The Formula for Sucksex: DV8

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Female Ejaculation

AUTHORS NOTE: This is a continuation of “Dr. Jeykll and Ms Heidi — DV8.” While this story can stand alone and I do give a brief background for those who do not want to read the first story, I think it is worth reading (duh, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it).

Hopefully you enjoy them both. Because there are some strange people out there I must put in this reminder — this is fantasy, do not take this as reality. In reality people want to be treated with respect and dignity, do not abuse or take advantage of people — play nice.

A brief background:

Dr. Jack Kylle is 42 years old and works at Janus Pharmaceutical. He is the grandson of Dr. Henry Jeykll, his father had the family name changed because of the stigma placed on it. Jack has a wife and two kids, Lucy (18) and Hank (19). Jack’s team at Janus is working on a female version of Viagra, a drug that will stimulate the libido in women. It is the DV series. DV1 and DV2 were horrible failures. DV3 was a break through, although it turned the chimps into insatiable nymphomaniacs. DV4 thru DV6 was a matter of regulating the libido stimulation. Now with DV7, began applying to the FDA for human testing. That process is two years away.

However, Jack has a side project that he has been experimenting with and his boss Dr. Cravin doesn’t know about it yet. It is based on the DV series. In this case, DV8, which is combined with some of the female hormones along with some of his great grandfather’s brain chemistry formulas. Jack accidently ingested the untested DV8 and it turned him into a buxom teenage bimbo. As such he participated in a gangbang, sex with his unsuspecting son and a lesbian tryst with his willing daughter (see what you’re missing by not reading the first one).

Now a couple of weeks have past, Jack’s narrative continues.

Formula DV8 was remarkable, to change a person from a male to a female was unbelievable. I considered the practical application; sex change operations were expensive and dangerous. This was easy and cost effective. Not only that, the male became a true female, not fake implants or surgical tricks.

I thought what this could do to the transgender market. But it also had some negative aspects, as the formula stood now it would change any male into the exact clone of the teenage girl Heidi, with an insatiable libido. I know because it has taken all my intellect to push those memories from my mind.

At first it was nearly impossible to work, my memories from being that Heidi would flood through my mind, I would get an erection and a powerful need to relieve myself. I was running into the bathroom stalls 3 or 4 times a day the first week. I would find myself looking at an attractive man and linger over his body, catching myself. I never had a gay thought before, if felt alien to me. Soon however I was able to control the memories and with practice keep them at bay.

My plan was to synthesize the drug and tamper with the DNA components to make two different drugs. DV8-1 that would turn a male into a female version of himself and DV8-2 that would make women a little younger and a bit more horny, nothing extreme. Those two markets would make a fortune.

Janus Pharmaceutical cared a lot about profits, and because of that, they would be too nervous let me proceed knowing I did a human trial illegally, even if it were by accident. They would not risk the government closing them down. cebeci escort So I had to proceed in secret. Once I got the formula down, I would follow all the proper channels and in 3-4 years it would be on the market.

The lab at Janus was now just too dangerous to work in, so I decided to lease a small warehouse. I told my son Hank the plan and he was eager to help. He was going to learn more about lab work with me than at the University. So he split his time between classes and the warehouse.

Lucy however was not impressed. She wanted Heidi back. I refused to get pulled into her perverted games but Lucy was relentless. I tried to explain to her how fragile the mind was and the problems I had concentrating, but it only amused her. She tormented me, sneaking by and stroking my crotch when her mother stepped out of the room. She tried to pull those memories to the forefront of my brain with her sexual advances.

Sometimes when I fell asleep, I would dream I was Heidi again and make love to my daughter. One night I had that dream and woke up seeing my daughter naked and stroking my cock under the blanket, with my wife Shelia sound asleep next to me! I pushed her aside and motioned her away, afraid of making a noise. This was another reason for me to spend more time at the warehouse than at home.

Four Months later.

I double checked my notes and went through the cultures again; I think we were at the stage where both DV8 formulas were done. We needed two chimps to try them out. Hank suggested the University lab again. He still was a student there and had access. I gave him DV8-2, it was the obvious choice, people would notice a male chimp turning into a female chimp, but not too many would think twice about a chimp being horny. It seemed like a good plan but unbeknownst to me at the time, things got out of hand.

Hank took a dosage of the DV8-2 with him to the campus. It was late and he figured no one would be working in the lab. When he arrived he was surprised to see an entire class was in the animal lab taking inventory and checking their individual records. Hank thought I had left the warehouse and gone home so he headed straight there to give me back the test tube. He didn’t trust his college roommates at the frat house.

When he arrived only his mother was home, I had stayed at the warehouse to continue working and Lucy was out as usual. Shelia is still an attractive woman, but she does look her age and is plumper these days. Shelia didn’t get to see Hank as much as I have so they both sat at the kitchen table over a couple of colas.

I don’t want to venture what was going through Hanks mind, he was probably anxious to see the results of the formula, so when his mother turned to fetch some cookies he poured the DV8-2 into her cola. It took only 3 minutes for Shelia to start gagging after finishing the drink. Hank was worried and rushed to her side. She began to convulse and shake all over while he could feel changes in her body. She pushed him away and stumbled about 10 feet from him.

When she turned to face him, Hank’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped. His mother looked like she dropped 20 years, she looked about 24 or so. Not just her face, but her hair was now her original shiny auburn without a hint of gray. Her body also changed, she now lost a bunch of weight and looked to be 107 lbs with firm breasts that seemed to have now risen. cebeci escort bayan

Shelia touched her hips, her boobs, and her face racing to the bedroom mirror. She starred in disbelief over the dramatic results. She asked Hank how this was possible and he told her most of the truth. Thankfully he left out my earlier involvement and the DV8-1 formula.

