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Big Dick

With the book clutched in my hand I slowly approached the cue. I had the nervous fluttering of a thousand butterflies in my stomach. I pulled my trench coat tight around me, as I shuffled with the line of people waiting to me the author. As I slowly approached to the front of the line, closer and closer to the reality of it all, I caught a glimpse of the profile, the hair the eyes that I knew so well.

Soon I was next… I almost could not stand it, I was ready to just turn around and run, the woman in front of me spoke to him, a mile a minute, my nerves were at their peak, oh god what am I doing? As the talker left, clutching her book to her breast, I took my place in front of the small table at which he sat. I placed the book down and smiled.

“Who do I…” but he stopped there. Our eyes met for the first time. I saw recognition, disbelief, a hint of fear, and anticipation. I saw his handshake as he took the pen and signed the book, “Hello,” he whispered, “wait in the store, I only have a few minutes left with this.” As he handed me back my book our fingers brushed each other sending a thrilling jolt through me, I could tell he felt it too.

I walked around the store, for what felt like hours though it was only minutes. I did not go to far from where he was sitting, I watched as he signed more books, and watched as he sent me nervous and longing glances at me. My heart was racing, my palms were wet and my legs were weak. I watched as he got up from his chair and stretched, he glanced at me again and raised a finger to tell me very soon it would be time to go. I wondered around some more, glancing at a few of his books I already had on my shelf.

I was lost in a passage when I felt his strong arms reach around me and pulled me against him, “I hoped you would show up, “he whispered in my ear, his hot breath on the back of my neck causing chills to race up my spine, “but we cannot be seen here, together.” His celebrity status now gave him nor privacy, and we did not want either of us to be caught. He slipped a piece of paper into my pocket, he let it linger there for a moment, as he stroked the material against my thigh. I sighed in anticipation and immediately started to grow damp. With that he left the store, with his people close behind him. I watched as he got into his limo and drove off.

I walked back to my car and unfolded the paper. The name of the hotel and directions and the room number was written on it. I climbed into my car and drove to the location before i could change my mind. I could still feel his lips against my ear and almost shattered at that moment. I am not sure canlı bahis şirketleri how I got to the hotel in one piece.

I got in the elevator and rode up to the suite he had reserved for the evening. I paused at the door, nerves racing though me like I had never experienced before. I tentatively knocked. The door swung open. He stood there staring at me, he took my hand and led me into the luxurious room. He had roses and chilled champagne waiting. He expertly filled my glass his eyes never leaving me. I stood there in awe, not sure what to do at this point, With nervous hands I un did the belt to my coat and let it slide to the floor in a puddle.

I watched his eyes take me in, I was wearing a short skirt and a simple lace bra. The tops of my stockings were visible at the hem line of the skirt. His eyes became wide in lust and desire. He handed me a glass and then lightly touched my lips with his. He then brushed his thumb over my lips, down my throat to the lace of the bra. He skimmed his fingers over my nipples. I felt my breasts grow tight and achy and again I sighed.

With his tongue he traced my jaw line, then down my neck and throat, gently nipping as he did so, his fingers teasing my nipples through the lace until they started to harden. Then he moved away from me and picked up a rose. We crossed the floor back to where I was waiting and found my mouth with his yet again, this time a little more demanding as he used his tongue to push my mouth open wider, He pulled me to him and caressed my back with the rose’s petals. I felt him harden through the material of his slacks.

I felt the rose fall to the floor and his fingers quickly undid the clasp of the bra, freeing me from its lacy confines.

“I dropped something,” was all he whispered in my ear.

I stepped back a step, and turned to find the rose on the floor and bent down at the waste to retrieve it. As I did my skirt rode up showing him I remembered his fantasy, for I wore nothing under it.

I heard him moan in delight. I turned my head and watched him admire my ass, as he clutched himself. He took only a few steps and I felt his finger tips trace my ass, he was as nervous as I was as he squeezed tentatively on my cheek and bent down to get a closer view.

I gasped as he placed his fingers along my folds, I started to gently rick against his hand, my ache and need building, he felt me as I started to grow damp again, “Not yet,” he whispered, and he withdrew his hand, sniffed my juices then licked his fingers clean.

He stood me up again, my back crushed along his hardened body, kissing my neck canlı kaçak iddaa and caressing my breasts, then lower to my soft belly, He brushed over my skirt and again her pressed his hand against my heat, the material of my skirt was starting to cling to the wetness he had caused.

