The Good Son

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Evan hated his father.

At twenty one, Evan had developed such an intolerance for Sonny that he couldn’t bear to be in the same room with him for longer than an hour. Just little comments he would make. Snotty looks. In his youth he had always tried to please his father, but never to any avail. Now he realized that it was just not possible. He figured he would just stay out of his father’s way until he could move out; then he wouldn’t have to deal with him any longer.

Evan thought Sonny was incapable of properly raising children. And in a way, he was right. Sonny took the “success of the child” principle way too far. Evan went to college after graduation to become a doctor. It wasn’t enough for him. Evan got an excellent job at a bank, and after only three years was being noted as a potential future vice president. All while maintaining excellent grades in his classes. Still, Sonny wanted more. And it got to the point where Evan could care less himself; especially with his sister.

Alaura could never do anything wrong. Sonny would buy her cars that she’d total. Sonny would set her up with jobs she’d walk out on. Sonny would lend her money he’d never get back. But all that was fine… Evan took the brunt of his nonsense and he couldn’t stand it.

Then when Sonny met Sara, Evan’s hatred for his father found new heights. Sara, at thirty five, was fourteen years older than Evan, but sixteen younger than Sonny. And of course she was a knockout. And of course it only made Sonny act worse toward Evan. Perhaps he was trying to impress Sara with his marvelous parenting; Maybe it was just another achievement to hold against his son; who knows.

Sara was actually very kind, and even better looking. Her dark mahoganish hair flowed to her breasts and were matched by her bright brown eyes. Between those was her thin and well proportioned nose, underneath which was a lovely little mouth, pouty lips in front of a perfect set of teeth and a delicious looking tongue.

Her figure was remarkable as well. She had a nice flat stomach, probably because she’d never had children, a nice full ass and beautifully sculpted legs. Despite her age her breasts were still high and firm as a teenage girl’s would be, and there was not a hint of age in her face. She was just a beautiful beautiful woman, who from what Evan could tell, never got fucked.

That was another thing that bothered him about that relationship. Sonny was a highly unsexual person. He was a good looking guy and all, especially for being as old as he was, but he never did anything with her.

Evan could think of several things he’d do to her. Some mornings she’d still be in her nightie making breakfast and he’d imagine grabbing her from behind. Sometimes she’d be cleaning around the house and she’d bend over to pick something up and he’d give anything to shove her on a nearby piece of furniture and fuck her til rapture.

On their wedding day Evan remembered getting very drunk and eyeing Sara a great deal, and actually making a trip or two to the bathroom to jerk off. It’d been a year since then, and Evan was still having the same fantasies.

One night he awoke to them fighting. He had never heard them fighting before. An oddly strong interest took him over and he snuck into the hallway.

“…since our honeymoon,” he heard Sara say.

“Well maybe I’m just not interested,” he heard his father bark. “Did you ever think of that?”

God his father was an asshole. He never failed to give Evan daily reminders why he hated him so much. How he’d gotten Sara was a mystery beyond him.

“God, couples just have sex, Sonny. I’d like to anyway. I don’t see why you have to be such a dick about it.”

With that Evan heard footsteps and ducked back into his bedroom. Sara walked down the hall and down the stairs. He waited to hear the front door close but it never did, though Sonny’s door did.

About ten minutes had passed and he began to wonder what Sara was doing down there, and what she was wearing. I’ll bet she’s in something hot, he said to himself. Trying to get laid and somehow not succeeding.

He pulled a pair of jeans on and decided to go investigate. He wore no shirt, and Evan worked out frequently so he knew he had a very chiseled upper body. He was thinking that maybe this was the opportunity he’d been secretly wanting for the past year. His mind was racing with possibilities and scenarios as he calmly went down the stairs. He looked around and saw a dim light coming from the kitchen. He smiled to himself and headed over.

Evan very slowly peeked into the kitchen and saw Sara sitting at the table, head in hands and wearing a metallic pink silk robe. She was making no noise, and Evan couldn’t help but look up her one exposed leg, imagining himself kissing up that leg, grabbing it, holding it in place while he rammed into her. But quickly he recomposed himself and walked in, letting his presence be known.

“Oh, I was wondering who had the light on, he said nonchalantly. “Trouble sleeping?”

She looked up and smiled grimly. “Yeah, you could say that I guess.”

