The Girls Next Door ? 9 – Spring Break Pt.2

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When she could stand she said “You have no idea how it feels to have hot cum sprayed inside you.” She took my hand and the five of us headed to bed. I was waiting to see how they thought we would all fit. They had me on my back in the middle. CJ and Alissa were lying on either side with their heads on my stomach snuggled up to me with one hand each on my shaft. Amanda and Anna were lying with their heads on my chest kissing each other with their arms around me and each other. I was covered in female flesh. All I could want was on me now. Tomorrow could only be better.

The Girls Next Door – 9
Spring Break Pt.2

Amanda woke me up at 8am saying “Rise and shine sweetheart, we want to get an early start.” Today we were taking the boat to the Grand Canyon. One of the women had read in one of the brochures that came with the houseboat that you could take boats up the Colorado River into the canyon so they wanted to go sightseeing. When I made it out to the main room I was welcomed with one of my favorite visions, four nude young women. They were sitting at the dining table apparently waiting for me.

Amanda spoke up. “Breakfast is ready. We have the ice chest packed with lunch, snacks and drinks and in the boat. As soon as we eat and you are ready we can take off.”

“What about clothes?”


“Let’s see, we take a week vacation on Lake Mead and come home with no pictures we can show to parents. That’s one reason. We have to stop at a marina for gas before we get to the river, that’s another. As much as I love having the four of you nude all the time I don’t think the general public would be as welcoming.”

Anna stood up and walked to me rubbing her perfect 34D, 15 year old breasts, “But lover you don’t think they would like to see these and three more sets just like them jiggling around their docks? I know you like them and so does little boy” as she looked down at my rising shaft. Damn I had no self control around these women. I reached out for her and she jumped back. “Not now or we will never get to the boat.” Anna brought the eggs, bacon and toast to the table and we dug in. After breakfast everyone went looking for clothes for today. I put on a pair of baggie shorts and a loose t-shirt. When the girls came back out they were wearing bikini tops that barely covered their areolas and loose fitting shorts.

“Seriously Anna, you want your folks to see you in that top?” They all whipped out tank tops and started laughing.

Anna stopped laughing long enough to say “You should have seen yourself. You looked and sounded like a daddy, Daddy.” Then they all started laughing again.

“Ok children, let’s get going.” We got in the boat and, in the time it took me to get headed into the lake, Anna, Alissa and CJ were once again naked lounging in the bow of the boat. Amanda was sitting next to me with her arm around me and her head on my shoulder. No one said anything for about 15 minutes until Amanda broke the silence.

“This is nice, a family out for a day of sightseeing. We decided this morning to be good all day. No teasing, not you anyway. Just a day in the sun enjoying the time together.” Just before we got to the marina to get gas the three naked nymphs put their clothes back on. The 30 minutes or so it took to get gas gave them time to check out the marina store and let all the guys around check them out. They took a few pictures as they wandered around in their skimpy tops then just before we left they put on their tank tops so they could take what they were calling their ‘Vacation Photos’.

This was the way it went most of the day. Once we left the marina they would take three sets of pics whenever we stopped because they found something interesting. One set had everyone naked, one set had them in their skimpy tops and one had them looking like the typical sightseer in shorts and tank tops. At lunch time we found a sandy beach about 25 miles into the canyon and beached the boat. Once I had it tied off, we spread out a blanket they had brought and ate the lunch they had packed. After we were done we just laid there looking up at the canyon walls in awe.

Amanda rolled over and put her leg across me. “I know we are being good today but I want you to make love to me. How many people can say they had sex on a beach at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?” She took my shaft in her hand stroking it softly as she planted kisses down across my chest and stomach. She kissed her way up my stiffening shaft until she reached the head. She slipped the head between her lips, swirling her tongue around it. She slipped the top 3” in and out of her lips as she stroked the other 5”.

She pulled me from her mouth and moved to straddle me. “Baby I want you inside me.” Lining the wet tip of my shaft with the entrance to her tunnel she moved down engulfing me inside her. She was so tight for twenty one it was amazing. Every time I entered her it felt like a hot silken sleeve was constricting my dick. I could lay still and shoot a load just from her tunnel massaging my shaft. With my dick in her cervix she laid down on my chest moving her hips slowly up and down, moving her constricting sleeve until my dick was almost out then easing back down until I was once again deep inside her.

