The Cherry Poppers Ch. 09

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Jason didn’t run into any of the women he planned to see over the next few days during classes, but he did see Lana in the halls. They said cordial hellos and she seemed to want to talk but he begged off saying he needed to get to class. He could feel her eyes on his back as he walked off. ‘Fuck her,’ he thought. ‘She made her choice and now I’m involved with others and making mine.’

When he got to work Dr. Jenny was deep into discuss with the university president and what he guessed was a new candidate for the infirmary doctor’s job. They moved into her office from the outer room when he arrived and shut the door. Nonetheless he could hear them talking through the heating grate as usual. They were discussing Dr. Jenny’s thoughts on the job and what it entailed. The president was also adding bits and pieces while the candidate explained his past experience. He sounded like a good candidate but secretly Jason was hoping for another woman for the job.

The talk lasted about a half hour and while it was going on three people entered the infirmary. One was a senior guy with what looked like a cold. One was a junior girl and Jason couldn’t discern any clues as to what her problem was but her chart showed she wasn’t a virgin. The third turned out to be a freshman and it was her first time to the infirmary. Jason prepared the chart information after asking her the details. She was sort of cute so he hoped she was a virgin too.

When the president, candidate, and Dr. Jenny exited her office, she introduced Jason to the candidate before they left. He seemed like a nice enough fellow but Jason still hoped for a woman.

Dr. Jenny saw the three patients in the order they came in and the way he gave her the cards. The first two went fast and Jason was examining Dr. Jenny’s notes from the junior girl while she saw the freshman girl. The reason the junior girl had come in was she had taken one of those early tests for pregnancy, and it had registered positive. She was stressed about it, unmarried, and weighing her options.

Another girl walked in just as Dr. Jenny was exiting the office with the freshman girl named Hayden. Hayden had a splint on her finger which Jason hadn’t noticed earlier so probably Dr. Jenny had applied it. They spoke briefly while he was dealing with the new arrival and couldn’t hear what they were saying. Hayden left before he was done with the new person. This one was a sophomore but it was her first time at the infirmary. He registered her information and prepared the card before turning her over to the doctor.

Jason had stolen looks at the new girl as she sat briefly awaiting the doctor. She was black but her skin was actually more like milk chocolate. Her hair was straight and shoulder length. She had a great body, with firm high breasts, and a nice tight round ass. She had a sultry look about her that very much interested Jason. Her name was Sheila.

He examined the information on Hayden’s chart, the one with the hurt finger. She was not a virgin to his disappointment. He logged all the information and typed it up on her permanent record. When he was done Dr. Jenny and Sheila emerged from her office.

“Call me in a week and let me know how you feel then,” Dr. Jenny was saying. “It may just go away.”

Sheila said good bye to Jason on the way out and he liked her smile. Five minutes later he had her chart from the good doctor. Sheila was a virgin and suffered from migraine headaches. Dr. Jenny had told her which over the counter drug to take but wanted her back in a week for further evaluation if things didn’t change. Jason made a mental note she was in Delta Phi Delta.

The rest of that week went pretty normal. No more virgins came into the infirmary but two more candidates for the job did. Jason was glad to see that both were women. One was older, had great experience at other colleges, but looked very stern and not Jason’s choice for someone to work with. The other was much younger, maybe in her early thirties, and a cute brunette. He was sold on this choice. He only hoped they would pick her instead of the guy or the older woman.

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, he had gone to see Stephanie. It was time for her blowjob training. Beth had sucked him off twice the previous day and given him lots of ideas on how to instruct Stephanie through the techniques she had used on him. He called her room from the dorm phone. Her roommate answered and let him in after telling him the room number. He knocked on the door and Stephanie answered with a huge smile on her face. She introduced her roommate, Pam, who said hello and left with some books to study elsewhere, leaving the two of them alone.

Jason made a mental note of Pam’s last name, Paterson, and her looks. Stephanie had said she was extremely shy but otherwise she looked kinda cute. She was very tall for a woman. At 6’3″ himself, Jason was nearly eye to eye with her. He believed her to be around 6’1″ or even 6’2″. She was very thin, brunette, with pretty long wavy hair. Her eyes were green in color and other than a ulus escort bayan maybe too big nose, she looked attractive.

Stephanie wasted little time on preliminaries after they sat on her bed, “Where should we begin?” she asked eagerly.

