The Decorator

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“Can I use your toilet?”

“Erm, yeah sure, use the one in the hall.”

He held my gaze a bit too long, I noticed. Like he wanted to say more, or maybe not, maybe he was appraising me. He had a disconcerting way about him. A quiet confidence, that exuded from him like an aura. Softly spoken, but those piercing eyes like an apex predator, seeing all, before choosing the optimum moment to strike.

I can’t deny I didn’t find him attractive. As soon as I opened the door to him I was immediately taken by his looks, his physique and broad smile.

“Hi.” I had said, shyly, nervously. Suddenly jittery, and self conscious, reaching for my hair subconsciously, teasing it, trying hard to avoid eye contact.

“I’m here to do the decorating. Your, erm boss arranged it with me last week.”

“Oh, yeah, I’ve been expecting you. You better come in then”

(I’d just relocated. My employer providing accommodation, which needed a refresh.)

“Just get my gear. Be back in a min.”

“Sure. Just let yourself in, and come through to the back. You know what needs doing right?”

“Ok. Oh yeah, absolutely.” He had said, with a cheeky grin.

We’d done a dance around each other all morning. Him working away, me occasionally asking if he wanted a drink or a snack, and then hanging around to chat. Just polite stuff. Get to know you stuff. His name was Craig.

And those eyes bore right in to me. Entranced me when we spoke. His beguiling smile, his male scent, the testosterone, the pheromones increasing my curiosity and heightening my senses…his sex appeal creating an unmistakable charged atmosphere between us.

He was in the toilet now, I could hear the water in the toilet bowl splash as he relieved himself and hoped he was being accurate. A woman thing.

As the sound stopped I walked down the hall to meet him as he left the toilet, to see if he needed a drink. I had the kettle on.

As I approached I heard the tap being run, and then stopped, followed by the sound of the towel holder being moved as the towel was extracted from it.

I noticed the door was ajar, I thought nothing off it, expecting him to step out within seconds after drying his hands. But I was wrong.

I got close enough to see through the door, and saw his hand, with towel, moving around his groin area.

I would never really know for sure if he knew I was there, and was playing me, or if he heard me approach down the hall, and if he heard my small gasp of “oh..” when I saw him attending to his groin with the towel. But whichever it was, he turned to face me, towel in hand covering his cock. At first that is.

I tore my eyes away, looking down and to my left, though I could see his outline in the door.

“Sorry, I erm, I wondered if you wanted a tea…I didn’t know the door was open.”

He just smiled. “No problem, I hope you don’t mind me using your towel to dry myself…it’s a thing I have.” His voice was soft, calm and oddly soothing.

“I have to wash my cock after going…” He said matter of factly. At this point he lowered the towel to emphasise the point….looking down at his dick, drawing my own eyes down with him so I was faced with his thick, long, flaccid phallus.

His eyes went back up to look at me, and I half followed, and half remained on the sight of his exposed rod. My heart was pounding.

“Always done it since I was a kid and its just kind of stuck. A habit. I wouldn’t have put the towel back for you to use, I mean I am not like that. You wouldn’t want to dry your hands and face on it after, well you know, after where its been, so I would have said I had made it dirty from my hands and put it in your washing basket. Here.”

He stuck out the arm holding the towel, and by default the section that had been in contact with his cock was facing me (as was his swinging cock itself). It was almost a challenge, some sort of test, daring me to touch the cloth that had wiped his dick. His extremely large, thick dick.

“You want to take it?” His choice of words were deliberate. Take the towel, or take his cock?

He stepped forward, arm outstretched, towel in hand, cock still swinging a little between the zipper of his cargo pants. Instinctively I stepped back.

I was transfixed by his member, even though my head was filled with alarm, my instincts beginning to panic. He was so brazen, it was obvious he was hoping for more, wanted something to happen between us; was pushing my boundaries to see what would happen. Those eyes, those same eyes that had been watching me, judging me, appraising me all morning, deciding if he should risk it, calculating if I was attracted to him and how I would react if he made a move.

He reached forward, stretching past me, and placed the towel on the radiator in the hall, I stepped back again as he did, and my back came up against the wall. I thought he would try and pin me there, press himself against me, kiss me, then force himself on me.