Amanda was moving her hips faster and moaning at the bottom of each stroke when she rose up, supporting herself on her hands. “UUUMMM, this feels so good.” she smiled down at me thru half closed eyes. “Play with my nipples. I love the way you suck and nibble on them. I want to feel your mouth on my breasts as you fill me with you wonderful cock and pump my womb full of your little baby makers.” I took her breasts in my hands and rubbed then. I was always fascinated by her 3’ areolas that were just a shade darker than her breasts. Her nickel sized nipples had to be 1 ½” long when she was aroused, even bigger when one of us had been suckling on them.

I guided one of her nipples to my mouth. As I swept my tongue around the areola she hesitated in her stroking and her body shivered slightly, “Oh damn that feels like heaven.” When she paused her silky sleeve tightened on my dick. When she moved again the friction was amazing. It felt as though she was trying to stretch my shaft using the muscles in her vagina. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue around it. I slid it thru my lips as I sucked on it, just like a little finger. When I flicked my tongue across the tip of it while it slipped between my lips she forced herself down hard on my shaft, holding it deep as her body shuddered, her nectar flowed over my dick and she cried out. “Oh god, it feels like my body has an electric shock going thru it. My insides are tingling all over. Suck my nipples harder, please.”

I moved to the other nipple, being more aggressive with it. I watched her being rewarded with a second orgasm that started almost as soon as the first had ended. She was shaking and breathing deep like she had just run a mile. She stopped moving and lay back down on my chest. When her breathing slowed she managed to get out “I’m sorry I don’t think I can take another one for a while. I need to catch my breath for a bit. Then she rolled off of me and lay next to me on her back.

I was laying there with my dick still pointing skyward when CJ rolled next to me, putting her hand on my shaft as she kissed my cheek. “I know we are being good today but we are willing if you would like some help with that swelling.” She looked at Amanda for approval as she said it and she nodded yes. “Amanda says it ok with her if you say yes.”

“What about the rest of the family?” she looked at Anna and Alissa, they were smiling and nodding also.

“They want to help to.” I pulled CJ on top of me and she wasted no time impaling herself on my shaft. Alissa moved over to kiss me jabbing her tongue into my mouth. After only a moment or two she moved to straddle my head facing CJ. The last thing I saw in front of her was her and CJ pushing their breasts together as Alissa lowered her dripping slit to my lips. I used my hands to spread her thighs and cheeks to give me more room to slip my tongue thru her slit. After only three trips thru her slit I poked her crinkled pucker with my tongue. She tensed up and pushed her ass down on my tongue. At the same time I felt a hand cup my ball sack as a tongue, it had to be Anna’s, working its way around each one.

I moved my tongue to Alissa’s clit as she ground her slit on my face. Her sweet 18 year old juices were dripping into my mouth as l mauled her clit with my tongue. I was trying to take in all the sensations happening to my body when suddenly they stopped. Alissa rose up and straddle my dick facing towards my feet tuzla escort as Anna squatted down putting my mouth over her hole and my nose was rubbing on her clit. The mouth that I felt engulf my balls must have been CJ.

My sweet darling 15 year old Anna was grinding on my face so hard I had to push her up so I could lick the full length of her slit. When I sucked her clit between my lips and rolled it with my teeth her legs shook. “Oh damn do that again, please.” I sucked harder and this time I bit softly on it. Juices flowed from her pussy all over my chin and neck. “Oh fuck, oh fuck. I’m cumminngg.”

I felt the tongue on my balls move up to my dick. When Alissa rose up CJ would shower kisses on my shaft or try to wrap her tongue around it. When she was all the way down I didn’t know what she was doing until I heard Alissa say “Oh sister, your tongue feels so good on my clit.” This time as Alissa rose up my dick came out of her pussy and she moved away. Anna slid down my body until she took my shaft in her hand and guided it to her wet hole. This time there was no one waiting to sit on my face. I looked to my side and saw CJ and Alissa lying together rubbing their bodies together.