He brushed the tops of my thigh highs and back up my thigh. Then he twirled me around so my sensitive nipples could brush against the texture of his shirt. His hand then trailed down my bare back again, down the back of my skirt. He hiked it up then a bit as he cupped my cheeks in his hands and squeezed tightly, his fingers brushing against my clit, causing ripples of pain and pleasure. He then lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste as he took me to the bedroom.

He dropped me on the large bed causing my breasts to jiggle. He placed his leg between mine, I could feel his erection straining through his pants, begging to be released I reached down but he grabbed my wrist and shook his head no., He rolled me over onto my stomach and gently lifted the skirt.

He slowly caressed my ass until his fingers could touch my hot core. Slowly he started to rub my clit between his fingers, causing my madness to increase, I moaned in pleasure. Still squeezing my ass with his free hand he bent his head and tasted me He deepened that intimate kiss and I felt his tongue slide in and out of my folds, As if her were savoring a delicious treat. He then shifts his fingers again and thrusts two fingers in to me, sliding in and out in a rhythm that drove me wild.

I felt his hand leave my ass and reappear with something in it, the cork from the champagne. He took the cork and added it to the moist heat he was causing.

I pushed back on it in pleasure. He coated it with my juices and then slipped it back along the crease of my ass, where he tenderly slid it inside a bit, he placed his tongue back in side me and finding a rhythm pleasured me both ways, I panted out his name as I came in a gush over his face. He pulled away smiling with my juices dripping off his chin. I pulled myself up and licked it off, making sure I go every last drop.

I then saw him look over a suitcase on the table. I walked over to it and inside here was an array of handcuffs and vibrators and lotions. I took out two sets of the handcuffs, placing the key on the bedside table. I took him by the wrists and cuffed him onto the headboard. I climbed on top of him, unbuttoning his shirt as I gazed into his eyes, skimming my nails slowly down the exposed flesh as I went, then following the pink scratches I made with my tongue.

I slowly canlı kaçak bahis undid his pants and lightly tugged them off, licking and nibbling the exposed flesh. I smiled at his glorious hard cock before me as I playfully licked the tip like an ice cream, before I took him whole in my mouth . I watched as his eyes rolled back in his head. Slowly I crept up him again, inching my way up, teasing his flesh with mine, until I found his lips. Our tongues darted around, exploring and tasting each other. I nibbled along his jaw line and neck and playfully tugged his ear with my teeth.

I then pulled away and walked back over to the suitcase and withdrew a small bullet shaped vibrator. I then stood over him, my feet firmly planted on either side of his hips and turned it on, I watched him watch me tease my clit with it as I slowly bent my knees down until I felt the head of his hard cock demanding entrance. I slowly slid myself over the head and hear his sharp intake of air as I only allowed the tip entry as I continued to pleasure myself.

Again I lowered only slightly, allowing the sensation of my body yielding to him. Again I lowed myself, but he could not wait any more and thrust his hips up and impaled me. I felt my body stretch, satin over steel. I could feel him throbbing inside me as he smoothly slid in and out. We both sped up the pace a bit more, I moaned his name as I shattered again, a bead of sweat trickled down my neck and into the valley between my breasts as the swayed in the motion of our love making. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was close to the edge of madness.

I slowly and sensually slid off him and leaving a rail of my juices along him, headed to his face. I kept my self squatted on his chest, as with my fingers I spread my folds to uncover my deepest secrets. I watched as he craned his head, to try to suck on my swollen clit, but he could not reach, I watched him moan as I fingered my self, and made myself moan in delight, He twisted his body to get to me, but to no avail, he could only watch, and want.

I slid back down and took him into my mouth again, I was facing him so I could watch him watching me. I felt him quiver and shake as I sucked one ball and then the other, grabbing his ass as I did so. I lightly grazed the shaft with my teeth and my lips surrounded him. Tasting my self on his luscious cock, I slid my mouth up and down, deeper and deeper until I had enveloped the entire shaft of him. I watched as his eyes glazed over. I massaged his sack in my fingers as I sucked as hard as I could.

I hear him call my name as he came forth into my mouth and I let the our tastes linger on my tongue, I raised myself up and passionately kissed him, our flavors mingling.

I reached over and took the key and unlocked him from his chains, so I could feel his arms around me, embracing me, holding me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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