The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 08

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“She was on top of me, and I was just about to enter her. She took hold of me, and somehow the back of my cock brushed her pussy hair, and I shot everywhere!” I explained to Sally about my woeful attempt to lose my virginity.

Sally’s laughed hard her head falling on my bed from her sitting position,

“It’s not funny I’ll never get another chance to screw Gemma,” I lamented from my chair.

“Of course you will, why didn’t you hang around for a second coming?” laughing at her own pun.

“She had to go out, and I’ve been warned off from seeing her again by Mrs Leighton,” I informed. I was unable to convey the gravitas of the situation as Sally went back to reading one of my girlie magazines.

“You’re not listening!” I demanded.

“I am, It’s just that I think you’re taking this way too seriously. There will be other’s,” she predicted as she took too one particular model running her fingers over her shapely body.

“You know I’d love to pose naked like these girls, she dreamily uttered.

“I’ve always wanted to pose as well,” submitting to Sally’s train of thought, “it looks and feels sexy to be exposed like that.”

“Hey, it was my idea,” Sally sniggered as I had barged into her fantasy.

I laughed, “At least there’s a demand for nude photographs of naked girls like you, who would want to see my scrawny flabby body?”

“It sounds like Mrs Leighton does for a start,” Idly opined Sally as she flicked over a page to look at another model. “Are you going to take her up on her offer?” she casually added.

The offer to have Mrs Leighton in every conceivable sexual act played over in my mind. “You can fuck my ass, tits, mouth and pussy anywhere, anytime,” she offered, which blazed into my imagination but seemed implausible in the cold light of day. There was also the added complication of Father already tending her sexual needs.

“No, I want Gemma, I’m just going to let things settle and get back to her,” I revealed a plan that instantly got Sally’s attention away from her magazine.

“Don’t you think you’re obsessing a bit too much over Gemma?”

I wondered about Sally’s motive as I had seen her naked in bed with Gemma having her pubes trimmed.

“I do know about you and Gemma,” I made known with a low voice.

“Know what?”

“That you’re sleeping together.”

“Oh!” sighed Sally, “How long have you known?” She slowly asked full of apprehension.

“I saw you in the studio,” I admitted.

“You were the peeping Tom!” Sally blurted in shock, “You were wanking watching us perform!”

“I was looking at Gemma,” I clumsily excused.

“You cum on the window!” Sally exclaimed as she remembered more of her morning’s activities.

“I thought the windows needed a polish,” I weakly joked in the onslaught of Sally’s outrage, which I found hard to fathom. Only a few days ago, she had been riding my fingers and letting me lick her pussy.

“Oh god, we love the same girl,” moaned Sally as her understanding of the situation rendered itself, “What are we going to do? We can’t both have her?”

“I thought you said it was wrong to be obsessing,” hitting back at Sally’s hypercritical indignation.

“Oh, bite me!” she exclaimed in frustration.

“Gladly,” I smiled, “get your panties off.”

“Fuck off!” Sally yelled, throwing a pillow at me.

I ducked the pillow and laughed until I saw that Sally was distraught. She returned to my girly magazine roughly turning over the pages at speed until her emotions split over.

“Why am I looking at this crap?” She raged as she threw the magazine across the room. Her head went into her hands, and her shoulders lightly shimmered as she started to cry. I went over and put a hand around her shoulder to console.

“Come on Sally I don’t want to fall out over this.”

“How long have you known?”

“I had my suspicions when you kept looking at my Girlie magazines,” I confided hugging her closer,

“I just liked the idea of posing, was that all that gave me away?”

“That and you sucking Gemma’s tits,” I joked causing a mini fury of Sally’s fists aimed at my balls!

I laughed and covered up.

“Oh, don’t,” she pleaded in embarrassment.

“It’s okay, I only saw the last bit where she trimmed your pubes,” I goaded her on, “I must say she did a good job from what I saw.”

“Stop it, or I’ll rip your balls off!” she jokingly raged reaching out for my testicles once again.

I curled up in a ball to protect my prize assets laughing as Sally tried to probe my defences. She lay on top of me, attacking again and again until she fell upon me in failure.

We lay back on the bed together after our exertions. “Did you really look at those books for the poses?”

“Yeah, I really like the idea, I know you think it’s weird, but it’s a fantasy of mine.”

“To be showing off your bits and pieces in suggestive poses?”

“I like the idea of being naked before a photographer demanding me to pose and being in a magazine with men looking over my body.”


