The Four Sluts Pt. 12

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*Everyone involved in this story is over 18. *

**Sorry it’s been awhile, hopefully the cobwebs are off.**


“It won’t fit in the back.” Rick said.

“Are you sure, it looks like there’s room in the trunk?” His wife Enas was rummaging in the trunk of the packed mini cooper.

“It’s ok mom, I don’t mind sitting on dad’s lap.” Lauren held her smile back. She was wearing a small white t-shirt with a wide neck so her cleavage was exposed, and small tiny jean shorts. Unfortunately, being around her mom meant that she also had to wear a bra, but to make for it she wore a push up just for her dad.

“Are you sure? It’s going to be for a half hour, probably more because of traffic.” Lauren’s mom was right. With everyone going to college the drive would slug along.

Lauren was finally headed off to college after a long and exhausting summer. To be fair she loved every moment, but the last week home had been a nice break. After beach week her family had been flying her out across the country. She’d spend a week at a male family member’s home and service them anyway they wanted her to.

Her granddad Max had her tied to a guest bed in the basement. She wasn’t sure if she ate more cum or normal food that week. Her granddaddy had as insatiable an appetite as his son. And she spent another week at her other grandad’s place, sneaking away with him to avoid her grandmother’s prying eyes. He grew addicted to her ass by the end of that week, and she’d gotten addicted to drinking his semen with her milk every morning as her grandmother unknowingly watched.

Her uncle Dave had her wear lingerie all week. At night they’d fuck like rabbits. At another uncle’s place she wasn’t allowed to wear any clothes at all. He’d bring his friends from work and they’d share her for hours. Her uncle Fazil sold her body off to men he had owed money to. Lauren was happy to help her uncle out, and happier in the mornings when he’d fuck her throat.

The weeks at home weren’t much more relaxing though. The days she was away meant her dad and brothers were pent up, and needed pussy. At least Harry and Dan could pick girls up at parties, although they said it wasn’t as good as having sex with their little sister. But Rick was sexless every week Lauren was away. Every time she came back the three of them would use her relentlessly. It wasn’t until the last week home that they gave her a break.

“There’s not much else to do.” Rick closed the house door. “With my car in the shop we have to take yours.”

His car wasn’t in the shop.

Enas shrugged and got in the driver’s side door as Rick stuffed a large duffel bag down the middle seat. It was so large that it covered the middle section between the passenger seat and driver’s seat, even blocking the view.

Rick sat down, followed by Lauren. He could feel the exposed parts of his daughter’s ass resting on his lap. Lauren grinded on her daddy’s dick and he grabbed at her full-sized breasts. The two of them kissed, tonguing each other fiercely while trying to stay quiet.

Lauren pull away, “Are you comfortable, daddy?” Lauren asked in her most normal voice.

“Yes baby, very.” Rick peeled his daughter’s shirt off, so her bra was in the open. Lauren pulled the sun-blocker down, so they were both looking into the mirror.

“Ok, are we forgetting anything?” Enass asked.

Lauren kissed her dad again, “Think the neighbors will want one last show?”

“No, Lauren, stay in the car.” Her dad whispered.

Lauren winked, “Oh yeah, let me just grab my phone mom!”

Just as Lauren stepped out of the car Rick, unable to contain himself, unhooked her bra, which fell forward to the ground.

The way the car was angled to the front of their house meant that Enass couldn’t see their front lawn, especially with the duffel in the way. Lauren paraded her topless form back to the house in the bright morning, well away from her mom’s point of view. She noticed at least one blind flutter behind windows.

Lauren returned, lightly jogging so her tits were bouncing for her dad and all the street to see. Just before sitting back down with him she peeled off her shorts and stood naked on her front lawn, except for her shoes. She clambered on his lap, his erection pressing hard against her nakedness.

Rick’s hands immediately found her waist. Lauren closed the car door as he slid his fingers along her naked frame.

He pinched her nipples. Hard. And she repressed a gasp, “Ok mom, ready to go.”

Before the summer she’d always felt guilty sleeping with her dad and being the other woman to her own mother. Every interaction with her mom was as painful for her as it was provocative, especially when Rick was around. But after sleeping with so many husbands and fathers her guilt was buried by her intense cock addiction.