He ataşehir escort began rummaging through the refrigerator. “Are you hungry at all?”

“No,” she said. There was a sullen tone to her voice.

Evan eventually settled on a small carton of yogurt and grabbed a spoon, having a seat at the table. “What’s up?”

Sara just looked over at him sadly and laid her arms flat on the table. He looked harder at her. “Come on,” he pressed. “Tell me.. what is it?”

Sara sighed before answering. “It’s Sonny, he-“

She stopped.

Her look seemed to brighten ever so slightly before she continued. “Your father won’t… god I don’t even think I should be talking to you about this…”

She smiled a very slight smile, as did Evan. He knew what she was going to tell him, but he was still eager to hear her say it. “Oh, come on Sara. I’m your son in law. If you can’t tell me, who can you tell?”

When she didn’t laugh he added, “Maybe if i did your hair?”

Then she did. “We could make a night of it, Sara. You give me your gossip and we’ll eat a tub of ice cream. We’ll do each other’s nails; It’ll be great.”

“Okay, okay,” Sara said, giving in. “Your father…” she trailed off.

He continued feigning ignorance, liking the way she was struggling to explain.

“Well, it’s just that it’s about… it’s about sex.”

The way she said “sex” sent a tingle up Evan’s spine. He’d been sitting with her for a scant few minutes and already he was getting hard. But he kept playing it cool.


She nodded, and it seemed to him that she’d almost forgotten about her problem and was enjoying herself sitting and talking about it with someone.

“He doesn’t want to sleep with me,” she whispered, a little of her outrage starting to seep out.

Evan faked shock. Even though it was a shocking scenario, he basically recycled his own suprise at the situation. “What? Does he even say why?”

“Just that he’s not interested, the bastard,” she muttered. Evan stifled a laugh. “You’ve got me there, he is a bastard.”

They both laughed heartily at this. Evan risked putting his hand out over one of hers and regained eye contact. “He’s just silly. How long has it been?”

“Since the honeymoon.”

“Okay, he’s not silly, he’s an idiot,” Evan smiled. This got another smile from Sara. “I mean, I’m a good looking woman, at least that’s what I’m told… what do you think?”

“I think you look great,” Evan grinned. “Sometimes I wish I’d met you before my dad did.”

She smiled again and withdrew her hand. “Well, I’d better go to bed. I’m pretty sure he’s asleep by now. Thanks for talking to me, Evan.”

“Sure, Sara, anytime,” he replied. When she got up and headed back up the stairs, he watched her ass move back and forth in that graceful rhythm in that shiny robe in between those sensual hips with her slender calves and god he wanted to fuck her.

The next morning Evan woke up and heard water swishing. It took him a moment to realize someone was swimming outside. He looked out the window and sure enough, there was Sara. Looking absolutely stunning in her red two piece. He couldn’t understand how any straight man could say no to that body.

Evan looked at the clock and saw that it was ten thirty. His father was already at work. He was alone with her… no point it letting it go to waste. He’d already done far too much of that. He slid off his pants and boxers and slipped on a pair of swimming trunks. He grabbed a towel and headed outside.

She was wading when he got out there, and he smiled as he greeted her. “Good morning Sara… how long have you been out here?”

“Only like ten minutes… care to join me?”

“I’d love to.”

He tossed his towel aside and dove in. Deciding to test her playfulness, he went straight up into her and grabbed her sexy waist, pulling her up with him as he surfaced. She laughed, suprised. “What are you doing?”

“Just playing around,” Evan grinned. She smiled back and splashed him. “Well there’s no playing in this house. Your father would be very upset to hear about anyone having fun around here.”

“Oh that’s ridiculous” he laughed sarcastically, giving her a little splash back. “He’s the most fun person I know. You should’ve seen us at the club the other night, he was a madman.”

Sara laughed. “That’s our Sonny. And stop splashing me, you little brat.” She gave him a gentle shove and he laughed, backstroking away from her.

“So was he asleep when you went back to bed?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, thank god. And he was already gone too when I woke up, so I’ve got no complaints for today so far.”

“Well what about when I dove into you?”

She grinned slyly. “Well, there’s that,” she said, just before leaping at him. She landed on his right shoulder and he caught her, and Sara’s slender body wrapped over his shoulder got him more than a little excited. He wrapped his arms around her petite waist and spun her around before falling forward into the water, her feet first. Sara half screamed and half laughed as kadıköy escort he spun her and as she fell back in.