“Do you think it’s strange?”

“No keçiören escort not at all, I’d love girls to be looking at my body but who would want to look at me?”

“I know a few,” hinted Sally instantly sending me into a whirl of sexual imagination.

“How do you know?” I quickly asked, greedy for any information.

“Oh, just Idle girls talk.”

“Oh come on Sally you can’t leave me hanging with a statement like that! Who?”

“I can’t say offhand like that, you know what we girls are like once we start gossiping?”

“No! That’s just it, I don’t, tell me,” I begged, making Sally laugh.

“All the Cheerleader’s for a start.”

“Oh, God! I’m going to have to start working out!” I joked immediately going to the floor and doing press-ups.

Sally laughed

“Its not so bad,” laughed Sally,” I thought you looked good nude for a boy your age.”

“Thank you,” I countered, “But when have you seen my body?”

“In the bath,” Sally said coldly.

“How have you seen me in the bath?” I asked, very mystified.

Sally just smiled and went back to looking at my magazines as I wondered how she could have seen me in the bathroom.

“I don’t believe you, what did you see?” I asked anxiously my mind reeling at the unknown. Sally smirked.

“I saw you masturbating.”

“What else,” I quickly returned.

Sally started to laugh, “There was one time you were dancing in your birthday suit, swinging your dick this way and that. Oh my god, I had a seizure!”

“Oh, no, How?” realising she somehow had a full view of the bathroom and had seen all my bodily explorations in my apparent loneliness.

“I saw you exploring your ass,” she laughed, “my you got your fingers right up there!”

“Oh, god!” I exclaimed and buried my head in shame, there was no telling what she had seen me do.

“Only kidding, I didn’t see you do that,” Sally laughed, “but it sounds like you did.”

She had been guessing all along, and I stupidly gave away my personal antics. I decided to hit back, “No, I didn’t, but anyway I saw you having your tits sucked by Gemma!” I let out, “And she loved your small nipples.”

“Okay, okay, let’s stop there, truce,” anxiously declared Sally.

I smiled to myself; I had stood up for myself and managed to get to a position of parity in our sibling rivalry. We sat in silence again and went back to my girlie magazines. I noticed that Sally wasn’t commenting on the girls anymore, and the atmosphere became tense. I decided to break the impasse.

“You do know you’ve planted unimaginable scenes of your friends lusting over my naked body?” I sighed, “I’m going to be horny for weeks, I’m going to have a permanent erection.”

Sally laughed, “I could take some photographs of you naked and let them accidentally on purpose get them to see them.”

My head went into dreamland until Sis rudely shook me back to reality.

“Yes okay, you can do your lewd fantasies in your own time, you’re with me at the moment, remember?” Sally laughed.

“You started it,” I protested, “You brought up the idea of being a centrefold.”

“Yes I did, and boy have you ran with it.”

“Sorry I just think it’s a great idea.”

“I do too,” casually declared Sally as she turned over another page of my magazine. I gathered my thoughts, making sure I had heard her right.

“You mean you’d really like to be photographed nude?”


“Would you let me see them?”

“Of course you’d see them, I want you to be the photographer.”

Over the next few days, Sally and I planned everything for our photoshoot. The first problem was the camera. We decided on a Kodak Instamatic as it meant we could have the photographs instantly and not have the problem of developing them. Also, we could retake the shots if we were not happy with any of them. It also meant that there would be no negatives to worry about as we needed to be sure we could hide the pictures in a place of safety.

We set a date when our mother would not be around so we could take our time. Sally selected a few magazines in which she was going to have at hand so she could remember all the poses she was going to go through. We planned to have enough film for forty photographs and stick them into two scrapbooks.

I sat in my bedroom, flicking through the magazines. Sally had put little markers on the poses she was going to adopt. I became immensely aroused looking at the models’ poses and then imagining my sister in the same position. One picture was taken from behind with her on all fours. Her legs spread with her hand, reaching back to open her pussy and display her pink.

“Another pair of panties for you,” Gaily announced Sally as she charged into my room without knocking. I caught the white undies in flight and instantly took a good sniff.

“Thank you, what have I done to deserve this?” I asked between a searching sniff of the fabric to find any girly moisture.

“It’s a thank you for taking the pictures this weekend.”

“There’s no need to thank keçiören escort bayan me, it’ll be a pleasure, I’ve just been looking at the pictures of the posses you’re going to copy.”