Every time a man cheated with her Lauren felt guilty, dirty, sexy, and wrong. And when she was with her own daddy, she was disgusted with herself. Every time his erection filled her holes she cebeci escort remembered the times he read her a book or carried her on his shoulders, and each climax reminded her of how he looked at her before they started fucking. She didn’t realize at the time that he was eye raping her, but she always remembered the stares. And when he came in her pussy she was ashamed, guilty, and filled with lust. Those feelings never went away, and only grew more potent over time, but it was always made the sex better, especially near the wife or kids.

Rick made her put on her shirt, they wouldn’t want the whole town seeing what they were up to. Lauren pouted, but gave in when Rick let her keep her shorts off.

The car shuddered to life and they pulled out of the drive way. Lauren kissed her father as she grinded on his lap.

“Am I doing a good job daddy?” She whispered. “Is your little girl being a good slut?”

“Robert, make sure you pick up the car tomorrow, we can’t keep using only mine.” Enass said.

“Of course, baby,” Rick said in Lauren’s ear as he bit her.

Lauren unbuckled her dad’s pants, and his cock sprang out.

“Honey can you turn on the radio?” Rick was worried she heard the belt buckle clink.

“Sure,” Rick and Lauren watched Enass’s hand as it fumbled with the radio just under the duffel bag. Lauren lowered herself down on Ricks throbbing cock, slipping it through her wet folds. Rick let out a loud sigh just as the radio started to play pop music.

“Oh mom, leave this on. I love this song.” Lauren was looking at her dad as she bit her lip. Rick had a hand on her gyrating waist, and the other on her soft round breast.

They pulled through the suburbs and onto the highway without drawing too many glances. As soon as they were on the highway Lauren peeled off her shirt. She turned her head towards Rick and put a finger to her lips to make a ‘shushing’ sign. She giggled softly and smiled as she continued her gyrations. Rick’s cock was throbbing inside of her. It scraped along her pussy walls and he held his naked daughter’s body tightly.

“She’s right there daddy,” Lauren whispered. Ricks hands were cupping his daughter’s underboob, and Lauren’s were messaging his balls. “What do you think she’d do if she found out?”

“Nothing good.” Rick slowly moved his hips and messaged her body. Lauren’s back arched out of the satisfaction of her daddy’s cock stretching out her pussy walls.

“Honey, are you excited?” Enas asked.

Lauren sucked on her dad’s finger, “Yeah mom, I’m really looking forward to school.”

“Just remember it’s not all about parties and boys, ok?”

Lauren nodded, “I know mom, I’ll be a good student.” Rick’s hand was resting on her tit.

“I’m just saying you can have fun, but there’ll be a lot of distractions, right Rick?” Lauren’s tits were bouncing in the mirror.

Lauren held her breath as Rick shoved his cock in her deep. “Your mother is right baby, there’ll be lots of drinking at those parties. You have to make sure you’re responsible. I don’t want them thinking you’re some kind of…skank.”

There was a hard slap on the other side of the duffel and the two of them jumped. “Rick don’t say that about your daughter.” Rick knew he shouldn’t have said it, but something about his little girl’s naked body made him do it.

“It’s ok mom, I know what dad’s trying to say.” Lauren turned to his ear to whisper, “That his little girl is his fuck toy, and I should be a good fuck toy.” Rick put a hand around her neck and gripped tightly. A smile spread on her face as her neck veins strained.

“He still shouldn’t have said it.” The two of them heard a sigh, “But your outfits have been… revealing lately.”

There was a trucker next to their car, he was stealing glances of Lauren and Rick, “She’s right, you should be leaving a little more to the imagination Lauren.” Rick pinched both of her nipples and wriggled them, making her tits jiggle for the trucker and a few other onlookers with poorer viewpoints.

“I’m just trying to look good.” Lauren noticed the trucker and turned to give her dad a sloppy kiss.

“Honey, I know how you feel but you can look good and not dress so provocatively.” Rick held Lauren’s ass up and pushed so her round breasts were flat on the glass. The trucker nodded appreciatively as Rick fucked his daughter hard and fast. Lauren’s tongue lolled out on the glass as she pressed her face on it as well. Only the music was keeping her mom from hearing the heavy breaths.

“Just think about it.” Rick said as he dug his fingers in Lauren’s bubbly ass cheeks. “You’ll be on your own, so you can make you own decisions. But I think you’ll be my sweet daughter like always and make the responsible choice.”

Rick relaxed, and Lauren fell back on his lap. She covered her mouth and breathed deeply through her nose. The trucker blew his horn and continued to watch.