Anna took my dick all the way into her tight velvety pussy then bent down until her lips were almost touching mine. She whispered “You’re all mine now. Fuck your sweet little girl and fill her with your cum.” She sat up and ground her ass into my crotch, forcing my dick as deep as it would go into her. I could feel the head of my dick hitting the opening to her womb. As she started moving up and down on me I grabbed her by the waist and drove my shaft into her. “Damn that’s what I want. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you really mean it.”

I was driving my dick hard into her tunnel, feeling the head trying to enter her womb on each stroke. All that Anna could do was moan and grunt each time I drove into her. I felt pressure building in my groin and new it would only be a moment before I blasted her with my seed. “I cumming little girl, cum with me, cum now” and I drove my dick as deep as it would go and held it there shooting gobs of my seed into her waiting womb. Her body convulsed as she threw her head back and screamed “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, it feels like your dick is up in my belly. Fill me with your cum.” She was releasing so many juices I thought someone had poured warm water in my balls.

Anna collapsed onto my chest, her energy spent. When her breathing returned to normal she spoke softly “Thank you for being the best husband. We all love you but right now, I love you the most.” Amanda rolled on her side next to us and put an arm around us.

“I second that. You may have to wait a few minutes to hear from your other two wives. I think they are too busy to talk right now.” I looked to the other side and saw CJ and Alissa locked in a furious 69. They had their faces buried in each other’s pussies and were oblivious to the world around them. Amanda brought us back to reality when she said “We are going to have to head back soon if we want to get back before dark.” Anna put on her best little girl pout.

“Do we have to get up? It feels so good right here being held by the ones I love with your cock in my pussy.”

“We can wait a few minutes.” Anna put her head on one shoulder and Amanda took the other. We laid there until CJ and Alissa moved next to us and said they were ready to head back. We loaded everything back into the boat and headed back to the lake. The girls were perfect angels when we stopped for gas. As soon as we cleared the marina all the clothes came off and Anna, CJ and Alissa stretched out in any sunny spot on the boat to tan.

We got back to the houseboat just before sunset. After a dip in the lake to clean up and a quick supper, we all got in the hot tub. The day was catching up to us. Everyone was tired from our day of fun in the sun. Before long CJ and Alissa called it a night leaving me in the tub with Amanda and Anna. They moved next to me and we sat with our arms wrapped around each other looking at the stars. Amanda said “Thank you for today. You know what would be a wonderful end to a wonderful day?

“No, please tell me.”

“If you would take us to bed and just hold us until we fell asleep.”

“When?” They stood up and stepped out of the tub waiting for me. I got out and as soon as we dried each other off we headed to the bedroom. As we went past the one CJ and Alissa were in the noises coming from inside said they were continuing today’s activities. We got into our bed with me spooned to Anna’s back and Amanda spooned to mine. I had my arms around Anna and she took my hands, holding them tight to her breasts.

“Hold me tight. I feel safe in your arms.” She was asleep, breathing softly in just a few minutes. When I fell asleep Amanda was asleep with her warm breath blowing gently on my neck. I was really starting to enjoy having these four young women sharing me and my bed and calling themselves my wives. After all how many times do you have four women 15-21 years old that would do anything you asked?

We all slept late Friday morning. By the time we got up it was almost lunch time. Tomorrow we had to have the boats back at the marina so we decided that today would be a lazy day, hot tub, swimming in the lake and just laying around in the sun being lazy. All day whenever I stretched out in the sun or just sat down somewhere one of my wives was there next to me. when I asked about it the explanation I got was ‘We want you to know how much we love you so we agreed that when you’re not at work one of us will always be at your side to do whatever you want or need done, unless you tell us to go away.’

About 3 in the afternoon Alissa came to me and asked me to come with her. She led me into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. She turned to me pulled me to her and kissed me with a deep passion. “Will you make love to me like you did Amanda yesterday? Gentle, kind, love then hold me in your arms and tell me you love me?” I didn’t say anything. I just laid her on the bed, looked in her blue eyes and kissed her lips. I moved down kissing her neck and the tops of her breasts. When I took her 34C breasts in my hands, rubbing them as I kissed her areolas and nipples, she arched her back slightly pushing her breasts up to me and moaned deeply. “Oh thank you, I feels so good to have my breasts and nipples treated so nice.” I sucked a nipple into my mouth and flicked my tongue around it. “Jesus my nipples are so sensitive.” When I rolled it between my teeth she jerked her breasts up like she had received a shock. “Oh damn I just had an orgasm.”

