The Family Jackson Ch. 04

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—This story includes sexual scenes of an incestuous nature. All characters participating in said acts are portrayed over the age of eighteen. Please do not read any further if this subject material is offensive to you—

Dillon felt his mother’s arms wrap around him from behind as he gazed out the front window. She squeezed him hard with her cheek resting against his back. He brought his hand up to pat her arm and left it resting on the bare skin of her forearm.

“Wow, an unprovoked hug from my mother? Did you get into Grandma’s special brownies again?”

She gave him another squeeze. “I have a wonderful baby boy. Who knew under all your crap, you were sensitive and warm. I loved what you said to Kara last night.”

“Told you I was already spotting. I have actually listened to you over the years. Some of the stuff you taught me actually works on women. You really aren’t the brightest species on the planet. Boobies and lack of brains are the only reason mankind hasn’t died out.”

She let out grunt of disapproval, but kept her arms wrapped around him. “What’s going on with her?”

“Don’t know. There’s a boy involved. But I’m not sure that’s it. Maybe I’ll get it out of her before she leaves.”

“What are you doing today?”

“Shoveling and then going to work.” His eyes looked out at another foot of snow from last night. “I have to assume the Jackson men are all hiding in the garage pretending it didn’t snow.”

“Of course. They’re like three blind mice when there’s actual work to be done.”

“Mom?” Dillon let his voice sound worried.


“Your nipples are starting to chafe me.”


Her arms disappeared from around him as he braced for the impending swat. He wasn’t prepared for the barrage that followed the first one. He slipped out of the room laughing and rubbing the back of his head. She followed him to the kitchen where he’d already dropped another kiss on Grandma and a peck to Aunt Jane’s cheek. His hand strayed down to her ass for a quick squeeze and then he was out the door. After finishing the driveway and walk, he headed to work.

Instead of checking in when he got home, Dillon slipped into his room for a shower. He was just getting out when the door opened and Samantha appeared.

“Seriously woman, are you stalking me? One shower. That’s all I ask for. One shower where I can rub one out in peace while thinking about your mom.”

“You’d lock the door if you wanted that. And keep fantasizing, Panty-boy. She’ll never let you taste her goodies.”

Dillon sighed and closed his eyes. “Cookie dough and chocolate mint. That’s what I think she tastes like. And you with the milk to wash it down. That would be the best Christmas ever.”

When he opened his eyes she was shaking her head at him. He watched her undress without a single hurried motion, as if he wasn’t even there. She stopped when she was down to a pair of simple white cotton panties. Samantha propped herself on some pillows and smiled at him. Dillon’s eyes spotted the deadbolt securing the door and then turned back to see his cousin’s body as she lay patiently waiting. He was getting used to seeing a little extra curve to her hips and the soft leggy thighs.

“Need something?” Dillon dropped the towel and sat beside her with a leg hanging over the edge. His finger drew a lazy circle on her stomach.

“Uh-huh. I need you to beg for it.”

“What do you win if I do?”

“A date.”

“A date?”

Her hand slipped into her panties as she stuck her tongue out at him. “Just a sweet innocent date. Dinner. Maybe some dancing. If you’re good, I might even let you kiss me goodnight. I want to feel like a girl.”

“You feel all girly to me, Cousin. But do you actually think I’d kiss you on the first date? I’m not a tramp. I’m a sophisticated woman with intimacy issues. You’re gonna have to woo me. Make my panties wet.”

Her hand came out from between her legs. She was smiling seductively as she traced over his lips with her finger. “Mine already are.”

When his tongue snuck out to lick her finger, she jerked it away and slipped her hand back where it had been. They shared the same taunting Jackson smile and then Dillon leaned down and kissed her softly. They both kept their eyes open as the kiss deepened. He teased her inner thigh, causing her hand to falter.

“We never discussed the rules to this little bet. I’m beginning to think teasing is okay.”

She nodded and pulled him on top of her. Her legs wrapped around his calves as she gripped his hair in her hands to keep his lips close. His fingertips moved down her smooth leg and then focused on her ass as he began to rock his hips.

“This legal?”


Their bodies moved against each other. Rocking more and more forcefully as the minutes passed. Their kisses deepened. He shivered when her fingers began running the length of his back over and over. Finally, they settled on his ass and began to help him grind harder into etimesgut escort her. Her breath was hot against his face as she moaned softly. Dillon found her neck with his lips, to her disapproval. She whined when he broke free of her grip and rolled her over and pulled her up to her hands and knees.