“DV8?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s the designation mom” replied Hank. Shelia giggled and seductively walked slowly toward Hank. She took her outstretched hand and placed it on his chest.

“You mean DV8 as in deviate?” She giggled.

“Well I…” Hank gulped. His mother now had both hands on his chest and slowly moved them around the back of his neck and embraced him. He could feel her firm breasts leaning against his chest and he was breathing quicker. He also started getting an erection.

“Mmmm, you are so tall and handsome and my body feels on fire.” She purred softly into the nape of his neck.

Hank was conflicted. This was his mother, but she was more than that, she was now a hot young girl about his age. As she hung onto him he fought off the urge to fondle her breasts and stroke her ass. He fought off the urge until she looked up at him and slowly moved the tip of her tongue across her top lip. At the same time she moved her hips into him rubbing against his erection. Hank surrendered and kissed his mother, they opened their mouths so their tongues would intertwine. As the kiss rose in passion they both started undressing each other.

Hank pulled off his mother’s top and bra, he wondered at the ripe 36D breasts before him. Meanwhile Shelia was unbuckling Hanks pants and pulled them and his boxer down. She did not get up from her knees right away.

She smiled at the hard cock in front of her and began licking the tip of his penis. Hank pulled off his t-shirt and watched as his beautiful mother slowly drew his cock into her warm mouth. She started off slow to savor the moment, sucking hard on his cock as she moved her head back. The head of the penis made a pop noise as it left her lips and she drew it back in again.

Hank put both his hands on her head to hold it still as he bucked his hips in rhythm faster and faster. He was now face fucking his mother and it felt good. It felt good, but he wanted more. He pulled her head away. At first his mother was annoyed, but Hank lifted her and tossed her lightly on the bed. He pulled down her panties and only lifted her skirt as he thrust two fingers in her pussy.

Shelia never felt so horny, she couldn’t remember the last time Jack gave her a good fucking let alone an orgasm and now she was feeling her second orgasm coming on just by her son’s fingers. Hank now stood up by the side of the bed as his mother squirmed. He took his cock in his hand and guided it into her pussy. He rubbed the tip of his cock against the lips of her pussy, teasing himself. He smiled as he pushed it in, knowing he was fucking his mother. Not just his mother, but a beautiful young woman that was his mother. Hank grabbed onto her hips as he thrust his cock faster and faster into the tight warmth of her pussy. Shelia was moving in unison her legs flailing in the air with her son between them. As Hank got closer he moved on top of her kissing her and squeezing her tits as he continued pounding into her. They kissed as Shelia wrapped her legs around them escort cebeci as they both came.

The front door opened and closed and soon Lucy was standing in the bedroom doorway clapping.

“Good job bro, can’t wait to see what mom says when she finds out you’re fucking one your skanks in their bed.” Lucy laughed.

Lucy was actually a bit jealous, that woman had a great body and she looked familiar. She wouldn’t mind chopping on those tits either. Lucy had sex with a couple of guys in high school, but she really preferred women. In fact she hadn’t really had good sex since her father became Heidi. Shelia sat up, her first impulse was shock and embarrassment, but her sexual stirrings quickly overcame that.

“Now honey, it’s not nice to call your mother a skank.” Shelia smiled and stood from the bed. She completely removed the skirt and stood before Lucy and Hank naked with just a small amount of cum running down her leg.

“Mom?” Cried Lucy. Hank was soon telling Lucy about the new drug and its affects all the while Shelia slowly walked up to Lucy.

Lucy understood completely having witnessed the original effects of DV8. She also knew she wanted to play too. Shelia started unbuttoning Lucy’s shirt and Lucy bent into her and kissed her open mouth. In moments both were on the bed naked and in a 69 position. Lucy was tonguing her mother’s clit and realized she was also sucking out the cum of her brother.

Shelia never had a female experience before, but now she wondered why she wasted a youth and envied Lucy’s life style. The two women passionately and gently licked and sucked each other into orgasms. Meanwhile Hank looked on, turned on by the two women. He wondered what it would be like to fuck his sister and decided to approach in a sneak attack.

The two women moved about and just as Lucy was on top of her mother with her face in bush and ass in the air, Hank moved and took aim with his cock, sliding the cum lubricated member into his sister’s cunt.

Lucy was shocked and her first instinct was angry, but it felt so good she didn’t even wince. As she was licking her mother’s clit she thought more that her big brother fucking her. That she wanted him to fuck her. It was incest, it was taboo and it was fantastic. She lifted her head up to encourage him to go faster and pound her harder.

Hank couldn’t believe he was fucking his baby sister. He had briefly thought about it when she showed up at that frat party, wondering if she had gotten drunk and started fooling around if he would be able take advantage and get a shot in. Now he was fucking his sister while she was sucking his cum out from his mother. It was a slice of heaven.

Hank had already spent his load once, but the thought that his was his sister made him feel the buildup of sperm filling his scrotum. He couldn’t wait to shoot into Lucy’s pussy, and he didn’t have to as he leaned into her ass and grabbed her hips into him.

All three were lying on the bed, sweat glistening off their tanned bodies. Then the front door opened and closed.

End of this part. Will the saga continue? That is up to the responses I get.

The next part of the saga should be what trouble does DV8-1 get into. My initial thoughts are that Hank brings the drug back to the frat and it accidently gets tossed into either the frat dinner or frat party mix. Turning the Frat into a sorority, in which case to prevent these men who are now women from going to the authorities or their parents, he gives them a dose of DV8-2, which turns them all horny.

Or perhaps, DV8-1 and 2 wind up in the towns water supply or it mutates into a contagious virus. Lots of possibilities, please feel free to give me ideas.

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