He didn’t. He stepped back, widening my view, bringing his massive cock escort eryaman back in to my eye line.

“You can touch it if you like. See what happens. Trust me, it’s even more impressive when its hard.”

He reached for his meat himself, lifting it like he was showing me his prized possession, and in a way it was. I felt like I was at the butchers, choosing the finest saveloy.

I knew I should have been creeped out by this. I know I should have been screaming my lungs out, and telling him to get the fuck out. But…but I did not feel threatened, he was so calm, so gentle and softly spoken, so utterly engaging. It was trance like, like I was being hypnotised, drawn in…my head was foggy, yet I could not deny that I found him attractive, I could not deny I had thought about what it would be like to sleep with him, to fuck him when we were chatting earlier. And I could not deny my heart was beating so fast. I could not ignore the heat of my body as it flushed with sexual tension, the swelling in my breasts, and the dampness of my pussy.

Before I knew what I was doing, my hand had reached across the small divide between us, and fingertips touched flesh. They slid gently up and down the top of his twitching, slowly stiffening, shaft.

He removed his hand, and his prick dropped down slightly, though not as much as before I noted, as the blood flow hardened it more, making it slowly rise again.

My hand reached around it, as if I was catching it from its gentle drop, and now I was slowly tugging on the foreskin, sliding it back and forward, which became more difficult with each stroke as the skin became taut, as his cock kept on growing.

His girth made me shudder, my fingers failed to fully encircle his beast, my finger tips and my thumb remained apart. His prick was now fully erect, and if I had to guess I would have estimated 12″…it was like a branch, hanging from the trunk of his torso.

My breathing was becoming slow, shallow with every stroke. I could feel him stare at me intently, though my eyes never left the vision of my hand gliding back and forth, trying to coax his seed from him.

“Do you like it? Why don’t you taste it…it’s nice and clean as you know…I have been told my cock tastes so good, I bet you’d love it. Go ahead suck my cock.”

It was like I couldn’t refuse him. Like he was a puppeteer pulling my strings, and I just obeyed his commands.

I looked him in the face, his demeanour so calm, but his eyes were alive, searching and predatory. The very feeling I had when I looked in to them when we first met.

Then I slowly dropped to my knees, resting my butt on my heels, and drew his cock to my lips.

I kissed the tip of his purple head, and gently poked my tongue into the eye of his snake, before carefully, slowly, parting my lips wider and wider to accommodate his girth, taking more and more of him in my mouth. His hands went to either side of my head, fingers intertwined with my tresses, encouraging me to deep throat his solid, marauding slab of muscle.

My right hand was on the hilt, still tugging and twisting, for all the world looking like I was trying to stuff all of his cock in to my mouth, like a staved animal. And he was right, it tasted amazing, like candy, sweet almost. I could feel the heat of it on my tongue, feel the twitching and throbbing as my lips and tongue worked hard on draining his cum from his balls.

My own body was responding too, and needed some attention. My left hand slipped under my t-shirt and found its corresponding swollen breast and bullet like nipple, and squeezed hard, pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger, rolling it.

I wore no bra. When home, I prefer my girls to be free from constraint. Almost like leaving puppies off the lead, until you go out of the house.

His meat was now lodged firmly in my tonsils, making me gag, trails of spittle running down my chin, saliva making his cock glisten…or the parts my mouth could reach at least, I could not take all of it. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, I wanted to taste his creamy, warm batter as it exploded from his cock cannon and then slip down my gullet as I swallowed. But it wasn’t to be. Yet.

The thought of him ejaculating in my mouth made me whimper a little, and shudder, but the knowledge that his thick, rock hard, massive prick would without any doubt soon be entering me, taking me, fucking me was also having more of an affect on me physically. My pussy was overflowing with my own secretions of sexual arousal.

His hips were now softly rocking back and forth, fucking my throat, with the occasional deeper thrust, and short hold cutting off my windpipe, making me gasp and gulp for air, when he withdrew.

“Do you like my cock? Does it taste good like I said?” My eyes looked up in to his and gave an almost imperceptible nod, given it was awkward to move much with his hands and cock restricting me.

“Is your pussy wet…is it getting itself ready to be fucked hard by my monster cock? Why don’t you check?”

