The Family Reunion Ch. 04

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At the same time that Albert was sodomising his eighteen-year old daughter, Zack was chatting to his two youngest aunts, Isabelle and Carol. Their older sister Lydia had been in the conversation as well, but she had wandered off to see if she could locate her husband and daughter.

Aunt Isabelle and Aunt Carol certainly weren’t immune to the Virus – ever since Zack had walked in, they’d felt a steadily increasing warmth in their nether-regions. He’d disappeared for half an hour, but the feeling hadn’t gone away – during his absence, the two of them had started participating in an unspoken rivalry.

Carol had dropped a chip and had to bend over to pick it up, and Isabelle had responded by casually stroking her breast while talking to Carol’s husband. Carol had given Isabelle’s husband a friendly kiss on the lips, and Isabelle had sneaked away and returned a few minutes later without a bra.

The rivalry was really starting to heat up when Zack returned – his resolve to stop thinking with his dick was thrown out the window in less than a minute, when the two targeted him as the new subject of their little games. Aunt Carol had “accidentally” rubbed her breasts against him, and a few seconds later his Aunt Isabelle was talking about her garden, growing “enormous melons”, and asking him if he “liked big ones.”

“Don’t forget the melon juice you can make from them, Isabelle.” Carol had responded mischievously. “You could sit around at the end of the day, with a few jugs of melon juice in front of you. Doesn’t that sound good, Zack? Some big jugs, filled with melon juice?”

Zack didn’t know why any of this was happening – his two normally prudish aunts were flirting outrageously with him, and he was fairly sure that his Aunt Isabelle wasn’t wearing a bra – but he had passed the point of caring a long time ago. Despite the surplus of sexual activity he’d already had that day, his dick was hard, and he was ready to fuck again.

He didn’t waste any time.

“Follow me.” he said simply, and started to walk towards one of the house’s many guest rooms. There was a moment of hesitation, as the sisters stared at each other, challenging the other to move. Zack was almost gone when Isabelle started to follow him, with Carol less than half a step behind.

The two sisters waited submissively as Zack helped himself to a bowl of chips – he didn’t notice a combination of his and Becky’s juices fall into the bowl as he took a handful of chips, and munched on them as he led his Aunts out of the room.

The three stood in the guest room. etimesgut escort Zack sat down on the bed, completely relaxed – he didn’t know why things were happening they were, but he was fairly sure that before long, he’d be taking both of his aunts any way he liked. The two aunts stood awkwardly; they were both extremely aware of their own arousal, (and still feeling extremely competitive) but there were two things unnerving them: how casually dominant their nephew was behaving, and how submissively they were responding to it.

Carol was the first to break the silence.

“So, Zack…do you have a girlfriend?”

She had just been trying to make small-talk, but that was the question that came to mind. Instantly, her imagination and Isabelle’s were both filled with images of Zack naked, fucking, drilling a young co-ed or an intern at his work. Isabelle couldn’t remember if he was still at college or whether he was employed, and the image in her head alternated between him taking one of his female professors in the classroom, and seducing his boss for a better rate of pay…

Zack watched, amused, as the innocuous question caused a dreamy, far-away look to appear on both his aunt’s faces. He knew what was racing through their heads right now, and he decided to have some fun with it.

“No, Aunt Carol. No girlfriend. Just a couple of different girls I fuck.”

Both his aunts gasped at the word, but before their sense of propriety caused them to respond, the unspoken rivalry between them reared its head again – the seconds dragged past, as both of them refused to be the one to question their nephew, to be the “uncool” aunt. This time, Isabelle was the first to respond.

“Well, that’s…nice. It must be good to have such diverse…female company.”

“Yes,” Carol piped in. “I know that if I don’t dress up every now and again, my husband wouldn’t be nearly as sexually satisfied. Something about the costumes allowing him to pretend that he’s…enjoying…more than one women. We wouldn’t want him to get bored now, would we?”

Isabelle glared at her sister. She thought that she was sure to make her sister uncomfortable by accepting her nephew’s dirty talk, but Carol had taken it one step further. She couldn’t back down now.

“Oh yes,” Isabelle said, one hand unconsciously drifting up to her breast. “My Lawrence – that’s Uncle Lawrence to you, of course – would just go crazy if we didn’t have…intercourse at least a few times a week.”

