The Festival Pt. 02

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(All characters are fictional and are over 21. All sex is, as it should be, consensual)

The first evening of the concert was a blast. Monique and I liked all the same bands and made our way to the stages just as each was starting. We danced up a storm and when the evening was over, we were exhausted.

After a quick bite to eat we went back to the hotel. I mentioned that I would sleep better if I took a dip in the hotel pool and hot tub. I had checked earlier and knew that it was open late. She thought that was a great idea, entering her room through mine. She was half naked as she disappeared through the adjoining door and she reappeared in a bikini less than 30 seconds later. I was just pulling up my swimsuit when she grabbed my hand. She obviously had her second wind.

When we arrived at the pool, we saw that others had the same idea. We dove in and enjoyed splashing each other. We seemed to be just another couple having a fun weekend. The other couples were focused on each other so we hung around one corner of the pool and made a game of guessing why some of the other couples were here.

Another thing that is very sexy about Monique is her laugh. It is hard to describe but when she giggles she gives the impression that she is really enjoying herself. She was a delight to be with even if you remove the sex, but I had it in the back of my mind that we would have at least one more session before we crashed for the night.

As the swimmers thinned out, we decided we would sit in the hot tub for a few minutes before heading back to the room. To our surprise we were almost the last people leaving the pool. There was just one woman left swimming laps as we moved over to the empty hot tub. The warm water and powerful jets were a welcome therapy after the evening’s exertions.

We had just settled in when the lone swimmer joined us. We made pleasantries and discovered that she was here for the festival as well. Zera was with two girlfriends who had not joined her at the pool. “They were just too tired,” she said, “But I was not ready for the evening to end. Besides,” she added, “they are going shopping tomorrow morning and I can sleep in!”

Monique was sending me signals. When I looked at her, she smiled as if she were planning something. “We are going to party for a while in our ankara bayan escortlar room,” she said. “We have lots of wine if you want to come for a drink.”

Zera lit up. “That sounds like fun!” I’ll pop back to my room and get out of my wet bathing suit. We all rinsed off in the poolside shower we told her my room number. On the way up to the room Monique kissed me and looked at me with that mischievous smile again. We got up to the room and had just changed when Zera arrived. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a top that had bare shoulders. I am a sucker for bare shoulders. I think that it is almost as sexy for a woman to have nothing on above her breasts as it is for her to go topless.

Wine was poured and we launched into a game of did-you-see from our experiences at the festival that evening? Did you see the guy with the lit-up cowboy hat? Did you see the woman with tattoos on her face? Did you see the couple making out near the bar area? “I was sure that they were going to have sex behind the beer kegs”, said Zera.

Monique and I were sitting on the sofa in my room while Zera stretched out on the second bed, the one Monique and I had not used earlier that day. Monique was being very affectionate. I thought she might want Zera to think we were a couple or at least friends with benefits.

After Zera made the comment about the couple making out, Monique turned her face to me and said “I saw them, I think Steve and I kiss better than that.” She leaned in and gave me a very passionate kiss. “I hope you don’t mind, I like when people watch me”.

“Not at all,” said Zera. “I like watching’. Monique kissed me again, this time with more passion and she also slipped one hand down and fondled my cock which was growing hard. In turn I slipped my hand under her top and fondled her nipple as she had not put a bra on after swimming.

“Why do you like watching?” I said.

“Because it turns me on” she replied.

This time I took the initiative, “Okay you can watch, but the more aroused you become, the more clothing you have to remove. AND when you are completely naked you have to join us on the bed.” I stood and pulled Monique on top of me in the other bed.

“It’s a deal” she said. I could tell that she was already half there as her nipples were poking through her elvankent seksi escortlar top. Monique wasn’t the only one to go braless.

We started to feel each other up by reaching under our clothing. We wanted to tease Zera by not getting naked right away. Finally Monique worked her way down my body and, without warning, pulled my shorts off freeing my hard cock. I looked over to Zera who was smiling and had one hand inside her shorts.

Monique took my rod into her mouth and worked it like a woman who hadn’t eaten all week. I reached down and tugged at her top, pulling it off and throwing it at Zera. She laughed and said “One good turn deserved another” and pulled off her top and threw it at me. I was right about her erect nipples, but seeing them made me admire them even more. The nipples sat above puffy areolas and were possibly the most sexy ones I had ever seen.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Spectacular” I said. Monique took a break from sucking me and said how much she admired Zera’s breasts. That seemed to please Zera and I had the impression that she was as into Monique as she was to me.

“You’re turn,” said Monique and flopped down beside me on the bed. I quickly pulled off her shorts leaving her completely naked. I got rid of my t-shirt and looked over to Zera as I started kissing up Monique’s leg until I reached her mound. Zera was more actively fondling herself now but had not yet taken off her shorts so she maintained her distance. She had moved to sit on the edge of the bed so she was much closer to us.

I was sucking Monique’s clit and tongue fucking her when I heard Zera say “It is going to happen soon so…”. And with that she stood and dropped her drawers to reveal a nicely shaved pussy which was obviously wet. She rolled into the bed next to Monique who pulled her into a kiss which she did not resist. They fondled each other’s breasts as Monique came to an orgasm. I tasted her juices and enjoyed how she went into a full body spasm. Zera also squealed in delight to feel her come.

“I was right in thinking that you were attracted to Monique as much or more than to me,” I said in a teasing manner.

Zera replied, “How could I not be attracted to this beautiful person? But don’t worry, I have my eyes on your body as bayan etimesgut escort well.”

Monique was just coming out of her post orgasm cloud when she said “You have to let Steve go down on you. It is a real treat.”

“If your orgasm is any indication, let the games begin!” said Zera rolling onto her back and opening her legs. I positioned myself between her legs and started kissing and tasting her smooth skin. When I reached her hips I took the long way around and tasted her inner thighs, kissed up round her waist then down towards her pussy. She shivered a couple of times and I made note of the zones which made her react.

Monique was busy as well. She moved in and cradled Zera’s head so that her breasts were hanging over her face. Zera turned and took Monique’s succulent nipples into her mouth one by one. Monique in turn fondled Zera’s breasts and reached down to pull one of my hands up.

We were both fondling one of Zera’s nipples when I finally reached her pussy with my mouth. I lightly traced up and down her lips and around her clit. She seemed to enjoy this so I did it a few more times before taking her clit lightly between my teeth and sucking it. She groaned and bucked but I stayed with her.

“See what I mean?” said Monique?

“Oh yes!” breathed Zera. “Please tongue fuck me or put some fingers in me!” she begged. I immediately shoved my tongue into her sopping wet pussy while she begged for more. I moved my tongue back to her clit and pushed three fingers into her wet opening. When she came both Monique and I held her until the spasms subsided.

“Wow, you are right” she said to Monique. “He knows how to give head.”

“Now the only question is,” I said, “does anyone want me to fuck them?”

“Why don’t you sit back and let us ride you?” Monique said. With that I lay down on my back and Zera immediately positioned herself over my cock while Monique sat on my face. It did not take me long to pass the point of no return and I took my face out of Monique’s perfect pussy to say that I was going to cum.

“I want to taste your cum.” Said Zera and immediately jumped off me and came down full with her mouth on my cock. I exploded in wave after wave and she just lapped it up. I was moaning as I came which made Monique go into orgasm as well. I felt her juices flow over my face and into my mouth. I swallowed a lot of it as she fell off me in time to see Zera cleaning up my cock and swallowing as well.

We fell back satiated and both women lie beside my sharing the occasional kiss and brushing the hair out of each other’s faces. I was loving my life.

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