The Family Secret

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“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Shhhhh, listen.” Tom cocked his head straining to hear. Tom was a good looking man who appeared prudish to all his friends and co-workers. He stood about six foot tall and while not fit; he was of average build with a slight gut, but not real noticeable. He had sandy brown hair and a good looking face. He was sure he heard something but couldn’t quite place it. Brad went back to sucking his father’s cock and Tom decided it was nothing and went back to sucking off his son. They soon both exploded in each other mouths as they often did.

Tom remembered how it all started. Brad had his own room downstairs from the rest of the family and just down the hall from Toms’ office. Tom had built a full bath so that Brad would not have to run upstairs every time he had to pee or take a shower. One day while he was working in his office, Tom had to pee and decided to use the downstairs bathroom. He walked in and found Brad jacking off to a girly magazine.

“Jeez dad, don’t you know how to knock?” Tom couldn’t take his eyes off his sons’ cock. Brad was a spitting image of his father, just slightly slimmer. He still had that teen body that doesn’t seem to have any fat on it. Tom used to suck cock all the time when he was younger but since he got married he was afraid to go out and get some. Mary just wouldn’t understand he reasoned with himself.

Brad was just 19 and had a steady job and was saving to go to Europe. He had curious thoughts about going down on guys and had jacked off often into his hand and licking up the gooey stuff thinking how wonderful it would be to get it straight from a dick.

Brad started to pull up his pants and Tom stopped him. “No don’t son, come with me.” Tom grabbed his pants so that he wouldn’t trip and dutifully followed his dad back to his room. “Here, lay down on the bed.” Following his father’s instructions he lay down on the bed. “Scoot down a little.” After moving as per his father’s request, Tom lay down on the bed 69 style and said, “Just relax son, you’re gonna love this.”

Tom leaned over and sucked his sons’ cock deep into his mouth. Brad gasped and couldn’t believe his luck. Here was his father sucking on his cock and one just inches from his face. He reached over and started stroking his dads’ cock thru his pants and felt it grow. His dad started sucking harder and faster. Brad undid his belt, slid the zipper down and loosened his fathers’ pants. He reached in and found his dads’ cock hard and throbbing. He pulled it out and ran it over his lips. The precum started to flow and that was all the encouragement he needed. He shoved the cock deep in his mouth.

“You don’t have to do that son.”

Brad took the cock from his mouth and said, “I have wanted to do this with some guy for a while.”

Tom went back to sucking his son and Brad continued to suck his dad. Their oral stimulations got faster and soon Brad was ready to cum. He shot one of the largest loads he ever had into his dads’ mouth. This was too much for Tom and he erupted into his sons’ mouth. Brad was in ecstasy, never before had he had a cock shoot directly into his mouth and he loved it. Over the next year they got together often and enjoyed sucking each other off, sometimes 69 style, sometimes taking turns going down.

Mary froze and held Christy’s head with her legs. She loved to eat her daughter’s pussy. It tasted so different from the other pussies that she had eaten before. Mary was just forty one but looked much younger. Pretty face, nice round tits and a few curves, but not misplaced. She still turned men’s heads as she walked down the street, especially if she wore shorts or a short skirt.

“Sorry mom, but that felt so good the scream just slipped out.”

“It’s ok honey. I don’t think anyone heard it.”

Mary had just had an orgasm from her daughter’s expert sucking and she felt Christy’s juices trickling down her own cheek when she decided to stick a finger in her daughter’s ass. Christy immediately hit new heights in the throes of ecstasy and screamed into her mother’s pussy. Mary was always bi and loved to eat pussy but didn’t think her uptight husband would like her to do it, so she never brought up the subject.

She spent an odd “girl’s night out” and sometimes rather than meet with her friends she would hit the local gay bars looking for one nighters. Mostly she did alright but sometimes she struck out and knew she would have to finger herself and lick her fingers clean to get some pussy satisfaction.

It wasn’t that Tom was a bad in bed, oh no, she loved his cock and thought of him as a fine lover. He was very kind and considerate especially with the children. Mary just had to have pussy every now and then to satisfy her cravings. Tom was way too conservative in her mind to understand that. Hell he didn’t even turn on the lights when they made love. He would eat her a bit, but no way could he make her cunt tingle like a woman could so she strayed sometimes. Mary almost got caught one night and decided then and there to stop whoring around the gay bars etimesgut escort looking for some strange.

