The Date_(5)

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Ellen was a good girl. She came from a good home and attended church every Sunday. Ellen was a perky 16 year old cheerleader with a nice body and a wonderful personality. She had everything going her way until one fateful night when one wrong decision made all the difference.

Joe was the quarterback of the football team a good looking popular guy and every girl’s dream. There was a dance Friday night and when Joe called Ellen for a date, she jumped for joy. Her mother reminded Ellen that she had a curfew of 11 pm and she was not to be alone with Joe in his car. Ellen assured her mother that everything would be fine as she got into Joe’s car with two of his friends.

On the way to the dance, Joe stopped at one more house to pick up another friend. As the tall young man got to the car, Joe asked Ellen to slide over and let Bill sit in front with them. It was cramped, but it gave Ellen a chance to snuggle closer to Jim.

It was just getting dark and Ellen realized that the car was headed the wrong direction for the school. She asked Jim where they were going and Joe told her they needed to pick up someone else. Ellen started to feel uneasy as they started to leave town.

Joe said they needed to check to see if Fred needed a ride. Fred lived about 3 miles out of town down a long driveway. As they approached Fred’s house, Ellen noticed several cars parked outside. Joe stepped out and went to the door and knocked. The door opened and Fred looked at the car and patted Joe on the shoulder. The doors of the car popped open and the three other boys got out. Bill held the door open for Ellen and asked her to go in for just a minute while Fred finished getting ready.

Something seemed wrong, Ellen couldn’t quite put her finger on it but she had a queasy feeling in her stomach. The boys surrounded her as she headed for the door and as soon as she stepped in they grabbed her arms and held her fast. All the people in the room were boys she knew from school. There must have been twenty or more.

Fred said, “Joe you didn’t disappoint us. I just hope you are right about her being a virgin.”

A cold chill ran down Ellen’s back and as she struggled to break free she cried, “No, you can’t do this! I want to go home now!”

Joe grabbed Ellen’s face pushing her lips together in a pouting expression. “No,” he replied, “I don’t think so. You see tonight, you are our entertainment.”

The words cut Ellen to the core. She had looked forward to this evening with so much anticipation and now she wished she had never set foot in Joe’s car.

Joe looked at his friends and said, “Boys, it’s time we got this party started. Strip her and warm her up. Just remember, her cherry is mine.”

The hands holding Ellen’s arms tightened as a large boy stepped forward. Jim was over 6 feet tall and towered over Ellen’s quivering form. He grabbed the front of Ellen’s dress and gave one quick tug and the material tore down to her waist. Jim grabbed the clasp at the front of Ellen’s bra and ripped it open. Her breasts hung free in front of all the boys in the room.

The humiliation was more than she could görükle escort bear as she pleaded with them, “Please don’t do this! I’m only 16!”

Jim laughed, “Too late now slut. Shut up!” And with that, he slapped her across the face.

Other hands now tore at her clothes and soon Ellen was being held there naked except for her panties sobbing uncontrollably. Bill’s rough hands grasped the waist of her panties and with one swift tug they were ripped to shreds. Now Ellen was totally naked with all eyes on her. What remained of her clothes were quickly gathered up and disposed of while the boys pulled her to the floor.

Hands explored her body, groping her breasts and feeling her legs. She kicked wildly as someone said, “Watch out, she’s a fighter.”

Another set of hands grabbed her ankles, and the strong arms pulled her legs apart. Fred knelt between her legs and moved up close to her pussy. Ellen could feel his hot breath as he drew ever closer and began to finger her cunt. He carefully parted Ellen’s pussy lips and gently inserted his finger inside. Just a little way in, his finger met some resistance.

As he slid his finger out he said, “Yep, she’s a virgin. Man her pussy is tight.”

Ellen couldn’t believe this was actually happening to her. As she held her eyes shut tight, she was mortified at the way she was being pawed by the boys and thought she would surly die when Fred pushed his finger inside her vagina.

Then Ellen felt something warm and wet on her pussy. Fred was licking her! She squirmed as he licked his way around her cunt. Then he flicked his tongue on her clit. A million tingles swept through her body as fireworks exploded in her brain.

“OOOH,” a moan slipped through her lips.

“You like that, don’t you?” Fred asked.

“Yesssss!” exclaimed Ellen.

“Don’t worry cunt, you’ll get plenty more before the nights over.” Fred said, going to work in earnest.

The more Fred licked, the hotter Ellen became. Then Fred stopped. He got up and stepped away. As Ellen opened her eyes, she saw Joe standing naked over her. Although she had never seen a man’s penis before, she understood what I meant when a penis was hard and erect. Joe was going to fuck her!

Joe knelt between Ellen’s knees and lowered himself over her body. Ellen could feel Joe’s cockhead brushing against her pussy. She squirmed to avoid his intruding member as he pressed the head against her cunt lips. Ever so slowly, Joe pushed his prick into her pussy. Then he stopped. Ellen could feel pressure against her hymen. Then Joe lifted himself up and pushed forward with all his might and slammed his cock all the way into Ellen’s pussy.

Ellen screamed as Joe held himself inside her. She could feel his balls against her ass. Cheers and whoops of excitement filled the room as the boys chanted, “Fuck her! Fuck her”

Joe slowly withdrew his cock until only the head was still inside, then with deliberate force, he filled her to the hilt again. Ellen could feel something wet and sticky leaking from her tortured pussy as Joe repeated his attack. At first it hurt like hell, then, slowly the görükle escort bayan pain was replaced with feelings of pleasure. This couldn’t be happening, Ellen found herself actually enjoying being used by Joe. She found herself actually raising her hips to meet his thrusts. The pleasure kept building as the boys kept chanting until it felt like Ellen’s insides were about to explode.