I kept squeezing her breasts as I kissed my way down across her flat, taut stomach to her mound. I moved my hands down to her legs, spreading them and pushing them back. Alissa grabbed them and held them there in a big V shape. I looked down at her mound with the slit partially spread and her outer lips looking like flower petals peeking out. I spread her slit with my thumbs and inhaled her sweet, musky, teenaged fragrance. Just then I was reminded of waking up one morning with Anna’s mouth still on my dick from the night before and her pussy just inches from my face. Maybe tonight Alissa and I would end up that way.

Her lips were wet with moisture from her orgasm and they tasted as sweet as she smelled. I sucked on each one causing then to swell with arousal. When I licked her slit from the bottom all the way to her clits her legs started to tremble. I ran my tongue around her nub before putting my lips on it and sucking it in. her legs were shaking harder and she was moaning. When I nibbled gently on it she grabbed my head and pulled me to her mound managing to keep her shaking legs up. Before she could relax I ran a finger thru her slit to make it wet and slick then eased it into her love tunnel.

She lowered her trembling legs, putting her feet on my shoulder blades but keeping her knees spread wide. I stroked her pussy with my finger while I sucked and nibbled her clit. When I added a second finger she groaned and tried to pull me tighter. I put three fingers in her and she yelled “Oh fuck I can’t take this anymore.” She pushed me away from her mound. Looking at me thru squinted eyes she said “Take me, fill me with your cock and pump your cum deep inside me.”

I rose up, grabbed her legs by the ankle and held them spread wide as I lined up the tip of my dick with her tunnel. I pushed until the head was in side. “More.” I pushed another 2” in. “Please stop teasing me and fill me with your beautiful cock.” I pulled back leaving just the head inside then pushed in until my balls were slapping her ass and the head was in her cervix. Her love tunnel was tuzla escort bayan contracting around my shaft, it was tight to begin with but these felt like a deep throat blow job in her pussy. I wanted to cum when she had another orgasm but I didn’t know if I could wait that long.

I was making slow deep thrusts as she spread her lips and started rubbing her nub. “Fuck me faster. I’m almost ready. Fuck me faster.” I put my hands on the back of her knees and pushed her legs back farther as I stroked faster. “Oh my god your hitting something inside me and it feels so good. I’m cumming. Cum with me lover, fill me with your cock and cum now please.”
She started shuddering and gasping as her nectar flowed out around my shaft and down to my balls. I was ready and as I plunged deep into her I pumped what felt like a quart of cum into her. When my dick stopped trying to pump more cum and her tunnel stopped milking my shaft I pulled out of her, lowered her legs and laid down next to her, pulling her into my arms.

I held her until she said “I love you. Thank you that was the best orgasm ever. “When I asked if she wanted to move up on the bed and just lay here for a while she said “I have something I need to do first.” Then she slid down, laid her head on my thigh and started kissing and licking my dick clean. When she was satisfied it was perfect she moved with me where we could put our heads on the pillows. As I had with last night I was spooned against Alissa’ back with my arms around her. She put my hands on her breasts and held tight. “Anna was right. This does feel safe.

We fell asleep and did not wakeup until Amanda came in at 6pm asking if we wanted to join them for dinner. Alissa jumped into the bathroom to clean up and when she came back out she had a warm wash cloth she used to wash my face and then wipe my balls and dick. As she stroked me with the warm cloth my shaft started to rise to the occasion. She kissed the head and said “Thank you Little Boy. I love you to.”

We joined the others at the dinner table. This was our last night so they had grilled the last steaks, made mashed potatoes, instant, and a salad. Someone thought to bring a couple of DVD’s so we ended up with the girls drinking the last of the wine, while I had beer, watching ‘True Grit’ until 9 and then calling it a night. We had to get an early start to get back to the marina on time.

Alissa took my arm and asked if she could spend the night with me. When I told her we were just going to sleep tonight she hugged me. “That sounds good to me.”

