The Diary Gradually Changes

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Monday, Jan 20th

Dear Diary,

Fuck Kevin. He’s a sick disgusting pervert. My little brother developed a thing for me ever since I came back home from university. We hadn’t seen each other for years. Back then, he was troubled, shy and soft spoken, but a kind hearted kid.

Ever since I got home… he developed a crush on me. No, crush was too weak of a word. He LUSTED for me.

It was probably because I changed a lot since he last saw me. I had followed mom’s advice and hit the gym while studying in uni, developing the curves that frequently made me the centre of attention and grew a great ass that I found to be a double edge sword. It made me receive a lot of double glances but attracted creeps my way REAL FAST.

When I got first through the front door after mom picked me up from the airport, Kevin’s jaw dropped and his eyes went wide. He stuck by me all throughout the day, asking me how I was and stuff. I was delighted at first, especially since we were never really close and didn’t contact each other much when I was overseas. I only received occasional updates about him from Mom, but soon it became creepy. He would stare at my boobs and butt all day, not even bothering to look away when I caught him. My brother then followed me on Instagram, liking all my photos and I even caught a glimpse of me in a bikini as his phone wallpaper.

The worst thing? He was blatantly obvious about it. On several instances, I found him in my room, sniffing my underwear. It was disgusting and I comforted him about it.

He then went on a long tangent saying that he really wanted me and I was his dream girl, even offering to pay me his life savings just for one quick fuck.


I told him to fuck off, and I made sure my room was always locked from then onwards. I also told mom about it who then grounded Kevin for a month. It was kind of funny. Grounding an eighteen year old man.

That was two months ago. I found a decent job working as a pharmacist assistant, and just today, when I got back home early, I found Kevin in my room again, probably lock picked my door or something. He was masturbating, rubbing my underwear against the sides of his cock with one hand, and the other held his phone, a video of me walking to the kitchen, with my gym clothes on and the camera was fully zoomed to my tight yoga pants

I kicked his ass. I didn’t even feel bad; he deserved it.

I will tell mom about it later. We had a huge argument after that. Apparently, his nose wouldn’t stop bleeding and he wanted me to send him to the hospital since he didn’t have a car; couldn’t afford one since he never got a job. I told him to fuck off, then the shouting and screaming ensued. When I told him I was going to kill him if he broke in my room again, he came with a compromise: a squeeze on my ass cheeks for never going back in there without my permission.

What a fucking twat. I almost broke his nose in the heat off the moment. Had to hold myself back in the last second.

Fuck my brother. Fuck him.

Mom told me that he was just a troubled teen and the solution was to send him to a therapist. As if that’s going to help. Kevin is a smart kid, too smart for his own good. But spending time in front of the computer, all day, every day, has corrupted my brother. Nothing can save him.

Well, fuck him. I have to force him out of my mind for now. Can’t wait for tomorrow. So excited!

Wednesday, Jan 22

Dear Diary,

I had the best birthday ever! Twenty two goddamn candles! The group and I went for pizza and they bought me the most delicious chocolate ice cream cake ever. Talk about calories! I actually feel kind of guilty right now. Oh well, going to hit the gym extra hard tomorrow!

I opened Kevin’s present last. Honestly, I expected something horrible, a prank or maybe a huge dildo or something. But it was a brand new iPod (do people still use those?) and a note that told me how sorry he was and that I should listen to the special playlist he created just for me.

Could I forgive Kevin? Maybe. I am just in shock he would actually give me a real present, let alone apologise. Maybe he finally learnt his lesson. Apparently, mom also received the same gift even though it wasn’t her birthday. Kevin said that he planned to buy only one at first but saved up enough cash to buy two, so he gave her one. Strangely thoughtful of him.

The brat then begged mom to listen to her playlist as soon as she could because it was a ‘test’ and he wanted feedback.

Kevin was never interested in music. Odd.

Thursday, Jan 23

Dear Diary,

What a busy day! So much shit to do at the pharmacy, then hanging out with Katy and the others as soon as I got off work. I haven’t had sex in like, two weeks! Mark is so busy, working hard to get the promotion he deserves. At least he could make some time for me today after I was done shooting jager bombs with the ladies. He booked us a table at a fancy Korean restaurant. It was nice, very chill.

