The Gardener

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Megan poured herself a nice cool glass of lemonade from a pitcher that was on the patio table. Picking up a precut wedge of lemon she rested it on the edge of her tumbler. Luscious lips painted a soft sensuous shade of red puckered as she took a long refreshing sip. Boy, it was hot out! Walking over to the chaise lounge, Megan slipped off her heeled sandals and gingerly laid back to get comfortable. The wide brimmed hat that she wore to protect her face from the UV rays of the sun was slipped from her head and placed on the table next to her drink. Placing a hand over her brow to shade her eyes from the glare, Megan looked up and saw Bill trimming the bushes that bordered her yard giving her the privacy she preferred.

Her eyes traveled from his short hair to the smooth tanned back and arms that glistened with sweat. They continued down to the khaki shorts that were just tight enough to outline a nice firm set of buttocks. He had long lean legs that ended with his bare feet in a pair of sandals. Smiling to herself, she wondered what Bill was wearing under those shorts, briefs or boxers? She stared and stared but damned if she could not find the outline that would give his secret away.

Bill looked over at Megan and saw her checking him out as he trimmed her bushes. He could feel the heat of her gaze that easily outdid the sun on the hottest of days. She was one fine woman he thought and he always enjoyed it when it was the O’Brien’s day for yard work. He lifted his arm and waved to her. Her return wave was a subtle curl of her fingers from the hand that still shaded her eyes.

Megan was happy that she was far enough away from Bill that he could not see the blush on her cheeks from being caught checking him out so thoroughly. Resting her head back, Meg picked up her book and began to read.

It was either the hot sun or the steamy love scene she had just read, she wasn’t sure which, but it caused her to have such a hot flash that she decided to open a few buttons at the neck of her summer dress. Without being fully aware she did it, Meg opened her legs a little and lifted the hem of her dress to bare her legs. That’s better. She picked up her book and began to read again.

From the other side of the yard, Bill had put down the hedge trimmer and glanced over at the lovely brunette as she was making herself more comfortable and was trying to cool off. He felt a bead of sweat trickle down his back but it was the prickling tingle of the hair on his balls that caused him to harden as he watched her. He could see that as she fussed about in the chair, her dress rose just a bit higher baring her legs more and more. Turning his back to her so he could adjust the change in his body to a more comfortable position, he moaned quietly as he imagined it was her hand touching him.

“Get back to work, Bill!” He scolded himself and bent down to pick up the trimmings that fell to the ground.

Megan looked up and saw that Bill had turned away from her and was busy picking up the trimmings. She recaptured the words she had just read in her book but this time the man was Bill and she was the woman. Looking at his tanned back, Megan allowed her mind to picture the scene again. Her eyes drifted shut as her mind strayed to the story excerpt she had read….

Bill stood next to Megan as she lay on her bed. His hand reached out and traced her full lips. It was not the touch of his finger nor was it the look of his handsome naked body; it was the sensuous passion filled gaze illegal bahis his eyes held when he looked deep into hers. While looking deep into her eyes, Bill allowed his hand to fall from her lips and continue to draw an invisible line down her chin. His large warm hand cupped her breast. His thumb flicked gently over her raised nipple, not only making it pucker and swell but it caused an electric bolt of passion streak from her breasts to her groin. Her head rolled across the pillow, back and forth as moans softly slipped from her lovely lips….

Megan’s hand slid down her tummy and it cupped against the dampened panties beneath her dress that had ridden up even higher as she fantasized. Moans slipped softly from her lips just as they had in her dream. The sound surprised her and she opened her eyes, to see that Bill was no longer on the other side of the yard but right there at the end of her chair. He had a birds-eye view of her touching herself. Megan’s eyes traveled down his body and rested on the proud bulge in those khaki shorts. Still touching herself as if her hand were glued to her panties, Megan tore her eyes away from his groin to look up into his eyes. If Bill were not already painfully aware that Megan was past the point of no return, he would have thought she was in pain. Her brow was wrinkled; her lovely eyes were glassy but the glaze did not hide the pleading look she offered Bill. Bill was not quite at the same point as Megan, so he was wary of touching her at this point; at least not with his hands, but his eyes were another matter.

