The Guest Room Ch. 05

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Monday, June 14, 2004

When Axelle woke up the next morning, Henri was lying next to her. He was sleeping like a baby – a baby that was tired from fucking another woman. Axelle had known that was going to happen when she left the living room, and didn’t mind. Henri had told her it was a fantasy of his to be in a threesome involving two men and a woman. Many times had they talked about it while having sex, resulting in intense orgasms – but Axelle would never be the girl in that threesome. It just wasn’t for her.

The thought of Henri and Corentin fucking her best friend had made Axelle wet every time she had thought about it. As soon as she had found out Corentin and Michèle would be staying over the same weekend, she had foreseen them to have sex. Seeing her boyfriend look at Michèle’s barely covered body on the beach had made her expect the threesome. When she went upstairs yesterday, it wasn’t to go to sleep; it was to play with herself listening to and fantasizing about what was happening downstairs. Maybe next time she would watch.

She went down to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. Michèle was the second one up.

“Bonjour!” Axelle said.


“Comment ça va? T’as eu une bonne nuit? Did you have a good night?”

“A fantastic night.” Michèle winked and sat down.

“Here, have some juice: two oranges, half a lemon and a teaspoon of sugar for my horny friend.”

“You know me too well,” Michèle said, referring to both the juice and the remark. “Did you hear us?”

“I didn’t need to hear much to know what was going on. I knew you would fuck them.”

“You’re the one who left them with me!”

“Oh, so it’s my fault?” Axelle teased.

“I don’t think the word ‘fault’ is appropriate here…” Michèle said. “all I’m saying is that I just fuck what you provide.”

Both of them laughed out loud.

That night the girls went out, just the two of them. Corentin had already left and Henri wanted to stay home. They went to a bar downtown where Axelle knew there would be at least some crowd and where they served delicious cocktails. They got there during happy hour, and the many guys present bought them drinks.

“I admire you.” a tipsy Axelle told Michèle.

“You admire me?”

“Yes, I admire you.” Axelle said. “I admire how you fuck guys.”

“Are you calling me a slut?”

“No, no, I really admire you! It fascinates me that you fucked Henri and Corentin.”

“Oh. Why, thank you then.” Michèle smiled. She took a large sip of her cosmopolitan. “Maybe you’ll admire me even more if I tell you this: Corentin fucked me in the ass on Saturday and yesterday they DPed me.”

“Hmmm, anal and DP,” Axelle said. Exactly the thing she had fantasized about.

“So do you seriously not mind that I had sex with Henri?” Michèle asked.

“To be honest: no, not really. He’s always had a threesome fantasy, but I don’t want to be in one. I had a feeling you would be willing to fuck him.”

“Willing to fuck him…”

“I mean, I thought he would be the type of guy you would fuck. Your fuck type.”

“My fuck type! Hahaha.” Michèle laughed. “Axelle, you’re a riot. Tell me, who else is my fuck type?”



“That guy over there.” Axelle pointed at a tall, muscular man at the bar. He had brown, çağlayan escort curly hair and was wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed off his toned arms.

“Mmm, yes, you’re right. I’d do him.”

“I think his friend as well.”

Michèle checked out the muscular man’s friend. He was of a smaller build than his friend, had short brown hair, and a cute butt. Yes, she would fuck him too. And the bartender? Yes, him too. The DJ? No, not him. They discussed every single man present, and Axelle got it right nearly every single time. The two black guys in the corner? Yes, both of them, preferably together.

“So do you know these guys?” Michèle asked.

“Yeah, I know most of them. I come here on a regular basis and so do they.”

“So you could set me up with them?”

“Hahaha Corentin has barely left and you already want me to provide you with new meat!”

Michèle remained silent, but her eyes sparkled with horniness.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Axelle said.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Two weeks later it was Michèle’s birthday. Axelle had told her to dress cute because they were going out that night. She had only been specific about the time she had to be ready and the fact that they were going to get dinner first. The rest of the night was still a secret.