When demetevler escort I got home, I was so ready for bed, but I plopped down on the sofa opposite where Mom and the brat were sitting. I felt that if I just closed my eyes for a moment, I would doze off, but I really wanted some family time.

They were watching some kind of movie on Netflix and mom had her earphones on, listening to the playlist Kevin made for her. I could swear that Mom kept trying to scoot towards Kevin. They were sitting closer and closer every time I glanced their way. Kevin asked me if I had listened to his playlist yet and looked extremely disappointed when I told him that I didn’t.

Mom then chimed in saying that Kevin was a genius and the playlist he’d given her was the bomb.

Hmm. I will listen to it tomorrow then.

When I finally excused myself to go to bed, mom was already touching thighs with her son, her hand on top of his, and was clearly more invested in him than the movie.

Mom, like me, had never been close to Kevin. He was the outsider, the weird one. Apparently, during my years of absence, they must have grown closer or something. I just rolled my eyes and went to my room, but not before looking back and seeing my brother whispering something to her. She was giggling childishly and Kevin used that opportunity to squeeze mom’s breasts through her top.

I thought that mom would freak out or something but she just smiled and whispered something back.

I was too tired to step in and give my brother a verbal lashing. He always does stuff like that, and for some reason, mom wasn’t minding it now.

Whatever. Tomorrow was an extremely busy day and I can’t promise to write.

Saturday, Jan 24

Dear Diary,

Mom was right. The playlist was sooooo good. I spent the whole day at work yesterday just listening to it. Boss was not pleased.

It’s funny, sometimes in the middle of the song, I could swear I hear a voice, just whispering to me. Maybe it’s the chorus or something, I don’t know.

I was so caught up in the music that the next time I checked my phone, I had two hundred unread messages! Talk about being popular.

After I came back from work today, I went shopping with Mom. We bought the weirdest things. Designer perfumes that had specific flavours to them like blueberry rose or some shit like that. She also bought extremely sexy lingerie, all in black. It was so unlike her.

I had to wonder what Mom’s new boyfriend would look like. I mean, what else was the reasoning behind this sudden shopping spree? She had a lot of flings and exes after Dad and her split up.

Mom was very specific with the kind of man she wants, so she ended up with lines and lines of exes. Poor guys.

Mom was very excited about buying those lingeries though, so I expect it must be some super hot dude. I imagined him to be cool, charismatic, super rich and funny. The kind of guy even mom would fall for.

Mom is still young. In her mid forties, but looked half her age, and definitely got the smoking hot body to prove that. People often mistook us for sisters. Well, the new hunky boyfriend must have liked strawberries because she bought so much of those lip glosses that I was sure it will last her a lifetime, maybe two.

She is also super into her new playlist. Even while shopping, she had her earphones on, listening to the music with the volume cranked up so loud, I could hear it from a few feet away.

When we got home, Kevin was really curious about what we bought. I told him to fuck off when he started scavenging the shopping bags, but Mom actually snapped at me, telling that he had every right to look.

I am not going to lie, I cried, alone, in my room. Mom NEVER raised her voice at me like that before. We were super close.

After I was done sobbing myself to death, I headed to Mom’s room to apologise, but it was empty and when I looked in the garage, her car was gone. Probably went out for a date, which explained her rush to buy all the things. But Kevin was gone too, and he didn’t have a car. Mom must have sent him or he got a ride from his friends, except I never seen a single friend of his – he never texted much, if at all.

Weird. Maybe he walked.

Sunday, Jan 25

Dear Diary,

I couldn’t believe it. The brat lost his virginity. I knew he never had sex because he had begged me to take his virginity away. My reply was always the same, telling him to fuck off and to go get a prostitute which I assumed he finally listened because that was the only chance he could get laid.

When he came into my room (knocking no less, I got caught off guard), he bragged in my face that he finally had the most amazing sex, describing me in great detail how he ravaged “his bitch’s” cunt and even gave me proof by showing a short clip he took while fucking the woman — just in case I didn’t believe him.

Strange. The moaning from the woman sounded wayyy too familiar, like I heard the voice escort demetevler before but couldn’t really place who.