“Mom I’m just going to open the window here. It’s getting a little stuffy.” Lauren cebeci escort bayan strained to keep the heavy breathing from her voice. She opened the window a crack and the blowing wind entered the car in a torrent of noise and force. Lauren and Rick were able to breath easier.

Lauren also took the chance to hop of her dad and spin around so that she was facing him. Her legs were hiked up high around the seat. She leaned back to give the trucker a good view also.

Rick gripped Lauren’s hair tight and pulled as he thrust hard inside her. Lauren covered her mouth, and her eyes bugged out. Rick knew when his daughter was about to cum and she’d be loud, too loud. Luckily, he was close.

He pounded his daughter’s wet cunt hard and deep. His cock disappeared into her vagina and grazed her cervix. After months of incest with his little girl he still couldn’t get over watching his cock fuck his daughter. It drove him wild with lust, power, greed, and a little bit of shame. The only love there was between them was that of father and daughter.

But when it came to sex Rick saw his daughter as a toy for him to use, really anyone to use. His daughter was a whore, a whore he’d passed around his family. All summer long they sent him videos and pictures of them using his daughter. His brothers paraded her naked in the house and neighborhood, selling her body and she obeyed enthusiastically. His dad had tied her to the bed in the basement and used her naked body.

The feelings of lust and greed peaked as he shot his sperm inside of her cunt, filling her with the warm juices, all for the trucker to see.

“Honey? Lauren? Are you listening? Close the window for god’s sake.”

“What? Oh, right?” Lauren and Rick panted quietly, and scrambled so Lauren was sitting on Rick’s lap again. They closed the window and Lauren reached for her shirt, but Rick put up his hand to stop her.

“Keep it off.” He whispered. Lauren bit her lip and kissed him.

“I asked if you’ve gotten to know your roommate yet?” Rick’s hands were all over Lauren. He stuck his fingers in her pussy and spooned out semen for her to suck and lick off.

“Yeah we talked a bit she’s nice.”

Enass kept on asking about Lauren’s roommate and about school. Lauren answered when she had to, and Rick interjected every now and again, but if Enass was talking the two of them were wrapping their tongues together. Rick fondled and stroked his daughter’s sweaty and naked skin, digging his fingers into her plump ass and heavy breasts. Lauren stuck her hand down his pants and fondled his balls, as she wrapped her other hand around his head, so their faces stayed close.


Sarah’s running shorts were on the floor of the passenger’s side seat. Her face was in her daddy’s lap, a mouth full of cock, and her blouse was bunched up above her tits.

“That’s it baby, oh yes, take all of daddy’s cock.” Sarah’s uncle Ben was driving around the campus, at first looking for the directions to point him towards her dorm, but once Sarah’s cock addiction took over he couldn’t reject her warm lips around his cock. And her brother Jeremy couldn’t say no to burying his cock up her asshole.

After the summer, wearing clothes had been strange for Sarah. After losing her luggage on a trip to Costa Rica Ben decided she looked better naked, and didn’t even bother trying to recover her things. She only had one outfit that she only wore on the plane rides. Afterwards Ben burned or sold all her clothes for the rest of the summer. Her daddy refused to take her shopping, saying he liked her better naked. She spent most of her time in the house, getting reamed by Ben and Jeremy. She cooked and cleaned naked, and if she was inviting friends or throwing a party she was bare for everyone to see.

When her daddy finally did go shopping with her she had to wear a trench-coat until they got to a store where every time she tried something on he had an employee or shopper fuck her in the changing room. And it was a big store.

Sarah was going to miss living with the two of them. With her and Jeremy’s parents gone she had grown to see Ben as a father, besides always calling him daddy when they had sex. He raised her and taught her to be addicted to sex. She wanted to be a slut for him whenever he asked because she was a good daughter, and that’s how good daughters treat their daddy’s.

“Ugh, I always forget how tight your ass is Sarah.” Jeremy was thrusting hard into Sarah’s rear, despite the stares they were getting. Luckily there was too much chaos at East Mountain college today. “I’m so glad my baby sister is a whore.”

Sarah wasn’t necessarily emotionally attracted to Jeremy. Jeremy’s dick was long and thick, and he was fit and strong. Sarah loved touching his strong abs and broad shoulders as he fucked his baby sister. She was embarrassed by her whoring around, but she could never help being a slut when she got naked, especially when it was something as wrong as sleeping with her brother escort cebeci or daddy. She felt most like a whore when Ben would put on a ski mask when she was out running. He’d chase her down and ‘rape’ her with his buddy’s, sometimes in the dark, sometimes in broad daylight.