When Michèle was in the bathroom getting ready, she saw that the Mediterranean sun had done her well: the mirror showed a nicely tanned body. She checked herself out and turned around. The only visible tan lines were from her thong – every other square centimeter of skin had a healthy bronzed color. She took a bath and masturbated with the jet streams again – something she had regularly enjoyed during her vacation. She put on make-up, straightened her hair, put on sexy black lace lingerie and a black dress that showed some cleavage.

Axelle came home from work, got ready, put on a black dress as well, and they left for a fancy restaurant in downtown Marseille. Over dessert, Axelle told her:

“So I’ve got a couple of things in mind for tonight. For the first surprise, we actually have to go back to the house.”

Michèle was excited. What would she get? She had a suspicion that Corentin would be back in town. Mmm, Corentin – he would make the perfect birthday fuck.

When they arrived at the house, Michèle had to put on a blindfold.

“Follow me,” Axelle told her. “Be careful. The surprise is up in your room. I’ll guide you.”

She was definitely expecting Corentin now.

Once inside the room, Axelle counted down to take off the blindfold.

“3… 2… 1… Surprise!”

Michèle opened her eyes. In front of her was Corentin, indeed. Next to him, however, there were five other guys. Michèle recognized the men from the bar. They were all dressed in tuxedos, bowtie included, and all had their rock hard cocks out.

Michèle gasped. “Axelle!” Her eyes were wide open, taking in the sexy scene in front of her. The six dicks in front of her intimidated her.

Corentin stepped forward: “Happy birthday, Michèle.” He kissed her on the mouth, grabbed her hands, and put them on his cock. She opened her mouth and their tongues met. Then someone else grabbed her hand and put it on another cock. Hands were all over her body, squeezing her boobs, çapa escort grabbing her ass, and eagerly taking off her dress.

Standing there in just her underwear and high heels, she glanced over at Axelle.

“Enjoy!” Axelle whispered.

Michèle needed more hands and eyes to take everything in. She was surrounded by dicks. By handsome men. By men who were going to fuck her in all holes. She didn’t know their names yet, but was already eagerly stroking their cocks.

The tall, muscular man with curly hair stood in front of her. She wanted to kiss him put he pushed her head down. He had a thick, veiny cock with a pink mushroom head, which she took into her mouth. She also stripped down his pants so she could play with his balls – he wasn’t wearing boxers. With her free hand she stroked the bartender’s cock.

Then she was lifted onto the bed. She was stripped of her underwear, so she was only wearing her heels, which she would keep on during the rest of the gangbang. By now most guys were naked too. She took one dick in either hand and the black guy came to sit on top of her.

“Suck my balls,” he ordered.

She took his big, shaven, black nuts into her mouth while he stroked his long piece of meat.

Meanwhile, Corentin had positioned himself between her legs. He kissed her inner thighs, her thin strip of pubic hair, and her mound. Then he licked her slit from bottom to top.

“Mmmmmmh” Michèle moaned with the black balls in her mouth.

Corentin sucked on her clit and put a finger into her dripping pussy. The cocks in her hands changed, but she hardly had the chance to look whose they were. A black hand and the big, black cock was all she was able to see.

“On top of you is Maurice,” Axelle introduced the black cock.

“Enchanté,” Maurice said. He withdrew his balls from the Parisian slut’s mouth and slapped her face with his 9 inch erection. Willingly she underwent her treatment and then devoured his dick with sultry appetite.

She was working in the black pole when she felt the first dick enter her pussy. It was Corentin. Mmmm, for two weeks she had fantasized about him fucking her, but she had never dreamed other delicious dicks would be involved.

The men switched positions a couple of times. After Corentin, her pussy was fucked by the tall, muscular guy. Fuck, she thought, that’s a thick cock. Next, the black guy penetrated her – again a thick cock, which her pussy wasn’t able to take in completely.