Megan’s eyes dropped down to his bulge again and returned quickly to his eyes and back silently pleading with him to join her. Without any hesitation, Bill slowly undid his shorts and slid his hand inside. As the material parted and fell to his feet, Megan could see why she could not tell if Bill was wearing boxers or briefs, he was wearing neither. Encouraged by his daring action, Megan was not about to be undone. Lifting her bottom from the lounge, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her long tanned legs. Once they reached her ankles, she just used one foot to hook the dainty lace and tug it off and onto the patio not all that far from Bill’s shorts. Lifting her dress just high enough to offer Bill the loveliest of views. She tantalized him even more by raising her knees and letting them drop open.

If it was possible Bill hardened even more. His own rough hand gripped his cock and was slowly stroking himself as his eyes feasted on the delectable morsel in front of him. He watched as her hand rested on her lightly haired pubis, and her lovely fingers cupped the shaven lips between her legs. The view of her lovely cunt was hidden by her fingers but to his immense relief not for long. Her fingers rose to that secret place all women have and men search for. Her knowing fingers pulled back the hood and out popped the prettiest pink bud. Her finger pressed on her clit hard, his eyes never strayed and he was rewarded with a glimpse of her shiny honey moistening her pretty nether lips as she played. Her mouth opened again and he saw her pink tongue slip out to slide along her dry lips moistening them too. Bill couldn’t decide which pair of moist lips he wanted to feast his eyes on. Both had him mesmerized.

Still stroking slowly, he lowered his eyes again and watched her play. Her finger dipped down between her spread legs and caressed her slightly parted lips. Staring he saw her finger illegal bahis siteleri dip into her slit and it came out delicately greased with her own honey. Slowly, Megan gently caressed her clit and his cock head swelled as he watched her clit do the same.

“Ohhh God!” He murmured.

He knew she must have been feeling the very same ache in the gut that he was feeling. Without missing a stroke his eyes flew to hers as he heard her breath rasp out in little gasps. She was cumming and he knew he would not be far from doing the same. He could not watch her trembling lips, her eyes, as they closed, not even her face as her hair flew across it while her head tossed from side to side, without cumming himself. But he had to admit that it was those soft little moans he heard slip from her that was his undoing.

He closed his own eyes, but that did not prevent him from seeing her in his minds eye. As he felt his own cum simmer in his tightened pouch, getting ready to erupt from his body, he saw her soft petals opening like a flower showing him her pink glistening pussy, pretty as the smooth insides of a conch shell. His mind saw her swelling bud peek from his protective hood as her manipulating fingers teased it until she began her orgasm. Shiny lips from both her mouth and her ‘playground’ flashed behind his eyelids causing him to moan out load as he felt the first spurt of cum shoot from his cock. Stroking more fervently, he felt another and then another explode from him. As his hand slowed, his eyes opened and he looked over and saw Megan staring at him just as he had watched her. She smiled. He smiled. A giggle from her; a laugh from him. Before they knew it, they were both laughing. Naked, Bill walked over and sat next to her on the chaise. Megan moved over so he could have room. They had calmed themselves to just smiles now.

“That was incredible!” Bill spoke first.

“Yes” She whispered back, “It was, wasn’t it?”

“I think you are incredible, Megan.” Bill said seriously.

“Thank you, Bill.” Meg smiled. “You are not so bad yourself.”

“Thank you.” Bill grinned.

“This politeness is getting silly, don’t you think?” She countered.

“You’re right.” He laughed. But a split second later he was very serious. “I want to fuck you Megan. What we just did was fantastic. I loved it but I must feel my cock inside you. I want more.”

“Bill, yes. I want it too. Let’s go inside.”