“Oh yeah, what do you think?”

“Hot! Very hot, I can’t wait to start clicking.”

“You can wear your new panties, “Sally suggested playfully.

I opened the panties up and studied them, they were expensive, half patterned lace half silk.

“These seem a little smaller than Gemma’s, whose are they, Sandra’s?”

“No, they belonged to Liz,” she happily declared.

“Liz! Oh wow, she’s tiny, I doubt I’ll be able to get them on.”

I mused as I started to fold them for my special hiding place.

“Why don’t you try them on?”

“I will, when I’m in the mood,” I said as I went on my hands and knees to find my cubby-hole for my panties collection.

“It looks like you’re in the mood now,” saucily declared Sally smiling at the bulge in my trousers.

“I know I’ve been looking at the poses you’re going to adopt.

“Really, turn you on that much did they?”

I started to blush, not knowing what she was alluding to. Was it the pictures in the magazines or the fact I was imagining her adopting the poses?”

“Why are you blushing?” She laughed, “you’re not going to get embarrassed when you shoot me in the nude, are you?”

“No,” I stumbled.

“And you’re not going to be embarrassed when I take some pictures of you?”

“Of course not, I’m looking forward to it,” I firmly declared.


“So, what?” I returned sprightly in bewilderment.

Sally sat on a chair just opposite my bed, crossed her legs slowly and leered at me mischievously.

“I’d like to see you in Liz’s panties,” she half teased half ordered.

I swallowed hard and stood upright my hand, holding Liz’s panties over my protruding erection. Being naked in front of Sally would be embarrassing enough, but to be wearing panties as well would be pushing a hard limit. I looked away.

“Oh no, you’re going to chicken out,” sighed Sally in exasperation, “Oh well, at least we haven’t wasted any money on a camera.”

Her words said everything, if I didn’t do as she asked the whole camera shoot would be cancelled, something I dearly wanted.

“You’re blackmailing me?”

“No, I’m not I just don’t want to be disappointed on the day.”

“How do I know you won’t chicken out?” I countered.

“I won’t trust me.”

Sally pushed the weight off her slim frame onto the other arm of the chair, crossed her legs and rested her head on her propped up arm. She stared expectantly, her eyes unblinking. I slowly undid the top button of my jeans, and her eyes widened as she licked her lips.

She really was greedy to see my cock, which pleased me as I felt duty-bound to show her. My erection hardened as I studied her expectant face. Slowly popping the button of my fly one by one. Sally uncrossed and crossed her legs again, and the mere suggestion that she had panties on up the cave of her skirt made me push more blood into my already rampant penis.

I pulled my trousers and pants down with one yank and stepped out of them. I walked towards her to give her a better look at my appendage. She licked her lips again, which tantalised me enormously as she slowly ran her moist tongue over her ruby red lips.

I slowly pulled back my foreskin to expose my hard, shiny purple head, causing Sally to swallow noisily. I ached for her to reach forward and take hold of my shaft, but instead, she just moved in close and studied me. I could feel her breath on my cock as She moved her head from side to side and then down to look under my balls, which were hard and gathered up.

Her huge eyes pivoted upwards without her head moving and stared at me.

“Panties.” She whispered.

I groaned slightly as I was expecting more but knew I had to play by her rules if I wanted things to go further. My mind was awash with plans of pulling her legs apart and pulling her skirt up so she would pull me onto her, pushing her panties to one side and let me fuck her.

Instead, I turned back for my newly acquired panties.

“Nice ass,” quipped Sally with a giggle bringing me to a small blush. I returned and stood in front of her with the panties and stepped into them. I slowly pulled them up as their smallness was already gripping both my legs. I pulled them up over my balls, crushing them with their tightness.

The waistband wasn’t big enough to cover my cock head and snapped down hard upon my shaft.

Sally looked up at me and laughed at my awkward stance as the tight panties crunched my balls.

“Then what do you do?” She asked knowingly. The implications were obvious; she wanted me to masturbate before her in panties.

I needed no second clue and started to rub the silk part of the panties against my rock stiff shaft.

I sighed as I worked up a bit of speed on my panty-captured cock while sis lay back enjoying the show. The crushingly tight gusset on my balls held my ejaculation back escort keçiören as I groaned when they caused my nuts to painfully grind together.