Without elvankent escort his shaft being withdrawn from my mouth, I raised my buttocks off my heels and with both hands, pulled up my short skirt over my thighs and up around my waist exposing my small, white, cotton, everyday briefs. Had I been able to look down at my crotch, I would have had visual confirmation of what I already knew; my cunt was soaking.

I rested my ass back down on my heels, but this time my legs were parted wider than before, free from the limitations posed by the hem line of the skirt.

My right hand returned to his rod, to continue its efforts to persuade his seed to spill in to my mouth. God this boy had some staying power. Most guys I had given head too had shot their load long before now.

My left hand slipped inside the top of my panties, seeking out my slot, nestled in the valley of downy covered skin shielding my little love bud, and the crevice down to my weeping vagina.

As single finger was absorbed between my labia, sucked in and gripped on either side by those warm, fleshy folds, lubricated by oozing sex juice.

It found my clit and began to circle it, and tease it. For a moment I stopped attending to his cock, the sensations rising from my groin and up through my body taking over, distracting me, demanding my attention.

My passion rose, as my fingering became more frantic, desperate almost. An absolute need to cum coursing through my veins.

“Well, is it wet? Is the thought of my cock making your cunt salivate?”

I responded by inserting two fingers inside me, as far as I could reach, coating them in my erotic elixir, and then raised my arm in the air, toward his face, so he could see for himself the damp, waxy, coated digits.

He stooped a little, grabbed my wrist with one hand to steady my trembling arm, and then sucked the fingers in to his mouth, cleaning them of my pussy juice. His tongue lapping in between my fingers to make sure he got it all.

I mewled like a kitten, his cock, still half buried in my mouth. My jaw was beginning to ache now from being parted wide so long, just like it does at the dentist.

He withdrew, and with the remaining hand still entwined in my hair applied gentle pressure to indicate I should stand.

When I was on my feet he stepped in and kissed me. Softly at first. Jousting. Quick, soft flurries until my lips parted wider, as the fire in us both grew, then the kiss became hungrier, harder and sustained…our breathing became panting, tongues did battle, and I wondered if he realised those lips and tongue had just been feasting on his cock.

Hands gripped my t-shirt and lifted it off, over my head, briefly parting our lips.

Once free of their covering, his hands cupped my tits, squeezing them simultaneously, not to hard, but firm enough, thumbs flicking back and forth across my proud, erect nipples, like he was playing with a light switch.

When he had appreciated my girls enough, he reached behind my back and found the fastener and zip to my skirt, and deftly unfastened both before sliding it, along with my panties, off my hips and down my legs to the floor. I was naked before him.

His left hand, cupped my pussy, and gently rubbed the small patch of trimmed bush.

He walked towards me until his cock, protruding from his zipper, was pressed into my abdomen, and kept walking, forcing me to backup against the wall again. I could feel the heat of his phallus, burning in to me, melting any resolve I may have had, like a poker on ice.

Our lips met again as his hands explored my nakedness, roaming everywhere they could reach. Trailing fingertips giving me the shivers as they tickled me, making goosebumps cover the surface of my skin wherever they went.

He stopped kissing me, and started to stoop lower, his tongue finding purchase on one, then the other nipple, followed by his teeth, softly biting, and then his lips first kissing and then suckling them as if trying to extract breast milk. I went to reach for his dick, to stroke it, but was too late, his journey south continued, taking it out of my grasp.

His tongue left a trail of saliva between my rib cage, down my stomach, naval and abdomen to my trimmed bush, which was immediately kissed. I could see him close his eyes and smile as the scent of my arousal met his nostrils, catnip to any male on heat; a primal indicator that a willing mate had been found and the knowledge that he was going to be the one to own me, and brand me with his cum.

He put his hands inside my thighs and motioned to pull them apart, and I obliged.

He attacked on two fronts. Fingers sliding up the inside of my legs and inserting themselves in to my sodden cave, and lips and tongue pleasuring the valley between my labia, and my clit.

I was so aroused now, so erotically charged, that I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me cum. His fingers, were pumping in and out of me so quickly now my pussy began to gush liquid down his hand and wrist, etimesgut escort and then along his arm. Not to mention covering his lips and tongue as they continued to work my clit, which he lapped up and drank in greedily.

Just at the point when my ejaculation was building to an inevitable crescendo, he stopped. Leaving me hanging on the precipice of release.