She let out a startled gasping laugh when her panties were tugged down to rest just under the curve of her ass and her legs were forcefully spread. With an arm wrapped around her stomach, he pulled her upper body against his chest as his cock slid between her legs to press upwards against her pussy. Leaning against him, she kissed the side of his face as he nibbled at her shoulder. Their hips once again rocking into each other. His cock sliding through the ever increasing wetness.

“Still legal?” He asked as his teeth nipped her ear.

“Oh, yea.”

“Scoot up.” He ordered.

She broke away from him to crawl up the bed so she could reach out and touch the wall to brace her body from what both of them knew was coming. Her lips were parted as she smiled over her shoulder as he repositioned himself behind her. When he pushed down his cock to slide between her legs, her hand found it and pressed it tightly between her waiting lips. Their hips resumed.

His hands found the soft flesh of her breasts and he felt her tense. She relaxed when he was gentler than he’d ever been. His fingers extended and traced lines across her flesh. Her head fell back as they moved across her areolas with the faintest tickle. With one hand braced against the wall, she reached down and stopped his flexing hips by grabbing his cock.

“Beg me.” She whispered.

“Hmmm. Can I have more than one kiss on this date?”

“As many as you’d like.”

Dillon’s lips were hot, trailing a line across the back of her neck. The tip of his nose slid down her spine, smelling the fragrance of her skin. It was coconut. He loved the smell of coconut on her. He could feel the tip of dick just barely brushing against pure wet heat. She pressed back slightly to let it begin to enter her. Dillon’s body shook from knowing how close he was to the excruciating feel of ecstasy. His arm wrapped around her and pulled her tighter against his chest.

“Do you cheat at everything?”

“What?” Her voice was playfully innocent.


“Hmmm. Bringing back memories, am I? Beg me, Dillon. I need you.”

“Not gonna happen, Cousin. You’re gonna have to beg me.”

She shook her head and then turned her head to give him more of her neck.

“I’ll rent a nice little hotel room with a Jacuzzi. We’ll spend the day pretending you’re at a spa while I make sure every inch of you is kissed. I’ll buy you dinner afterwards. I might even take you dancing if we have the energy. We can pretend it’s Prom night. If you need me to prematurely ejaculate, I can do that right now.”

Her body shook with her snorting laughter. It caused him to slide into her about an inch. She froze as a slow groan escaped them both. They stayed like that for a moment before they simultaneously moved their hips towards each other until he was as deep as he could go.

“This doesn’t count.” Her hips were the first to begin moving.

His hands moved to her hips and began to pull and push her. “Neither does this then.”

She tried to spread her legs further to brace herself better, but her panties stopped her. She let out an exasperated huff of air and then a gasp as his grip tightened and he pulled her against him as hard as he could. The smack of skin on skin masked his deep-throated groan. Her head lowered as he continued driving into her. They were both grunting as their bodies collided. The heat of her rolled over his cock as he moved faster and faster. It was heaven.

He pulled out and tugged her backwards and pushed her flat on the bed. Her hands went immediately to help spread her cheeks as she pushed her ass in the air. He guided his cock back between her lips and dropped his weight onto her before sliding further up her body. His hips were driving straight down, causing her to bounce off the bed slightly only to be driven back into the mattress. Pulling her hair away, his lips found her ear again.

“Reach under. I’m too close.”

Nodding, her hands went to her clitoris. Dillon felt her thighs tighten and the muscles around his cock gripped harder than ever. She timed her flexes with his thrusts. He felt the pressure. His stomach tightened as the familiar surge began. In an agonizing groan, he pulled out just as the first stream of cum flew from the tip. He coated her ass as he milked the last drop out, trailing it down the crack of her ass. Hanging his head, he slowly got control of his breathing. When he opened his eyes, he saw her ass shaking as she buried her face into the mattress to muffle her scream.

Samantha lay trembling under him. Her hands still between her legs. She was taking long deep breaths. Dillon reached down and grabbed the towel and reluctantly etimesgut escort bayan cleaned her butt off. It looked so cute the way it was. Kind of like the perfect honey glazed ham. Once he was done, he let his fingers drift down to slide between her exposed and swollen lips. She turned her head just as his finger slid into his mouth. Wiggling her butt at him, she smiled when he repeated the action.

