The Chair

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Author’s note: I’m calling this my two year anniversary story. It’s mostly aunt/nephew, with mom/son mixed in.

The Chair

Chapter 1

Sharon and Nikki stumbled into Sharon’s front door. It was one in the morning. Both women were laughing, holding one another, assisting each other to Sharon’s couch, landing on it in a drunken stupor.

The two friends enjoyed a night out, celebrating Nikki’s last day on her job with dinner and drinks. Luckily Sharon’s small home was within walking distance of the beachside tavern.

“What a night,” Sharon rested her head on the back of her couch.

“It’s not over,” Nikki grinned, the mid-40s brunette, placed her hand on Sharon’s thigh causing her to chuckle.

“Oh yeah?” Sharon asked.

“Is it ok if I stay the night?”

Sharon laughed, the late-30s, bob-style, blonde, shot her friend a look. “Really? Sure I guess!”

“Great! Where’s your wine?” Nikki asked.

“I have some unopened bottles in the cabinet next to the fridge.”

Nikki got up, happily fixing them some wine, returning to the couch with filled glasses. “Now then, I know you and George just broke up, and it was quite unpleasant, but I think we can talk sex. Right?”

Sharon took her glass, sipping it. “Sure, why not.”

“Good. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?” Nikki took a large gulp after she asked.

“The butt. I’ve done it in the butt,” Sharon flatly answered. “Satisfied?”

“Sort of. My turn,” Nikki downed more wine, setting the glass on the coffee table.

“Go ahead,” Sharon smiled.

“My son,” Nikki answered.

“What about him?”

“I’ve done him.”

“You and Ted had sex?”


Sharon paused a moment. “Really? Are you sure?”

Nikki laughed, “Of course I’m sure!”

“You’re joking.”

“I’m telling the truth. My son and I,” Nikki paused, standing in front of Sharon, “got it on!”

Sharon’s mouth dropped, a slight gasp exited her mouth.

Nikki straddled her. “Want to know how it was?”

Sharon, still shocked, but at the same time not 100% surprised that Nikki would do this, nodded.

“It was the best sex I’ve ever had. It transcended everything I’ve ever known. I nearly came when he entered me. We became one.”

Sharon, staying quiet, watched Nikki look to the ceiling, running her hands all over her own body. “Oh fuck! So good, Sharon.”

“Um, I, uh,” Sharon said.

“Want to seduce Sam?” Nikki asked of Sharon’s son.

“No! I mean, no, that’s not for me.”

“Mmmm,” Nikki moaned, hugging Sharon on the couch, “it was perfect. Beyond perfect.”

Nikki whispered in Sharon’s ear, “I want him all the time now.”

Sharon gulped. “You, you do?” she asked, thinking of her college sophomore son, Sam.

“I’m going to New York later this month and dragging his ass back down here to live with me. Oh Sharon! I can’t wait!”

“Wow,” Sharon whispered.

“You’re thinking of Sam, aren’t you? Wondering what it’s like? I’m telling you, it’s the best, nothing compares,” Nikki closed her eyes.

“My sister, Julie, her and my nephew live near your new home,” Sharon said.

“Oh yeah? Are they lovers?”

Sharon shrugged, “I, I’m not sure. Sometimes, I think they are!” she giggled.

“Shit, I gotta take the edge off. The alcohol, admitting what Ted and I do, I gotta cum!” Nikki stood in front of Sharon and started removing her blouse and pants.

“Um,” Sharon watched.

“Sharon, don’t be silly. You know we were flirting tonight, we were drinking, dancing. The laugh you gave when I grabbed your ass, come on. You knew we’d end up back at one of our places, in bed, a final ‘fuck you’ to your ex.”

“Well, I,”

“Our pussies grinding,” Nikki continued.

Sharon gulped again and nodded.

“You ever been with a woman?”


“Time to play then,” Nikki grabbed Sharon’s hand, pulling her up. “Maybe when you climax as I’m eating you out, you can pretend it’s Sam making love to you.”

Sharon gasped again, her mouth met with Nikki’s, covering it, her tongue invading.

Nikki ended the kiss, smiled, and led Sharon to the nearby bedroom. Sharon stood in the doorway, watching a nude Nikki crawl on all fours onto the bed.

Sharon pushed thoughts of Sam aside, thoughts of being held by him, pinned down by him, fucked by him, blaming the alcohol and smiled at her friend. She unbuttoned her shirt and moved into the bedroom.

The night continued on. The next four hours consisted of Sharon and Nikki cumming over and over again. Mouths covered pussies, tongues lapped up sex juices, pussies collided, grinding against one another.

