The Felt Resort and Spa Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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Brian Lodge woke up the very next morning high and bright. Two women laid at the foot of his bed, he loved conquests. And he hated rejection. Brian thought of himself a god of sex and he was able to devour whoever he wanted at any time at any given day. Valerie was the exception, the girlfriend of a good friend, who failed to fall for his charm.

It didn’t hurt him really, he just wanted to have her as a trophy screw. Valerie didn’t care what Mr. Lodge wanted. She got off when she wanted with who she wanted, not for fame or for money, for fun, sometimes for a stress reliever.

Mindy fucked for money, thick cocks, and expensive luxuries that her screws could give her. Valerie admired Mindy’s pluck, she just didn’t like her personality. Mindy didn’t feel the same and tried every chance she could to be her friend.

Valerie was already up going over paperwork in Anna’s office when Smith knocked on the door.

“Hello Smith, can I help you with something?” She gave a faux smile not really caring what he wanted, it was just polite and imprinted permanently from years of service at the resort.

“Mr. Lodge just had Zack send a dozen red roses to your room.” Smith smiled.

“Did Zack actually buy the roses?”

“He bought them, but they’re black.” Smith shrugged.

“I like black roses, red is cliché.” Valerie sat in the cushy chair behind her, after bending over the desk so long her feet started to hurt in her heels.

“Anna wanted me to tell you about the candy store event we’re having for staff only while the guests participate in a poolside party.”

Valerie nodded “Tomorrow we host Brian Lodge’s yearly Wet and Wild party, very little staff will be there, the rest of us will be participating in the Sweet Treat Jamboree. I remembered.”

“Okay, so I have an emergency to take care of.” Smith bit his lip “Zack said he’d cover for me.”

“How big is this emergency?” Valerie’s eyes bore holes into his head, he could feel the fire burning him slowly.

“Very big, my dad had some issues.” Smith didn’t seem to want to share the entire story, but Valerie already knew about his father having a heart condition. She read everyone’s file, including Anna’s, since Smith lived in town it made things a lot easier.

“I see, sure. Let me know if you need a few days away.”

Smith shook his head “Thanks, but I’ll be back tomorrow for my complete shift, promise.” Smith then left waving.

After she was done reviewing and checking things off for Anna, Valerie began to enter the lobby, some guests were nude, some were half nude, and some were walking around admiring the scenery. Zack was sitting at the front desk, with his pants up for a change.

“Hey.” Zack waved “Smith tell you about the roses?”

“I like that they’re black, but I’d like it if you didn’t buy me anything from that man.”

“I mean he’s a big player here, I don’t want to be on the chopping block. Though if it comes up again I won’t.”

Zack seemed moody typing slowly on the keyboard.

“What’s wrong?” Valerie asked.

“The resort’s been running slow lately and I can’t focus if I can’t get relief.”

“I’m too tired to blow you, plus there’s all this stupid stuff with Mr. Lodge.”

“He’s Anna’s friend.”

Valerie narrowed her eyes “Yes, and he’s seen more of her vagina than I have lately.”

Zack just shrugged “Sorry to hear. So where are you off to now?”

“Light masturbation and a movie in my room. Bye.” Valerie walked towards the elevator, Zack watched as her raw hips moved against the fabric of her skirt. His erection wasn’t going to die down right away as he hoped.

Later at night, Valerie wore her regular uniform as she headed to Diane’s room which was on the third floor of the resort. 311, with a red star at the side of the room number. Valerie didn’t bother to knock, Diane didn’t care who entered her room. Red wallpaper and black trimming all around. Pete was already sitting on her loveseat stiff as a board.

“Where is she?” Valerie asked.

“She had to shower.” Pete nodded at the door.

Diane was the teacher, there at the resort she was the one who taught shy guest and some experienced guests on different ways to get off, whether it was with multiple people or objects. She could do amazing things with a ruler too. Her classes were always filled to maximum capacity, she would have volunteers to demonstrate methods, so she was always covered in cum or full of it once class ended.

Valerie sat down and started undressing “I heard about the roses.” Valerie looked at Pete.

“Lodge can shove each splintered stem up his ass for all I care.”

Pete tried hard not to laugh, but it didn’t prevail. “Speaking of asses, Diane informed me that she got hers tightened for tonight.”

“You really have a weird fetish for asses don’t you?” Valerie smirked.

“Can’t help it.” Pete watched Valerie pull her skirt and then thong down “You’re isn’t half bad either.”

“Uh huh.” Her top and bra went next “Is she going hardcore tonight?”

