwood, on posts, a little lower than average. On the other side, a thin board hinged out from the table, a narrow wood finger, and a wooden step could be folded down on the ground. Over the table a frame of pipes with loops of nylon straps of various lengths. I knew it was for sex, but there were at least three pavilions visible along our route so far, and that seemed bold even based on what Grace had told us.

The tennis courts were the first athletic feature we saw and my first hint of what was to come. Two men in their forties were playing tennis. It was amusing to see their cocks flopping all over as they made shots. They were not fat, but not athletes, average looking. They were very into the game. On a wide bench at the side of the court, under a palm tree, were their wives, I guess? They were kissing passionately, half on top of each other, one hand pinching their partner’s nipple while the other hand was between their partner’s legs, fingering their pussy. Grace walked within three feet of them, with Lucy and I following in shocked silence. Nobody made any move to stop. In fact, they broke their kiss briefly and waved before re-coupling. Lucy stared at me, her mouth hanging open. This was not what I was expecting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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