The Gimp’s Toy Pt. 02

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Ajax awoke first. He smiled and reached over to stroke the sleeping man beside him. A warmth spread throughout him and he snuggled closer to the young man. Jonah shifted slightly but remained asleep. His bright jeweled plug glinting in the darkness. Ajax felt entranced by this young man. He never wanted to let him go, in fact he wasn’t going to let him go. The boy fit so perfectly with him it that he knew forming a life around the young man would come with ease. Jonah was so perfectly submissive as well. He had taken to the role of a slave so easily. No, not slave. That was too harsh a word. He had had many slaves before, but none graced him in his bed, not the way Jonah was. He kissed the young man on his cheek, stroking his messy black hair. This was his pet, his beautiful sweet, soft, innocent pet. As he embraced the young man, he heard heavy footsteps and scuffling. He turned his head to see a black shadow walk away from the doorframe. A spark of anger ignited within him and diminished as quickly as it started. Gimp would also have to get use to this. He had shared the house with many slaves. He would have to get used to a pet and where a pet’s place was. Right beside its master. Ajax rose to his feet and went to go find Gimp.

The latex clad man sat in the kitchen staring at a half-eaten birthday cake on the table. Ajax had baked it for him, sure it was slightly overcooked, a little dry and all too sweet but it was something his master had made for him for his day. Now he was sharing his special day with some slut that was supposed to be his present. The fucker even slept in Master’s bed. Something Gimp never had the luxury of feeling. His hand hovered over the zipper of his mask, he hated crying in it.


Gimp quickly wiped away his tears and turned to his master. The man was leaning against the door, a look of pity on his face.

“I’m sorry, I know this was supposed to be a special day.” Ajax walked in and grabbed two plates and forks, handing one to his most loyal slave. He cut a piece of cake handing it to the man. “Are you mad at me?”

Gimp didn’t say anything, he just silently ate his cake. He felt Ajax grab his head and turn it to face him. It was impossible not to tear up when Master gazed at him with such soulful eyes. Ajax gave a pitiful smile.

“I know I fucked up. I promised you a fun evening with a fun slave but things took a turn. I can get you a bitch tomorrow. Rodney always gives you a fun time.”

The gimp responded by tracing his finger in the cake frosting. Ajax looked to see the word promise in the icing. Gimp reverted his stare from his master and quickly dropped to his knees seeking forgiveness. Ajax looked down to his slave then to the baked good. Shame washed over him, a promise was a promise. Any follower needs a good leader. Ajax smiled to his gimp.

“Alright Gimp. You can go fuck him. But one more time alright? He’s going to be my new pet. So I don’t want any jealous behavior… from either of you. This will take some time to get used to and it will be hard for everyone. But be the Gimp I know you are and you’ll be rewarded.”

The moment Ajax finished his sentence Gimp was heading towards the bedroom. This was going to be an interesting few weeks. His pet didn’t even have any supplies, no bed, no room, no clothes. He knew he wanted the young man to sleep in his room, but he wouldn’t be able to share his bed forever. And he knew his pet would probably want his own corner to tuck into after a long day. He smiled at the most exciting part… introducing him to the rest of the gang. He had a friend with two pups. Two big boys with big cocks, it would be a delight to watch his pet get bred by them. Fuck he hadn’t even gotten a chance to give the man a proper fucking. That would change in the morning. Ajax smiled at the prospects of his future. He followed his gimp to watch him indulge in his birthday surprise.

Jonah’s dreams blurred and changed before him. He was in the restaurant with

Ajax back on his first date. The two were smiling and relishing in each other’s company. The restaurant was empty so when Ajax threw him to the floor and ripped his pants off it was no issue. Jonah’s cock tensed with excitement. He could feel Ajax poking at him and it was so real. The moment the man entered Jonah felt himself explode. The pleasure coming from within was all-consuming, his dreams started to fade away and Jonah twitched asleep on the bed.

Ajax watched from a distance this time. He stood by the doorway watching his Gimp go to work. God what a magnificent cock he had, he was truly proud at the size and girth of his slave. The man had learned to fuck for him… well the man had learned everything for him. His new pet would have to learn some form of devotion from Gimp but he knew it wouldn’t take long. Jonah was sliding into the role so well already. He watched his two possessions closely. Gimp was already deep inside giving slow powerful thrusts. He knew how to fuck so his master would enjoy it. Slow deliberate thrusts focusing on the hips. Jonah began to stir, kicking and flinching as he began to wake up a wet mess beneath pendik escort him. Proof of his erotic dreams.

“Ajax.” He muttered.

