The Family Vacation Ch. 03

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Creampie Eating

This is a continuing story. Readers will enjoy it most by reading the previous chapters first. This particular contribution includes watersports. All characters are over the age of eighteen.


Our vacation was off to a great start. Our first full day was ending with a wonderful meal including views of the herb garden and the mountains in the distance. The restaurant staff had taken excellent care of us all. One of the benefits of dining with a handful of beautiful women, is the attention they attract, and the service that waiters, busers and valets are so anxious to provide. The food was exquisite, rivaling the best Italian fare we can get at home. Over coffee and dessert we discussed our plans for the next day.

Sue and I were scheduled to play golf, this time with Sally, the young and attractive assistant pro, at the club where we are residing for the week. Trish and Jan were anxious to ride the famed tram to the summit of Mt San Jacinto. They planned to lunch at the restaurant with views of the valley and then explore some of down town Palm Springs afterward. Teri and Tracy were excited about taking a ride up to Joshua Tree National Park. They figured a hike together would be a good way to catch up with each other. Their sisterly love has never waned, but their busy and successful working lives have prevented them from being as close and involved as they’d like to be. Sue volunteered that they could drive her SUV in case they wanted to explore any places off the pavement.

Trish added a suggestion. “I’ve heard of a fun place called Pioneer town and a bar called Pappy and Harriet’s. It’s supposed to be a great place for entertainment and local cowboy style fun. Check it out.”

“That sounds great Mom. We’ll plan to go there after we explore the park.”

“Trish, why don’t you call me around 3 o’clock, and let me know how your day is going. Sue and I should be off the course by then and we can figure out how to finish the day. I haven’t made any plans for dinner tomorrow night. Let’s just wing it until we know how we’ll all feel. Tracy, you should check in around then too and we’ll all make a plan.”

“Devon told me that he’ll be coming by in the morning to make breakfast.” Jan said. “Should I tell him to check back later about afternoon snacks?”

“That’s a good idea.” I told her. “And tell him that I’ll call Chad if we need any dinner reservations, once we decide what we want to do.”

Having a loose plan was about as good as we could get. We got up from the table and the staff was lined up to say good night to us all. We caravanned back to the house. Chad and Devon had turned down the bed covers after we left for dinner. It was so nice to walk back into the house with everything neat and clean. Melinda and Lucinda do as well for us at home, but that’s just for Trish and me. Being with our larger family unit, it’s tougher to keep up with all the activities. And it had been a very full day. Not so full though that we didn’t have time for a soak in the hot tub before bed.

We all went to our rooms and undressed and then gathered in the spa.

Trish sat in my lap and I massaged her neck and shoulders. Everyone agreed that it had been a fun filled day. The ladies were pleased with their shopping. Tracy and Teri were happy to have met our two young neighbors and felt that they had made some new friends.

Teri pulled Tracy over to her and sat her on her lap as I was doing with Trish. Tracy was happy to have her shoulders massaged and reacted with a smile when Teri hugged her and tweaked her nipples. Teri kissed her sister’s neck and ear. Tracy reached down between her legs and rubbed Teri’s pussy below. It was such an erotic and natural act to see these sisters loving each other as they do.

Sue announced that she was heading to bed. “If tomorrow is half as much fun as today has been, it will be amazing. I want to be ready for it.” She leaned over and kissed Jan on the mouth. “Sleep well darling. See you in the morning. Good night everybody.”

We all smiled and bid her good night. Jan was the next to stand and exit. She leaned across Trish’s shoulder and gave me a kiss.

“Rob, I can’t believe how our lives have evolved. You’re the best baby brother a girl could have. Just imagine what Mom and Dad would think if they could see us now. My brother and my sister in law are my lovers and my best friends.”

She kissed Trish and then turned and kissed Tracy and then Teri before she stepped up out of the tub. I watched her sexy ass as she walked back into the house. She looks as good today as she ever has. I recalled lusting for my big sister when I was young. We’ve come a long way.

Tracy was still playing with her sister’s clit and it was getting to Teri.

“Oh yeah. Rub it right there. Mmm, Tracy I love you!” She pulled on Tracy’s titties as her orgasm built. Tracy just smiled, knowing that she was giving her sister the ultimate pleasure.

I kissed Trish’s ear. “I love watching your children. You have to be the best mom in the world.” I pulled on her nipples and felt the stiffness.

“I etimesgut escort love you Rob. Let’s go to bed.”