“Well, I suppose we should kiss a little first,” Jason said, suddenly realizing he hadn’t thought out the process of teaching her very much.

“Shouldn’t we strip first?” Stephanie asked, already unbuttoning her shirt.

“Well, okay,” Jason said, somewhat surprised at her aggression.

They both stripped off their clothes and Jason noticed she looked even thinner than just a few days ago. She must be watching her weight well. He smiled at her as he realized this would probably be more than just a blowjob. They could have done that with him just dropping his pants. Her huge tits swayed as she settled back on the bed.

Jason walked to her and leaned over and kissed her. They kissed deeply for just a few seconds. Then he stood upright in front of her, his semi-hard cock placed right before her eyes. He stepped closer until his dick was less than a foot from her face. Stephanie stared at it and he thought he saw her tremble with need. She looked at it for several moments and then glanced up.

“What should I do?” Stephanie asked quizzically.

“Examine it,” Jason said. “Pick it up in your hand and familiarize yourself with it. I’ll tell you what you need to know.”

He instructed her on the sensitive head, the frenulum, the shaft, and his balls. He had her handle it with both hands on his cock and balls. Showed her where to touch his dick for maximum affect, how to stroke him, and play with his balls. He had her stroke his cock until he was hard. Jason got off on this teacher/pupil role he was playing with her. He kept her fondling him until she squeezed a drop of pre-cum into his piss hole.

“See how excited you can get a guy from just touching his dick,” Jason said.

“Are you about to come?” Stephanie asked.

“No, not yet, but you are causing pre-cum, my natural lubricant for intercourse to start,” Jason stated.

“What do I do now?” Stephanie queried.

Jason stepped forward a little, his cockhead inches from her mouth, “Kiss it and lick off the pre-cum,” Jason instructed.

Stephanie eagerly did as he asked. She was a good student and quick to follow his lead.

“Lick it with your tongue, getting it wet with your saliva,” Jason informed.

Stephanie complied and licked around the head, the rim of the crown, and on the underside as he told her. Another drop of pre-cum formed at the tip and she quickly licked it off without being told.

“Now, take just the head in your mouth,” Jason said.

Stephanie did and he told her to lick it while in her mouth and apply suction to it. She did and he had to back her off a little because she sucked too hard too quickly.

“Remember the head is sensitive,” he instructed. “Strong suction is good but it should be applied in increasing intensity with the most at the end when you are going to get the guy off.”

“What do I do when you cum?” Stephanie questioned.

“That’s somewhat up to you,” Jason claimed, “but the best blowjobs I’ve ever had and the best cocksuckers I’ve known,” he thought of Beth the night before, “allow the guy to cum in their mouth and swallow his seed. You can do that or just hold it in your mouth to spit out after or pull the guy from your mouth at the last second to jerk off on your tits or in your cupped hand. It’s up to you.”

“How does it taste?” Stephanie asked. “I’ve heard other girls claim it’s yucky.”

“I think you should try it first before judging,” Jason said. “It’s salty and bland and can be somewhat thick to swallow depending on how long it’s been since the guy last came.”

“Okay,” Stephanie said, but sounded a bit unsure.

He taught her how to take a few more inches in and she could take almost half before gagging a little. He decided deepthroating was a future lesson and concentrated his instructions on the bobbing technique. Jason also taught her how to use her hands in conjunction with her mouth on his cock shaft and balls. Stephanie was a good study and followed his instructions well. She applied her new knowledge with eagerness and Jason found himself soon feeling the effects of her actions.

Stephanie kept up an eager attack on his cock. He stopped her at one point and taught her how to recognize the signs of a guy getting close. The leaking of more pre-cum, the tightness of his balls, verbal responses, and even shaking legs all signaled a guy’s pending cum. Jason taught her how to recognize those signs and be prepared for the guy to cum. He also mentioned how it was wonderfully teasing of the girl to back the guy down occasionally if he was going to cum too quickly and prolong the blowjob. This action to the cock could heighten the experience for the guy and give her little respites too.

She followed everything he said with anxiousness and determination. She backed yenimahalle escort bayan off to just lick the head and shaft when he told her he was getting close. He taught her to suck and lick his balls while still stroking the shaft.

“Stephanie, the best blowjob women make love to a guy’s cock,” Jason informed. “They don’t just suck and lick the cock, they make love to it.”