Pete shrugged “I know canlı bahis she bought her play chest tonight.” Pete pointed to a small leather box sitting on Diane’s bed, her room being in red and black, body fluids would be seen easily.

“So how are going to do this?” Valerie stretched “Rotation, me and Diane, then you and Diane, then I join.”

“I think she’ll initiate how to play it.”

Diane came out now dry as a bone with her perky double d’s, tight crotch, and a vibrator embedded inside her, shaking erratically.

“Someone’s ready.” Pete clapped, Diane went to the black box and opened it, inside was a string with metal balls attached, a dildo, and nipple clamps.

“Val, be a dear and bend over for me.” Diane said tapping her hand on the bed. Val did as she said, once she was bent over the bed Diane inserted a small metal ball up her anus from the string.

“This will not end well.” Val groaned as the second ball went in.

“Lets hope not.” Diane pressed another metal ball inside, the cool metal against her warm flesh had Valerie moving her hips trying to make the balls feel welcomed. It became a breeze once the fourth and fifth went in, though there was a small stream running down her thigh.

“You have the prettiest lips.” Diane rubbed her fingers over Valerie’s soft pink opening. It wasn’t a shock to Valerie when she felt a something warm and wet begin to prod her. “Pete want a taste?”

Pete jumped up out of the chair and bent down with Diane and started tonguing Valerie’s pussy along side her.

“Ohhh.” Valerie loved the attention coming from them as well as the warmth emanating from their tongues.

“Let’s play.” Diane pinned Pete down unto the floor with Valerie sitting up to see what would happen. Diane turned her back to him raising her cheeks out of the way and leaned her asshole against his cock. It wasn’t going in, so she slowly wiggled her ass onto his rod.

“Need help?” Pete smiled.

“No…” Diane groaned as the head started entering her ass. Once it was in she allowed herself to sit all the way down until his balls were touching her ass. “Your cock is perfect.” Diane started pulling herself off and on, back and forth as her juices squirted onto the floor.

Valerie got off the bed, removing the vibrator she started to lick against Diane’s clit.

“More.” Diane groaned rubbing her breasts, and then Pete gave her a small pump as she grinded against him. Valerie started to suck on her throbbing clit as Pete and Diane began moving their bodies together. The metal balls were still ticking inside her ass, so every time she felt Diane move against her mouth she moved, which made the balls move.

Diane started grinding harder as Valerie began licking at her pussy.

“Make me cum.” Diane demanded, Valerie pushed her tongue inside her moist cave, darting in and out as Pete thrust inside her ass, it was still pretty tight, and it was choking his cock in the most delightful way. Moving harder Pete came inside Diane’s ass as Valerie got a face full of cum.

“That was a nice start.” Diane pulled herself off her Pete and spun around only to swallow his member whole. As she bobbed Valerie began fingering her ass, it was tighter than usual. Valerie watched as cum fell from the small opening the further she pulled her finger, Diane bobbed down for a good thirty minutes. She loved the long buildup explode.

“Diane…” Pete huffed, he would have said more if he didn’t shoot cum deep into her throat, cum literally filled her, it squirted out of her mouth even as she was still holding his full length in her throat. Diane didn’t mind, she swallowed it all and brought her mouth down once again before removed herself from his cock.

Valerie didn’t need directions as she started to mount Pete vaginally, he felt as he always did, tall, hard, and wonderful. Valerie bounced up and down like a bunny violently as Pete played with her nipples, pulling and squeezing them in all directions. Dianne took the time to start pulling the metal balls out of Valerie’s ass.

“Yum.” Diane licked the covered ball and tugged a another out with her mouth as Valerie rode Pete. After removed the last ball Diane was ready to grab a strap-on when the phone rang. Diane picked it up.

“Hey! Sure.” Diane turned to Valerie who was still rocking herself on Pete “Lodge called, don’t take it personal, but he’s throwing a party in full swing. I did invite Zack, so just let him in.” Diane practically flew out the door.

“Seriously?” Valerie pulled off of Pete.

“Don’t worry about it.” Valerie sighed waiting for Zack to arrive to kill the boredom, once he did Valerie noticed a change.

“You tried the treatment.” Pete said as Zack pulled his clothes off, Zack’s cock was now eight like Pete.

“Temporary sadly.”

Pete stayed on the floor as Valerie mounted him again, she bent over so Zack could slide into her ass, he did so with difficulty. Valerie’s ass was tight naturally, so he had to spread the hole further, one he pushed his head in, her ass clutched down on in a frightening bahis siteleri manner.