Jonah awoke to a warmth around him and mixture of pain and pleasure radiating throughout his body. He pushed back against the peace of meat sliding into him. Vigorously rubbing it against his prostate. He heard a squeak and felt a familiar feeling of latex. His eyes snapped open and reality washed over him. He could see Ajax staring down at him.


Gimp moved quickly, pinning Jonah onto the bed holding him in place. The young man sobbed into the mattress pleading with Ajax.

“Get him off. GET HIM OFF!”

“Shh, shh.” Ajax cooed softly. He walked towards his terrified pet stroking his hair. “I had made a promise to Gimp and, in my excitement, I went back on it.”

“But you promised me he wouldn’t touch me! You said you wanted me here for you!” Jonah’s sentence broke off into hysterical sobs. Gimp glared down at Jonah, driving his hips harder. Forcing his cock inside with brutal thrusts.

Ajax sighed to himself and sat beside Jonah holding his hand. He gave a weak smile gently rubbing the scared man’s hand.

“I’m sorry my pet but I didn’t break any promise to you. I invited you here for me and that’s true. I’m just currently sharing.” A smile spread across Ajax’s face. Jonah hated to admit it, but that smile seemed to make everything better. “But I did say I’d give you my cock if you were good. Gimp, put him in doggy style, we’re going to spit roast the pet.”

Gimp moved with excitement. He flipped over the pet as he eyed his master. His cock seemed to have gotten harder as he watched his master disrobe. The pet’s eyes were also glued to master’s cock. He slapped the pet’s ass hard reassuring him of his place. Master seemed to like this one… a little too much. They had never had a pet and Gimp resented the workload. Pet’s never fed themselves, they were shit when it came to helping around the house too. Just pretty little asses waiting to be fucked. He quickened his hips feeling the pet’s bubble butt bounce against him.

Jonah was focused on the cock swaying in front of his face. It looked to be eight inches, with an impressive girth. Ajax’s heavy balls wafted a strong musk that caused Jonah’s cock to harden. He didn’t have to be told what to do, he opened his mouth and sucked on the mushroom head.

“Fuck, you got some sweet lips baby. Love watching them on my cock.” Ajax’s eyes narrowed in on the young man on his cock. He pushed his girthy member inside and felt the pet gag. “Breath through your nose and don’t be scared to spit. You’ll need to learn how to deep throat to be a good pet.”

Gimp took this as motivation. He slammed his hips forward impaling Jonah onto his master’s cock. He smiled as the young man screamed. Jonah sputtered and gagged as the entire member slid down his throat. Through teary eyes he looked up at Ajax. Fuck those blue eyes, he felt his body shiver with excitement.

“Good boy.”

Ajax’s deep voice sent Jonah over the edge. With the combination of the stimulation to his prostate and Ajax’s masculine presence Jonah’s orgasm hit hard. His entire body convulsed as he shot his come onto the bed.

“Good pet, you’re learning.” Ajax locked eyes with his Gimp. “You ready? You want to come with your master?” The gimp nodded his head with excitement.

Jonah’s eyes widened in fear, the Gimp was going to come inside him again. His sobs of fear mixed in with his gagging. Ajax groaned in pleasure as the pet’s throat tightened.

“God fucking dammit! Get ready pet, yeah get ready I’m going to come.”

Ajax’s breathing became ragged, his hand tightened around Jonah’s head. His nails leaving small marks on the young man’s face. Jonah squirmed. He was more than ready to take Ajax’s load, his stomach grumbled and he bobbed his head eagerly. The man servicing his behind was the problem. With each grunt of pleasure Ajax emitted the Gimp fucked harder. Jonah swore the man was trying to shatter his pelvis with his thrusts.

“fuck, yeah, I’m coming I’m coming.”

Jonah gagged as a thick liquid filled up his mouth. He swallowed quickly, using the man’s cock like a straw and drinking his come like it was water in desert. The enjoyment corroded as the gimp slammed into him and released. Jonah lay there as the two men dumped their loads into him. Both collapsed onto the bed panting hard. A mass of sweaty bodies on the come stained bed. Ajax nodded to the gimp. He bent down grabbed Jonah’s red plug and shoved it back up the pet’s ass. He smiled as the boy squirmed in discomfort. Begrudgingly he left the room, leaving his master to tend to his new toy.

“Wow,” Ajax breathed, “just wow.”

Jonah snuggled in close to Ajax. Pride and shame crashed over him. Ajax wrapped his arms around his pet placing a kiss on the head. Through teary eyes Jonah looked up to the dominant man holding him.

“Is he done fucking me now?” His attempt to hold in his tears only made him appear weaker. His voice shook and cracked as he tried.