CJ was behind me and asked to join us. We got in the bed with me on my back and the two girls lying with an arm and leg across me. After they each kissed me they shared a kiss. Alissa saw me watching them. “I love CJ just like we love you. Neither of us would ever give up men but sometimes a girl just does it……different.”

CJ chimed in with “And it really helps if you love the other girl when you’re in a three way.” We all laughed then they put their heads on my shoulder. The steaks, drinks and movie had taken their toll, 5 minutes later we were sound asleep.

Damn, what was that awful racket? When I got my mind focused I realized it was the alarm I had set for 7am. Alissa and CJ were still asleep even with the noise of the alarm. During the night they had rolled onto their backs so I slipped off the end of the bed and turned it off. When I realized I was the only one up I decided to have some fun. I carefully pulled to covers off Alissa and CJ. Slowly, so as not to wake them I moved their legs apart to give me access to their mounds.

Going to CJ first, I gently spread her lips and pulled back the hood covering her clit. I put my lips on it and sucked hard as I pushed two fingers into her pussy. It took all of 30 seconds before she moaned, arched her back then sat straight up. “What the fuck.” She looked down and smiled when she saw me. I got up and moved to Alissa. Her reaction was a little different. When I sucked her clit and fingered her she moaned as she raised her hips to me. She put her hands on my face as she raised her head and smiled. “Oooo this is a lovely morning wake up. Can I get one every day?” I got up, kissed both of them and asked them to put on some toast, coffee and oatmeal while I woke the other two.

I went to the other bedroom and found Amanda on her back and Anna on her stomach with one knees pulled up giving me a perfect view of her crinkled little pucker and her partially open slit. I bent over Amanda and took her nipples between my fingers, I pinched and pulled gently until she moaned then kissed the right one and sucked on it. While I continued to suck on it I put one finger in her slit as she inhaled hard and shuddered. I felt Moisture flow from her hole over my finger. She opened her eyes and looked at me. “I thought that dream was awfully real. Thank you.”

Last but definitely not least was Anna. She must have been having an amazing dream. There was moisture on here exposed sex and a small wet spot on the sheet beneath her. As I put my hands on her hips to raise her to her knees she gave a soft moan and snuggled to her pillow. With her on her knees and still asleep I pressed the head of my dick to her wet, dripping pussy. As it slipped it she let out a loud moan. When it hit her womb she grabbed two hands full of the sheets an “OH BILL.”

Now I knew what she had been dreaming about that made her so wet. She was pushing back as I made each thrust into her, moaning “YES, YES.” After waking three hot women orally I was ready to shoot a load into Anna. I pumped into her harder as she opened her eyes and looked back at me. “It’s real, oh fuck me, I’m ready to cum.” I pumped her deep and held it there as I spewed cum inside her. She buried her face in her pillow yelling “fffuuucccckkkk.” I pulled out and lay down next to her. She moved next to me and put her head on my chest. If that’s your idea of a wakeup call, put me down for seven days a week.”

Anna headed to the bathroom and I joined the others in the main room. When Anna came out we got the boats off the beach and started the trip back to the marina. 5 hours later we pulled into a slip and moved everything to the truck. A blonde, a red head and two brunettes in tiny bikinis walking around together drew plenty of attention but the looks we got when they hugged me as we got in the truck to leave were priceless. There were a lot of jealous guys on that pier as we drove away.

We got back to Austin late in the evening on Sunday. They were still excited and talking about the vacation after we had unloaded the truck. CJ asked if anyone wanted to join her in the pool and headed out side. We heard her scream and we went out to check on her. She saw us come out. “Look what he did. I can’t believe it. He put a volley ball court in the back yard and a changing room by the pool.”

In the week we were gone I had a contractor add 10’ to the deck, including the cabana for their friends to change, and a sand volley ball court. If there were going to be a lot of nubile young women hanging out here I wanted to make sure they wanted to come back. CJ had planned a get together for her volleyball team here, next week end. If the last party they had was any indication this would be well worth it.

CJ ran to me, jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around me. Between hugs and kisses she managed to say “This is so cool. Tonight you’re mine and mine alone. I want to give you a special thank you. The four of them ran out on the sand and started knocking the ball back and forth. They were still wearing those tiny bikinis and I must say as much as I love having them naked around me all the time, watching their breasts bounce with those small pieces of cloth trying to hide them was extremely sexy. I was sitting in a lawn chair watching them with a large tent in my shorts.