She let out a long sigh and let her body relax. “None of that counted.”

“All right.” The taste of salt and coconut greeted him when he leaned down and kissed the small of her back before lying on his side beside her. She rolled to her side and snuggled closer as they smiled happily at one another. “You know we’re both hopeless.”

“I know. That’s not the point. I want to win.”

“So, go out with me.”

She kissed him and then snuggled closer. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Sure. We’ll go to McDonalds and you can blow me in the drive thru. You’ll love it. I’ll even let you have a couple fries afterwards.”

“Wow. That’s exactly why I love you. You’re such a romantic. Too bad you aren’t original. That’s one of the stupidest jokes out there.”

“Fine. We’ll go on a real date. A nice lunch. Spend some time shopping. Listen to a band or something. Then come home and curl up in bed for the rest of the night and watch movies. Or make some.”

Samantha reached down and stroked his half-erect cock and smiled when he twitched from the contact. “What happened to you? You finally won a race.”

“It was those damn panties. You looked so sexy with them pulled down like that.” His eyes toured her body to rest on the panties that were just above her knee.

“Just rip them off me next time.”

He gasped in mock horror and rolled her until she was under him. “Never.” His lips kissed at her neck and then worked between her breasts. “What kind of twisted pervert do you think I am? I’ll never abuse panties like that. I’m not a barbarian.”

Samantha closed her eyes and smiled up at the ceiling as he worked lower with his lips and tongue. “That’s my little freak. Lick Mommy all clean.”

Her panties came off in his hand and were placed gently by her side. Dillon’s head came up after a full minute of work between her legs. His chin glistening. “You better not be letting Kyle do this already.”

Samantha’s head jerked up in shock and her eyes locked on his laughing face. When his face disappeared again, she sighed and covered her face with her hands. “He seems to be a breast man at the moment. No need to get all jealous on me, Princess.”

Her knees slid up and her hands began to play in his hair as he worked between her legs. He nibbled up and down her inner lips while a thumb began to drift lower. To both her pleasure and displeasure, he would occasionally trail kissed up and down her thighs. Samantha’s eyes closed and stayed closed as his finger slid into her. When his fingers came out and slid over the tight pucker of her ass, her hips shot off the bed and collided with his face.

“Oh shit, Dillon. You gotta warn me when you do that.”

He rose up, rubbing his nose with a pained expression on his face. “Sorry. I forgot Mr. Pucker fights back. You’re lucky you didn’t sprain my tongue.”

Dillon crawled up and grabbed a pillow and motioned for her to turn over. For a moment she looked confused and then she figured out what he wanted. Her hand shot out for the pillow and was on her stomach with her ass off the bed with the pillow under her. He stopped her from spreading her legs by quickly straddling them. His hands moved across her ass as slow as possible. Kneading and caressing her flesh. Watching her body react to him. Her hands stretched out to grip the edge of the mattress while her head rolled back and forth. He let his thumbs part her cheeks and begin expanding circles.

“Who’s cheating now?” Her voice was a low growl.

“I don’t know what you mean. I’m just giving my cousin a nice massage. Purely platonic, I swear.”

“Hmmm. Please Dillon. Just let me win.”

Lowering himself down to kiss her cheek, he nestled his cock in the groove of her ass and began slow steady strokes. He groaned from the sweaty smoothness of her ass. Somehow she was even hotter. She clenched her cheeks as his cock ran across the bud of her asshole. He slid back and forth while his lips played across her neck as her body bucked wildly from the sensations he was causing. She refused to lie still. Dillon traced up her arms and found her hands still gripping the edge of the mattress. Their fingers entwined.

“On one condition.”


“Stay. Move here. I don’t want you to leave. Not after finally getting my wish. If you leave, you’ll start thinking again and you won’t come back.”

“I won’t, Dillon. You’re it for me. But how? Your mom might notice I’m living with you. She might be clueless about how much of an ass you are, but she’ll notice that.”

“Oh, she knows I’m escort etimesgut an ass. I don’t hide it very well. You’re already living in my old room. Just ask to stay here while you look for work. Mom will love the idea. I think she might have the hots for Kyle. A month or two and she’ll be so attached to him she won’t let you leave.”