I congratulated him sarcastically and out of curiosity, asked him what the prostitute looked like. He just gave me a wry smile that sent chills down my back and walked away, practically skipping.

Honestly, I feel bad about the way I had been treating Kevin. Why am I feeling bad anyway? He was a brat, a pervert and treats women like they were tools.

I declined an invitation to go out with Mark. I was just lazy to go out, and he was getting so boring, talking about work and shit. I just want to spend my me time laying on my bed with my iPod and the soothing music playing on repeat.

Monday, Jan 26

Dear Diary,

My boss is such a bitch. How in the hell can I be attentive at work every second? Why should I? I mean, yeah, there wasn’t much downtime, but give me a break. I told her off and the bitch got mad and gave me a decision: stop listening to my music or fuck off.

Mom will NOT be pleased to find out that I got fired.

Speaking of mom, what’s up with her? She’s been acting so strange lately, going around in the house in just the lingerie she bought and her face always had makeup on. I tried to tell her about the argument between me and Mrs Bitch, but she just waved me away, walking past me into Kevin’s room and then locking the door behind her.

She’s been acting differently around Kevin too. It’s like he has her wrapped around his thumb. He has her doing his chores now and gave her the dumbest errands, like to fetch him ice cream or to tie his shoes, as if he couldn’t do it himself – and all in that super revealing black lingerie of hers too.

It also hurts to see that mom has been siding with him too, telling me that Kevin was always right whenever we were in the middle of one of our arguments. How is him smacking my ass when I walked by him right!? And Kevin is still up to his disgusting antics. Whenever he was bored, he would fondle mom’s ass, sometimes even pinching her nipples, and she would take it all, giggling and smiling like it was in some way hilarious.

Anyways, I got curious and pressed my ear against the door, only to hear barely audible noises, one of which I could swear was a moan.

Weird. Very, very weird.

Well, I finally got to spend time with her tonight when we did our family Netflix session. Mom was pressed up close to her son, snuggling him, while I sat opposite them, watching uncomfortably as she was now, very clearly, rubbing the back of her hand against his penis through his shorts, getting it up to erection very quickly, then lovingly stroking it.

Kevin was obviously enjoying it, his hand was on mom’s back, running his hand up and down her curves and his head leaned forward, whispering words to her ear and sniffing her perfume.

Somehow I didn’t really mind, just felt it was a little weird. As long as it was just rubbing and stroking, I was semi fine with it.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

Well, in the middle of the movie, mom got up and sat on Kevin’s lap, straddled him, then started dry humping his massive erection. Mind you, she was semi naked, just in her black laced lingerie. I freaked out at that, of course. I told her that it was extremely inappropriate of her to do that and Mom snarled some nasty stuff back in response, which got me running in tears back to my room.

What was wrong with her? Something was definitely up. Mom was never like this.

Well, at least someone was on my side for once.

Kevin later comforted me when I was still bawling my eyes out, his cheeks flushed and his erection still throbbing through his shorts. He told me that he didn’t expect Karen (why was he calling mom by name now?) to act up like that and that he would talk to her then ‘punish’ her for what she said to me. What does that even mean?

But yeah, he held me close while I cried into his shoulders. I really feel bad about the way I treated him, now that he was being so kind to me, so I apologised for everything.

Kevin said he totally understood and told me not to worry. He was still a bit of a perv because he kept ‘accidentally’ touching my bottom while he was comforting me, his erection pressed hotly against my stomach. I let it slide because he was actually a good brother for once.

Then he asked me to lend me the iPod because he had a newly updated playlist for me due to the feedback mom had given him.

I did, and before he exited my room, he took a bunch of my hair and inhaled deeply, and I could have sworn from the expression of his face, the low moans that escaped from his lips, then from the way he walked out of my room… he just had an orgasm

Tuesday, Jan 27

Dear Diary,

I guess the talking Kevin promised to have with mom worked because she came up to me this morning and apologized for what she did. It was super awkward, not because she was literally kneeling down and frantically demetevler escort bayan apologizing, but because she was naked and had huge red marks on her ass like she had been whipped.