“How do I do that?” Stephanie questioned.

“It’s more in how you approach the act than anything,” he said. “If you act like you love doing it for the guy, it will translate to him.”

Stephanie thought she understood what he was saying and seemed to double her efforts. Jason was pleased with himself as a teacher and Stephanie as a student when she had him close again.

“I’m going to cum,” Jason groaned as Stephanie worked his cock with newfound skill.

“What should I do?” Stephanie asked urgently, quickly removing him from her mouth.

“Keep going through the whole orgasm,” Jason growled with need.

Stephanie went back to sucking his head and bobbing on his cock with active hands. Jason grunted once more and ejaculated into her mouth. Stephanie moaned at the suddenness of the sperm in her mouth and the force of the blast. She coughed a little but instinctive sealed her throat and took the successive ropes of cum. She paused momentarily with the first two pulses but managed to resume pumping the cum from his balls as his climax waned. Her mouth was full of his cum.

“God, that was good for your first time, Stef,” Jason gasped as he watched her nursing on his cock, her cheeks somewhat bulging. She pulled off his cock and he nearly laughed at her face as she looked up at him. Her mouth was full of his sperm. Her eyes seemed to plead, ‘What do I do now?’

“You going to swallow?” he asked with an amused look.

She didn’t seem sure but tried. It took her a second to clear the cum from her oral cavity. Amused, he watched her face and reaction to the taste and texture.

“What do you think?” Jason asked smiling down at her.

“It’s kind of gross,” Stephanie said.

“Would you rather spit it out the next time?”

“I don’t know,” Stephanie replied. “It’s pretty bland tasting but the texture is the worst part. It feels like paste or something.”

Jason laughed and said, “It’s up to you like I said. Many girls don’t like it but the best … “

“I know,” Stephanie said, “the girls that give the best head swallow, right?”

“I’d say so,” Jason mused.

“Do I taste that bad?” Stephanie asked, remembering when he ate her pussy.

“No, women are quite a bit better. At least from my experience,” Jason concluded.

“Good,” Stephanie said, but a smile crossed her face as she looked up at him.

“How did you like the whole thing?” Jason queried.

“I like licking and suck on you,” Stephanie said. “It feels awesome in my mouth. I just wasn’t totally prepared for when you came. That was intense.”

“Yeah, that takes some getting used to but the next time you do it will be easier.”

“When will that be?” Stephanie asked, wondering if the lesson was over since Jason had cum.

“Maybe soon,” Jason said chuckling.

“What do you mean?” Stef asked, eyeing his deflated cock.

“Well, there is still more I can teach you but why don’t you be a good cocksucker and clean up your mess,” Jason told her merrily.


“Take me back in your mouth and clean me off,” Jason said naughtily.

Stef looked at him quizzically for a second but complied. Some cum remained on his cock and a few drops were leaking from his deflating member. She cleaned him off, tasting his cum again. This time it didn’t seem to bother her as much. He pulled his cock from her mouth when she sucked a little too hard.

“I’m sensitive afterwards,” Jason explained. “Lay back.”

Stephanie quickly complied and Jason got on the bed between her legs. She had shaved around her pussy a little and her lips glistened with moisture. He smiled as he observed her arousal from sucking his cock.

“I see you liked sucking me,” Jason mentioned.

“Yes, I did,” Stef agreed with her own naughty smile.

Jason kissed her inner thighs and worked around her cunt but not right on it causing Stephanie to groan with lust. When he finally licked her gash, she gasped, and put her hands in his hair. He brought her quickly to a wonderful orgasm, her need was so great. He had barely touched her clit when she came.

Jason stayed right with her, not letting her rest. He pushed a finger into her incredibly tight hole, the one he had deflowered only days earlier in the field, and worked around until he found her g-spot. He licked around her clit and inserted a second finger. When he sawed his fingers in against her g-spot and sucked her clit, Stef came hard. He ate her juices until she finally quieted down and lay still. He stopped just before she had to push him away.

“Oh, god, Jason. You make me want to scream when you do that,” Stephanie eryaman escort bayan said as she gasped for breath.

“Kinda the same for me when you blow me,” Jason claimed.

“Really?” Stef said.

“Really,” Jason stated, bringing a weak smile to her face.