Dillon pushed up and guided his cock between her waiting lips. Lowering back down, he found her hands again. His lips once more worked over her neck. He felt the heat of her expanding around him. With her legs between his, she began to tighten the muscles. Bringing deep rumbling groans from him. His hot stilted breath drifted through her hair.

“Okay, two conditions. Stay…stay and get back on the pill. I can’t keep pulling out.”


His lips were on her earlobe. “You win. I’m begging you. I’ll do anything for you. Anything you want. I’ll even meet your parents.”

Their soft laughter shook the bed. Pulling out of her, he rolled her and tossed the pillow against the wall. He was back between her legs in an instant. Her arms wrapped around him. Pulling him to her as tight as she could. He felt her breasts press tightly to him, flattening against his chest, her nipples hard. In unison, they ground their pelvises together. Tiny short strokes, as their bodies stayed locked to one another. Their tongues moved and slid back and forth.

Samantha’s hands dug into his back. Needing him closer. Her whining grunts grew louder as their grinding grew faster. Her heavy breath warmed his cheek and then filled his mouth between kisses. Bending his leg up for traction, he began to thrust into her. When she started to slide up the bed, he put a hand on the wall, the other holding her shoulder.

“I need you to cum, Baby. Tell me what you need.”

Her eyes opened as she nipped at his lips and shook her head. “Nuh-uh. You…I want you to cum. Let me take care of you this time. Turn over.”

He stared down at her for a moment to see her soft eyes pleading with him. Then obeyed after a soft kiss that extended a full minute as his hips slowed. Rolling over, she straddled him while resting her weight on her elbows. Her hair fell all around as she planted kisses across his face. Dillon gripped her sides and began rocking her on his cock. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, tickling his skin. His hips coming off the bed to greet her.

The steady smack of their skin colliding filled the room. It mixed with intermittent moans of pleasure. Dillon slid his hand around her ass and found moisture everywhere. The discovery caused his bottom lip to quiver. It would take him forever to lick her clean. He wasn’t able to hide the twinkle in his eye when his finger slid across her asshole. Samantha jerked so violently he slipped out of her.

“Damn you.” She quickly guided him back in as he pushed up and braced himself with an arm behind him. She was now straight up and grinding fiercely. “I told you…warn me. You know I can’t take that.”

Dillon gripped her hair to force her lips to hold still enough for his tongue to dive into her mouth. He was too focused on the rolling heat to find anything funny at the moment. Her hips were a blur. He tapped her ass lightly before his finger once more slid between her cheeks. Her grunting moans lasted a full minute before the heavy rush of spurting liquid flooded down his cock to soak his lap. She shook the entire bed then collapsed against him. Lying back down, he pushed her knees down until she was completely prone. Her warm breath was in the crook of his neck as he ran a gentle hand up and down her back.

“Good girl. That was perfect.”

“Damn you. I wanted you to cum.”

“Too bad. It’s not my fault you suck at this. If you want me to cum, roll back over on the pillow.”

Her head came up and looked at him. Her bewilderment was obvious. “I’ll soak through it.”

His smile was huge. “I know. I picked up a new kink. Why sniff panties when I can rest my head on a nice wet pillow.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You made me this way, Cousin. Now, roll over and reap the whirlwind.”

With a grunt of mock displeasure, she rolled over and aimed her ass up at him. Pushing her legs together, he pushed down his cock and began to tease her with it. Sliding it up and down her slit. Watching her lips part easily for him. Everytime it was pressed lightly against the opening to her vagina, she pushed back to find him pulling away from her.

“Damn it, Dillon. We don’t have time for this.”

“I promise. It won’t take long if you do exactly what I want.”

“What’s that?”

“Spread your cheeks.” He leaned down and blew cool air between her legs. The next breath was hot against her skin. She shook her head frantically as her ass twitched. “Cousin.” His voice was playful. “Don’t be mean to me. I’ll just tease it a little. I want to see how beautiful your ass dances for me.”

He was chuckling happily when her hands raced to spread her cheeks for him. Pushing his cock down, he inched forward on his knees. His cock found absolute liquid fire when he sunk into her. He couldn’t stop his sharp thrusts. He needed to cum. Dillon ran a thumb up and down the crack of her ass to stop short of his target each time. Her body tensed, bringing deep-throated groans out of him.

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