“Ohh.” Valerie loved cocks inside her, it gave her jolts of energy. Zack pushed harder with Valerie rocking against Pete’s ball sack. Pete loved her vagina, but he was envious of Zack who proceeded to pump in and out of her ass, the fit was perfect.

The night went on with Valerie getting fucked in every hole by Zack and Pete, the floor, the bed, against the wall. It was a nice dream for all three. Every time they came they kept going until Pete or Zack’s cock could no longer reach the center of her ass or pussy because of the thick cum. All just a sticky wet dream come true.

Valerie woke up happy, a day off for an event, no incoming calls or reservations to make. Zack and Pete were laying on the bed, she was in between them.

“It’s morning fellas.” Valerie yawned sitting up. She flicked Zack’s cock watching him turn over, Zack needed motivation to take early shifts, a lot of wet, gooey, heated motivation.

“The Jamboree is today and Anna will chew you out if you’re late.” This had both Zack and Pete shooting up from the bed.

“Diane ever come back?” Pete asked yawning.

“Nope, but I have to be there early. Anna wants me to give some small speech.” Valerie stretched, under her legs was a cum spot, a huge white spot on the black and red sheets.

“Are the maid’s on today?”

“No maid can clean that mess, it’s inside the mattress now.” Valerie hopped up off the bed and went into the shower, she brushed her teeth and ran a comb through her hair. Diane had about fifteen pastel colored combs and brushes in her bathroom cabinets. After Valerie, Zack went into the bathroom, and then Pete.

“I’m leaving my clothes, Diane won’t mind.” Valerie said wrapping her towel tighter around her body.

“Diane needs to learn to lock her doors.” Zack said searching for his shoes. “In case we get that rare creeper that comes in around this time.”

Pete shrugged picking his phone off the floor “Diane does what she wants, her thighs alone could crack five walnuts. Damn the event is in thirty minutes.”

“Shit, I’m already late. I will see you two soon.”

Valerie jumped up and ran down the hallway, her towel kept slipping, but she didn’t care. Being punctual was key. There was barely anyone in the halls, most of the guests were enjoying Brian Lodge’s pool party while the staff made it’s way to the dining room.

Valerie took two minutes getting to her room, another ten to get dressed and make herself presentable, another three to make her way downstairs after her heel broke and she had to put on a new pair.

Valerie made her way to the dining room, yet Pete and Zack made it there before her. Even Diane was sitting there at a table as Anna gave her speech. Valerie walked around the small crowd and sat down at the table nearest to Anna who gave her a peeved look still wearing her greeting smile.

“Stacy.” Anna ushered the candy Store clerk in the center of the room beside her. Stacy’s hair was green. And blue. And purple. She wore bright neon colored lipstick, lavender contacts, and heavy blue eye shadow. She looked like a walking rainbow, she was nice to everyone even though some people didn’t like her always positive attitude.

Stacy was wearing a hot pink bustier and black leather mini skirt, her boots went up to her thighs. Mindy always gossiped to anyone who would listen, nicknaming Stacy the “Candy Slut”. As if she were one to talk.

Stacy smiled almost too hard, the corners of her mouth had to be sore.

“As you know the Sweet Treat Jamboree does not come often, but I was ecstatic to hear that we could host it this year.”

“As you all know the candy store will be opened the entire day, you can pick and choose all your sugar sweet desires, all without having to pay. Isn’t that absolutely spectacular?!” She hopped up her eyes scanning the crowd.

“For those who would rather prefer a more cake or bread like sweet, Chef Louis will be dishing petite fours, ganache, and all sorts of pies with yummy fillings!”

“All that’s left to say is Enjoy!” Stacy clapped along with Anna which had the entire room clapping on demand. Chef Louis started to bring out silver trays stacked with cakes, pies, some with pudding.

Anna sat down across from Valerie.

“You must have had a busy night.” Anna said tapping her nails against the hardwood table.

“I tried to make it, but damn it all my heel broke.” Valerie smiled “I’m sorry I missed my cue, but are you really upset about two minutes of blather?”

Anna rubbed her temples “No, I just…Forget it.”

“Anna if you have something to say, then say it.”

“Why didn’t you invite me to Diane’s last night?”

Valerie stared at her in disbelief, what did Diane have to do with anything, she barely saw Diane at all if only for a few minutes before she bounced off to the Lodge’s party.

“I didn’t know that I needed to. We’re open, I can see other women and men. Besides Diane got a call about Brian’s party and bahis şirketleri left, so maybe you were already having a late night yourself.”

Anna’s eyes did vex, but today they were enraged, shaking.