Sharon’s experimentation after a bad breakup was ruined by incestuous thoughts creeping into her mind during and after each orgasm. Nikki’s words rang in her ear over and over, curiosity about her sister Julie and her son re-emerging.

Finally, after five in the morning, the two women, sweaty, exhausted, collapsed on the bed next to each other. They were out of breath, moaning, coming down off another illegal bahis orgasm. Sleep found them in minutes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for breakfast?” Sharon asked Nikki, two hours later.

“Nah, I need to get going. I have a lot of unpacking to do. Thanks though,” Nikki hugged Sharon. “Think we can do this again sometime? Ted would love those perky tits of yours.”

Sharon watched a clothed Nikki play with Sharon’s bare breasts. “Maybe,” Sharon smiled.

The two women kissed goodbye and Nikki left.

Sharon hummed to herself, strolling through her small home, nude, on her way back to bed. There was a knock at the door.

“Forget something?” Sharon called out, walking back to the front door, quickly opening it. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness was a tall man, George, her ex, standing there, his fist clinched and heading right toward Sharon’s head.

The next thing Sharon remembered was her son’s voice. He was next to her, whispering in her ear, how much he loved her and needed her; begging for forgiveness for not being there to protect her.

More time passed, Sharon had no idea how much. She could see now, her vision blurry. She heard Sam’s happiness and tears of joy. Sharon was moving, touching her face, feeling heavy bandages.

“Mom!” Sam exclaimed.

Sharon was so tired and sore, but she moved her hand to Sam’s face, feeling his tears and kisses. Sharon went back to sleep a little later.

This sleep was different, she had dreams. She dreamed of Sam and her naked, kissing, moving to a bed. Another dream featured Nikki’s words in the background somewhere, “beyond perfect,” while Sam ate her pussy, looking up to smile lovingly at his mother.

In another dream she was cumming. Sharon was cumming, on all fours, while Sam took her from behind. Sharon woke up, her vision less blurry, Sam still at her side.

“Sam. I love you,” Sharon whispered.

“Mom! I love you too! So much,” Sam leaned in close, brushing her hair away from a bandage. “When you get out of here, we’re going away for awhile. We’re going to the cabin. It’s far away, up in the mountains. I’ll put school on hold. I’ll protect you.”

“Sam, no, please,” Sharon whispered.

“I’ll protect you from him. Don’t worry; I’ll be here for you this time. Nothing will happen to you.”

Before Sharon could reply, a nurse came in to check on her, undoing a few bandages, allowing Sharon a better view of her son’s face. She cried upon seeing him.

Sharon and Sam left the hospital a few days later. Julie had visited several times; Nikki did a few as well. Holly, Sharon’s oldest sister, called from Miami every other day to check on her. However, at home, Sharon and Sam were alone.

“Let’s go,” Sam said the next day, standing behind his mother, while she looked into the guest room where she and Nikki had sex – cumming with thoughts of Sam on her mind.

Their bags were packed, the car loaded, mother and son pulled out of the driveway. They would arrive at their cabin, three hours away, and spend a final week together, alone. It would be the last time they saw each other.

Chapter 2

Four months later, Holly was on her knees in her Miami bedroom, holding her tits together, watching a college student jack his cock in her direction. She listened to his moans and waited for him to blow his load all over her face and breasts.

“Yes!” he cried out at the foot of the bed. His cock erupted, spurting cum on her cheek, chin, into her open mouth, ending the eruption with a few spurts on her sizable tits.

“Awesome! Great job!” Holly’s husband, Jon, clapped from the corner of the room. He had been filming the entire thing. He had tons of files of his wife in homemade pornography movies. This, along with swinging, is a hobby the couple had been indulging in for years.

Holly nodded to the college student while Jon gave him a $20 bill. She wiped semen from her face and chest, tossing the towel in the laundry basket as she entered the bathroom. She didn’t even bother to say goodbye to the kid her husband found. She was tired of this.

Letting the warm water wash over her, Holly rolled her eyes, when Jon entered the shower a moment later.

“You did great, as usual,” he said.

“That was the last time.”


“We’ve talked about this before,” Holly reminded him, running water through her long blonde hair.

“I know, but come on,” Jon said, playfully squeezing one of Holly’s tits. “You’re so hot, and so good at all of this, babe. You’re like my porn star wife.”

“I’m not a porn star.”

“Look, I can track down Rodney. I can get him back in here,” Jon pleaded. “You two worked great together.”

“Ugh,” Holly grimaced. “Gross.”

“Holly, what the hell? Are you still hung up on Sharon?” Jon crossed the line.