Axelle was watching her best friend getting gangbanged. She was on a chair, riding Henri’s hard cock. Her plan had worked out perfectly, and the scene was even hotter in real life than in her fantasies. Reaching around her, Henri was playing with her nice tits. Her nipples were rock hard and at times he was pinching them hard. While bouncing up and down her boyfriend’s shaft, she was rubbing her clit.

Michèle took the cock out of her mouth – it was the bartender’s – and said:

“Sorry guys, I first need to thank the organizer.”

She got up from the bed and walked towards Axelle.

“Merci, ma belle.” She said, and she embraced in a long, passionate kiss with Axelle, who was still riding Henri’s cock. While the two girls were making out, the muscular guy’s shorter friend grabbed Michèle by the hips and thrust cennet mahallesi escort his cock into her pussy. She threw her arms around Axelle’s neck to find support. Through the kiss Axelle could feel how her best friend was getting pounded and that pushed her over the edge:

“Oui!” she squealed. “Oui, ggghh Henri… Michèle!” Her clit was exploding with electric, orgasmic shocks, and her entire body was trembling. “Mmmmgghhh.”

“Now show me DP!” Axelle ordered.

Corentin already had the baby oil ready. He lubed up Michèle and himself, and worked his stiff pole into her ass. They were on the bed, Michèle on top, so she could take another cock in her pussy. The tall muscular guy’s shorter friend – his name was Quentin – was the first one to mount and penetrate her dripping pussy again.

“Ghaahhh” Michèle squirmed – finally double filled again!

She could feel the two dicks almost touching through her vaginal and anal walls. Through her rectum, she could feel Corentin going in and out of her slowly, while Quentin was fucking her a lot faster and harder.

“I’m about to cum,” Quentin said.

“Put your dick in my mouth!” Michèle said.

She took Quentin’s cock into her mouth and sucked him off. In the meantime, another cock was already entering her vacated vagina. Right when Quentin’s balls tightened up, she released his cock from her mouth so he exploded all over her face.

Barely had she had a chance to lick off the sperm when another cock was presented to her mouth. She looked up: it was the bartender. She massaged his balls and her tongue swirled over the salty tip while she stroked the base. She let him cum all over her tits. Mmmmm.

Michèle finished the guys one by one and their sperm was covering her face and boobs. She felt used, dirty, and alive. Everyone but Corentin had cum by now, including Henri. She let her fingers run over her chest, and using the mixed jizz as an extra lubricant, she fingered her clit while Corentin was still fucking her ass.

“I’m going to cum!” Corentin finally grunted. He pulled out of her butt and quickly positioned himself over her. After only a couple of strokes, his cock started spurting cum all over the blonde. Stream after stream covered her face, hair, tits, and belly. Seeing her anal hero erupt like this, Michèle reached her climax as well. “Mmmmmhhh oouuui mmm.” All the sexual energy that had built up throughout the gangbang was released in her clit, pussy, legs, toes. She shook and shuddered, and came hard.

Exhausted, she looked in the mirror. “Happy birthday to me, a cum-covered slut,” she thought, and laid down her head.

“Why don’t you go take a shower,” Axelle recommended after her friend had recollected herself.

Michèle could barely walk. Once she had reached the bathroom, she turned on the shower – the warm water felt great on her used body. She had to wash three times to get all the sperm and sex juices off. When she came out of the shower, refreshed and reborn, she saw that Axelle had provided fresh towels and a present. Michèle tore the gift paper and found a classy looking, diamond-decorated black bra and matching thong, the perfect souvenir of the most wonderful night in her life.

Dressed in her fancy new lingerie, she went downstairs. Everyone had left except Axelle, Henri and Corentin, who were sitting around a birthday cake on the kitchen table. The guys were in their boxers, Axelle was only wearing panties.

“I suppose eating cake after a gangbang for my 25th birthday is an appropriate setting to be topless?” Michèle asked. She took off her bra.

Axelle smiled. “It’s the perfect setting to be topless,” she said. “Happy birthday, ma belle!”

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