Bill rose, leaving his discarded shorts and her panties on the patio. Megan got up too and led Bill into the house. They no sooner closed the patio door when Bill grabbed Megan around the waist and lifted her onto the island in the center of her bright kitchen. Bill’s hand unbuttoned the rest of her dress until it fell open. He was thrilled to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were swollen with nipples pointing out begging to be sucked. He obliged. His mouth captured one taut bud suckling her hard, no longer wanting to be gentle. His mouth spit it out so he could rush to taste the other. It was just as tasty. But he wanted to taste more. His big hand spread across her breasts and pushed her back. Megan, unprepared for his push, fell back onto her elbows, lifting her head to watch him. Bill opened the remains of her sundress and spread her legs in one swift motion. Dropping to one knee, his face was right where he wanted it, between tanned thighs and so close to her scented treasure. Megan raised her heels to the counter in a position much like the canlı bahis siteleri one that women are required to at the gynecologists once a year. Only, Bill was not playing doctor. He wanted to feast his eyes on her and enjoy every peek at her most intimate parts. But he did not want to feast only with his eyes, he wanted to breathe deeply of the scent of her; the scent that cause his cock to harden again. His mouth reached in to taste her. It closed over her cunt as it would in a kiss. His tongue slipped between her soft lips and delved inside to explore the softness he knew was there. He raised his head and lapped at her clit and he heard her scream.

“Oh God, Omigod, Bill! Fuck me. I want you inside me NOW!”

Ignoring her pleas, Bill pressed his tongue hard against her clit. He felt her squirm and her hips were undulating as if she were fucking his face. His fingers spread her lips wide so he could dive in and taste her cum as it flowed from her onto his tongue. She tasted sweet. She tasted like heaven. He wanted her. His cock was throbbing and he couldn’t believe he would be ready again this soon but he was. He was going to cum himself only this time he wanted to cum inside her.

Bill moved his face away from Megan so quickly she didn’t have time to realize what he was doing. His hands pulled her upward so she was standing before him. Bill grabbed her hand and took her over to the table and turned her so her back was to him. Pushing her down and over the table, her face and breasts were pressed against it. He spread her legs like a cop about to pat down a criminal. Bent over, Megan turned her head to the side and moaned when she felt his cock touch her cunt lips. She felt them spread open and close around his hardness. Slowly, he pushed in and pulled out to moisten the head in her juices. Once he knew he was lubricated enough, he slid inside her, like a hot knife through soft butter.

“ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!” he moaned as he shoved inside her hungry cunt. Gripping her hips from behind, Bill could not go slowly any more. Slamming into her, his cock went deep making them both grunt like animals with each thrust.

“Faster Bill, Harder” Meg screamed

He didn’t need to be told. He thrust his cock to the hilt, gaining speed each time. Her lovely petals gripped his cock and held him tight. Bill pulled from her suction and it was unbelievably wonderful. So much so, he had to shove deep inside that warm moist cavern to feel the suction again as he pulled out. In and out, faster and harder, just as she had begged him to. And just as before he felt his cum bubble in his scrotum like a volcano holding boiling lava.

One last thrust and he was there. Moaning he pushed and shoved as deep inside of her as he could go. Megan was there too. He knew it. He could tell by the pulsating walls of her cunt gripping him and holding him and not letting him go. Their bodies rose to orgasm together and neither of them were quiet. She screamed and he moaned. He couldn’t thrust any more. He just held his cock deep inside and allowed his release to splash inside her. Her juices flowed just as freely.

With his strength sapped from his body, Bill leaned forward to rest on her body. Careful to keep his weight from hurting her, he pulled her hair away and kissed her neck.

Whispering softly into her ear, “My God, woman I am going to have to rest up for next week.”

“Yes, you are. Bill because I was just thinking I might like to get my bushes trimmed twice a week. Are you available?”

Rising up from the table he brought her with him, Bill turned Megan so she was folded in his arms.

“For you, lovely lady, I am most definitely available, even after hours!”

(c) 2002, Misty’s Erotic Stories

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