There was one good thing about my reaction, and that was Sally thought I was emitting groans of pleasure, which in turn turned her on. I opened my legs to give myself some ballroom and stroked the length of my shaft from testes to the waistband. Sally’s pupils dilated, and she slowly slid a hand up her skirt and started to rub. My eyes immediately lit up as I watched her hand under her skirt. It was too sexy for me to let pass and I asked the question.

“Pull your skirt up!” I gasped.

Sally giggled, “you want to see me panty wank as well?” she teased.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” I squealed in desperation, “Please!”

Sally grinned, “Only on one condition.”

“What, what, what?” I cried, causing much giggling from Sally.

“I’ll let you watching me rub out if you guess the colour of my panties.” She laughed.

“Oh come on, I don’t stand a chance!” I begged.

“You have three guesses!”

“OOOH!” I squirmed.

“Take it or leave it?” Sally challenged.

“White!” I snapped.





“Nope! Yellow? I don’t even own a pair of yellow panties, are you sure you’ve been in my panty drawer?”

“Oh, give us a clue?” I begged.

“Okay, They’re as dark as night?” she teased.

“Black!” I snapped.


“What then?”

“Green!” she laughed out loud, knowing she had tricked me fully.

“That’s not fair,” With that, I grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, revealing a curious lime green coloured pair of panties. Sally exaggeratedly shrieked in fake protest as I viewed her panties with the tale-tale signs of wetness around the gusset.

She looked me in the eye and then slowly took the hem of her skirt and pulled it up out of the way.

I gasped in awe as she spread her legs as she went back to rubbing her panties on her clit. My breath went shallow as I stepped back, and rhythmically joined her in my own undie masturbation.

My knees soon began to tremble as Sally let out little groans, her mouth barely open as she studied my cock. I wanted to drop to my knees and lick her. Already her hips were bucking in the frenzy of her rapier rubbing hand.

I sped up to join her as Sally started to make strange noises in time to her breathing. She looked me in the eyes, and it was all I could take as I ejaculated wildly into the air. Sally’s eyes immediately glazed over as her hips trembled and then released to slow thrusts of her fulcrum as her orgasm kicked in.

We both cried in harmony as our passion flooded forth and then petered out. I fell to my knees exhausted, and Sally grabbed my head and pulled it over her lap.

I breathed in hard taking in the sweet aroma of Sisters moistened panties as she slowly stroked my head.

“I can feel your breath on my.” Her words trailed off.


“No that’s okay, it’s nice.”

Just then we heard a door slam, “hello, is anyone at home?” angrily shouted mother.

Sally jumped to her feet, quickly arranging her dress as I whipped off my panties. Sally giggled,

“I hope they didn’t squeeze your nuts to badly, I want you up and running for the weekend.”

“I will don’t worry about that.”

“I better go and see what old moaners yapping on about,” as Sally shot out of my bedroom.

“Wait, I’ll be with you, I called out after her.

We both walked into the kitchen and saw Mother standing with an irate look on her face. She held aloft in front of her one of my orange sheets like a nocturnal sail.

“Sperm stains again!” she barked. I looked up to see the damming evidence of last nights ejaculate in the form of a thick line of translucent light white. I bowed my head in shame as did Sally in solidarity.

“Maybe if you used that big cock of yours for fucking girls rather than masturbating I wouldn’t have so much washing to do!”

“Mum!” I blurted in a weak effort to deflect her embarrassing wrath.

“A big cock doesn’t make you a man! If you must cum fuck that whore Mrs Leighton or one Sally’s friends!”

She threw the stained sheet at me and strode out, slamming the door behind her.

“What the fuck was that about? Gasped Sally, “did you hear her?”

I kept my head bowed mentally slaughtered by my mothers battering.

“How dare she talk about my friends like that?”

“Your friends, what about me, I’ve just been flayed alive in front of you?”

“That surprised me as well, but why now?” Sally deliberated, “I’ve known about your crusty sheets from when you first hit puberty.”


“Sorry, but why take it out on you now? I don’t understand.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Shaken by the revelation that everyone but me knew about my masturbatory deposits.

“Oh, come on, how could I?”

“I don’t know, somehow.”

“It’s just never said, all my friends have had brothers who left crusty sheets, their mothers and sisters just never talked about it.”

I sighed in despair as I noticed Sally talked in the past tense, her friend’s brothers had moved on, grown-up, got girlfriends and stopped masturbating or made sure they didn’t stain the sheets.

“I suppose she going through a man-hating phase, being left by father and all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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