The Downfall of Donna Reed Ch. 9

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I loved this feeling, this incredible feeling of his cock so deep inside me that it may never be found again. I moved softly against him and felt him shudder and heard his moans. I kissed his mouth, soft now, easy. The urgency was gone, replaced by contentment and satiation. I fitted my head against his shoulder, the spot that appeared made for me. My cheek against his skin, his arms around me, holding me. I felt him slipping out of me and I sighed. I hated this part, when he was no longer inside me.

I lifted my head and kissed his shoulder, letting my lips move down his chest and tummy as I kissed and licked his slightly damp skin. His head was resting against a pillow, his eyes were closed. He was a picture of the happy man. I was too. All I really wanted to do was lick him. Clean him and kiss him, just for a few moments. Will it always be like this, I wondered. I could not get enough of him and, thankfully, he couldn’t get enough of me, either. I played gently with his belly button, teasing it with my tongue, circling it and entering it lightly.

He smiled, I can feel it. My mouth moved lower. Ah, here it is, my sweet cock, all mine…and it was sleeping. Oh, I love this. My mouth gently wrapped around the head of my cock, licking it and softly sucking it deep into my warmth. Michael slid down further until he was lying on his back. His legs relaxed and slightly spread. I was kissing him and licking him. He had his hand in my hair, playing with it, pulling it back out of my face. I was kissing along his curlies, up to his hip bone, licking and nipping as I went. He turned his body to me, helping me touch here, lick there. He turned onto his tummy, sighing and slipping his hands under his face. I looked at his lovely naked buttocks and back. God, I wanted him again!

This canlı bahis was so foreign to me. Sex with my husband had always been a weekly, even monthly event. I couldn’t imagine having sex twice in one night, or even one week. Yet, here was sweet Donna, wanting this man over and over, feeling like there is no limit to her desire for him. I couldn’t stop myself. I straddled his thighs and leaned over to kiss his neck and shoulders. My aroused nipples rubbed his back. My lips traveled over his wonderful, fragrant skin, leaving kisses and nibbles along the way. When I reached the small of his back, my tongue started making love to him. I probed the little indentation I found there, kissing and licking and nibbling the soft skin.

My tongue traced along the top of his left buttock, circling down his hip and under his left cheek, licking and kissing and lingering. He was moaning, his hips were moving slightly. My tongue moved gently up the area between his cheeks, only to repeat the circling on the right cheek. As I approached his tiny tight bud, his legs parted. This was unfamiliar territory for me. I had never been allowed to touch my husband with my tongue, even our kisses had been chaste and dry. I had never been allowed to explore or learn any of this from Jim.

Nor had he felt it necessary to learn it about me. As my mouth moved over Michael’s beautiful body, these thoughts raced through my head. Imagine naked Donna, straddling her lover’s thighs while licking and loving his ass! My tongue searched for the spot I wanted, licking and probing. I heard the men at the window. They had not moved. They were breathing heavily and making comments to each other. Their apparent approval only made me braver. My tongue reached that tight circle. I licked up and down across it and I heard bahis siteleri him inhale.

His legs spread apart further. I pointed my tongue and moved right to the tiny opening, pushing gently with the tip, turning my head and letting him feel my tongue as it moved so gently in his ass. My hands slid under his hips and I could feel his cock was hardening again. I heard him moan as he lifted his hips to meet my mouth. Now I felt confident that this was what he wanted. My tongue pushed harder and I felt it slide past the tight ring and I was inside him.

My tongue was in his ass, moving in and out, fucking him. Little Donna Reed, licking the inside of a man, taking pleasure in fucking his tight ass, loving the taste and feeling of him. Inside, he was so hot and smooth. My tongue was probing, moving as much as possible to enjoy the full texture of him. I felt his cock getting harder in my hand. He had lifted his hips and spread his legs to allow me full access. I slid my tongue in and out, almost completely out before plunging back in again. I could tell he liked the feel of my tongue inside him.

Then, suddenly, he pulled away. I wondered what I had done wrong. Michael flipped over on his back, pulling himself up again, against the pillows. His legs were spread and he was smiling. Ah, he wanted to see me, he wanted to watch. I slipped my hands under his ass, lifting him slightly as my mouth traveled back to his hot little hole. He lifted his legs and placed his feet on my back. Now the angle was perfect. I kissed his balls, sucking them into my mouth, first one and then the other. My mouth lingered on that soft, clear area of skin behind his balls.

I moved my mouth lower, covered his hole with my mouth and sucked on him. Then I plunged my tongue as deep as possible. bahis şirketleri He pushed back against me, against my hot little tongue. I stopped long enough to say, “I am fucking you.” He was smiling and telling me not to stop, so I continued. His cock was dancing before my eyes, so hard and red. I was moving my tongue in and out of his most private spot. I loved the feel of him, the taste of him. His hips were moving faster and I saw his eyes were glazing over. I pulled my tongue completely out, watching his face, his eyes.

Then I pushed with all my might, burying my tongue deeply inside him. I felt him coming. I could feel his come as it fell on me and saw it on his tummy. I felt his spasms around my tongue. I heard his sighs. I let my tongue linger there until all his spasms ceased and his legs went slack. I moved my tongue gently in and out, turning my head from side to side so he could feel my tongue circling inside him. His hands grew heavy on my head. I kissed his little hole and moved away from him. i went to the sink and washed my face and brushed my teeth.

Then I lathered a cloth and gently washed the pearly white drops from his belly. I cleansed his cock, rinsed away the soap and patted him dry. Michael was so drowsy, he smiled as his eyes closed. He settled down into the bed, into our pillow nest. I pulled the quilt over him.

Then I walked to the window, the men openly watching my every move. Embolden by our lovemaking, I blew them a kiss and lowered the blinds, making the room dim. I heard the guys muttering as they walked away. I went back to the bed and slid in next to him. He had turned away from me, on his right side. I scooted right up to him, pressing my flesh to his. My arm was over his side and holding his hand, my lips pressed to his back. We were snuggled down into the nest of pillows, spooned together as one person. I heard him sigh and settle, grasping my hand. The room was scented by the vanilla candle and we listened to Streisand sing about love.

We slept.

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