Holly said nothing, clinching her teeth and pushing past Jon. “Holly! Come on, babe!”

Holly was tired of fighting about it, she was tired of participating in homemade porn; she was tired of dating other men illegal bahis siteleri while her husband dated other women – she missed her sister and Sharon was all she could think about in the last four months.

She fought back tears, looking out the window, feeling Jon approach her from behind. “Holly,” he whispered.

“Just leave me alone!” She pushed away, rushing past him, down the stairs to the living room.

Thirty minutes later, Jon appeared, dressed and ready to go out. “I’ll be back later. Might be in the morning,” he said, Holly on the couch, her back to him. She nodded her head and grabbed the remote.

She had no idea which girlfriend he’d end up with, she didn’t care. Holly’s sex drive had all but disappeared after Sharon’s death. She’d put on shows for Jon, having sex with random men he found, so he could film it and get off on it. After a couple months she said she couldn’t do it anymore. Jon always found a way to make her feel guilty, convincing her to perform one last time for him. She foolishly obliged him and went along with it.

Holly sat alone, flipping through the TV, thinking about the past few months. She thought about how much she’s changed after losing a loved one. She thought about Sharon, her nephew Sam, her own children and their very strained relationship. She wondered what they were doing, choking up when she thought about their reaction if she got the courage to call them – should they even answer the phone.

She started crying. The should have’s and could have’s returned. “I should’ve visited her more in Charleston. I should’ve called more. I could’ve been a better sister. Now she’s gone, forever.”

Holly clutched the couch pillow, holding it tightly, tears streaming. “She’s gone.”

“I could’ve,” Holly paused, thinking about her own life.

“I could’ve been a better aunt, a better mother to my own children. I shouldn’t have married Jon!” She threw the pillow across the room.

Holding her face, wiping her tears, she shook her head. Alone on the couch, she recalled how much her own kids disliked their stepfather, Jon. “I don’t blame them,” Holly said aloud.

“They’re far away, they want nothing to do with me,” Holly thought, more guilt flooding her mind. “Jon never liked Sharon to begin with.”

She cried more, picturing her sister’s smiling face, wishing she could call her, hear her voice, or give her one last hug.

Holly often spoke with her other younger sister, Julie. Their relationship had improved since Sharon’s death. Julie lived in Charleston as well, the distance making visits infrequent.

She tried to reach out to her nephew, Sam, but to no avail. Holly learned from Julie that Sam was a total mess, still inconsolable, living alone in Sharon’s house. Julie said she checks on him, invites him over, and buys him groceries, but he remains a husk, a shell of a person, barely alive.

Holly cried again, “He loved his mother so much.”

She fell asleep on the couch sometime after midnight. Jon was still out with who knows who. A phone call awakened Holly. It was her sister Julie.

“Holly, it’s Sam,” Julie said, her voice frantic.

“Please no, not again. Please not another one, please be alive,” Holly thought.

“He’s been in a wreck,” Julie cried.

“No, please don’t say it, please be a dream,” she thought.

“He’s in Miami in the hospital,” Julie got out.

Her heart pounding, slight relief that another family member hadn’t tragically died washed over her. “He’s, he’s here?”

“Yes. He was in a bad wreck, he was drinking. I don’t even know what he was doing down there. I got a call from the police department. He must’ve had me listed as a contact, or maybe they went through his phone,” Julie explained.

“But he’s alive?”

“Yes. He’s in rough shape though.”

The only thing on Holly’s mind was that she needed to be there with him. She got the room information from Julie, put on her slippers and sped off the hospital, still in her pajamas.

Chapter 3

Sam was asleep. The doctor briefed Holly on her nephew’s condition. He hadn’t been wearing his seat belt. He received several blows to the head when the car flipped and rolled several times. He was in a medically induced coma. The doctor informed Holly that they’ll run more tests in a few days to see if swelling of his brain has subsided. She was advised there could be after effects, issues with memory, speech, and vision.

Holly sat next to her sleeping nephew, gathering her thoughts. He had no one, he was alone. His mother died and here he was in the hospital.

She placed her hand on his, her other hand’s fingers running through his blond hair that wasn’t covered by bandages. She recalled his face at his mother’s funeral. He was numb, emotionless, staring blankly at nothing. Holly remembered hugging him then. Sam just stood there, unmoving, unresponsive. At Sharon’s house, he was in the bedroom, not interacting with anyone, mourning.

“Sam,” Holly whispered. She leaned down and kissed the side of his head.

She canlı bahis siteleri sat by his side, drifting off to sleep as the sun was rising.


That evening Holly was packing a few items at her home. She was headed back to the hospital to be there with Sam. She had been there all day.