We talked for a bit and It cheered me up a lot. Mom kept giving me compliments out of nowhere telling me how beautiful I was and was uncharacteristically touching and squeezing my boobs then commenting on how perfect they were. What got me weirded out the most was the ‘Sir’ she kept referring to. How I was going to be so perfect for ‘Sir’, how ‘Sir’ was going to be so pleased with me, how happy ‘Sir’ will be once I ‘transformed’.

Mom then gave me back my iPod, which I knew was mine because it had a cat sticker on the right corner. She told me Kevin had updated the playlist and demanded me to listen to it and gave me a kiss on the lips when I agreed.

And it was a full blown French kiss too, with tongue action and all. I only relented because I didn’t want to anger her again, and weirdly… like… I actually enjoyed it. A lot. What the hell?

The new playlist Kevin updated was SUPER good though. Like wayyyyyy better than the first. I just laid in bed listening to the damn thing all day, not even bothering to get up to head for the gym or go to the living room to watch Netflix with them.

I just want to lay here in bed, listening to the soft, soothing sounds and hear the hypnotic voice that seemed to speak directly with me.

Wednesday, Jan 28

Dear Diary,

Kevin was pretty mad that I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. He told me that I should keep my body in shape and ‘hot’ and chewed my head off for being so lazy.

And I hate to say this, but… I apologised. Yeap. I apologised to my little brother for something he had no business in. Kevin then told me that he was going to renovate our garage into a private gym so that Mom and I would have no excuses next time and that he could ‘watch my girls working their booties’. It was weird, insane, and extremely unnecessary but… I found myself nodding, agreeing meekly. What the hell?

Kevin then suddenly reached out and groped my ass. I slapped his hand away out of pure instinct and then prepared for a huge verbal lashing, but the words died in my throat once I saw Mom behind him, giving me the death stare. Kevin then went to Mom’s (???) room—with mom following closely behind him, who was naked and had shaved her private regions — but not before turning back and telling me that I have to keep my ass in shape for the rest of my life or that he will start instilling ‘punishments’ if I didn’t.

Mark was getting worried about me. He came over that afternoon, asking me why I wasn’t replying to his or any of my friend’s texts. As I was apologising (why am I apologising so much these days), Mom came out of nowhere and shooed him out. It was extremely rude of her to do that but I kept my mouth shut. Sigh. My life is going downhill. I lost my job, started ignoring my boyfriend and friends, pissed off Mom and Kevin. All that I have left is my iPod and the so soothing music…

Sunday, Feb 1

Dear Diary,

Is this what depression feels like? For the past four days, I have just been in bed all day with the earpiece glued to my ear and the songs playing on repeat.

Mom took care of me though, bringing me food and stuff. She changed her wardrobe again. She was now wearing a short sleeved dress that had white cuffs and collars and ended an inch above her knees, along with a neat white apron tied to the front. For some reason, I didn’t even question her wearing a maid’s uniform. With so much weirdness going on now, it just seemed normal to be honest, and it hurts so much to think. It must be the depression fucking my mind up.

Though, I did raise an eyebrow to the black choker that was wrapped tightly around her neck and also her new hairstyle. Gone was the long black flowing hair. It was replaced by shoulder length blonde that was tied to a neat ponytail. I kind of like it.

Mom was completely committed to Kevin now. Addressing him as her ‘Master’ and pampering him with sex and kisses. She now had taken over all the chores that Kevin was supposed to do and would kneel by his side when she was done, looking like she was willing to eat a frog if Kevin just said so.

And the sex… oh god. I have never seen it yet but the sounds she made when they fucked in the Master bedroom…

Kevin visited me later that day, of course with Mom following close by, wearing her maid uniform. They looked like they just fucked because my brother’s hair was all messed up and he had his erection in hand, stroking it absentmindedly, come dripping onto my floor, and mom had milky semen all over her backside.

He said one word to mom and she immediately left without a word, standing outside the door, her hands clasped together in front of her apron.

I had no will to fight back when he began kissing me, shoving his tongue in my mouth, exploring all around, tasting me. His breaths were hot and rapid as he slid both his hands under me and squeeze my ass cheeks as hard as he possibly could, then muttering how perfect they were, how they were soon all his…

Then his attention came to my breasts. Licking his way down my neck the same way mom did to him, he l began sucking on the curve of my breast then my nipples.

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