“I did not go to Brian’s party, but this isn’t about Brian.”

“And it’s not about Diane, so what is it about?”

Anna leaned back in her chair “You being in my bed at night instead of sneaking off-

Valerie held her hand up to stop her .

“Woah, Anna. First of all I don’t need to sneak off anywhere. If you hadn’t noticed, I am a grown ass woman. Secondly we both have our own rooms, sometimes you’re not in my bed at night or yours. Thirdly don’t skirt around, just tell me the truth. This isn’t about me going to Diane’s.”

Anna inhaled slowly trying to calm herself down “It’s about Brian.”

“Of course it is.” Valerie smiled, unbelievable. Anna just loved bending over for him, giving into his will, his ways. “This is, because I don’t want him to bone me.”

Anna sighed trying to reach for Valerie’s hand across the table as other staff members had left for the candy store or were eating cake while eating pussy, riding, being ridden and so on. Cum and cream were all the same in Chef Louis’ mind.

Valerie smacked Anna’s hand away “Do not try to comfort me, like this is okay.”

“I know it’s not. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to. But he’s-

“A dick of a friend. The entire resort isn’t going to topple over, just because he didn’t fuck me Anna!” The anger in Valerie’s voice actually made her louder, so when she said this a few heads did turn in her direction.

“I know. Look I’ve spoken to him and he will back off.”

Everyone who knew Brian Lodge knew he didn’t back off, he threw tempers, he threw fits, and he threw very expensive urns, vases, and lamps when something didn’t go his way.

“No, he won’t. He’ll harass me, you, and the staff. Brian Lodge has been getting this resort complaints for years now. When we have other stars like Gianna Vaughn or Chris Bianca, they’re porn stars, they like the obscene pampering just as much as Lodge and they don’t take their frustrations out on other guests or staff.”

“We can’t cut him loose when he brings in the most money, he attracts other porn stars, and wealthy guests alike.”

Valerie slammed her hands down on the table “You can’t deny him, because you think he’ll sue.”

Anna shook her head rubbing her eyes “He’d definitely sue.”

“Either he takes his early leave from the resort this year or you let him go, not just from her, but from your relationship as his friend.”

Anna had water pooling in her eyes, Brian was a very close friend who she admired, but she couldn’t deny the fact that his temper was causing friction every time he came.

“We have to get someone to replace him-

“Fine. I will get someone, I’ll find someone.” Valerie gave a toothy grin “But for right now, I think that it’s best if we were no longer in a relationship, as lovers, or as friends. Just until this entire situation is straightened out.”

Anna’s eyes were puffing out, rings around her lids told Valerie that this was hurting her. “Okay.”

Valerie stood up and exited the dining room, Anna didn’t sob in public, but she did in private. It was expected as she quickly passed Valerie in the hallway taking the elevator to the second floor to her own suite.

Valerie did have feelings for Anna, but she would not lay down and take it from anyone unless she wanted it. Valerie walked towards the candy store where Pete and Zack held large plastic bags of candy.

“I didn’t know you two were on a sugar high.” Valerie poked Zack’s bags, a lot of lollipops and chocolate bars.

“We’re not, this is Mindy’s bag, I just wanted the large lollipops.” Zack shook the bag “We’re waiting for her to finish pigging out.”

“Lollipops sound fun.”

“They are, but not with Mindy.”

“Zack you’re practically apart of Mindy.” Pete swung his bags side to side in a rhythm telling the others that he was bored.

“Mhm, well when she gets a little tighter we’ll talk. Last night Val bulldozed my dick, she broke it. He needs rest for today, so my lollipops will act as his sub.”

“I did not break your penis.” Valerie giggled “I just gave him a small limp, that’s all.”

All three of them busted out laughing which attracted Mindy, the gossip queen/gold digger of the Felt. She held two giant bags of caramel and cream filled candy.

“Hey Val, you joining the event?” Mindy took a piece of candy out of her bag, peeling the paper off with her acrylic nails, popping it into her mouth.

“Maybe. What are you up to?”

Mindy smiled swinging her bags over her shoulder “Exclusive one night only evening with Brian Lodge.”

“With candy…”

“Yeah, apparently he knows some great tricks. Hey, Zack hand it over.” Zack obliged handing her a heavy bag of sugary sweets.

“I’ll see you guys later.” Mindy then pranced down the hallway happy as can be.

Valerie leaned against the wall and looked at Pete “Are you still mad about the time Mindy peed on your bed?”

Pete narrowed his eyes as Mindy went farther from their view “I could get it if we were screwing in the bathroom over the toilet, but my bed…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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