We all stood and got out of the tub together. We shared a family hug as we dried off and said good night.

Once we were in bed I spooned with Trish and kissed her again. Sleep came soon.

My wife has the smoothest, softest skin. He body is firm and toned. Waking up with her is the most wonderful part of my day, everyday. Stroking her thighs and holding her breast in the palm of my hand is the typical prelude to licking and tasting her womanhood. Teasing her clit ring and probing her labia with my tongue is my morning routine. I love holding her and bringing her to orgasmic delight as she wakes each day.

So this morning as I repeated the routine, it brought a smile to that beautiful face that I love so much. And when I kissed her lips she lapped up the flavorful pussy juice that covered my mouth and face. I hugged her and held her tight.

Trish brought her hand down to my groin and stroked my pleasure pole. It quickly grew and she mounted me. I palmed the cheeks of her ass while she rocked and buried her face in my neck. We kissed again and I pulled her upward. She slammed herself back onto my dick and took me deep inside. We kept up the motion and soon I felt the familiar pulse and pumping of my seed as it boiled up and ejaculated into her waiting quim. Our kiss continued until the penile pulse came to an end. And even longer.

“Good morning my love.”

“Mmm, good morning to you.”

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I called out, in spite of the fact that we were still copulating.

Sue entered, holding two mugs of coffee.

“I thought I’d return the favor from yesterday.” She said as she handed us each a mug. I could barely hold mine upright as she bent forward to kiss me and then put her tongue in Trish’s mouth too.

“Mmm, someone’s been eating pussy this morning.” She winked and patted Trish’s rear. Seeing that I couldn’t really sit up, she took my coffee mug and set it on the night stand. That allowed me to move my arm and I wrapped it around Sue’s waist and pulled her closer to us. Trish put her head on Sue’s shoulder.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Time to take a shower.” Sue answered as she started to move off the bed. “Can I share yours this morning?”

“Sure thing.” Trish replied as she lifted herself off my now limp but soaked dick.

Sue looked down at my wilting member. “Oh Trish, look what you did to the poor guy.” Then she bent down and took me in her mouth, slurping Trish’s and my combined fluids and sucking the wrinkles out of my cock.

“Don’t worry,” Trish laughed, “he will rise again.”

Slowly we all rolled off the bed. I grabbed my coffee and took a big gulp. Together we walked into the bathroom. Trish and I brushed our teeth while Sue turned on the shower. We got in together and began the morning ritual of bathing. I realized that I hadn’t peed yet.

“Stand back.” I warned. “Gotta pee.”

Both girls looked at my penis but neither one moved. My flow began and Trish purposely stepped into it. My urine was spraying her belly and running down over her pussy. Sue grabbed my dick and aimed it at Trish. Then she bent forward and put her face in front of it. She opened her mouth and let my pee flow inside.

My cock hardened instantly. Sue held it and stroked it until the last drops were gone. The shower was rinsing us all as Sue stood up again and kissed us both. The faint taste of pee remained in her mouth.

“Wow! That was hot.” Trish said. “Want some more?” Without waiting for an answer, she took a half step back and released her own morning flow. Sue and I both squatted down and Trish pointed herself at us, swaying her hips from side to side. Her spray was strong and both Sue and I received a steady dose.

When Trish finished we stood back up and rinsed and lathered and rinsed again and we finished the shower.

“I’m not sure what made me do that,” Sue said, “but I liked it!”

“Sue there’s always another surprise with you around. I can’t believe how that turned me on. Look at me. I got hard in a second.”

“And I thought I knew every trick in the book.” Trish giggled. “We’re going to have to explore this one further.”

We dried off and Sue left to get dressed.

We met again in the kitchen where Devon was prepping some French toast and fresh fruit. It looked pretty good, but Sue and I have come to enjoy our breakfasts together at the golf club. We kissed Trish goodbye. There was no sign of the others yet.

We arrived at the club and walked through the pro shop on our way to the dining room. We saw Sally behind the desk.

“Good morning Mr Randall. Good morning Ms Fine.” She smiled a bright and cheerful greeting.

I replied, “Good morning to you Sally. I know that you gave a protocol here in the pro shop, but once we get out on the course today, we are Rob and Sue.”

She smiled again and nodded. “I understand. Thank you.”

“Can etimesgut escort bayan you join us for breakfast?”

