The Golden Leaves of Autumn

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The forests that bordered old Pettigrew Manor had been lit afire with the robust colors of fall. Sarah Whitley, aged nineteen, looked out plaintively at their red and gold leaves with the utmost feeling of sympathy. The beauty, she thought, would only last so long. An inevitable death would turn those passionate hues to dismal browns as they fell, their only welcome the cold earth and a promise of bitter winter.

“Today,” she murmured to herself “Is the last day I will be happy.”

It was a realization she was not anxious to make. Her betrothal to Marcus Emerret had now become an engagement and her wedding day was just on the horizon, Springtime bearing not only flowers but chains to a man she did not love. Right now she felt like the leaves of autumn- her will still burned for life and beauty, though it would only last so long… That spiraling thought of forever being servant to horrible Marcus had drawn her deep into the recesses of her mind.

“Sarah?” Came a gentle voice beside her. A good hour or so had passed since the young girl had brought herself to the placid lakeside, but she was surprised it had passed so quickly. John had met her here as agreed and- with a heavy heart- she knew she had to tell him the truth.

“Sit down,” The fair-haired girl offered, patting the bench beside her. “Please.”

Handsome young John removed his cap and rubbed the edges of it between his fingers, but obliged to her wish.

“John, I must tell you something. It is something that I- I have known for a long time, and it has guilted me that you did not know before.” Her pale blue eyes grew misty, already, as they typically did on the emotional woman.

John looked at her, slightly wary, but coaxed her on. His hand fell on hers as she readied herself, before she finally blurted:

“I am engaged!”

The boy drew back his head, initially surprised, until his features contorted with pain and confusion.

“Sarah- what? You’re… why? What- I don’t…” He stammered feebly and withdrew his contact, as the young Whitley girl swallowed a sob. “There is nothing kartal escort I can do on the matter. I leave tomorrow at dawn for the Divinity Orchards up North.”

Both sat in contemplative silence, John somewhat shocked and Sarah somewhat regretful. Neither could believe the fact they would never see each other again. It was a heavy burden.

Lithe young Sarah stood up, finally, and straightened her blouse. At the twilight of the day her ample figure was outlined by the pink pastels of the sky, intensifying her already impressive beauty. She offered John her hand, and he grasped it firmly, rising to his own feet to look down on her.

“We’ve seen each other in private for two years now. We have been coy and devious amongst our families and have eluded all so we may reunite without interruption or protest. We have spent many evenings, wrapped in our enigma of love, and I feel as though I come straight from a fairy tale. But for this, I see no enlightenment.” Her words were surprisingly stoic and she had avoided his gaze… Only after a brief pause of speech did she face him directly.

“I want you to make love to me John. Here, by the lake, right now.”

John, being of few words, only was able to make a surprised grunt. His clefted chin wrinkled and his eyebrows furrowed, unsure if his lover was jesting.

As if reading his mind she stroked the side of his face and grinned.

“I kid you not. I wish to share my virginity with the one I truly care for, not the one I must be forced with.”

Beads of water arose in the corner of her eyes and drifted slowly down her face. The strength she had shown was enough to impress and convince John that her words were honest.

“I love you,” he murmured, his voice shaking like a child’s.

Without hesitation she embraced him in a passionate kiss, awkwardly raising herself on her tiptoes to reach his lips.

Both John and Sarah submitted themselves to the growing lust. The two had kissed several times before but never as lovingly as now, their mouths so entwined they seemed one. John’s maltepe escort bayan tongue delved enticingly into her gaping opening, rubbing the sides of her cheeks for only a brief moment before retracting. His hands now lifted themselves from their position on Sarah’s waist to the ties on the back of her dress. They fumbled awkwardly as she leaned in, biting his lips and ravenously sucking at his still-moving tongue. Soon they had discarded the dress and blouse, perspiration rising on both of their skins, and had lain themselves in the grass. The cool autumn air made Sarah’s nipples completely erect beneath her thin undershirt and John reached for them anxiously. Once the final layer of cloth was removed from her top his firm callused hands massaged her supple breasts, the smooth skin making his loins roar with desire as he slowly lowered his lips to her chest.

John began to suckle on her like a babe does a child, and she emitted a gentle groan.

“Oh,” Sarah moaned slightly at the wave of pleasure. Her hands raked his back a bit and she thrusted her hips amateurishly forward with impatience. John pulled aside her lace panties as he worked his way steadily downward, his red hair now somewhat flattened with sweat against his forehead. Her pussy was clearly excited and glistened slick with invitation. John’s nose rested in her full golden curls before his mouth began to caress her labia. Her vaginal lips opened immediately with the arrival of his tongue, slowly working his way up to the clitoris which seemed to almost throb with the way she rocked.

Sarah gasped, surprised, as the frontal ecstasy began to control her body. Her mind was beginning to grow cloudy, instinct swarming her limbs, longing for orgasm. John’s actions increased in speed and her moans filled his ears, a mixture of desire and joy.

Suddenly he stopped…

She expelled a breath of air and begged for him to continue, but he refused, instead he drew back.

“John,” Sarah panted “Go on. Please.”

John was quickly unbuckling his pants, knowing his lover was well escort pendik aware of his large erection. He discarded his clothes and crawled forward towards her, the passion of their lovemaking warming the air around them. Spreading her thighs, John began to enter her forcibly. A sharp pain came from her nether regions and she yelped. He paused, slowly entering her, the slickness of her body challenging his resistance to start pumping. A trickle of blood fell from Sarah’s lips but she nodded to continue. Slowly his hips began to move, unrhthymically at first but soon becoming able. Sarah’s carnal hunger grew as his cock filled her fully, the new and sensational feeling both enjoyable and curious. Soon the heat of the moment arose and their jerky passion became smooth. Her breath rose in short, audible gasps and her face was flushed. His own body was writhing excitedly, unable to contain this feeling of satisfaction that pumped through his veins.

Sarah came and her juices spilled past his manhood. The aroma of sex stimulated John until he grunted with his restraint. He couldn’t take it! He came in explosive burst, his semen almost cool against the in side of her body. Both breathed heavily, cooling themselves, as the golden autumn leaves rustled loudly in the distance.

John fell beside her, the cold grass a welcome to his hot and flustered body. The calming silence that encircled the two was the perfect ending to the act, and Sarah could not help but begin to cry.

John propped himself on his elbow and stroked her honey-blonde hair, his dark eyes probing hers for some answer to the question of her engagement. But there was none…

“Go.” Choked Sarah. “Please. Just get your clothes and leave.”

John was stung but did as she said, redressing and turning to leave.

“You-” he began suddenly as he turned back to face her “You know I…”

He stopped. Sarah turned her face away and said gently:

“This will not be unforgotten John. Our love will be the only true one to remain in my life.”

With that John walked away, his red hair blowing in the breeze. She watched him leave with the foreboding feeling of an unpleasant future… but at least this memory she could keep as a light in darkest times. His figure became smaller and smaller in her line of sight until it disappeared into the woods. And that was all.

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