“You suadiye escort two have really put me through it tonight.” Ajax replied with a smile, “didn’t think cohabitation would be this hard.” Jonah cried again. Ajax knew this wasn’t the answer he was looking for. But what was he going to do? Make another promise he would fail to fulfill. He kissed his pet firmly and reassuringly.

“My sweet, sweet pet. All you need to know is how happy you make me. I’m not a selfish man, I like to share the things I enjoy. I like to see others get as much enjoyment as I do.” He kissed Jonah again, fighting away the young man’s tears. “But I meant what I said, you’re here for me. And I don’t think I’ll be able to let you go. You’re mine Jonah, now something tells me that doesn’t frighten you?”

Jonah relaxed into Ajax. The comfort of belonging to this man was sickening but his urge to be with him was all controlling. Everyone he knew had spent their lives trying to find someone to call their own. Even fewer get to find what they’re seeking. Being beside Ajax seemed to have stopped that hunt. He felt complete belonging to this man. He just didn’t want anyone else too.

“No it doesn’t. The idea of sharing does.”

Ajax couldn’t help but smile. “You and Gimp both.” Jonah seemed to turn cold to this response. The light in his eyes dulled and he pulled his hand away from Ajax. “Hey, if it makes you feel better I have three slaves… and one pet. Your only job is to be by my side and do as I tell. Don’t think of the rest.”

Jonah was taken back as he was embraced with a passionate kiss. The warmth and smell of Ajax melted away all his doubts and worries. The man quickly rolled on top of him biting his neck. Jonah arched his back submitting to his new master. He let out a soft moan.

“Yes master.”


Jonah awoke with a start. He was cold, naked and alone. His entire body ached and his worn-out hole throbbed. It was still full. Jonah lowered his hand and quickly pulled out the plug. He winced as the large sphere pulled against his rim coming out with a pop. He sat up listening closely. The smell of breakfast wafting over him pulling him up. He looked around the bedroom, no clothes anywhere. The only article being a skimpy red thong tosses on the floor. He picked it up, the thing reeked of sweat and pre. Being naked would be more comfortable than this. He tosses the dirty underwear to the floor leaving the bedroom.

“Look who’s awake!”

Jonah smiled as he walked into the living room. Ajax greeted him with a big smile and sparkling blue eyes. The man waved to him signaling to a pillow beside the couch. Jonah looked to the couch then to the pillow.

“Couch is a privilege, pet. One you must earn.” Jonah frowned slightly, “don’t worry, good behavior never goes unnoticed.”

Jonah walked over and sat on the pillow. Truth be told he was just happy to be beside Ajax. He leaned his head on the man’s leg and closed his eyes relaxing in Ajax warmth. The smell of bacon and eggs adding to the homey scenario.

“Awe, feeling affectionate?” Ajax ran his hair through Jonah’s hair then bent over to give him a kiss. “Hungry pet?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Good, I have Gimp cooking us up some breakfast. Hope you like scrambled eggs and bacon.” Jonah nodded. “Good.”

In short time Gimp walked into the living room holding two plates and a bowl. He first placed Ajax plate before putting the bowl on the floor. He took his seat and waited for Ajax to take the first bite, then he began to eat. He looked to the pet, who sat with a confused look on his face. Ungrateful fuck.

Jonah stared at the bowl on the floor. How eyed the two men eating, Ajax had put down his fork and stared at Jonah.

“Don’t waste food pet, Gimp cooked you your meal. Show him respect and eat.”

“Yes master, thank you… Gimp.” Jonah reached forward and grabbed a piece of bacon. There was a loud clapping sound as Ajax delivered a firm hit. Jonah pulled back looking at his stinging now bright red hand. He looked up at Ajax with a look of fear and confusion.

“If you were permitted to eat with your hands you would have gotten a plate, fork and knife.”

“Ajax please…”

Nothing but silence. Ajax shot Jonah an icy stare and Jonah began to cry. The humiliation was overwhelming. He could see the Gimp staring eagerly at the two of them, both shocked and amused with Jonah’s defiance. Jonah looked back down to his bowl, his stomach rumbled as the smell of eggs and bacon filled his nostrils. He lowered his head and as he did so the collar around his neck touched the bowl making a small clanging noise. Jonah immediately pulled his head up with teary eyes.

“Please… it’s too humiliating.”

Ajax set his fork down taking a deep breath. He looked down to his pet, the defiance he once saw as adorable began to irk him. He looked over to Gimp who had also put his plate down, awaiting his master to eat again. The man’s eyes were glued to the scene, Ajax couldn’t blame him. The man’s entire world was based around Ajax, watching someone else disobey acıbadem escort could only prove aggravating. Ajax turned and faced his pet. The man was sobbing now, something Ajax would have to learn to ignore.