“What do you mean you’re staying there?” Jon complained. “I was thinking tonight we could go out and you could hook up with – “

“No. I’m not going out. I’m not hooking up with some guy you find for me. I’m not calling a past boyfriend. I’m going to be there for Sam,” Holly snapped at Jon.

“Ah geez, you hardly know the kid. I mean, how often do you see that side of the family,” Jon continued.

“Not enough. Someone needs to be there for him.”

Jon watched her pack a few more items. “Ah, I see how it is. Your own kids don’t like you so now you want to feel good about yourself and be there for your nephew.”

“Stop – “

“No, I get it. You’ve been a shitty mom to your own kids so you’re trying to bury that guilt by being there for Stan.”

Holly slapped Jon. “It’s Sam.” She grabbed her small bag and left.

On the way to the hospital, Jon’s words rang through her ears. He was right to some degree – she had been a bad mother to her own kids, hardly having much of a relationship with them. She shook her head, thinking about all the sexual escapades she went on with Jon. She should’ve been there for her children instead.

Holly asked herself if she was indeed trying to bury the guilt she had by spending time with Sam. She didn’t know, but didn’t care – she knew someone had to be there with him.

Sam was right where she left him. Holly took her seat, held his hand, and sat there.

Jon called several times the next morning – Holly didn’t answer.

Julie arrived that afternoon, joining Holly at Sam’s side.

“I don’t know why he drove down here,” Julie thought out loud. “Maybe he had to get away, to just drive somewhere and picked this direction.”

“I know he wasn’t coming to see me,” Holly’s eyes lowered. “My own kids won’t.”

Julie didn’t reply, putting her arm around Holly instead. “Thank you for staying with him.”

Holly nodded, “He’s all alone.”

“I know. I come by to visit him at Sharon’s, bring him dinner, and while he’s physically there, he’s not. You know?” Julie pointed to her head.

“I can’t imagine what he went through, to lose her at such a young age.”

“He didn’t go back to school, he’s wasting away and now this,” Julie shook her head.

“We have to make sure we don’t lose him too.”

Julie stayed for the rest of the week, flying back to South Carolina the following weekend. Holly was alone with Sam again, not answering Jon’s calls, only going home to bathe and grab clean clothes. She slept on the small couch in his hospital room.

Fourteen days after Sam’s arrival in the Miami hospital, he woke up.

Slight movements here and there, moving his feet, coughing, nodding his head when the doctor asked him questions. He’d squeeze Holly’s hand. She’d hug him, giving his forehead a kiss. Sam’s eyes remained closed, but Holly saw a small smile form on his face.

“I’m right here,” she whispered, watching Sam nod his head.

The next day was more of the same. It looked as though his eyes briefly opened then closing to shut out the bright lights.

Holly fed him dinner, assisting him with moving the spoon to his mouth. She ran her fingers through his hair again, seeing his eyes half closed. Sam tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come just yet. He instead smiled in Holly’s direction.

The next day brought more progress. The following evening, the lights turned low, moonlight coming in through the hospital window; Holly’s head was resting on the rail of Sam’s bed when she felt his hand touch her.

Sam’s touch was gentle. His fingers barely scratched at her scalp, moving her hair around. “Sam?” Holly woke up, grabbing his hand. “I’m here, I’ve always been here.”

Sam whispered something, but Holly couldn’t hear it. “Are you trying to speak? Take it easy, sweetie, I’m right here.”

His mouth moved again, he cleared his throat. He squeezed her hand.

“Sam,” Holly leaned in closer. “What is it?”

Sam spoke once more, this time more audible, “M-M-Mom.”

Holly’s eyes widened. “Oh no,” she thought, “he doesn’t remember.”

She saw his eyes wide open, staring into hers. “Mom,” Sam said again, louder. He started crying, tears of joy, smiling widely at his aunt. “I knew you were here with me.”

“Sam,” Holly paused. “I, uh.”

“I missed you so much, Mom. I knew it was a bad dream. The cabin. It wasn’t real. I’ve been asleep this whole time. I thought I lost you.”

“Sam,” Holly tried to stop him, but he kept speaking.

“I love you so much. You’ve been right here all along, I thought you were,” Sam paused. “It was a bad dream.”

Holly nodded, “He thinks I’m Sharon,” she thought.

She did the only thing she could in this situation, the only thing that came to mind. “Yes, sweetie. I’m here. I’ve been here with you while you slept. You were in a bad car wreck, but you’re fine now.”

“Mom,” Sam tried to sit up, but struggled. He opened his arms, inviting her in for a hug. Holly nodded and hugged her nephew.

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