He gripped my hips and spun me around, and pulled my ass back towards him, legs splayed wide, like I was being frisked.

This time his tongue centred on my little star. Rimming me. A not unpleasant sensation, but one that had never been performed on me before. His tongue was joined by a thumb. Gently rubbing around the surface of the entry point to my anus, with pressure slowly increasing until the lubrication from his saliva allowed it to slip inside, making me jump a little. Once inserted, his tongue moved south to my exposed, wet pussy lips, and began to glide up and down my slot, occasionally prodding between the folds of skin, slipping inside the first inch or so.

His thumb slowly worked itself deeper in to my ass, it was now at the knuckle, wiggling around, slowly stretching me, slowly loosening me, making my muscles relax and be more pliant, or compliant. Soon his whole thumb was in my ass, and sliding back and forth like it was fucking me.

I noticed his free hand was working his cock, maintaining that massive erection.

He decided he’d had enough foreplay. His thumb was removed, his lips left my soaking snatch, and he stood up behind me. He removed his own t-shirt, and unfastened his cargo pants and dropped them around his ankles. He was commando. No underwear.

“I’m so looking forward to this, I’m going to fuck you long and hard.”

His smacked the head of his rod on my coccyx and slid it up and down the cleft of my arse, before wiping it between my pussy lips, covering his head in my wetness, and finally nudged it forward, parting me, stretching me – taking me.

I couldn’t help it I gasped. I groaned as it descended deeper and deeper inside me until I could physically take no more of him. My legs trembled, barely able to support my weight as he withdrew and re-entered me much quicker this time, with more force.

“Oh my fucking god…your cock…oh shit that is so big…fuck…fuck…”

“You like that big cock, don’t you…I’m gonna make you cum like you’ve never cum before. Do you like the sound of that?”

“Yes…oh fuck me yes…I want that big fucking dick…I want your seed in me…fuck me…fuck me and don’t stop.”

I had never said such things before. But its how his cock made me feel. I had never experienced a cock like it. God I could feel every twitch, every throb, every stroke, every millimetre inside me, my vagina walls gripped his member for dear life, like riding a roller coaster…my hips pushing back to meet his urgent, harsh thrusting. I wanted him to punish me, and he responded by screwing me so deep and hard and fast that I exploded on his cock, and he was right, the orgasm was intense, and he had to hold me up on my feet, as my legs buckled from the intensity of it.

He withdrew as my second orgasm in quick succession rolled through like an aftershock to an earthquake. And I stupidly thought that was it.

“Don’t stop…please. Keep fucking me.”

He laughed, span me around to face him and said. “Oh don’t worry, I’m nowhere near done with you yet. I told you, long and hard.”

He stepped in to me and kissed me passionately, his hot, cum soaked cock crushed against my torso.

He reached down and put both hands under my buttocks at the top of my thighs, and part lifted, part slid me up the wall, before lowering me down on his waiting monster.

My head lolled to one side as he re-took me, as that thick, hard piston of his impaled me. My legs wrapped around him as he began to move me up and down his shaft, fucking me against the wall.

After a minute or so, I found myself being turned away from the wall, and he took all my weight on his arms and hips where my legs were folded, as he bounced me up and down that tremendous spear.

“Do you ever cum?” I asked.

“Eventually, but not yet.”

He was shuffling down the hall with me, still buried deep inside me, toward the living room. When he got there he slowly, carefully knelt down, his biceps and thigh muscles straining, but he showed no signs of struggling with his burden. Once on his knees he lowered me to the ground, my back coming to rest on one of the many dust sheets scattered around the room to protect the carpet and furniture from paint.

He followed me down, laying partly on top of me, between my legs, but supporting his upper body now with his elbows and forearms either side of me, he kissed me as he recommenced his drilling of my battered cunt, missionary style.

I could feel him grind his pubic bone into me, rubbing my sheathed clit as his cock was thrust deep in to me at the end of slow, long, deliberate strokes. Swamping my pussy with my own white, creamy cum.

My nails were digging in to his back, drawing blood as the intense ploughing brought me to orgasm yet again. And still I wanted more. I wanted to feel him cum inside me, but I suspected I may have to wait a while longer still. He was a machine.

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