Sara swam away from Evan a little and pushed her hair out of her face. “See, now I need a guy like that, not someone who’ll turn their nose up at fun.”

“Well at least you have me around,” Evan smiled.

“Oh, it’s not the same,” she said, almost at a loss for what to say next.


She didn’t say anything, just kept swimming around. Finally she came up with “Don’t you think I’m a little old for you?”

Evan smiled as he followed her through the pool. “Don’t you think he’s a little old for you?”

She swam into an end and turned her back to it, facing Evan as he approached her. His hands hit the edge on either side of Sara and he held himself in front of her. “That’s different.”

He looked into her intense brown eyes as she struggled for something to say. He moved in a little closer and gently rubbed his hard on against her crotch. She let out a little gasp and he did it again, now slowly grinding against her.

“What are you doing?! Goddammit Evan stop tha-…ooohhh…sto-…”

Their gaze remained locked as she started bucking back into him. Her mouth hung open slightly and little moans made their way out. Evan smiled at her as he held himself even closer against her. Then they heard her cell phone ring.

Sara, as though coming out of a trance, shook her head and turned around, her ass now facing Evan. She picked up the phone while Evan held himself in place patiently.

“Hello? Oh, hi Sonny…..okay, that sounds good… alright… okay, I’ll ask hi-i-im..”

Evan began grinding into her rear as she said “him” and caught her off guard. He continued, but she made no effort to stop him.

“No, I’m fine… nng….yeah….. yeah whatever you say honey…”

Her speaking was very low and breathy now. She began to buck her hips back into Evan as Sonny’s voice grew more distant.

“Okay…. okay…… yeah….. alright we’ll see you then… bye.”

Quickly Sara pulled herself up out of the pool and sat on the edge facing Evan.

“Alright, Sonny wants me to go run some errands and to meet us for dinner tonight at Barcadia. So I have to leave.”

Evan reached up and touched her hips as he gingerly kissed her thighs. “Right this second?”

It was a good moment before she answered. He kissed further up her thighs and she ran her fingers through his wet hair. Then she finally pulled away from Evan and stood. “Yes. I’ll meet you at the restaurant with your father at five.”

And with that she walked off.

Evan smiled to himself… he had her. It was going to be a good night.

Evan swam around a bit more, waiting for his erection to die down, then got out and toweled off. When he got inside Sara was already gone. He couldn’t stop grinning as he walked around the house. He made himself some lunch, changed into some clothes, and killed time by watching a few movies in his bedroom.

Evan arrived at Barcadia at about a quarter to five. He walked in and asked about a reservation for Sonny Barlow. The man smiled and took him to a booth where his father and Sara were already sitting. They were sitting on opposite sides.

“You’re late, Evan,” Sonny said pompously.

“You’re just early,” Evan shot back disgustedly, though glad he had an excuse to sit next to Sara.

Sara was wearing a shin length black dress with straps on the shoulders. Her hair was up in a very sophisticated manner and she was slightly made up. Evan was dressed in dark gray slacks, a black jacket, and a white shirt underneath.

She gave Evan a look when he greeted her, he couldn’t really identify what it meant but he liked it all the same. She looked beautiful tonight.

As expected, Sonny bored them to death with an intricate retelling of his day at work. He even kept the server waiting for a good five minutes as he continued talking before giving their order, which was infuriatingly typical of him.

As he droned on, Evan carefully placed his hand on Sara’s thigh. She placed her hand on his, at first in an attempt to move it. But Evan persisted, and ran his hand up and down her thigh. She sighed a little, barely audible to Evan and probably not at all to Sonny, who was still going on and on. Sara, giving up, placed her elbows on the table’s edge and acted interested in what Sonny was talking about.

Meanwhile Evan, while looking at his father and feigning interest, was running his hand up and down her thighs, and when he started to dig his hand near her crotch, Sara choked on her water and desperately pushed it away. Evan couldn’t help but smile at how flushed she was starting to look and his father’s utter indifference toward it.

“…and I think what that entails is that we’ve got a great chance for advancement in yet another industry,” Sonny continued. He then took a quick drink from his glass and excused himself. Evan felt his cock leap a little in his pants at the sight of his father going to the bathroom, leaving him all alone with his beautiful wife.