All at once Ellen screamed, “Aaaaaaaaaggggghhhh!” The room burst into brilliant white light and her body started spasming, then everything went dark

Just as Ellen was returning to consciousness, Joe yelled, “I’m cumming!”

Ellen could feel his cock swell inside her and begin to throb. She could feel warm liquid seeping from her pussy as Joe continued to thrust into her. When the throbbing ceased, Joe pulled his cock from her pussy. She felt empty as Joe stood up. Then she saw Fred return now completely naked with his cock sticking out at attention. Ellen gasped as she saw that his prick was almost twice the size of Joe’s.

Fred told the boys holding Ellen to get her up on all fours and hold her head down. He took his position behind Ellen and rubbed his cock over her pussy lubricating it with Joe’s cum. Then he pressed the head against her cunt lips and deliberately pushed his cock all the way inside until his hips pressed against Ellen’s ass. Ellen quivered as Fred filled her pussy completely. Fred held Ellen tight against his hips and let her pussy adjust to his size.

Then the chants started again, “Fuck her! Fuck the bitch!”

By this time Ellen didn’t care what was happening around her. She was lost in the ecstasy of the pure animal pleasure of the fucking she was receiving. After several minutes of fucking Fred pulled his dick from Ellen’s hungry pussy and turned her over and resumed fucking her in the missionary position. Fred pumped faster and faster until Ellen had another orgasm and as she came he filled her cunt with his load of spunk.

“That’s one hot bitch!” Fred exclaimed as he stood up. “Next,” he called out.

The boys took turns one after another until it was Jim’s turn. Jim told a now compliant Ellen to get on all fours and put her head on the floor. He motioned for the boys next to her to hold her as he knelt behind her. Then he lubed his cock and to Ellen’s horror, he placed its head against her anus. Ellen struggled and pleaded as Jim pressed his cock into Ellen’s resisting ass. He slapped her butt cheeks and ordered her to relax. Continuing his assault, Jim worked his cock into Ellen’s ass.

Ellen cried out, “No, no, no!” as Jim continued working more and more cock into her anus.

The boys cheered as Jim finally inserted his entire dick deep into Ellen’s bowels.

Ellen thought his dick would come out her mouth as she screamed from the pain.

“Now bitch, let’s see you fuck me.” Jim laughed with devilish delight.

Thrust after thrust, harder and harder, Jim pounded into Ellen’s ass, his balls smacking against her pussy lips over and over again. The pain was once again turning to pleasure as Ellen relaxed. Then to her surprise, Ellen felt another climax escort görükle building until her anus contracted tightly at Jim’s cock and started milking it as she spasmed.

“Fuck!” Jim yelled with delight. His spunk splashing into the walls of Ellen’s bowels filling them with his load.

“That was some ride!” Jim exclaimed as he pulled his cock from Ellen’s ass with a slopping sound

The boys cheered as the once again took turns fucking Ellen’s pussy and now newly opened ass. Ellen took cock after cock until she finally collapsed on the floor completely spent.

The shock of something cold woke Ellen from her sleep. Someone had dumped a bucket of cold water over her body. Shivering from the cold, Ellen was dragged outside and thrown to the ground.

As she started to lift herself off the grass, Ellen came face to face with Fred’s Great Dane.
She jumped back as the boys laughed. To Ellen’s horror, the dog’s cock was extended from its sheath and ready for action. The boys held Ellen down as the dog mounted her and started humping against her exposed pussy. Ellen groaned as the dog’s penis entered her cunt and he started humping furiously.

As the dog pumped her, Ellen felt something swelling inside her. The dog’s knot! The swelling got bigger and bigger more than filling her pussy. His dick was locked inside her and she couldn’t get away. The Dane held Ellen’s hips with its paws as he humped faster and faster. The boys cheered as the dog finally came pumping Ellen full of dog cum.

The dog finished and tried to dismount but its cock was stuck. The boys laughed as Ellen tried desperately to escape. The dog turned and pulled away dragging Ellen with him. Ellen was frantic as the dog turned back and started to fuck her again. The Dane growled as Ellen struggled. Ellen stopped fighting and resigned herself to being fucked a second time by the insatiable dog. Pumping her full with another load, Ellen and the dog fell to the ground. After resting for a bit, the dog pulled his cock from Ellen’s abused pussy and cum gushed from the opening.

The boys gathered around Ellen and made her suck every cock until they had all come again. Then they all pissed on Ellen covering her in their urine. The dog came over to Ellen and proceeded to lift his leg and pee directly in Ellen’s face.

The boys got back into their cars and drove off leaving Ellen alone with Fred and Joe. Fred brought the hose around and sprayed Ellen off. He even sprayed water up her pussy and ass to make sure they were cleaned out completely. Then Joe tossed her dress to her and told her to dry off. They took her into the house and gave her a mini skirt and a tank top to put on. They gave her shoes back to her and then put her in the car.

It was about an hour’s drive into the city. They pulled down an alley and stopped at a steel door in the back of a bar. Joe knocked at the door and a large man came out to meet them.

“You got the merchandise?’ he asked gruffly.

“Take a look.” Joe said.

“Nice, real nice,” the man said as he handed Joe a wad of bills.

Fred dragged Ellen out of the car and handed her over to the man.

“You’re all mine now, Honey. Bought and paid for.” the man sneered.

Fred and Joe got into the car with the money and drove off laughing.

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