The Great Massage

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We arrive at the motel. After we look around the room and see what all it has to offer, I ask you if you would like that massage I promised you. I don’t have to ask twice. I walk over to you and take your shirt off. Then I unbutton and unzip your pants. I gently push you on to the bed. I lift one of your legs and take off a boot. I do the same with the other. Then I grab your hand and stand you back up. I need to take your pants off, if I’m going to give you a full body massage. I slide your pants slowly down your legs. I toss them across the room. Your socks are the next to go. I smile up at you before I grab the sides of your underwear. Those follow the exact same path as your jeans.

“Climb up on the bed and lay on your stomach,” I whisper in your ear as a take a nibble.

You oblige me.

“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?,” you ask.

“That will come later.”

I reach into one of the bags, and pull out some massaging oil. I want you all wet and slick. I open up the oil and squeeze just a little into my hands. I rub some on both hands and I rub it nice and slow into your shoulder blades. Nice circular motions.

I squeeze the bottle and let the liquid run all over your back. Then I gently rub it all over your back. I began to massage your shoulder blades first. They are all tense. They won’t be when I get through though.

Next, I rub your neck. I use more pressure hear so I can work out all the kinks. I run my hands up and down the sides of your back. You give out a soft little moan. I keep massaging all of your back until it feels nice and soft. Then, I squeeze more lotion into my hands, and I drench your arms with the sweet smelling liquid. Your arms are just as tense as your back.

This may take some work, I think to myself. I slide my ass up your back, so I can reach your arms better. I begin at the base and illegal bahis work my way to your hands. There, each finger gets fondled and rubbed. I work my way back down your arms. I slide myself off your back, only for my hands to stop and your nice firm ass. I again have to reach for the bottle. This time I squeeze it right onto your waiting skin. It trickles into your crack. I grab your ass and rub it good. You give out a little moan. I make sure and pay extra special attention to your crack. I get real close to your ass and massage it slow and easy.

“Spread your legs. I want to do your thighs next.”

You open your legs for me. I climb off you, only so I can straddle you backwards. I squeeze more of the oil on both of your legs. But wait, I changed my mind. I want to start at your feet and work my way up.

I grab one of your feet. I run my fingers in and out of your toes. In and out my fingers go. Then I rub your heals hard. It looks like they could use it. Then I grab each of your ankles in turn and rub the oil in. Once the ankles are done I do the same with your calves. Now I have reach your thighs. I rub some of the lotion in and kiss each one right below your ass.

“Now I need you to roll over. I’m only halfway through.”

I climb down off you and you roll over. I straddle you again. You buck against my jeans.

“No, no, no. That will come later. I want you good and relaxed first.”

You calm down just a little. I go ahead and start with your legs this time. I again start at your feet. Once again my fingers feel the need to rub themselves in and out between each of your toes. In and out they go, soaking your toes with oil.

I pay just as much attention to the front of your legs as I did to the backs. Then I reach the thighs. I grab for more oil and rub it in good.

“My you look good enough to eat!”

So I lean illegal bahis siteleri down and nibble on you inner thigh. My hair brushes against your throbbing dick., and you once again let out a small moan. But the other thigh looks jealous, so I nibble on it.

“You taste so good!”

I kiss my way up you, just missing your dick. I have to grab more lotion. I massage your arms again, just to make sure they receive enough attention. Next I make swirlies on your stomach. Then my hands massage the oil in. I take my hands just to your dick and bring them back up again. You buck toward me.

“Oops, I forgot one more muscle,” I giggle. “I think I’ll wait a minute before I massage it. I don’t want it to get to overexerted, yet.”

So, I straddle your legs, just below the one muscle I left out. I slowly lift my shirt over my head and toss it. I reach around behind me and unfasten my bra. It fling it across the room. I unbutton my jeans. Next I unzip them while I stare into your eyes. I slide to the side of you and slide my jeans over my hips. Of course, I’m not wearing any panties. Now I once again straddle your legs. I reach for the lotion and put some in my hand. I slowly rub my hands together. I reach down for it, and I rub just around your dick. You rock toward my hand. I put some of the oil just at the base of your throbbing member.

My hand works its way up you. I think it likes it better at the bottom. So my hand retreats to the bottom. Well wait, it can make up it’s mind. Maybe it liked it better at the top. I guess my mouth will have to take over since my hand has a mind of its own.

I lean over and take just the head into my mouth. My tongue draws circles around it. I take your dick out of my mouth. But, I put it back in. This time my lips slide down you. Up and down. Up and down my lips go. You start thrusting at my mouth. canlı bahis siteleri I take you in farther. I move faster against your dick. You thrust harder.

With my hands I reach around and massage your balls. They feel good. I move my lips even faster against your dick. You buck harder and moan louder. I start kissing my way to your mouth. I took a small stop at your belly button, I slide my tongue in and out of it a couple of times. Then my mouth reaches the nipple that is just below your tattoo. It sucks on it.

Then I take a small nibble. You arch your back to me. You run your hands up my sides and grab my nipples.. You slightly pinch them and I moan. I take the other nipple in my mouth and give it as much attention as the first. Then I kiss your neck and work my way to your ear. I slide my tongue around the outside before I delve it into the center. I make my way to your lips. You grab both my nipples and begin to knead my tits.

I lean into your hands. I scoot up your body. My wet pussy sits just above your dick. Just out of reach. Then I kiss you on the lips. My tongue licks your teeth. You open your mouth wider. Your hands make their way down my body. They stop and my clit.

You start rubbing it in circles. I move toward your hand. That feels real good. I raise up just above you. Then I let your dick meet my wet and waiting pussy. I lower myself all the way down. I go back up. Then down again. I start bouncing up and down.

You reach up and pinch my nipples. I moan. I thrust down harder. You thrust up. I go down again, you thrust up. But wait, I’m not through yet. I climb off you and you look puzzled.

I straddle you backwards. I let you enter me once again. You reach up and knead my ass. That makes me buck against you even more. I buck faster and faster against you. You raise up to meet me thrust for thrust. I clinch you harder as I cry out. You feel my juices run down you. You thrust up one last time. I collapse on top of your legs. I lay like that with you inside me for a while.

Then I get up, climb off you, hand you the bottle of oil, and say “You’re turn.”

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