“A few times a week?” Carol replied, barely etimesgut escort bayan letting Isabelle finish her sentence before rebutting. “Why, when I’m ovulating, Mark and I – that’s your Uncle Mark, darling – will sometimes go at it twice a day.”

“Twice a day? You must be much faster than Lawrence and I. When we get into it, we will have…intercourse…for hours on end. I’m surprised we ever get anything else done.”

Zack broke his silence, cutting off his Aunt Carol. As soon as he started to speak, she silenced herself and stared at him submissively.

“Have either of you ever been with a woman?”

Another pause, this time much shorter, as Carol eagerly responded.

“Well, I don’t even think your uncle knows about this, but when I was in school, there was a lesb…there was a girl in my grade who liked girls, and once the two of us french kissed. With tongues.”

Isabelle scoffed.

“I went to college in Europe, dear. Over there it’s not even considered unusual. Before I met your uncle, I had a three-month relationship with a woman. We never…went down…on each other, but I can assure you, we did everything else. Helga had the most amazing fingers…”

Zack realised that neither of his aunts even realised that they’d started to rub their thighs together, or that they were both starting to sweat. He decided to push them.

“I’ve never actually seen two girls kiss. I wonder if you two would do that for me…”

There was a pause, and just as Aunt Carol was on the verge of breaking, Zack continued.

“…you know, as it is my birthday.”

His request hung in the air, as his two aunts tried to calculate exactly when Zack had been born. The possibility of refusing such an act because it was inappropriate never occurred to them – and as neither of them were confident enough to call him a liar, they had no choice.

After a minute of thinking, unable to find any way out, any loopholes that would prevent them from performing for their nephew, the two of them resigned themselves to the act and turned towards each other.

Isabelle and Carol had been rivals as long as they could remember, and no matter the environment, no matter the situation, it always manifested somehow. Without verbalising anything, they always agreed on what they were competing for – here, it was gay chicken (performance style.) Whoever was the least erotic, whoever turned Zack on the least, whichever of them backed down, they were the loser.

And neither of them wanted to lose.

It escort etimesgut started out tentatively, cautious. Isabelle put her hand on Carol’s hip, and Carol responded by gently resting her hand on Isabelle’s bum. They leaned into it, slowly, and soon their lips touched. After a few pecks, the kisses started to get longer – Carol opened her mouth slightly, Isabelle tasted Carol’s lips. Carol responded with her own tongue emerging, and soon the two were frenching like teenagers.

Because neither of the two was infected, the Virus’s effects weren’t increasing through their touch – being in the room with Zack ensured that a regular supply of airborne Virus was being slowly pumped into their systems, as well as their current dose increasing, but without direct contact with Zack, there would be no quick rush of endorphins to spur them on, just a slow burn of increasing arousal.

Carol’s grip on Isabelle’s rear tightened, as the two made out. Somehow, the fact that it was a “birthday wish” for their nephew made it even more exciting.

Isabelle moaned at her sister’s contact with her behind, and Carol’s hand was soon not just clutching Isabelle’s butt, but massaging it, caressing it. Isabelle retaliated by slowly moving her hand up Carol’s shirt – Carol hadn’t been felt up like this since she was in high school – the memory of that early fooling around overwhelmed her, the feeling of naughtiness, of young passion, of new sensations – and soon both the aunts were moaning in tandem.

With Isabelle’s bra already absent, all she needed to do was remove her shirt. Within a few seconds, she was sitting topless in front of her sister and young nephew. Carol, not to be undone, took off her entire dress in one go, and continued making out with Isabelle wearing nothing but her bra and panties. Isabelle pushed her down onto a chair, and leaned over her, her breasts swinging above Carol’s waiting mouth. Carol didn’t hesitate in sucking on her sister’s nipples, causing them to harden and making her squeal.

Isabelle reached down, pushed Carol’s panties to the side, and started pumping two fingers in and out of her sister’s wet, waiting pussy. Carol stopped her oral administrations to moan, but Isabelle quickly silenced that with another kiss.

Both the sisters were right on the verge of cumming when Zack stood up, and walked towards them – they had been so caught up in their own incestuous encounter that they’d failed to notice Zack pulling out his member and playing with it. He came right in the middle of their kiss, hitting both sisters’ noses and mouths, giving them a healthy load of his young cum, and unknowingly giving them a strong dose of the Virus.

As they breathed in the cum, the Virus headed straight for their brain, and within a few seconds Zack had been pushed onto the bed, where his Aunts rapidly started undressing him…

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