“Why yes, I can. Give me just one minute to finish up here. I’ve tried to clear my whole day for you. Mark told me how much he enjoyed his time with you yesterday.”

We browsed around the shop again, but we had pretty much seen the inventory and made our purchases two days ago when we arrived.

A few minutes later we were all seated in the dining room. Sally was wearing a stylish new golf dress. She had a model figure and it looked great on her, showing off her athletic legs and making me wonder what might be under the skirt.

We ordered our breakfasts and I began the conversation. I was really attracted to Sally and curious about her.

“How long have you been here at the club?”

“This is my second year.” She replied.

“What made you decide to get into the golf business?”

“I’ve always loved the game. In school I was into all sports. I played volleyball and soccer and I was a gymnast and cheerleader, and of course I played golf.”

“Where are you from?” Sue inquired.

“I grew up in San Diego but I went to school at ASU in Tempe. They’ve got a fabulous golf program there.”

“How did you end up here?”

“The job was open. Mark hired me. I love this club. We have so many really nice members. I’ve already made some great connections.”

“Do you like living here?” Sue asked.

“Why not? This is a playground for wealthy and famous people. There’s so much going on. It gets hot in the summer like it does in Phoenix. I don’t make as much money from lessons in the summer. But my salary is year round.”

Our breakfast was served. Sally turned the interview around.

“So tell me more about you. Are you a couple? What do you do besides play golf?”

I liked her forward approach.

“We live in Sedona.” I began.

“Oh I love Sedona! It’s so beautiful there.”

“Rob is married. I’m not.” Sue continued. “We play golf together usually 3 days a week.”

“Rob, your wife doesn’t play?” Sally raised her eyebrows.

Sue answered for me. “No, Trish doesn’t play golf, so he has me. But she’s not a golf widow. Don’t feel bad for her. Trish and I are best friends. Even lovers.”

Sue had revealed a lot with those last two words. And Sally didn’t miss it.

“So you’re one big happy family? Your wife and your golf buddy are lovers? That sounds cozy.”

“Cozy is a good word I suppose…” I grinned.

Sue elaborated. “Rob is a real ladies man. Trish is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever known. She has two gorgeous daughters who are both successful business women. His sister Jan is a companion for us all, and we are all here together this week.”

Sally was doing the math in her head. “So you’re here with five women?”

“Yes I am, and it’s kind of like heaven.”

“And you and Trish are lovers? How about you and Rob?”

I answered for Sue. “Yes, Sue and I are lovers. Less than an hour ago we were all in the shower together.”

“Oooo that sounds sexy!”

“Sally, you have no idea how sexy life is with Rob…and Trish, and Jan, and Teri and Tracy.”

Sally’s eyes widened. “You mean? I mean?” She was at a loss for words.

Sue and I just nodded and winked. “Yes. But you have to know Trish.” I stepped a little deeper. “She has an open and loving way about her that you can’t help but love. I fell in love with her when we first met.”

“So did I.” Said Sue. “Hopefully you’ll get a chance to meet her.”

We had finished our breakfasts and I signaled for the check.

“Shall we warm up on the range?” I asked.

“I like to hit a small bucket.” Sally said.

“Me to,” said Sue, “lets go.”

The girls detoured to the ladies locker room while I headed for the men’s.


“Sally I love that dress on you! Is it just one piece?”

“Yes, it is. It feels so comfortable.”

“Does it have a matching panty or shorts?”

“Nope. Just the dress.” Since they were in the privacy of the locker room, Sally lifted her skirt, revealing a sexy, lacy thong underneath.

“Oooo I like that.” Sue commented while boldly but gently stroking Sally’s panty. “Do you ever go commando?”

Sally blushed. “Sometimes.” She admitted. “But I have to be really careful.”

Sue raised her skirt and showed Sally her tiniest of sheer thong panties.

“Let’s…” she said as she pushed her thong down her legs and stepped out of them.

Sally looked around to be sure that they were alone. Then she did the same. When she picked up the tiny rolled up thong from the floor, Sue held out her hand. Sally placed the panty in her palm. Sue put the two thongs into her small purse.

Together they exited and met me outside. I had instructed the cart staff to load the two ladies bags on one cart and I would ride alone.

As Sue walked up to me she opened her purse and pressed the two thongs into my hand. “Put these in a safe place.” She whispered. I tucked them into escort etimesgut the jewelry pocket on my golf bag.