Stef watched anxiously as Jason slid up her body on the bed. He had not touched her magnificent tits yet and paused to suck the distended nipples into even greater arousal. Stephanie groaned appreciatively as he paid attention to her big tits. She barely noticed when he aligned himself to penetrate her.

“Oh, god,” Stef growled when she felt his cockhead at the entrance to her moist cunt.

His two fingers had opened her reasonably well and his cockhead found her opening quickly and moved in. She gasped as his big cock entered her body. This time she felt none of the pain of the last, first time, and only the joyous tightness and fullness as his cock sunk beautifully into her depths.

“Oh, fuck,” Stef groaned. “I forgot how big you felt inside me before.”

“I’m not all the way in yet,” Jason said thrusting a little more.

“Oh, geez,” Stef purred.

Jason fucked her slowly and Stephanie wrapped her legs around his hips drawing him deeper into her core. Her big breasts started to wobble erotically as he increased the tempo. He fucked her like that until she came in a flurry on his cock. Shockwaves of bliss coursed through her trembling body. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She had barely stopped gasping when he moved her onto her knees on the bed. She grunted when he reentered her from behind.

“God, damn, you’re deep,” Stef exclaimed.

“Hold on, babe. You’re going to feel every inch of this cock now,” Jason claimed.

“Shit,” Stef moaned as he probed her deeper, nestling up against her cervix and pushing against it. “Fuck, you’re going to come out my mouth, Jason.”

“Won’t that be something,” Jason said, laughing amusedly at her comment.

Jason could have battered her cervix but knew not to do that. He leaned down and tweaked the distended nipples on her hanging pendulous tits. He pulled on the nipples too making Stephanie growl with pleasure. She liked it a little rough he discovered as he hammered her cunt and mauled her tits. She never complained and only grunted for more as he fucked her cunt hard making her tits wobble.

He fucked her until she came twice more. He had her shaking with the blissful pleasure of the first when the second one started. Her tight cunt clamped his cock deliciously as she moaned through her series of orgasms. With the last one, he pulled out and came on her ass, unsure if he should cum inside her. He couldn’t remember if she was on the pill or not. His virgin conquests were starting to run together.

Jason left about a half hour later claiming he had studying to do. He did but he also needed to save his strength and Stephanie was proving to be nearly insatiable. As they lay on her bed afterward, she had started playing with his soft dick again. He had to get out of there before they started another round of sex.

“When will I see you again?” Stef asked as they kissed good bye at the door.

“Come by the frat house after dinner tomorrow and I’ll give you another blowjob lesson,” Jason said smiling at her willingness.

“Okay,” Stephanie said, grinning broadly.

‘This girl has discovered sex and loves it,’ Jason thought as he walked back to the frat smiling. He almost wasn’t watching where he was going when he practically ran into Sheila, the black girl he had seen at the infirmary.

“Hi,” she said as they nearly collided.

“Oh, hi,” Jason said, startled from his thoughts of Stephanie.

“What’re you up to?” Sheila asked.

Jason nearly laughed as he thought of the truthful answer, “Not much, just heading back to the frat to study. How about you?”

“Going to get a good cup of stiff coffee,” Sheila said. “I have a test tomorrow and need to study for a while yet. I think I’ll be booking it most of the night. I’m taking Spanish and I just don’t get it.”

“Oh, yeah. I took four years of it in high school. Spanish isn’t that tough once you get down the basics,” Jason claimed.

“Maybe for you,” Sheila said, “but I’m having problems.”

It was getting late but Jason was feeling hungry from the sexual work-out with Stephanie. He could use a bite to eat.

“How’s about I join you for that coffee?” Jason asked. “I could maybe walk you through a few things on Spanish at the same time.”

“That sounds great. I hate drinking coffee alone anyway,” Sheila added.

They headed for the student center, grabbed a cup of coffee from the Starbuck’s, and sat at a table off to the side from the few other patrons at that hour. It was nearly nine-thirty so he couldn’t stay long. ‘Sheila would probably want to get back to her studying anyway,’ Jason thought, as they sat opposite each other at a small table.

She had already flashed him that winning smile he remembered from the infirmary, when he offered to buy the coffee and them each a Danish. Now he saw it again as he held her seat for her like a gentleman. Sitting, she began to describe what she thought her problems were with Spanish. He listened intently and tried not to flirt too much with his eyes. He found it hard though because he thought she was very attractive.

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