It was about 2 years later when Christy turned 18 that her mother started to look at her in a different light. One day when they were alone, Mary turned to Christy and decided it was time for a mother daughter talk and hopefully more. They were in Mary’s bedroom. Mary had on her bathrobe and Christy was wearing one of her dad’s t-shirts that did little to hide her long legs and round ass. Mary didn’t like her to parade around like that but she had been doing it for so long that Mary just gave up and decided to go with the flow.

“Have you had sex with any guy yet?”

“What kind of a question is that mom?”

“It’s a question that all mothers want to know but are afraid to ask.”

“You certainly aren’t.”

“Well, have you?”

“I guess it depends on what you call sex.”

“OK. How far have you gone?”

“I let a couple of guys feel me up.”

“That’s pretty tame. Have you done anything else?”

“I jacked off a guy under the bleachers during a football game once.”

“Have you done anything else?”

Christy wanted to tell her that she actually sucked one guy off once but was afraid. Mary saw the nervousness in her and repeated the question adding, “Have you done anything else? Don’t worry I’m just concerned that you aren’t taking precautions.”

“I did suck one guy off once.”

“Did you like it?”


“Well did you?”

Christy blushed and nodded. Mary was glad she was still a virgin and she was secretly getting turned on by their conversation.

Mary sat up and the robe opened a bit to reveal her full breasts. She did nothing to cover them up but noticed that Christy couldn’t take her eyes off them. Mary saw the chance to go further and seized the opportunity. She let the robe slide off her shoulders and asked, “Do you like them?”

“They’re lovely. Do you think mine will get to be like yours?”

“Maybe, let me see them.”

Christy was no prude and immediately slipped off the shirt and was instantly nude. Mary had no idea that Christy had no panties on, but was turned on so much that her pussy started to seep those womanly juices. Christy was a lovely woman in her own right. A beautiful face with strawberry blonde hair sat on top of her smallish perky breasts. Those gave way to a flat stomach and a sparsely clad pussy. Her legs were long and slender with tiny feet. Her mother learned over and touched her breasts which immediately responded by making her nipples stand at attention.

“They’re lovely honey, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Mary leaned closer and gently kissed her daughter on the cheek while letting her hand drift over Christy’s tits. Christy moaned slightly and Mary squeezed the tit she had in her hand. Christy turned her head and their lips gently brushed each other. Mary took this at the moment of opportunity and passionately kissed Christy on the lips. Christy responded as a lover and opened her mouth to receiver her mother’s tongue. A deep kiss was shared and Mary let her hands wander lower to that spot she so craved. Christy opened her legs to let her mom enter and started to let her own hands wander, gently at first and then with more authority, over her mother’s body.

It was a bit strange for her to feel another woman’s body, but it felt so good and she was interested in the new sensations it brought. They let their hands wander down to the honey spot and Mary was first to insert her fingers. Christy moaned deeply into her mother’s mouth and then put her own fingers into her mother’s cunt. So warm and wet she thought, her interest immediately changing to what it would taste like. She broke the kiss and started to move down her mother’s body slowly kissing every inch of the way.

Mary took the hint and started her own journey to her daughter’s sweet spot. They met between each other legs at the same time and Christy had an immediate orgasm as her mother’s lips landed on her pussy and sucked her clit into her mouth. Christy had some experience with this feeling, but never like this. She couldn’t wait to feel it again and started to suck on her mother’s pussy with a new abandon. Soon Mary had her own orgasm as Christy was reaching her second within seconds of the first. They broke off and lay there nestled in each other’s arms for a bit and Christy vowed to herself that she would try this again and again.

Christy was bent over rummaging thru the refrigerator dressed only in that t-shirt that everyone had become accustomed to. She wasn’t aware nor did she care about the fact that her ass and pussy were slightly exposed. Brad saw her and got an immediate erection. He snuck up behind her and before she could do anything, he was on his knees, had lifted her shirt up and had his tongue buried deep in her ass. She cooed sweetly as she knew what was going to happen next. The parents were out for the evening and Brad had pulled his cock out and was rubbing it against her rubbery hole. He etimesgut escort bayan had lubed it up sufficiently with his spit and it slid in easily.