We proceeded to the driving range. With my knowledge of what was (not) under Sally’s dress, I positioned myself beside her on the range so that I could watch from behind as she bent over. What a tease! The dress was short enough to expose the tops of her well toned legs without exposing the cheeks of her ass. Like most regular golfers, she had typical golfer’s tan lines. Her thighs were much whiter than her calves. Sue and I avoid those lines by prolonged exposure to the sun in the nude at our homes.

After the range, we rolled a few putts on the practice green and headed for the first tee.

Since it was now just the three of us alone on the tee, Sally bent over a little further to tee the ball. Sue and I were both watching carefully and caught a brief glimpse of what was at the top of Sally’s legs. Her pussy was bare and inviting.

“I have a feeling that today is going to be a lot of fun. I’ve never been quite so excited about playing with new friends.” She swung and smacked her drive straight down the middle of the fairway.

We complimented her on the nice hit. Sue hit next and her ball stopped just a few yards short of Sally’s. My ball landed about even with Sally’s, just a few yards to the left. We were all in good position.

When we reached the green the fun and games began. We all marked our balls. Sue was the first to putt. She squatted to replace the ball and line up her putt. In doing so she made no effort to hide the fact that she was commando. We all knew it of course, but now was the time when blatant exposure was fun and appropriate. Sally and I stood side by side and watched attentively. Sue stood up and stroked the putt. It went in the hole for a birdie. We all smiled and applauded. Sally was next. Her putt was on about the same line as Sue’s so when she squatted, she put on a similar show. After placing the ball, she looked up into my eyes to be sure that I was noticing. There was no doubt. She hit the putt and it lipped out of the cup. She tapped in for a par. My putt was shortest but had a little more break to it. I missed it by an inch or so and saved the par. All in all, a good start.

As we walked off the green Sally commented, “We need to do something to equalize the excitement factor for the next seventeen holes. Sue and I are giving you a show, but I’d like to see what you’ve got inside those shorts.”

I looked at her then glanced at Sue, who raised her eyebrows and grinned.

“Did you like what Sue showed us?” I asked. “I’d certainly like to see more of both of you.”

“Yes, I liked it a lot. But I go both ways. And I have a feeling that you might be packing something special, especially if there are five women in your house who are lusting for you.”

Sue and I both liked hearing the ‘both ways’ comment.

“Sometimes when Rob and I play golf, we wager for sex. Birdies get blow jobs or the equivalent. Pars rate a finger or a hand job. Sometimes we have carry overs, or we have to delay the pay off until we get to a place with more privacy, although neither Rob or I have any hang ups about exposing ourselves in public. Obviously we need to behave with decorum since we’re guests at your club, and we need to respect and protect your job. But if you’re up for a good time, I think we can play for some fun payoffs.”

I added to Sue’s suggestion. “And if we can’t settle everything on the course, we can do the payoffs back at the house after we play.”

Sally smiled. “It sounds like a win win, but you guys are way more experienced than I am.” There was some sarcasm in her tone.

“Perhaps we are with the wagers and the pay outs, but you’re a professional golfer. You have a clear advantage over us.” I pleaded.

“Are you asking for strokes?” Sally joked.

“No no.” Sue replied. “We’ll play straight up. Like you said, we can all be winners. But speaking of straight up, I think we should do what we can to get Rob looking that way. I I promise, as soon as we do, I’ll do what it takes to get those shorts down to his shoes!”

Sally giggled. “Well I guess after that birdie, Rob and I both owe you some face time! I think I know a place where we can pay off after the next hole.”

“Sounds good to me!” I said. “And if you girls keep teasing me, I’m sure I’ll be ready with something worth showing.” I squeezed my package as I got into my golf cart and drove on to the second tee. I was already getting stiff.

Sue had the honor. Before she bent over to put her tee in the ground, she coyly pulled up the back of her skirt and scratched her butt. It did not go unnoticed. She hit another good drive. Sally went one better and extended her leg as she bent to tee the ball. This gave us a nice longer look at her hairless crack and the full lips that formed it. She also hit a perfect drive. I followed with a good shot of my own. Feeling proud as I walked back to the cart, I casually pulled down the zipper on my shorts.

The girls both hit their second shots and landed on the green in regulation. They pulled their cart over by mine as I surveyed my approach shot. Sally came over and stood by me before I got out of the cart. She put her hand into my shorts and grabbed my cock while she informed me that I had 127 yards to the pin. She wiggled it a few times and then stepped back.

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