When they had enough of the volleyball court they came over and dragged me to the pool. They pushed me into the water then jumped in after me. When I surfaced I was surrounded by my four women. Their tops were all askew. When they saw what I was looking at they just pulled them off and threw them on the deck. They crowded around me rubbing their breasts on me, kissing me and saying how happy it made them to be with me. That’s when CJ spoke up.

“You girls can play and tease all you want, but until tomorrow morning when he has sex, he’s all mine.” They told her that it was ok with them and went back to rubbing against me. When they got tired of playing in the water they climbed out of the pool, Stripped off their bottoms and stretched out on the deck in the moonlight. This was a sight to behold. Four women, a 21year old red head, an 18 year old escort tuzla blonde, an 18year old brunette and a 15year old, soon to be 16, brunette laying by my pool.

I got out and started to one of the loungers. CJ got up and said “It’s not fair for you to ogle us and we can’t look at you.” She pulled my shorts down and I stepped out of them. They clapped as CJ led me to the lounger and climbed up next to me.

“Well, Miss CJ, what did you have planned for us tonight?”

“I want you to make love to me like you did Anna Saturday night when we were on the houseboat.

“Are you sure? Remember how Anna was the next day.”

“I’m sure”

“Anna, come here please?” she walked over and stood at the foot of the lounger. “Tell CJ what you asked for Saturday night on the boat.”

“I said to fuck me until my holes were sore. I said I wanted him to fuck me like a woman in lust.”

“What else?”

“I told him I wanted to be his slut wife.” She was looking down at the deck, like she was embarrassed.

“Do you want to do that again?”

“Not only no, but hell no. I was sore for days.” I told her she could go lay back down and looked at CJ.

“Do you still think that’s what you want?”

She hesitated a minute. “Yes, I’m not Anna.”

“Then say it. Say exactly what Anna told you.”

“I want you to fuck me until my holes were sore. I want you to fuck me like a woman in lust.”

“What else?”

“I want to be your slut wife.” Then she kissed me. “Let’s go now.”

“Go ahead I’ll be there in a minute.” When she was inside I asked Amanda to come talk to me. “She might need you to call school for her in the morning. I would rather she went but I trust your judgment. I want you three to stay out, no matter what you think you hear.” She nodded that she understood and I got up, heading to the bedroom. I went into the bathroom and popped one of my blue pills. I wanted to make sure she got what she asked for. When I walked in the bedroom CJ was lying on her side propped up on one elbow. She looked at my hard shaft, smiled and licked her lips.

“Are you ready, Miss CJ?” she just nodded as she stared at my dick. I had her move over to the edge of the bed, lying on her back with her head over the edge. I straddled her face with my balls over her mouth and said “Lick them.” She put one hand around the top of my ball sack and milked them down as her tongue shot out of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around them as she used one hand to stroke my dick. She continued running her tongue around them as she sucked them both into her mouth.

When she released them from her mouth I pulled back and put the head of my dick on her lips. I put one hand under her neck until I had a straight shot down her throat and pushed in her mouth. I watched her lips stretch around the head then four more inches disappear in her mouth. I felt my dick hit her throat and stop. “Swallow.” I pushed as I her throat muscles worked the tip. She tried to push me back but I slapped her hands away. “Sluts don’t get choices.” “Swallow.” I saw tears in her eyes as she gagged. I pulled back until just the head and an inch of dick were in her mouth so she could take a couple of breaths before I pushed in again. Her throat stopped me again. “Swallow, we can do this all night.” The head just slipped in when she gagged again. I pulled out again and this time I pushed harder. “Swallow, you’ve done this before, do it now.” I felt her throat start to open so I pushed until her nose was buried in my balls and I could feel her throat swallowing around my shaft. Her hot breath was blowing out her nose onto my balls.

I was making short strokes keeping my dick in her throat, with one of her hands cupping my balls, until it seemed her throat would welcome my shaft. I spent the next 5 minutes sliding my dick the full length in her mouth and throat. I pulled out until the tip was jut in her mouth and pushed back in until I was stopped by my balls on her nose. “Use your other hand to rub your clit.” Just before I pulled my dick from her mouth her back arched and she moaned around my shaft the moaning and swallowing of her throat almost set me off, but it was not time yet.