Christy loved being fucked in the ass. She had been obsessed with her ass at an early age and was always exploring with it, sticking different things in it. The thing she had enjoyed the most was her mother’s dildo she found one time while sneaking into her parent’s bedroom, that is until she tried a cock. It was just after her eighteenth birthday. Mary and Tom decided to go away for a weekend; the kids were old enough to fend for themselves, so they left some money for groceries and made the kids promise no parties. Brad and Christy were very responsible and Mary and Tom knew that they would stick to their promise.

Christy knew Brad liked to look at porn and had found a couple of Ass sites that seemed to be Brad’s favorite. That Friday night she took it in her to seduce Brad and get fucked in the ass. She went into his room to “talk” to him. Wearing her favorite t-shirt, she barged in and Brad immediately minimized the ass porn site he was looking at and had another game site on in which he pretended to be playing. Christy knew he was looking at something because she spied the bulge in his boxer shorts. She coyly sat on the bed with her legs slightly open affording a lovely view if Brad had turned around. He didn’t and she felt a bit rejected. She was not going to be denied so she went over to where she knew, even if Brad wasn’t looking directly at her he, would see her. She bent over pretending to pick up a sock and saying, “Brad, you’re such a slob.”

Brad saw her bend over and saw what he was secretly longing after for a couple of years now. Christy’s ass was bare and sticking up in the air. What a dilemma, here was his sister with her lovely ass staring him in the face and what to do?

“Like what you see?”

He hadn’t realized he was staring and that Christy was looking back at him with a come hither look in her eyes. Brad shifted nervously in his seat trying to rearrange the hard on that was becoming more uncomfortable.

“Are you going to answer me or just try to hide that monster?”

Brad then realized that Christy wasn’t moving from her position but instead making herself available for him.

“Jeez Christy, it’s lovely. Can I kiss it?”

Christy didn’t answer but instead lifted her shirt over her ass exposing more of it. Brad got up from his seat and his cock sprung out the opening. He didn’t care anymore he was on a mission. He walked over to Christy and got on his knees and rubbed her ass with both hands. It was so warm and soft; he bent forward and kissed each cheek in turn. She grabbed his hand and led him to his bed. She lay down on her stomach and took her hands and spread her cheeks wide revealing the object of both their desires.

“Kiss me there and get it nice and wet.”

Brad obediently bent forward and placed his lips on her puckered hole. Christy moaned her approval and Brad stuck out his tongue to taste her nether region. Christy had an orgasm that was more potent than anything she had ever imagined. She squealed with delight and Brad stopped.

“Don’t stop, do it again.”

“I thought I hurt you.”

“It felt so good, I had an orgasm.”

Brad felt a new sense of power over his sister and started to lick and suck on her ass with a new fervor that amazed even him. Her brown hole was slick with his spit and she said, “Now put it in me.”

Brad drew his cock close and he could feel the heat of her body on it and it stirred him even more. His cock twitched as he pushed at her ass. Her sphincter reluctantly gave way and he entered her ass. Christy winced and Brad stopped, “Just give me a sec to get adjusted to it,” she said.

Brad waited patiently as he felt her muscles relax and he pushed forward. Slower this time than he started out, he could feel her relax with every inch he shoved in. Finally he felt his balls rest against her pussy and he stayed there for a minute. Brad slowly pulled his cock out to the head and started his journey back to the bottom, Christy cooed her delight and Brad continued his pumping action, slowly in and out reveling in the wonderful feeling that only a tight ass hole can give.

“Fuck me harder,” Christy said. Barely audible but he heard it and started to thrust harder, trying to get his whole body into her ass.


Brad picked his sister up by the hips and put her legs under her doggy style. He then had a much better angle with which to fuck her, and fuck her he did. Christy slammed her ass back at him and their rhythm started to sync and both of them knew a mind blowing orgasm was on the edge.

“Here it comes baby, I gonna shoot my load in your ass.”


Brad blew his load deep inside her and as soon as she felt it her orgasm started. Brad continued to pump his cock in her as each shot of semen ejaculated from the end. With each pump and shot her orgasm seemed to start again. She had never escort etimesgut experienced anything like this before but she knew she was going to do this again and again.