Before bostancı escort bayan she could say anything he quickly turned toward her and shoved his hand between her thighs, running up to her center and rubbing her heatedly. A stifled moan escaped her and she scrambled to grab his hand, but he wouldn’t stop, and soon she was holding his wrist gyrating with him. She was looking into his eyes lustily, heavy breaths escaping her full mouth. Evan kissed her neck and up her cheek, and abruptly stopped and moved back.

Sara breathed deeply and fixed her hair as best as she could, and within moments Sonny was back at the table.

“That bathroom is filthy.”

Evan rolled his eyes as their food arrived. Thankfully, Sonny had already gone over his entire day and he had nothing more to say, so they were able to eat in silence, with Sara and Evan exchanging occasional glances. I hope you can smell your wife on my fingers, Evan thought.

As they finished their meal Sara and Evan politely thanked Sonny for their dinner and Evan gave her thigh a brief squeeze before excusing himself, giving Sara a slight jump. They both smiled mischievously at this and Evan left.

On the way home Evan hit a few bars. He wanted to get home late, when Sonny would be asleep. And getting a few drinks in him certainly couldn’t hurt the wait.

Evan pulled in to the driveway at about midnight. Feeling a little tipsy, he made his way to the front door and carefully unlocked it before quietly opening it. He almost felt seventeen again; it was wonderful. Excited about a girl, sneaking in to his house after a night of drinking.. except that he wasn’t just leaving a trail of fun behind him, he had quite a bit in front of him as well. He slowly closed the door behind him, locked it, and headed to the kitchen. He poured himself a tall glass of water drank it completely, and then noticed that the television in the living room was on.

Sara. She’s waiting for me, he thought, and his anticipation tripled. He excitedly combed his hair with his fingers, cleaned off his face and headed out to see her sitting on the couch by herself, in black lingerie. She crossed her legs seductively as he approached her, looking him in the eye with an equal contained eagerness for what was to come.

He knelt in front of her and touched her bare foot with one hand and ran the other slowly up her warm leg. Evan rubbed her softly and slowly, from her foot up to her thigh and back, and when he looked up at her Sara’s head was back and her eyes were closed. He smiled as he bent his head down and kissed her knee.

Sara uncrossed her legs but held her thigh together as Evan replaced his lips on her knee. He positioned himself in front of her knees and let his hands trail up and down her thighs, very carefully and gracefully, as his face moved between her knees.

He continued kissing her warm flesh in the same place as he started pressing his thumbs gently into her skin. His palms would run up and down the sides of her legs while he’d press his thumbs gingerly into the tops of her thighs. And then he started kissing up, now between her lower thighs.

Evan could feel Sara’s legs open slightly and he moved up, gently forcing his way between her thighs and now he was kneeling between her legs. Wrapping his arms around her waist he kissed above her breast, near her throat and finally her chin. That was when she moved her head down and started to kiss him back; they both let out minute gasps as their tongues clashed in her hot mouth. He wrapped an arm around her waist and placed the other on her back, laying her down across the couch. She was now looking longingly at him as he gently trailed his fingers up her arms, kissing her shoulders and around her neck.

Kneeling beside her, Evan began to run his fingers through her dark brown hair. It felt incredibly soft and his hand was covered with it. He massaged her scalp and with his other hand he stroked her stomach, up and down from below her breasts to above her crotch, very slow and gingerly.

Now Evan rose his hand up to her shoulder and undid a strap of her lingerie, letting it fall to the side as he went for the other. As he pulled the opposite back, he took his other hand from her hair and slowly pulled it down, gradually exposing her supple breasts and stopped when it was around her hips.

He went back to rubbing her now bare stomach and kissed her neck, down her throat and over her chest, just above her tits. He could see that her nipples were swollen and well sized. He’d seen them poking through shirts and blouses countless times and imagined them in his mouth; now here they were right in front of him begging him for it.

After a short moment of thought he licked up the fleshy hill and took the tip into his mouth. Sara let out a sigh as he nibbled and sucked gently on her, and as his hand made its way down underneath her now crumpled lingerie just over her clit and passing over to her hip, kneading softly.

Evan gave her nipple one last kiss as he moved down, kissing her stomach and using his hands to pull the lingerie completely off. Sara was now completely nude in front of him, and he could see her bare muff glistening. He disrobed himself lazily as Sara stared back at him, almost in a helpless state, a beautiful creature enslaved to a longing for the next stage.

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