I pulled all the way out of her and had her turn around with her butt on the corner of the bed. “Put your legs behind your arms and spread your slit.” When she was done I grabbed her hips and slid her closer so I could get as deep as possible in her holes. I held my shaft in her open slit and humped her, sliding the head back and forth across her nub. She jerked each time I touched it. When I put the tip at her love hole it was soaking wet. When I pushed I went all the way into her cervix.

“Oh shit, you’re hitting something inside me.” I ignored her and pounded into her six more times watching her wince each time. I pulled out and lined up to her asshole. “No not yet.” I forced my dick all the way into ass stopping only when my hips met hers.

“You wanted to be my slut. Sluts don’t get to say no.” I grabbed her breast and squeezed the roughly as I pounded her ass as hard as I could. I pinched and pulled on her nipples while she rubbed her clit. My balls were ready blast her bowels so I jammed in as hard as hard and deep as I could loosed my first load of many to come, into her bowels. I pulled out and jammed my dick into her pussy. I continued twisting her nipples and pulling them out, letting them snap back. She finally shuddered and threw her head back. Juices flowed from her hole. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m….cumming….I’m….cumming” she gasped between breaths.

I just kept pounding at her pussy. “Put your hands on your breasts and rub them hard.” I moved my hands to her slit so I could rub, pinch and pull on her nub. When I slid the hood back and pinched it to I could pull on it she screamed and her juices started flowing again. I put my thumb on it the pushed on it rubbing in a circle. She was gasping like she couldn’t catch her breath. I kept rubbing as I pounded into her and soon she was writhing like she wanted to get away. I grabbed her hips, pulling her towards me and kept pounding.

I pulled out again, Put her legs down and rolled her on her stomach. I told her to stand on her feet and spread them wide straddling the corner of the bed. “Spread your butt cheeks.” When she had pulled them wide, with one hand I pushed down on her shoulders, pressing her down on the bed, while I put the tip of my dick at her ass again. Holding one of her hips I forced my way into her ass again and pumped furiously. Every second or third stroke I slapped one of her ass cheeks and she would yelp. “Do you like to be spanked while your ass is fucked slut?


“Do you want me to stop?”


“What do you want?”

“Spank me while you fuck my ass”

“What ass?”

“Spank me while you fuck my slut ass”


“Spank me while you fuck my slut ass, PLEASE.” I went back to pumping my dick into her ass and slapping her ass cheeks. Just as I was going to pullout and turn her around, her arms and legs started shaking and she gave a long loud moan. I turned her around, still on her stomach, put my dick between her lips and began fucking her mouth and throat. I was determined to fuck her three holes until my blue pill wore off in at least several hours. Cum was boiling up again and I rammed my shaft deep in her throat and held it there as I shot a load into her stomach. I pulled out of her throat and as she tried to speak I pushed it back into her throat and held it deep.

“Sluts don’t talk.” This time when I pulled out she was silent. I moved behind her, pulled her to her knees, with her head still on the mattress, and buried my shaft on her pussy. I continued moving from hole to hole until about 30 minutes later, after I turned her on her back and started to put my dick in her mouth, she pushed me away. “No more, Please.”

“I thought you wanted to be a slut?”

“I wanted to show you I was as good as Anna.”

“Why? If I didn’t love you the way you are wouldn’t be here.” Rubbing her ass, she groaned as she got up to get off the bed.

“Damn I ‘m going to be sore in the morning. Can I stay home?”

“Nope, sitting on those wood seats all day will help you remember to think before you ask next time.” She hugged me and called me mean but was smiling when she did. As we got under the covers she pointed at my shaft that had not gone soft yet.

“What about him?”

“Got any suggestions?”

She rolled onto her side facing away from me and pulled her top leg up. “I know how much you love my ass. Put it in and it will be safe and warm until it goes down.” I moved next to her and gently slid into her ass. “MMMMM, that feels much better than forcing it.” I felt her flexing the muscles in her butt, holding me tight inside her. That’s the way we drifted off to sleep.

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