It was a couple of days since Tom and Brad had got together and Tom was alone in the house, or so he thought. He went to the bathroom to pee and left the door open. Christy decided to take a shower and walked to the bathroom and saw her dad.

“Oops, sorry, I thought I was home alone.”

“Nope, I was going to take a shower, want to join me?”

Tom and Christy had been taking “showers” together for some time now; in fact that’s how it started. Christy had just finished her shower and was toweling off. She was playing with her pussy like her mother did and liked the feeling of her fingers up there, but wondered what it would be like to have a hard cock there. Christy played like that for almost an hour when the door opened and there stood her dad, stark naked.

Tom didn’t think anyone was home and wanted to take a shower so he stripped off his clothes and slung a towel over his shoulder and off to the bath he went. When he opened the door and found his daughter with her fingers deep in her own pussy he got an immediate erection. Christy blushed a bit but stayed focused on his cock. The awkwardness of the moment froze both of them in their tracks. Christy was the first to move and came over to her dad and grabbed his cock. Tom wanted to run and wanted her to do more.

“Wow, is it always this hard and soft at the same time?”

Christy pumped his cock with what seem to Tom as some expertise. He was too shocked to say anything he just nodded while his daughter continued her ministrations. Christy bent over and gave it a little kiss which made it jerk a bit and surprised her. She giggled and now it was her dad’s turn to blush. She was so touched by that gesture that she kissed him on the mouth. The little head on Tom’s body took over and he kissed her back, not like a father but instead with an urgent fervor. His tongue explored his daughter’s mouth and she responded in kind.

Christy broke off the kiss and bent over to take her dad’s cock in her mouth. It was so different from the little boy cock she sucked before and she devoured as much as she could. She coughed from trying to get too much in her mouth and Tom pulled her off and said, “Easy hon, let’s take a shower together.” Christy jumped into the shower and adjusted the water. Her father joined her and they hugged and explored each other’s bodies while the water cascaded over them. Tom grabbed the soap and started to soap up his daughter making sure to get every nook and cranny. Christy loved the feeling of her dad rubbing his hands all over her.

Christy took the soap from her father and soaped him up like he did her. Exploring every crease and crevice she could find. She especially spent a lot of time on his cock. She loved the feeling of it and wanted it inside her steaming pussy. She took it and rubbed it along her labia and it sent tingles down her spine that made her want more. Christy lifted her leg and propped it on the side of the tub exposing her pussy and took her dad’s cock and put it at the entrance of her love hole. Tom did the rest, pushing gently he entered her and looked deep into her eyes. A little fear and apprehension crossed those blue eyes and Tom stopped.

“No dad, don’t stop. You’re the first so please be gentle.”

Tom gently pushed his cock deeper into his little girl, little by little till he had his cock totally inside her. Confused that he felt no resistance he paused. She giggled again seeing the confusion on his face and said, “I broke that a long time ago, but yours is the first cock, I swear.”

A bit shocked by her language and the fact that he had his cock deep in his little girl he stood there for a moment and then she moved, ever so slightly at first and probably a bit awkward, he realized that he was the first to fuck her. Oh the glory of that tight hole wrapped around his throbbing member. He started to slide in and out, slowly at first and then Christy got the rhythm and she started to move with him. She loved the feeling of that fat cock in her cunt; it made her feel like a woman. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and kissed him deeply. Hanging on to him like this she moved her legs so that they wrapped around his waist. Tom grabbed her ass and slid her up and down his pole while he rammed it as hard as he could into her. Tom exploded into her so hard he thought he was going to rip her apart. Her own orgasm had her shaking and quivering while just barely hanging on to him.

“Oh no, what have I done, you could get pregnant.”

“Relax dad, mom’s had me on the pill for quite awhile, says it makes me regular.” They kissed again and he gently set her down.

It was Saturday and Tom had just left to go play a round of golf which meant that afterwards he would spend some time at the 19th hole. Christy had gone shopping with some friends so Mary and Brad were home alone. Mary knew they would be alone for quite some time so she put on her sexiest gown and went to Brad’s room. Brad was at his computer and knew that his mother was coming downstairs. She did this every time they were alone and he was excited. He loved spending time with his mother. She was an excellent lover and taught him things that he could never learn in school or the real world.

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