Ben’s cock was settled comfortably in Sarah’s throat, his hand on her breast. She wriggled her head around, gurgling and choking on it.

“Right there, fuck yes baby. The boys here don’t know what they’re getting.” They’d pulled to the side of the road, giving up on trying to find Sarah’s new dorm until they’d finished.

Sarah was looking up into Ben’s eyes, her big grey ones watering. Jeremy had one knee on the seat, and the other foot on the floor. Sarah’s back was arched down at the middle, where Jeremy had both of his hands gripping her tightly. He was thrusting hard, and moaning from the exertion and deep satisfaction. Sarah bounced back on his cock, moaning and straining as he reamed his little sister.

Ben wrapped Sarah’s ponytail in his hand and held her freckled face down as he shoved his cock down. Sarah gulped down his pre-cum and licked his balls. His scent made her head spin and force her head down harder.

“Oh yes, I want you to drink my cum. That’ll teach you for taking cock I didn’t allow.”

Sarah knew he didn’t care, it was more a pride thing, and she enjoyed her punishments, even if she’d never admit it.

Ben grunted loudly and poured his cum in Sarah’s throat, forcing her to gulp it all down. For months he’d felt guilty he’d been fucking his brother’s daughter, but after years of watching her young and lithe body grow up to a lewd and sexy piece of ass, he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t understand how more fathers didn’t fuck their little girls.

Sarah’s eyes were in the back of her head. She felt her older brother’s cock cleave its way into her insides and she was barely able to lick clean Ben’s erection. Her ass was hot around his meat. He bent over her and filled his hands with her round tits.

He loved his sister. But at the end of the day, since they were teenagers one look at her milky breasts made her a whore in his mind. He fantasized about her daily until he could finally take her. She was a slut first for him, and a sister second.

“Ben, look over there.” Jeremy nodded his head towards a row of fraternity houses. Some had guys out drinking and grilling, others looked quiet. But on the end had large canvases with messages like, ‘freshman daughter drop-off,’ or ‘after 18 years she’ll be calling us daddy,’ and Jeremy’s favorite, ‘Daughter daycare.’ Over the front entrance were the letters BPG. “Do you think they’ll take good care of my little sister while we get her moved in.”

Ben smiled and nodded, still breathing hard from the exertion.

Next thing Sarah knew she was on her knees in front of the seat. Jeremy was blasting a load in her mouth. Stray streaks made their way on her face. Sarah wiped them off and pooled the cum in her mouth. In one big gulp she swallowed it all and gave them both a beaming smile.

She put her shorts back on, covered herself up, and sat in the back seat. Ben drove over to the frat house. After parking by the curb Jeremy got out with Sarah and approached a brother sitting on the porch, right under the ‘freshman daughter drop-off.’

“So, this is the drop off?”

The brother and those around him were all dark skinned. They gave each other bewildered looks.

“You’re not serious right now, are you?” The oldest looking one asked.

“She always seems to get herself in trouble.” Jeremy spanked her ass. “But we have to find her dorm.”

“I just need someone to show me around, is that ok?” Sarah put her hand on her hip and bit her lip. It was a little showy, but she thought it would to the trick.

The oldest brother was about to give a confused looking response, but one of the younger guys spoke up first. “Yeah, absolutely, you guys can just text her and figure it out.” He leapt down from the balcony and took Sarah’s other hip. He was tall and lean, his head nearly bald. Sarah’s cunt flooded when his strong hands gripped her possessively.

Jeremy left his sister with the fraternity brothers and drove away with Ben. Sarah was led up the porch where the brothers stripped her with their eyes.

“What’s a fine thing like yourself doing here?” a bald one asked

Sarah smiled and moved a lock of her dark brown hair behind her ear, “Just trying to get to know people.”

“Well as long as we’re getting to know each other.” The one who had walked her up led her inside where more were watching football in a messy living room. “Hey Tyler, call everyone. Tell them we’ve got a visitor.

The living room was like any other college boys living room. Messy with cigarettes and bubblers on the table, and beer cans spotting the floor and counters. Posters of half-naked women and sports teams covered the walls as well as flags. In the middle of the living room was the added benefit of a stripper pole

The guys inside raised their eyebrows at the new arrival. The one holding her hand grabbed the hem of her blouse and tore it down the middle, exposing her milky breasts for the crowd. Chuckles and nods followed and he pulled her shorts down to. Sarah was bare for all to see.

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