“Alright,” he breathed coolly. Ajax bent down and grabbed the bowl taking it back to the kitchen. This only furthered Jonah’s fit. He could hear the man gasp for breath in between sobs. He returned to the living room and sat down and finished his meal again.

“Ajax I’m sorry-“

“It’s Master,” he interrupted.

“Master I’m sorry. Please I’m hungry Master.”

“I though it was too humiliating to eat.”

Jonah felt his heart crack at the tone of Ajax’s voice. He stumbled over his words trying to explain himself. “I-I-I’m sorry. This i-is all happening so fast. I-I-” Ajax raised his hand silencing Jonah.

“I know pet, but you have to listen to me. The more you fight me the harder it’ll be… and the more you fight me the harsher I’ll get. I like you pet but there are rules. Now Gimp will go get you your bowl and this time you eat.”

“Yes master.”

Jonah watched as the bowl of food returned. Gimp placed it in front of him. The smell was not as powerful as before and the food now cold. Jonah could feel Ajax cold stare on him. Desperately wanting to please him he lowered his head and began to eat.

“Good pet.”

The reassurance instantly dried Jonah’s tears. He continued to eat he swore there was a slimy substance over his meal. But he pushed past it, not wanting to anger Ajax nor thinking of what it could have been. He prayed it was only spit.

Once breakfast was finished Gimp returned to the kitchen to do the dishes. Jonah followed Ajax around like a lost puppy. Hoping to receive some one on one time with his master. His hopes melted away as Ajax grabbed his keys, and shoes.

“Where are you going?” Jonah asked.

“Have some stuff to attend to pet. A downfall of living in the moment is never truly being prepared.” Ajax laughed throwing on his coat. “As I’m aware you need clothes, a bed and you still have an apartment.”

Apartment, fuck. Jonah had completely forgotten about life outside. He had been so wrapped up in Ajax he had forgotten his own life. It was the first time he had went a full night without looking at his phone and weirdly he didn’t want to.

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing to drastic,” Ajax replied with a smile, “figure I could rent it out. Have a few friends that need a new place. Now while I’m gone I’m expecting you both to be on your best behavior.”

“Alone with him…” Jonah was silence by a quick glance.

“Gimp lives here too pet. You could learn from him, he’s good at teaching manners.” Jonah frowned. “I know what you’re scared of pet and no he’s not going to touch you. Now be good and I won’t be gone long.”

And with that Jonah was left alone in the apartment with the man who raped him. Avoiding him in an apartment was hard and Gimp never truly let Jonah be alone. Wherever Jonah went Gimp would go to check up on him. Twice he had found him on the couch and both times he tore the pet off giving him a swift kick. Master was going to have to be a lot tougher on the bitch if it was to learn anything. So far whenever things got hard the bitch would cry to Master and Master would give it a hug. He was far too gentle and far too close to this one. The two were going to fuck tonight, Gimp knew that Master was going to claim his new pet. They were going to fuck then sleep on the same bed. Again. Rage quickly filled the gimp. He silently walked to his room shutting the door, praying the pet would do something stupid enough to warrant some discipline.

What Jonah thought was going to be a short trip extended to a day long affair. It was nighttime when Ajax finally arrived. His hands full of bags and a giant smile on his face.

“Hello, miss me?” Ajax asked jokingly handing Gimp the bags. “Just put those in my room for now. And set the doggy bed in the corner by the dresser.” He then turned to Jonah he was trailing his feet. He quickly grabbed his pet embracing him with a kiss. His cock hardened as he felt his pet moan against him. He broke the kiss looking deeply into his pets eyes. Fuck he had forgotten how gorgeous he was. Those big brown eyes looked at him so sweetly as his soft lips formed a smile.

“Come pet, follow me. I want to show you what I got you.”

Jonah eagerly followed Ajax into the master bedroom. The door shut behind them leaving the two alone. Jonah couldn’t ward off his excitement. Finally, he and Ajax were alone. The man sat on the bed tapping it. Waiving Jonah to come over. Excitedly Jonah jumped on the bed. Staring at the bags that lined the end.

“I know I went a little crazy,” Ajax smirked. “But who doesn’t love to spoil their pet.”

He opened one of the bags revealing a barrage of panties. Some thongs, others tight little boy shorts. All in bright colors with lace details and silk fabric. There were two or three large blankets and a new set of bowls. Ajax couldn’t stop smiling the entire time as he showed off his new purchases. He grabbed a blueprint showing it to his pet. “It’s going to be your cage.” Ajax exclaimed with excitement. “I know it doesn’t look like much now but trust me, you’re going to love it. But this.” He pulled out a box and handed it to Jonah. “Is what I’m most excited about. Here, open it.”

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